Mark had been working at the company for about 5 years. He got along well with his co-workers though the friendship was limited strictly to work and work functions. That is until Bob came to work on Mark's engineering team in October and in no time at all they were fast friends. They were about the same age, all of their kids were in college or recently graduated and they both were making the most of their empty nests. At work and over lunches they bonded over their common histories and common interests. It seemed like a friendship that should extend beyond the office, so they decided to introduce their wives and see how that went. After a couple of dinner dates the girls were getting along just as well as Bob and Mark were.

When the weather warmed up that spring, the two couples went to a couple of concerts together and then, as the sun set later and later in the summer evenings, they took to getting together for a backyard barbecue every couple of weeks or so. It was at one of these barbecues that Bob mentioned a big barbecue event that was coming up in September. Bob and Sue had, as many couples do, formed friendships with the parents of their children's schoolmates. They were all empty nesters now but still enjoyed getting together whenever possible. The barbecues had been hit or miss until about three years ago when they had stumbled on some particularly enjoyable entertainment and had made it an annual tradition. Bob didn't want to elaborate, he just said that he thought Mary and Mark would enjoy it. Bob's wife Sue just smiled knowingly and nodded her head.

Mark and Mary readily agreed to go, even though the odd timing would require them to take a vacation day at work. The barbecue was to be the third Wednesday in September and would take place at a campground about an hour away. Bob explained that they rent the entire place for the night so that they don't have to worry about disturbing other campers. They have to schedule it for the middle of a week in the fall after school has started because that's the only time that the campground management will allow them to rent the whole place. To Mark this sounded a bit odd but, no, he wasn't about to beg Bob for more information. Mary was thinking about how nice a night out under the stars would be and didn't really catch the oddness of the arrangements.

When the day arrived, Mary and Mark bailed on work right at 5 PM and headed for the campground. They hadn't had to pack anything beyond a toothbrush and a clean change of underwear. The campground has luxury tent cabins - big square tents complete with a queen bed, thick comforters and piles of pillows - it's not really 'camping'. And, they were off the hook as far as dinner was concerned because Bob didn't want them to have to lift a finger.

"It's a kind of potluck barbecue, but we've got it down to a science. If you like it enough to come back another year, we'll make sure you get assigned some food or alcohol to bring," Bob told them.

Mark figured that he and Mary entertained friends enough that they shouldn't feel too guilty about accepting a free ride just this once.

The drive was easy, the last part goes along the coast and there's a pretty view around every curve. They rolled into the campground entrance right at six and stopped at the registration kiosk to sign in. But, the the kiosk was empty and there was a note taped to the window, "M&M, no need to register, you'll find us in the big cookout area near the tent cabins, XOXO, Bob, Sue and the gang."

"Jeez, red carpet treatment," Mary commented as they hopped back in the car and followed the sign toward the tent cabins. It was a beautiful late summer evening, warm and still - a light breeze carried the distinctive scent of charcoal and lighter fluid even before they saw the cars parked near the picnic area. Bob had seen, or heard, them drive up and met them as they were getting out of the car, "Hey, welcome to the party, leave your stuff in the car for now, let me introduce you to everybody!"

"Hey Bob," Mark said, "where did you send the kiosk guy?"

"The entire staff has the night off. Those guys love us. We rent the entire place for the night, we only use six cabins, seven with you guys, we give the entire staff the night off, and we leave the place as clean as we found it. It's a good deal for everybody."

"So, let me start the introductions with our bartender. This is Stan, the blonde over there shucking corn is his wife Barbara. Stan, meet Mark and Mary."

"I'm pleased to meet you and happy that Bob knows where the first stop is," Stan replied, "what'll you have?" He did his best to address both Mark and Mary, but he was clearly mesmerized by Mary's shapely breasts, her prominent nipples showing through the thin tank top that she'd worn for the warm indian summer weather. "I've got red and white wine, couple nice beers on ice, margaritas and probably a couple of other things."

"Margarita," Mary said without hesitation.

"Red," was Mark's answer.



"OK, well I'm happy to be the first to welcome you. See me when you need a refill, but remember, pace yourselves...," Stan poured Mary's margarita from a pitcher he had ready-made and Mark's wine from an open bottle. "Skoal! Now go meet the rest," he said as he handed them their drinks.

