tagErotic CouplingsSilky Adventures #02

Silky Adventures #02


Well not long after I got to be 'friends' with George, my dad left my mom, so we were fighting a lot, and I wanted to be away from home all the time. George called and asked if I wanted to come over, so sure!

He said Jessica would pick me up but I didn't know who that was. Well around 7pm I was fixed up, wearing some red heels that I had trouble walking in, a tight short skirt, and a tube top. I used a little green eye shadow to match my eyes, and some pale lust lipstick, and took a look at myself in the mirror. Girl, I was hot!

My sweet breasts try to fall out of my C cups, and I have a tiny waist, and my ass is a nice upside down heart; my skirt showed every move. I finished with some fake emerald ear studs, that just showed through the red curls, and I figured I was good enough to eat. Be careful what you wish for!

So then I heard a car honking, and I ran –sorta- out. There was this really beat up old piece of crap green car sitting there with Mardi Gras beads dripping from the rear view mirror, and a real skank driving. I couldn't see much, but she had on about 2 pounds of really black eye shadow, but she didn't look Goth so much as whore. But I wanted to get away, so I got in.

"I been sittin' here 15 minutes bitch, can't ya'll hear?" Not a polite skank, either.

"I'm here now. Let's go. What does George want, anyway?" I tried to not be too nasty back, because my Granny used to say "use honey to catch bats," or something like that, it means be nice.

"What does George always want? He wants to fuck some hole, so I guess tonight it's you! I'm not good enough since he saw your fire crotch!"

Whoa, what? Fire crotch, oh that means red pussy, I got that, and I got one. But I was a virgin, he knew that. Was he planning on just turning me out like this ho'? "I'm sorry, I never said I was willing to fuck him." Of course, I guess I was, I sure liked the things he did touching me!

"I didn't say you offered, hussy! But he can't stop thinking of your red bush, and I guess ya'll blew him or something, 'cause he sure wants more!"

"I did not blue him! Uh....What does that mean, anyway?" I was confused.

"So you're a dumb cunt as well, I see. When you 'blow' a guy you suck him off." She snapped back.

"Off what?" I asked, bewildered.

"Oh, Gesú Bambino! You use your mouth to make him cum. Do you know what that means?"

"Oooohhh!" Now I understood. I never thought of doing it with my mouth! And if kissing on the lips was so good... OMG! He could kiss my pussy. I might die from that! I started soaking my panties just thinking about it.

"Ya'll a dumb little twat, you know that? Do you know what cumming is? Have you ever done anything?" Her drawl was just slightly irritating.

"Well, I made George cum, and he made me cum, and he sent ya'll to bring me to him, so I guess I know a few things!" And Na-na-nayh too.

Just then we arrived at George's non-descript house, looking like all the others around, my parent's included. Jessica probably thought it was a Palace or something.

As soon as we got in the door, George hugged me and kissed me really deep, and let his hands run down and squeeze my ass. This part I liked a lot.

"Here's the dumb bitch. Are ya 'll going to fuck her in the foyer, or what?" She said Foy –yer like it was two words. I got anxious, cause I didn't know where my foyer was. Is that another name for pussy?

"Jess! I told you to be nice to our guest. And watch your language; we're not in the bedroom, after all. We are all going to be friends, and you are going to mentor Miss Silky, or I'll hurt you in ways you won't like. Am I clear?" George suddenly sounded like a totally different person.

"Yes, sir" was all Jessica said.

I was mostly worrying about that mentoring stuff. Did that hurt?

"Silky, I asked you here tonight to give you some more lessons in sex. Are you ready for that?"

"Boy, am I!" that part I was sure of!

"Ok, so tonight you'll learn about blow jobs and cunnilingus. I think you'll find them quite satisfying." George sort of chuckled when he said that. I didn't know what the cunny stuff was, but I knew all about blow jobs.

"So you want me to suck you off?" I smiled impishly.

"Well look who's been doing her homework! That's exactly what I want, but first, to the bedroom."

All three of us went there, tho' I didn't see why she had to come along... yet.

"Jessica, remove your clothes." And with that command, she whipped her tee shirt over her head, unzipped her skirt, and then she was naked. I guess under ware is a luxury down in Mississippi.

"Now our guest" And she walked over to me and started yanking my tube top off, none too gently. I did notice that she had a little silver ring thru her right nipple, and thought it made her look way more experienced than me. I also didn't appreciate the way she scratched me when she jerked my drawers to my ankles.

"Well, 'Miss Silky', can ya'll step out of your britches unassisted?" She asked nastily. I didn't reply, just kicked them to the side and stood nude except for my favorite red heels.

"Now Silky, I'm going to go faster than I did with your first lesson. I'm afraid I'm a little too excited to last so long." With that he pulled off his shirt, dropped his jeans, and pulled his briefs off over his loafers. I guess he knew about under ware, so there! And he was certainly happy to see me. I swear I didn't remember his cock being so big! He slipped out of his loafers, and then we had one of those long slow kisses, body to body, all skin, no clothes, and I could feel that big hard dick pressing against my belly like it was a lightning bolt. It was sure hot enough!

We kissed for a while, plenty long enough for my pussy juice to run down my leg, and my heart just beat faster and faster. Finally he pulled back, and said "Climb up in the bed."

