tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSilky Adventures #18

Silky Adventures #18


Adventures of Silky #18

Silky is punished

If ever there were a moment of regret, I certainly felt it when George, my owner/lover/father confronted me standing beside Jessica my sister/lover.

"You lied to me, Silky." He wasn't even loud. He looked like stone.

"I didn't lie!" But volume could not persuade, and we both knew I had led him to a false conclusion, by whatever means.

"You led me to a false conclusion."(Like I said)"You implied you lost at 'bet your ass' on the train." Carved stone.

"I didn't have my medicine! It wasn't my fault!" How trite I sounded.

"So what was the plan? Were you going to cluster fuck all the porters in the caboose?" Ash pale carved stone.

I thought of saying "Never in the caboose" and grabbing my ass, but George was in no mood for fun. "I didn't have a plan. It just sorta happened."

"You enticed the entire staff of that train into playing poker with you, sandbagged them so that you stole their clothes and money, flogged them, and then dropped your own britches and let them flog you. Is that about right?" Ash pale carved stone with not a flicker of feeling.

"Not the entire staff... but most of them, I guess. I did win at poker, like you taught us."

"Did you think a gang of men whom you had humiliated and literally beaten might rape you if you made yourself available? Did you think at all?"

"I wanted to see how big a black man's penis was, is all." I couldn't look at him. Jess stared at the floor as well. She knew the story, but neither of us saw it as a big deal. I didn't actually DO anything, after all.

"Silky, my sweet baby, you put yourself in a position where you could have been really hurt. That I couldn't forgive." Ash pale carved stone with a little catch in his voice. He was really upset.

"This calls for extreme measures, baby girl. No sex before Friday. No touching yourself, or rubbing anything against your pussy, or your pussy against anything. I want you to drip dry when you pee. I'll watch you in the showers, and spray you, but I won't touch you either. Jessie is not to even be alone with you, or touch you, or help you." Am I clear?


"Furthermore, you will wear no undies of any sort; no bras, no panties, not even a slip. You are expressly forbidden to think about sex. Not if the breeze blows under your skirt, not if a hot guy smiles at you, not if you develop an itch between your legs. Do not think about Jessica and me sleeping naked in the big bed while you are alone in your room. Do not remember passionate times. No sex!" He finally got a little animated.

"Yes sir." I kept my eyes down, I knew I was in serious trouble.

Have you ever tried to NOT think of something? Lying in bed in a teddy all alone and cold, I tossed and turned, and desperately tried to avoid the taboo subject in my head. I heard Jess's moaning and blasphemies wafting down the hall; they didn't even close the door! I reached for Mr. BigBear, and then threw him away like a firebrand as I remembered the indecencies I had performed with him. He was my first mastubatoree!

I thought of the train ride, and the way I had sucked (well, not sucked, tricked) the black men into thinking them would get to touch my body; well, they had touched my body. In fact, I had held one midnight penis and tickled it under the chin. Can't think of this!

Would I have fucked them? Would I have let them take turns stretching my tight white pussy with their massive ebony staffs? Is that what I had wanted? Think of something else!

I grabbed my iPod.

"Afternoon delight." NO!

"Alejandro." NO!

"All Summer Long." NO!

"21 things I want in a lover." NO!

"Closer." NO! NO!

"Fuck me pumps." It's all sex and drugs – it's rock and roll! But then the tangos get me hot, and blues remind me of New Orleans. ARGH!!!

After a poor night sleep I got up and got ready for class. First, there's clothes. With a 'total no undies' rule I couldn't wear anything that was sheer, or white, or too tight. My shorts tickled my labia, my blouse rubbed my nipples. ARGH!!!

I went to breakfast. There's George and Jess, both looking like people who had had sex 3 times the night before (I counted!) and both of them shunned me. At school, walking rubbed my pussy. Sitting was cold, reminding me I was panty-less. The wind ruffled my shirt-front, toying with my breasts, which bounced with every step I took carrying my back-pack. ARGH!!!

The guy who sits across from me in botany kept making eye contact and smiling. He was dimples, and when he smiles, I twitch down.... ARGH!!! And Osteology! Craig still got a little dreamy eyed whenever he saw me, and he winked and blew me a kiss when no one was looking. He truly is hot! When we screwed against the wall... ARGH!!!

Between classes, I had to tinkle, so I hit the ladies in the Turner Building. I wadded some paper in my hand, and then remembered, 'drip dry.' How would he ever know? Could I bare-assed lie to him? Would I? I sat as urine dripped off my lips, and shuffled uncomfortably around. No touching. ARGH!!!

By bed time I was miserable. And then those damn moans and screams again. That Goddamned Viking whore, can't she cum quietly for once!! I dreamed: George's cock, emptying inside me; Jessica's cunt, and her taste as she came; the feel of lips on my clit, and not knowing which one it was... I woke in a sweat. Maybe if I rubbed myself just a little... NO! ARGH!!!

As you can imagine, by Friday I was a mess. My little lips weren't pouty, they were insane with swelling; I left a trail of juices behind me when I walked, and I was pretty sure I was stinky. Jess came and got me, and I followed her to George's room.

"I hope you're getting the message, Silk," he said. Was I!

"If you will, take off your clothes and lie down on your back, please."

What is this polite shit? I ripped them off and jumped in position. George dropped his pants and knelt between my legs. He placed his rigid tool carefully along the length of my labia, and started rubbing against me.

"Aren't you going to put it in?" I panted and begged.

"Oh, no. I'm having sex on you, but not with you. You're still off limits."

With that he motioned Jess over, and she wrapped her hand around his member. She slid up and down the pole, and her knuckles rubbed my clit! I was naked, underneath George, he was humping on top of me, and his balls were slapping my ass... what's wrong with this picture?

"Please, I'll never lie again. Please fuck me, please!"

But my cries feel on deaf ears, as they continued to torture me with the minute touch of her junction tantalized me. Occasionally she would pause and push the shaft of his cock completely between my lips, or maneuver the head like a pointer to trace out my perineum. Agony! Her pace increased until I felt his cock stiffen and then the wonderful heat of his effusion on my belly, in my navel, between my breasts, and even a few drops on my chin.

Was I never to have succor?

The evil Germanic bitch bent over me, never looking in my eyes, and her long blonde hair traced along my thighs. God, they were mean! Then, oh Heaven, her wondrous soft lips kissed my clit, and began to nibble. It took all of 30 seconds for me to be in a full blown orgasm. Jess swirled her tongue along my body, sucking his seed into her mouth. When she was completely laid out on top of me, she licked my chin, and then delivered my share into my mouth.

We coated each other's mucous membranes with the ivory elixir, and then she whispered against my lips. "Silky, please don't do this again. I've missed you so much – and your vulvae have a loathsome flavor. Let's go take a bath!+

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