Bob pulled Mark and Mary over to where the tall, slender blonde, Barbara was shucking corn with the help of an insanely beautiful redhead - freckles, tiny waist, big boobs. Mark tried to look her in the eyes, but failed miserably. "Guys, this is Barbara, Stan's wife and this is Rose. Rose is solo tonight as Ian got called away on a last minute work emergency. She's assured us that she can pull off their part of the entertainment without him and I, for one, am eager to see how that works out," Bob gave Rose an exaggerated wink as he said it.

"I've got this covered Bob, you'll see," Rose kinda stood up on her toes and stuck her chest out like she was challenging Bob to a fight and everybody laughed, even if Mary and Mark weren't in on their little joke.

"I look forward to it," Bob replied. He then led them over to the fire ring where there were two couples sitting in camp chairs just sipping drinks and chatting by a small campfire. "Dave and Kelsey, Jim and April, I'd like you to meet Mark and Mary. Mark's the friend from work that I told you about."

They all raised their cups in unison, "Welcome to the annual barbecue, may it be the first of many," was Dave's simple toast. "After you meet the rest of the gang, we've got a couple of chairs for you, right here." Then, raising his voice, "Because, Lord knows when Brian's going to feed us!"

"Hey! Excellence takes time! Be quiet and drink your beer, " replied the tall, athletic looking guy standing next to the barbecue pit. "Coals gotta be just right for me to work my magic."

"And, that brings us to Brian and Stephanie," Bob sighed as he turned us toward the cooking area where Brian was studiously watching the smoke pour out of a couple of chimney style charcoal starters.

"Hey," Dave added, "they must have picked a new Pope, the smoke is white!" Everybody, including Brian, laughed at Dave's impudence.

"Welcome, Mark and Mary, I'm really glad you two decided to join us, trust me, you'll love these people even if it kills you." Stephanie had the soft voice and sweet accent of a girl from the south, both Mark and Mary fell in love instantly.

"We're happy to be here, this seems like a pretty fun group," Mary smiled at Stephanie and Mark secretly thought, 'yeah, you like the accent too, eh?' He made a mental note to tease Mary about it later.

"OK, you've met 'em all. You can work like them or you can party like us." Dave again, it seemed like maybe he was to be the life of this party. "C'mon, we brought extra chairs and we don't let the new friends work, sit here by the fire so we can grill you."

Mark dropped into the chair next to Dave, Mary sat in the next chair over which was conveniently next to the one woman that she knew - Sue. Bob mumbled something about setting some stuff up and wandered away. Mary turned to catch up with Sue, who she hadn't seen in a couple of weeks and Mark started chatting with Dave. They were just making small talk - nothing worth repeating here. Truth be told, Mark was only half engaged in the conversation, the other half of his attention was on Rose and Barbara who had finished with the corn and appeared to be cutting up a fruit salad.

It wasn't long before Dave noticed what held Mark's attention. "You like that, don't you?" He smiled at Mark as he said it, all Mark could do was smile back and hope he hadn't offended anybody. He could feel the color rise in his face. "Yep, Rose is really, really pretty, no doubt. Don't worry, you won't have to wait too long. She asked to go first when we start the entertainment. I'm kinda eager to see how that's gonna go myself. She and Barbara have been whispering and giggling since they got here."

Now, Mark really wanted to know what this 'entertainment' was. His confusion must have been apparent as Dave immediately backpedalled, "Oh, I see Bob didn't explain. Tell you what, enjoy your wine, maybe Brian will feed us before we starve to death and you'll see soon enough. We have a pretty fun time." Mark still wasn't willing to beg for information, so he steered them back to small talk, though his mind couldn't stop wondering just what was in store.

Mark got to talk to pretty much everyone at least little bit as people finished various dinner prep duties and came to sit by the fire while others went off to various chores. Mary mostly sipped her margarita and chatted with Sue, still seemingly oblivious to the air of mystery surrounding the evening's entertainment.

