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Silver Anniversary


As our 25th wedding anniversary approached, my wife Linda and I decided that we wanted to do something more-than-nominally special in celebration. A quarter-century of wedded bliss (and, when we stopped to ponder, we had to admit that, taken as a whole, 'bliss' was exactly the right word) had brought us four delightful children, and many good friends (although, to be perfectly candid, at least where the children were concerned, their 'delightful-ness' was not always right out front where it could be easily seen; but then, neither is mine, so fair's fair, I guess). As we approached the 25-year milestone, we had an increasing sense of having put in the necessary work to have a strong marriage and solid kids who were on their way to becoming solid adults. We'd put in the work, and sweated the sweat, and now we were starting to see the reward of it; and that was worth a little bit of celebration.

I floated the idea of a 'second honeymoon' to Linda, and she loved the idea. We'd spent a memorable portion of our original honeymoon at a cabin up north in the woods, on the shores of Lake Michigan. The cabin belonged to some friends of my parents, and they gave us use of it for a week, as a wedding gift. The cabin itself was lovely, and beautifully situated. Not that it had mattered all that much for a couple of honeymooning newlyweds. My own memories of our honeymoon were mostly of the joys of three-and-four-a-day sex; we didn't spend a whole ton of time out of bed. Sweet memories, those. . .

We still saw, from time to time, the folks who'd let us use their cabin all those years ago. They were still around, and still owned the same cabin. One time, in the course of saying 'hello' to them, I mentioned that Linda and I were trying to arrange a second honeymoon for our Silver Anniversary.

"Has it really been 25 years?" Jim asked. "I'm sure I'm not nearly old enough for the two of you to have been married for 25 years."

"Well," I replied with a chuckle, "my kids are certainly old enough."

"Well listen -- if you like, I'd love for you to use the cabin again."

"Wow, Jim - we'd be honored! It's such a lovely place, and we had such a wonderful time there before. It would just be fitting to go back to the place where it all began."

Linda was delighted when I told her about the cabin, and relieved to have settled on a place. We planned a four-day weekend around the actual day of our anniversary. All that remained was to schedule the specific activities for the four days. And honestly, I pretty much only had one 'activity' in mind, anyway. . .

Whenever Linda and I talked about our vacation, the conversation was thick with anticipation of romance and sex. We would reminisce fondly about our first honeymoon, and spending days in bed, naked together, making love whenever the mood struck us. Sex was so new and exciting for us in those days, and we couldn't get enough of it, or of each other. Even in our first year of marriage, it was common for Linda and me to call each other at work in the morning, and meet back home to make love on our lunch break.

Of course, once the kids started arriving, and the daily responsibilities of life kicked into high gear, romance and sex seemed to slide down the priority list. It was never awful -- our sex has always been good, and solid, and life-giving. But there rarely seemed to be time anymore to just relax and enjoy each other in a carefree manner. We aimed to fix some of that on our second honeymoon.

One day, I was surfing the internet, and I came across an ad for a lovely little filmy negligee. It seemed just perfect for Linda -- I could easily imagine what she would look like in it, and how it would show her body to its maximum advantage, so I ordered it; it arrived the week before we were leaving. I wanted to start 'priming the romantic pump', so to speak, so I didn't wait; I gave it to her as soon as it arrived. She took it, and held it up to herself in front of the mirror, imagining how it would look with nothing else underneath it. She grinned.

"I can't wait to wear it," she purred. "But not until we get there. Don't want to spoil all the anticipation." I groaned in mock-frustration.


At last the day came. We packed our gear in the car -- including two magnums of champagne -- and headed north. With each passing mile, our day-to-day responsibilities retreated into the rear-view, and we could practically feel the weight lifting off our shoulders. Linda leaned over and snuggled into me as we drove. We reminisced about our first honeymoon, and how Linda spent most of our drive-time playing with her new toy between my legs. I told her that I wouldn't mind at all if she wanted to do that again, so she did. But now, after 25 years, it was less urgent than it had been on that drive long ago, and more relaxed. And just as incredible.

We finally arrived at the cabin. We unpacked the car and got ourselves situated in the cabin. Then I poured two glasses of champagne and lit a ginseng candle in the living room. I flopped down relievedly onto the couch and beckoned Linda to join me, but she excused herself to 'change into something more comfortable'.

When she returned, she was wearing the filmy negligee, and a pair of lacy panties that I didn't remember seeing before. She straddled my lap and began unbuttoning my shirt with slow and sultry movements. When she had removed my shirt, she began running her hands across my chest and shoulders, and her fingers through my chest hair, purring happily as she did. "So strong, so masculine," she breathed, "and so mine." I felt like the manliest man alive; my man-part was also responding to the encouragement.

