Silken Treasures


Looking back, he could see when it all started but he never would have guessed how it would turn out. It had started on a Saturday afternoon in April. Rob's girlfriend had to work and he was home alone, feeling horny. He'd done a load of laundry and was pulling her underwear out of the dryer to throw his own clothes in. He pulled out a handful of silky panties and sighed at the sensation as they slid across his palm. They felt so good. He bet they'd feel just as good against his cock. Once the inspiration struck he fairly shook with the idea.

Quickly, Rob unzipped his jeans and pushed them down. He wrapped the silken garment around his cock and started to slowly stroke. Oh my God! It was soooo good. He came quickly and mopped it up with the panties then tossed them into wash again. He looked at the kaleidoscope of silken colors in the basket and dipped his hand in. He drew one out and it began. He wanted to feel that against his cock all day.


He remembered the day Sheila had found out he was wearing women's underwear. She'd found them in his underwear drawer and instantly known they weren't hers. Assuming the worst, she'd confronted him.

"Who's are these?" she demanded. She was red with anger and holding the offending satin undies up in her hand.

He realized he would either have to own up or have her think he was cheating on her.

"They're mine," he said quietly.

"I realize that," she replied bitterly. "They're certainly not mine, but what woman did they come off of?"

"I bought them new to wear," he elaborated.

"Oh please! You want me to believe you've been wearing women's underwear? You? Mr. Macho man himself?"

Rather than draw it out, he simply undid his jeans and dropped them to the floor, letting her see the blue bikini panties holding his cock. "I've been wearing women's underwear for about a month now. I really like them."

"That is so... sick!" she'd yelled. "This stops now!"

Rob considered for a minute. She was right. This had to stop. He'd been wearing panties for nearly a month now and she hadn't even noticed. That meant that they hadn't been intimate for that long. Yet here she was, believing that she had the right to tell him what to do and calling him sick for wearing nice panties.

"You're right. I think it's time I moved out."

"What? Are you trying to tell me you're gay? Is that what this is?" She leveled an accusing stare at him.

He just shook his head. "No, it's about me leaving."

Rob had gathered up his stuff, what she'd allowed him to move in, and was gone before ten o'clock.


He stuck to panties for several more months but the displays of lingerie caught his eye, particularly anything silky or satiny. Then one day he saw a camisole in a window and knew he had to have that to wear under his t-shirts. It was so thin and looked so luscious. He went in and looked around. A clerk found him quickly.

"Is there anything I can help you find?"

Rob colored a little. "That camisole in the window."

The perky little clerk smiled. "An excellent choice, your girlfriend will love it!"

"Um, yes, I'm sure she will." Rob replied with relief. He'd been so nervous about buying it that he hadn't even considered the obvious excuse.

"What size is she?"

Dang. Rob hadn't considered that question. How to answer? He was a pretty thin guy.

"I'm not really sure but she wears my t-shirts all the time and they fit her perfectly."

The girl eyed him. "Probably a size large but let's a get a chest measurement on you. If you need to, you can exchange it. Just save the receipt."

Rob paid and took the gift-wrapped box back to his bachelor pad. He grabbed a pair of scissors to remove the tags and sat down on the sofa to open the box. Tissue paper pushed aside, he lifted the camisole by its straps and brought it to his cheek. The soft material felt heavenly. He removed the tags and set it back into the box then pulled off his t-shirt and set it aside. He slipped the camisole over his head and felt it settle lightly over his frame. Perfect. Rob sighed, luxuriating in the feel of the material on his skin. It doesn't get any better than this.


Over the next several months, however, it did get decidedly better. Rob continued to acquire new pieces of lingerie and invested in a beautiful robe and silk sheets. Every night he wrapped himself in a cocoon of fine silk or satin material as he watched TV then fell asleep in his exquisitely comfortable bed. He slept better than he had in years.

One night, Rob was again sitting at his favorite bar, enjoying a beer before heading home to enjoy the creature comforts he had surrounded himself with. He began to contemplate his single state. At first it had been fine. Sheila had turned out to be a royal bitch and who needed that? There were some things though that were just better with a woman to share them with. What would a woman think of his lingerie? Would she be disturbed by it? Could he stand to give it up at this point? No, he didn't think he could. He might have to hide it but he couldn't give it up.

"Rob! Long time no see," a husky female voice said in his right ear. Rob turned to see Ginny standing there. Her curly blond hair seemed longer but it was the same fair skin and light blue eyes. Ginny had been his girlfriend several years before but she had left town to pursue a career lead in Europe and they'd lost touch.

"Hey, what brings you to town?" he asked with a smile.