Mark knew Bob and Sue well enough to think that the evening might get pretty sexy. He had to admit that he was a pretty horny guy, even if he and Mary had a pretty mundane sex life - or perhaps because of it. He was happy to imagine the possibilities and let the sexual tension build. And, he felt just a bit sorry that Mary in her innocence was missing out on the anticipation. He was going to be sorely disappointed if the 'entertainment' turned out to be karaoke.

Two big picnic tables were moved to make one long one with red and white checkered table cloths, paper plates in wicker baskets, plastic knives and forks, and paper napkins. Tiki torches were lit as it got darker and all sorts of salads and side dishes were lined up down the middle of the table. Brian finally declared victory and laid two big platters of chicken and baby back ribs on the table and everyone rose from their camp chairs and descended on the feast.

Mark hadn't talked to Mary since Bob finished the introductions. She pulled up close to him on the way to the table, "so, what exactly is this 'entertainment'?" she asked under her breath.

"I have no idea, Honey," he replied, "but, I like these people. We'll see soon enough." Secretly, Mark reveled in Mary's apparent apprehension - it was good for her to be out of her comfort zone, she tended to stay back from the edges most of the time. He hoped that, if things did get interesting, she wouldn't freak out and ask to be taken home.

Dinner was amazing. It turned out that Brian is a bit of an all star when it comes to the barbecue. Apparently, he cooks every year and the others really appreciate it, even if they do tease him terribly. The group took their time, savoring good food and good conversation. The sun had set some time earlier and the tiki torches set a pretty romantic scene. The local microclimate doesn't really cool off in the evenings in September so the air was warm and still - the only sounds were the crickets and a dozen happy voices enjoying good food and good company.

Once they'd all finished eating, you could pretty much cut the tension with a knife. Right about when Mark was ready to beg them to tell him what was next, Dave stood up, "Well, folks, it's time for the entertainment, there's a reason dinner isn't served on china with silverware, we've got no time for cleanup. Slam the garbage in the trash can, pop the leftovers in the coolers, grab your camp chairs and let's all head over to tent number 16."

Bob and Sue grabbed their stuff along with Mark's and Mary's and said, 'c'mon, we'll sit with you." They tossed their empty plates in the can at the edge of the picnic area and went over to the fire pit to pick up camp chairs. "go ahead and grab a couple, we brought extras for you," Bob told them and then he led them off across the moonlit lawn toward one of the tent cabins. He stopped about 15 feet from the side of the cabin and set his chair down, indicating for Mark to set his beside him and Mary beside Mark. Sue set her chair on the other side of Mary's and took a seat. The others were only a bit behind from putting the leftovers away and they quickly set up a line of chairs facing the side of the tent cabin.

"Don't you want to sit with Sue?" Mark asked.

"Nope, Sue's got a project she's working on, I'll sit with you," Bob replied.

Rose stood by the corner of the cabin and as the last people settled into their chairs she pressed her hands together in the traditional 'Namaste' gesture and said, "thank you for letting me go first, I hope you like it," bowed briefly and then stepped around the corner and went into the tent cabin.

When she turned on the light in the tent cabin, it lit up the side of the cabin that they were facing and, as she walked around the bed to stand near the wall, she was displayed in perfect silhouette nearly full length - the shadow of the bed just hiding her ankles and feet. She stood so that her audience was looking at her profile view and very slowly and luxuriously pulled her shirt off over her head. Mark could immediately see that, below her magnificent tits, her stomach was flat and toned - you'd never know she had two grown kids. It was really impressive how sharp the silhouette was, the tent cabins were equipped with bright reading lamps over the beds and she obviously had just one on, carefully aimed to project her silhouette where the others could see. Her full head of luxurious red curls looked great this way and Mark watched spellbound as her hands reached up behind her back and unclasped her bra. She slipped the straps off her shoulders, then pulled the cups away to reveal the perfect side profile: large upturned breasts with prominent nipples.

Mark couldn't believe his eyes, boy, was Dave right when he promised Mark's lust for Rose would be fulfilled. But wait, she'd said something about going first. Was Mary going to be asked to strip? How would that go?