I reached for the glasses of champagne, handing one to Linda. "To us," I said. "To the good life we've built. To 25 years. To 25 more."

"Hear, hear!" she answered, and, intertwining our arms, we drank a toast to our marriage, and our family.

Perhaps we were tired; perhaps we hadn't eaten in awhile. But the bubbly wine went directly to both our heads, and seemed to urge us in an erotic direction. I paused to look my wife over, gazing up and down her body in the filmy negligee. It was even more erotically appealing on Linda than it had been in the photo of the online model. The gauzy fabric made her breasts even more beautiful, more mysterious, as the dark circles of her nipples showed through. I stroked her body through the fabric, and it was so soft, so smooth, so sensuous, that it almost seemed that she was more naked than when she was naked. "You are the most beautiful woman in the world," I said, almost singing the words to her, as she purred happily.

Linda stood up off my lap long enough to unbuckle my belt and start to peel my pants down my legs. When I was left wearing nothing but my briefs, my erection stood straight up from my loins, making a tent in the stretchy fabric, with a damp spot of pre-cum spreading out from the tip. Linda peeled those off me, as well, and I was sitting on the couch completely naked, gazing at my wife in her filmy, lacy, erotic honeymoon outfit.

She straddled me again, and began grinding against the length of my erect manhood, stroking and caressing it with her lace-clad vaginal lips. My penis strained at her sexy stimulation, ready to burst with excitement. I groaned, and longed to enter her, to be inside the warmth of her wondrous womanhood. But she was still wearing her panties. I slipped my thumbs inside the elastic of the waistband, and started to slide them down over her hips, but before I could. . .

With a twist of her hips, I was suddenly inside her. The lacy panties were crotchless. My wife had been doing a bit of erotic shopping of her own; no wonder I hadn't seen them before. I looked at Linda, and a huge grin broke out on both our faces. I couldn't help getting a chuckle at the thought of my wife -- who is no prude, and an eager lover, but also very modest and demure -- picking out a pair of crotchless panties for herself to wear on our honeymoon.

She knew why I was laughing, and as she slowly ground the full length of my erection into herself, she grinned and said, "Well, you don't want me to be too predictable, do you?"

"Heaven forbid," I replied.

I savored every sensation of making love to my wife -- the velvety smooth warmth of her vagina sliding sensuously up and down the stiff shaft of my penis. My cockhead probing to the deepest corners of her. The sultry squeezes of her vaginal muscles, with which she embraced my manhood within herself. At last, we could simply relax and focus on each other, and our lovemaking. As I slid sensuously in and out of her, I gazed deeply into her eyes, and she gazed back at me, forming another erotic connection between us -- virtually 'completing the erotic circuit'. It was like we were connected at both ends -- our eyes and our genitals, both fully engaged, the love cycling through our eyes and down to our loins, then cycling back around again, in an incredible erotic feedback loop.

I don't know how long we mated like that, but we were in no hurry, and we both wanted to savor every second, every millimeter, of our union. I slid my hands under the filmy garment, and stroked her bare back, and her bare breasts, as we continued to undulate our bodies together. Linda leaned forward, and rubbed her breasts against my chest, through the gauzy cloth, which caused her to emit an involuntary groan at the silky sensuousness of it.

At last, I could feel my orgasm beginning to arise deep within me, and I hungered to release myself into her. But I didn't want to climax before she was ready, so I slowly increased the tempo and the force of my thrusts, driving my hips up into her, reaching for the deepest recesses of her vagina. She responded to my exertions with gasps and moans of pleasure, and soon her head was rolling from side to side, as she gave herself over to a really massive orgasm. So I abandoned all restraint and drove myself up into her, grunting loudly with every stroke, until she began quivering and sobbing in the throes of her climax. That was more than sufficient to push me over the orgasmic edge, and so, with a roar, I released myself into my wife, sending torrents of my fluid essence rushing into her. Spasm after orgasmic spasm wracked both our bodies for a long time -- it was one of the most intense climaxes I have ever known. Just when one of us would seem to be finished, the other one would shudder once more, and the cycle would continue.

At last, our mutual orgasms were spent, and Linda collapsed on top of me. For a long time, we simply embraced, trying to recover our breath, and lovingly stroking each other, savoring the afterglow of one of our very best, most intense and unifying couplings.

"You, my dear, are an amazing lover," I breathed. "Even more amazing now than when we were first married, and making love three times a day. It has been a privilege to be married to you these past 25 years."

"Mmmmmm," she purred. "Thank you, my love; likewise, I'm sure."

When we finally came back to earth, I stripped the filmy negligee off over Linda's head, and my now-limp penis lazily slipped out of her, allowing me to strip the lacy crotchless panties off her as well, so were both completely naked. It was dark out now, and when Linda suggested that we head to bed, I was happy to agree with her.