"My job, I'm heading up the office here now."

"That's great! Congratulations, can I buy you a drink to celebrate?"

"I'd like that." She smiled and sat down beside him. She looked to the bartender. "Black Russian, please."

"I remember the time we spent together... very fondly." Ginny put her hand on Rob's thigh.

"So do I," Rob quickly assured her. In fact, a lot of what they had done together featured prominently in his fantasies while he was jacking off. She had always been the aggressive sort, Rob remembered. He had liked that about her. It had been fun. Now, her hand was already sliding up under his t-shirt. Rob suddenly thought about what she would find under his shirt but it was too late. He watched her eyebrows go up.

"What do we have here?" Ginny ran her hand back and forth over the silk covering Rob's stomach. She quickly lifted his t-shirt, peaked and dropped it again. A smile curved her lips and she waggled her eyebrows. "Very nice. I like that."

"You do?" Rob asked hesitantly.

"Mmmm, yeah. I bet you have some nice pajamas. We should have a pajama party, just the two of us. What do you think? Your place? Tonight?"

Rob looked into Ginny's green eyes and smiled. "What time?"


Ginny showed up at Rob's door promptly at eight o'clock with a tapestry bag in one hand and a grocery bag in the other.

"What would a sleep over be without s'mores? I also brought a few fun items," she said with a wink.

Knowing Ginny, Rob felt a little twitch in his groin. He had answered the door in his matching dark blue silk kimono style robe and mid thigh nightie with little spaghetti straps that held it up, as instructed by Ginny earlier. Now, Ginny set her bags down and untied the belt around her trenchcoat, shrugging out of it and revealing her own bedroom attire. It was a hot pink satin baby doll nightie that cupped her breasts and tied at her shoulders. When she leaned over to pick up her bag, it revealed matching panties. Rob felt more than a twitch in his groin as warmth flooded the area.

"Where should I put my bag?" Ginny asked. Rob led the way into the bedroom. Ginny set her bag on the bed then flipped back the silk comforter and ran her hand over the champagne colored silk sheets, nodding approvingly. "Very nice indeed."

She turned to Rob and grinned. "Okay, let's make s'mores. I want chocolate."

If there was one rule Ginny had instilled in Rob in their time together it was this - women may have as much chocolate as they want, any time they want and men are not allowed to ask for any. Luckily, Ginny was the generous sort and always shared. She might make him lick it off her body but that was an improvement to his mind.

Rob grabbed the grocery bag from the living room and found it also contained a bottle of Red Cat wine, a bottle of quick dry burgundy nail polish, three DVDs, a bag of tortilla chips, garlic powder, lime juice, salsa and an avocado. He pulled out the DVDs, rentals, and looked at the titles. He was surprised to find Flushed Away, Thunderheart and French Kiss. This was beginning to look like a real sleepover. A frown creased Rob's forehead. Well, this was Ginny. One way or another it was bound to be a fun evening.

And it was, but there was very little sexual about most of it. Ginny dragged the comforter out from his bedroom and laid it on the floor in front of his TV in the living room. She made Rob take off his robe since she hadn't brought one and they ate guacamole and chips, s'mores and drank the wine. They started with Thunderheart, progressed to French Kiss and ended with Flushed Away. During the second half of Flushed Away, Ginny pulled out the nail polish.

"Time to do your nails," she announced with a grin.

Rob raised his eyebrows. "My nails?"

"Just your toe nails."

She had actually done this to him before but it had been by a pool and she had two of her friends hold him down while she painted his toenails. He had offered token resistance but painted toenails are a small price to pay when you have two women in bikinis holding you down while another bends over your feet giving you a beautiful view of her breasts.

"I don't know..."

"Need some incentive?" she asked, raising one eyebrow.

"Such as?"

Ginny wordlessly set the nail polish bottle down, reached down to the hem of her nightie and whipped it off over her head. Instead of simply dropping the top, however, she wrapped it around his right foot and began massaging him.

Rob's mouth dropped open and a low moan escaped.

Ginny pushed and pressed on the bottom of his foot, gently rubbing then just caressed his foot through the cool, soft fabric. After a few minutes, she pulled the material off his foot and Rob protested.

"You're other foot will get the same treatment when you've let me paint the nails on this foot."

Rob took in the naked tits of the quirky blond sitting across from him and nodded. He really didn't care whether she painted his toenails and she was certainly making it fun for him. The hot pink panties covered her in a thin strip and made her naked body just that much more delicious.