Of course, Mary had the same exact thought. She couldn't possibly do what Rose appeared to be doing. She could feel her arms and legs begin to tense up with anticipation. How would she say 'no' and how would these new friends react? Mary couldn't be sure if Sue had noticed her discomfort or just anticipated it, but, as Rose stood still for a moment, displaying her succulent profile, Sue rested her hand reassuringly on Mary's forearm. It helped a bit and Mary realized that in addition to being very frightened, she was a bit turned on. She was pretty sure she wasn't an exhibitionist, so was she getting off on being one of Rose's voyeurs? This was definitely a new experience.

Rose turned and hung her bra on one of the clothes hooks on the wooden frame of her tent cabin. Mark supposed that, in a way she was using it as designed. So there they were with a topless silhouette and the silhouette bra hanging next to her. It made a pretty erotic picture. Rose turned again to provide a side view, reached back to unzip her skirt and bent down to lower it to her feet. Her breasts swung forward, hanging perfectly as she stepped out of the skirt and tossed it out of the scene. Then she turned back (or front, there's no way to tell...) to the wall, standing with feet shoulder width apart, the light shining between her legs and around the shapely curve of her narrow waist as she reached up to her neck and lifted her hair free then let it drop back to her shoulders. Holy crap, Mark had to rearrange his dick in his pants before it broke in half. Mary could feel her heart beating in her chest and could feel the hot flush of her face. Rose bent forward a bit, arching her back and sliding her panties down until they could see tufts of pubic hair sharply projected on the wall of the tent. The panties dropped to her ankles and she bent down to get them then stood and turned to hang them next to her bra.

Mark and Mary were both so mesmerized, they hadn't noticed but the others were occasionally cheering her on with calls of "go girl" and "yeah, that's the way!" and such. Mark didn't dare make a sound and he didn't dare even glance over at Mary. Mary began to warm to the idea of the others seeing her and cheering her on as she stripped. But, the thought of it also left a big knot in the middle of her stomach. She decided to focus her eyes on Rose's silhouette while focusing her sense of touch on Sue's warm hand resting reassuringly on her arm.

Rose, again turned to the side view, thrust her hips forward and obviously lowered one hand to her crotch as the other began to pull at one of her prominent nipples. She masturbated slowly, teasing all of them for what seemed an eternity. Then she stopped and stepped out of view to one side. Mark's heart sank. It had been such an awesome show - it couldn't be over so soon. Meanwhile, Mary's heart skipped a beat, one done, soon it would be her turn and she would have to find a way to tactfully refuse.

But then, in just a moment Rose was back, dragging one of the old fashioned straight back chairs that sat in the front corners of each of the tents. She arranged it so that it was exactly in profile then sat on the very edge of the seat and leaned back until her shoulders rested against the arch of the back. She hung her head back, her fabulous curls hanging down behind the chair while the tips of her breasts pointed toward the sky. She stretched her long, shapely legs straight out in front of her and her hands went back to their business, one down, one up. The one down was hidden by her leg, but it was clear by the action of her arm that she was gently stroking her clitoris. The one up was squeezing and pulling on a nipple - each pull lifting the entire orb in the most erotic way possible.

Mark and Mary sat mesmerized - the others had all fallen silent as well - the only sounds were the crickets and a couple members of Rose's audience breathing heavily. It might have been five minutes, or ten, Mark would have sat there and watched forever given the chance. But, as Rose built toward her pending orgasm, she would twitch, her stomach tensing, her shoulders rising just a bit, her head rising and falling. Her hands moved faster and ultimately both hands went between her legs. She was masturbating furiously, her breasts bouncing as she went and now she was moaning loud enough for them to hear until finally, she came loudly, her head came up, chin to chest and her stomach muscles pulled her upper body into a tight curve, she shook and trembled for maybe half a minute.

When she finally stopped shaking everyone clapped their hands enthusiastically, there were whistles and cat calls - the crowd literally went wild. Rose stood on shaky legs, put her skirt and shirt back on leaving both the bra and panties hanging where all could see, stepped out of view, turned out the light in her tent and stepped outside. Mark was dying for a look at her now braless body in that snug shirt but, as Barbara ran over to give Rose a hug, Dave called out, "refill your drinks if you need to, then tent four - Kelsey and I are on next."

Bob took his chair in one hand and Mark's arm in the other, "c'mon, this is going to be good."

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