I did, but the ho' Jessica was there, too!

"Now first I want you to watch, Silky," George stated while he pushed the 'ho back on her back. She looked pure poison, smiling at me over his head. That bitch! She spread her legs wide (I'm sure she's had plenty of practice doing that) and George leaned down and kissed the hair right above her pussy. Not that she had much; it was all shaved but a little scraggly dollop.

Then I watched his stick out his tongue and while he held it rigid, he trailed it down between her lips. Those lips, I mean. I have to admit I was fascinated to see part of it disappear into her snatch, deeper and deeper. She wasn't glaring at me anymore; she was staring at the ceiling and seemed to be lost. I understood that, if it felt 1/10th as good as it looked. Soon he was buried into her pussy, and all I could really see was his head moving from side to side and hear the slurping, and her soft moans. It sure was getting me itchy between my legs!

Abruptly he pulled up. And she jerked her thighs together. She was obviously not expecting that. His face was all wet and shining with her pussy juice. I could also smell the musky odor I had learned came when I got really wet down there. He was leaving her hanging, for sure.

"Kiss me, Silky," he said, and I had my first taste of another woman's cunt. I actually prefer it to the taste of semen, but her's was not the same as mine, I couldn't describe why, it was just different. And it had a strawberry flavor!

As we kissed, George pushed me down on the bed next to her, and his hand went between my legs, and urged them apart. I spread like the 'ho, cause, hey, I was there to learn! Then George skipped straight to my snatch, not even a single suck at a nipple. But I was pretty much looking for that move.

First he put his face in my abundant red pubic hair. He sighed in and out, and the hot breath drove me nearly crazy! Then he licked, but not straight down. Rather, he licked around my vulva, and onto my thigh. Then he kissed and licked up to where they joined, but slid over to the other side. Damn, it's right in front of you! A blind man could get there!

After teasing me to distraction, he stuck his tongue just a hair into my slot – just a hair, damnit. He began the slow up and down I had seen with Jess, and I reveled in it. Then he pushed up on my legs, opening me up even more, and his tongue slithered all the way to my anus. Even with the amazing pleasure I felt, I'm sure I blushed. He was licking my butthole! I mean, I wasn't even sure I was clean! But it felt so good I soon forgot about my worries. His amazing lick-er skated back to my vagina, and he tried to bury it in me, pistoning it in and out like a flexible dick. Very Nice!

Then he moved just enough to catch my newly discovered (by me) clit in his teeth, but not to bite. Just to let his lips enwrap it and then he started sucking! I am here to tell you that having your clit sucked is way more intense than just rubbing it. Wow, I loved it!

But as I swung my head from side to side, panting, I saw Jessica. Her tears were making black tears of her eyeliner. She was heartbroken. Remember the 'catching bats' shit? Well, I did it again. I actually grabbed George's head and stopped him. (Was I CRAZY?) He looked up, puzzled, and I motioned toward her with my head. "You can't just leave her hanging there, not watching you doing me."

"Fine. Jessie, bitch, leave the room."

"George, as much as I don't really want to say this, I think she deserves to get finished instead of leaving." Jess's eyes were like baby seals with all the melted goo around them from her tears, staring at me like a piece of chocolate after a bad day.

"I agree, Silky. You finish her –that's an order!"

Me? What had I gotten into? I didn't know the girl's last name, didn't like her, and I was supposed to lick her pussy? Who said he could give me orders?

Apparently he could. He grabbed my ankles and lickty-split (sorry for the pun) I was rotated face down, and staring at Jessie's cunt. It was kinda neat in a way. I've looked at mine, sure, in a mirror, but I can't get that close. I could smell her strongly now, she was dripping wet.

Well, in for a penny in for a quarter. I nosed a little closer, and tentatively stuck out my tongue. I pushed a little against her lips, and I slid in between them. Wow! Taste was like her smell, only sharper, nicer. And hot, hot in there. But Starwberry? She sucked in a big breath when I did that, so I wiggled it around a little. That drew a gasp of pleasure, so I shoved it all the way in. Now my nose was bumping her clit (since I now knew what to call that) so I licked it a little. She humped against my face, and wrapped her hands in my hair. I think she liked it. So I did it some more, and she went wild. I guess it had all built up, because in no time at all (lickty-split?) she was heaving against my face, and moaning, and I could feel her pussy quivering. Enough like when I cum to guess that was it for her.

I looked up at her, and she pulled me up and started kissing me, and she was all sobbing and hugging me. I even almost forgot I was naked.

"I'm sorry I've been so nasty, Silky." She cried. "I just thought George was gonna dump me on the street, and I like him so much. But I guess I like you, too. "

This time I kissed her, and was very aware of being naked. Her skin was soft, like mine, not hairy like George. I like the feel of man skin, don't get me wrong. But this was nice, and she needed my support. But she did kinda have snot all running out of her nose, and I ditched the kissing and opted for hugs.

"Look, I don't want to hurt you at all," I said.

"Yeah, you certainly didn't hurt!" She actually smiled a little, but she still was a mess.

"Come on, let's clean you up and then we'll figure it all out."

So now I still was a virgin, but I knew how to blow a woman –or is that a blow job? Maybe a lick job? Anyway, I've been busy. More later.

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