Rob reclined on the comforter, his back against the sofa and watched a half naked Ginny paint his toenails on the floor of his living room while the Flushed Away movie played in the background. Life was good, weird, but good. True to her word, Ginny massaged and caressed his other foot with the material of her nightie before painting those nails. When she was done, she blew on his nails a minute until she was sure they were dry.

"There, all pretty. I'm not big on make-up but there's nothing like painted toes in your shoes to give you a little giggle during the day." She winked at Rob and leaned forward on her hands to crawl up over him on her hands and knees. "It looks like you need a little massage somewhere else. She straddled his thighs and slid a hand over the erection, which was straining against his panties, under his dark blue nightie.

Ginny reached under his nightie and cupped her hand over the front of his panties. She started to gently massage his hard cock, kneading a little with the heel of her palm as she let her fingers stroke and explore the contours. "My my, after all those s'mores I think I have just enough room left for a little cream."

"By all means," Rob replied. He looked down at her face nearing his groin and beyond to the pert tits jiggling as she moved. "Help yourself."

Ginny gave a chesire cat grin. "I believe I will."

Straddling Rob just above his knees, Ginny rested her derriere and lifted the hem of his nightie. She slowly brought it up to his belly, which revealed the contours of his bulging panties that she had been exploring with her fingers a moment before. Now she leaned down and rubbed her cheeks like a cat over the silken panties. Her hot mouth found and covered the base of his cock. She sucked, wetting the material and causing Rob's breath to hiss out. She moved up and repeated the procedure, inching her way up his cock. When she reached the head of his cock, she pulled up a little. Her fingers slid into his panties and eased them down just below his prick, allowing it to spring forth. Ginny looked back up at Rob.

"Mmmm, yummy." She placed one hand on either side of his hips and leaned down deliberately to engulf the head of his cock in her mouth. She sucked the pre-cum that had already dribbled out. "Mmmm."

Ginny sat up and looked at him for a minute, contemplating. Then she lifted her left leg and swung it over to the side and got up then nodded at the comforter beneath them. "Lay down flat but keep your panties down and your nightie up."

Rob arched an eyebrow in question but did as instructed. Ginny walked over and stood with a foot on either side under his arms. She knelt so that she could reach his cock but her satin covered ass was in his face. With a will, she returned to her task, nuzzling Rob's cock and licking it with broad strokes she wet it thoroughly.

As she moved over his erection, Rob had the pleasure of watching her bum bob a little. It was entrancing. He found himself reaching up to cup and fondle the globes beneath the satin. The texture of the material added to both their pleasure. He sniffed and could smell her spicy cunt. He slipped his fingers under the edge of the crotch of her panties and pushed it aside, letting just the tips of his fingers trace the edges of her shaved lips. They were quite damp so he reached up and ran the tip of his tongue over them as well, tasting her sweet juices. He let his fingers delve further in and then used them to pry her gently open to his tongue.

Ginny worked to keep her focus on the cock in front of her though she was enjoying the teasing of her own private parts. She sucked lightly on the head of Rob's cock then sucked it in as far as she could and pulled back off to blow on it. She engulfed the head again and worked her tongue around just under the helmet.

Rob moaned behind her and thrust his tongue into her juicy slit. He worked his tongue around inside her then pulled it out and teased up and around her clit, then flicked across it. He felt Ginny jump a little. One finger or two? Rob slid three fingers into Ginny's hole and she moaned over his cock. The vibration brought things to a head for Rob as he felt his balls tighten. He spread his fingers and swirled them inside her.

Ginny swirled her tongue around Rob's cock and sucked as he started to shoot come into her mouth. She swallowed and sucked as he shot another spasm of salty cream. Ginny shuddered as she felt her own orgasm overtake her. She sucked a little harder as she thrust back against Rob's fingers deep inside her. She sucked until she could get no more from him then let his now limp cock slip from her mouth. She rocked on his fingers, her orgasm over but the sensation still pleasing.

Rob withdrew his fingers from Ginny's pussy and cleaned her up nicely with his tongue before replacing the crotch of the panties over her sweet little pussy. He caressed her satin covered ass again and helped her ease over to the side and she lay down with her head in his lap, looking up at him. Her hair was tousled wild and her cheeks were still flushed, her eyes glittered.

"Though this is supposed to be a slumber party, I don't feel the least bit sleepy yet," Rob said.

"Oh, nobody sleeps at a slumber party," Ginny replied. "Though I can't say I've ever done what we're doing at one either."

She reached up and gently tucked him back into his panties and pulled down his nightie. "I'm so glad we ran into each other. Now I have someone to shop with again. I think it's time you tried a few other clothing items."

"Such as?"

"You'll see."

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