We drifted off into a happily contented sleep. But when I rolled over in the wee hours, finding my beloved wife lying naked in the bed next to me, I couldn't resist fondling her breasts, and poking a finger between her labia, recalling our wedding night, and the way we eagerly made love again in the middle of the night, after consummating our marriage a few hours before. Linda was just as eager this time, notwithstanding the intervening 25 years. Or perhaps, the passage of a quarter-century had taught us things about each other, and bound us together more tightly, even more tightly than we could have envisioned in the beginning.

Once again, we mated slowly, intensely, savoring every sensation as my renewed erection plunged to the limit of Linda's silken depths, while she squeezed my shaft tightly with her vaginal muscles, driving me to ever-higher planes of erotic bliss. Finally, I couldn't hold my orgasm at bay any longer, and my body twitched and jerked as I sent my sperm pulsing into my wife's womb a second time.

"Oh, yes, baby," she purred, "come inside me. Give me all of your cum."

We quickly fell back asleep, awaking with the sun already up, to make love again. When we finally did get out of bed, Linda made as if to get dressed, but I had a better idea.

"It's our honeymoon," I said. "Why put clothes on at all? What if we just go naked all weekend?"

She found the idea as appealing as I did, and so we spent the rest of the weekend in a state of Nature with each other. It was delightfully free and erotic to be so open to each other. Her beautiful breasts, virtually as firm as when we were first married, were in plain sight, and readily accessible to my eager, groping hands, as was my penis (and whatever else she took a fancy to groping) to her. And the rich aroma of her arousal emanated from her loins, giving the air inside the cabin a delightful erotic fragrance. It had been a long time since we had made love three times and more in a day, but our delightful naked availability to each other kept our erotic furnaces stoked. The times during the weekend when I wasn't at least semi-hard were few, and far between.


On our last night in the cabin, we decided to go skinny-dipping and make love on the beach. The cabin had a few neighbors, so we waited until after midnight, when most of our neighbors had turned off their lights. We wandered down to the beach, spreading a sleeping bag open on the beach, and then we waded out into the lake.

The night was warm, and borderline humid, but the lake water was bracingly refreshing. We jumped and splashed in the moonlit waves, savoring the sensation of our naked genitals open to the water. And the water itself made for a wonderfully erotic sensation as it flowed over and around our naked bodies, while we played in it. Playfully, we dunked each other, and groped each other under the waves, while the whitecaps crashed over us.

Finally, when we'd had enough of the lake, at least for the time being, we waded ashore and dried each other, tending lovingly to each other's 'sexy parts'. Reclining on the open sleeping bag, we began kissing and stroking each other. The sultry night air flowed over and around our bodies, and added to the erotic atmosphere. Linda eagerly stroked my penis into erection, while I fingered her vagina into eager receptiveness. Very quickly, she was wet and slippery with arousal, and she pulled me on top of herself. She gripped my penis, bringing it to the lips of her opening. For a few seconds, she rubbed my cockhead against her opening, wetting it with her own lubricating juices, and then she slowly fed me into herself.

Slowly, I slid in and out of her. Making love out in the open like that was incredibly, sensually arousing -- feeling the breeze blowing over my balls and the cheeks of my ass, as I plunged in and out of my wife, was simply amazing. Linda wrapped her legs around my waist, holding me deep inside herself, as we made love by the light of the moon and the stars.

I was still moving slowly, aiming to prolong our lovemaking as long as possible, when Linda suddenly became very excited, crying out, "Oh! Oh! Oh!" again and again. I took it to be her orgasm, so I quickly increased my tempo, while she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck. I groaned as I reached my own climax, and sent jets of my seed pumping into her once again.

I collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath, when she rolled me off herself and pointed to the sky. "Look!"

There, above our heads, the blue-green waves of the Northern Lights danced their wondrous, stately dance across the night sky. We both became silent and watched the celestial light show in utter awe. Even the heavens were joining us in celebration of our marriage. I struggled to wrap my mind around the significance that, while Linda and I made love on the beach, the Aurora Borealis was shining its blessing down upon us.

After a half-hour or so, the aurora began to fade away, and Linda and I, with a greater sense of awe and privilege to be able to share such a mind-boggling experience virtually with the Universe itself, turned again to each other and recommenced our mating, under the awesome sky. When at last we finished, and I had sent the last drops of my semen into my wife, we rolled over again, just in time to see the last flickers of the aurora, before gathering up our stuff and heading to bed.

We awoke in the morning, and I struggled to achieve one final orgasm in our anniversary weekend -- Linda had simply wrung out of me every drop that I had to give her. Which was a bit awesome in its own right, and probably a fitting signal that it was time to head back home, to our children and our family, having been refreshed and reinvigorated. And humbled by the Universe. . .

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