tagGay MaleSilver Ch. 04

Silver Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Darkest before the Dawn

Pelaam: October 2007.

Xavier lay on his back, powerful legs bent and draped to the sides. He gazed upwards in naked adoration at the beautiful vision astride him. Theophilus straddled him, both of the reptilian's hemipenes buried deep inside his slick heat as the blond raised and lowered himself in a sinuous rocking motion. The long hair was unrestrained and shimmered around the slim form like a golden waterfall, rippling down the pale-skinned, slender back and over the smooth shoulders. His mate's golden eyes were closed in bliss as the younger male sought to pleasure them both. His hands gripped Xavier's thighs, using them for leverage when necessary. Xavier's large, sensitive hand reached to caress the rosy-hued rod that bobbed elegantly in time with Theophilus' movements.

"So close, my husband," he murmured. "So very, very close."

"Come for me, beloved," Xavier encouraged, forming his knot. "Let me see your ecstasy." He revelled in the sweet, wordless cries that tumbled from Theophilus' lips. The Dregan's channel was now plugged as a prelude to the lizard's own release and the blond panted softly as the twin lengths rubbed at the hidden jewel inside his body in tandem with his husband's knowing hand stroking his hardness.


The cry of his name coincided with his mate's seed pulsing in a pearlescent arc to decorate his pale green skin. Theophilus' head dropped backwards as his body trembled in the throes of a powerful orgasm. The sight of his lover was enough to trigger the reptilian's release and he relished the soft whimpers of delight from Theophilus as his hot, thick crème filled the still clenching channel. His trill was low and deep; his frill was a myriad of lilac tones indicating the level of pleasure for the lizard-man. Tenderly, he caught the willowy body as Theophilus finally slumped forward, exhausted and drained from the intense release.

"Thank you, my husband," he panted. He nestled closer to the big, broad body, his hand reaching to caress the frill to another sound of reptilian enjoyment. "I love you."

"I love you, beautiful," Xavier assured. Sleep now, beloved. Tomorrow will be a very exhausting day."

"I can hardly believe I will see some of my people from Drega," Theophilus breathed, a hint of wonder in his melodic tones. "It has been so long."

"I am sure it will be an unforgettable evening," Xavier smiled, thick lips pulling back over sharp teeth in his unique manner, unaware of how prophetic his words would prove to be.

As he lay there, cradling his lover in their nest, Xavier reminisced about their newest undertaking. They were heading to Terra II, a small, earth-like planet, but still a long way behind in technology. The complex in which Xavier and Theophilus were to be housed was huge and consisted of hotel accommodation, restaurants and bars, shopping mall, conference suites, theatre and cinema, swimming pools, gymnasium, solarium, even a small hospital, plus more, all under one huge roof. It had its own tiny spaceport. Shuttles ran to and from the complex to the orbiting space-station where off-worlders' ships docked. It was the most prestigious complex the world could offer and yet in some ways was very basic compared to other places the couple had experienced. They were accompanying their 'papa', Jameson, who was the facilitator for a trade negotiation between Drega and Terra II. Xavier knew his husband was both excited and nervous about meeting some of his own people. Even so many years after their union, it was still rare for Dregans to leave their home-world.

Remembering how he and Theophilus met soon had the reptilian's thoughts turning to his husband's father. Marcellous' reluctant acceptance of his suit and the way his beloved blond had been treated not just then, but as a child, coming into Xavier's mind. His frill became vermillion as the lizard's anger began to seep out.

A pale hand reached to caress his frill and Theophilus moved restlessly as if aware of his mate's change of mood. Xavier immediately ran his tongue over the pale expanse of Theophilus' throat in a feather-light caress and crooned softly. The actions both de-railed his anger and settled his husband. Theophilus was much attuned to him after their years together. He nuzzled at the gold silk of his beloved's hair, inhaling Theophilus' sweet scent and his heart soared at the soft sigh of pleasure from the still sleeping form. Although he saw no reason to be concerned about the trade conference, Xavier was still glad that the rest of their family would be arriving after them, within a day or so. They had been missed by both his mate and himself. He tightened his grip on the slender body and allowed Theophilus' rhythmic breathing to lull him to sleep.


Theophilus gazed with awe at the banqueting hall-cum-ballroom. It had been sumptuously decorated in white and gold. Those attending the gala evening had to dress in one or a mixture of the colours. Theophilus wore white leggings and a thin gauzy tunic with a golden edge. His blond hair, unusual for Dregans, shone as though made of burnished gold and had attracted many admiring comments, much to the shy male's embarrassment. But he had smiled and accepted the compliments and had felt Xavier's pride at the way he handled himself as much as from the admiration.

Xavier's outfit was simple white pants with a gold waistcoat which did nothing to hide the bulk and innate power of the large reptilian. Now he had been caught in conversation by some Terra II medics and Theophilus had wandered away a little, caught up in the magic of the evening. He had even spoken to a couple of dark-haired denizens of Drega. He was aware there was some disagreement within the Dregan delegation, but didn't understand the mechanics of it. Whilst he may have been born on Drega, Earth, Phixia and PrideHome were his home worlds now. He ambled towards the open French windows and stared out into the manicured gardens. White and yellow lights twinkled giving it an ethereal appearance and Theophilus took another step, entranced by the beauty.

Two large males moved silently behind him, scooping him under his arms to bundle him forwards. Theophilus was peripherally aware they were Dregan, but the speed and shock of the attack caught him so much by surprise, he didn't have time to cry out. He was pinned to an outside wall and as he recovered his stunned wits, he recognised the hard, scarred visage before him.

"Father," he whispered.

"Hardly the way to greet me after so many years apart, Theophilus," the silver-haired male smiled malevolently. "I think this more appropriate."

He covered the blond's lips with his own, thrusting a tongue past Theophilus' teeth as his knee pushed between the younger male's slender thighs. Marcellous kept Theophilus' hands pinned above his head as he plundered the unwilling mouth, knowing that the blond's upbringing would make it impossible for him to try and physically resist the man who was his father. In the past, all children on Drega had been trained from infancy to obey their sires unquestioningly. The society had been a brutal, unbending patriarchal system. More recently this practice had been outlawed, but in Marcellous' time, he had brought up all his sons in this manner; especially his youngest child for whom he'd had such special plans.

For a second or two, Theophilus' childhood training made him pliant in his father's hold, then, to Marcellous' surprise, he began to fight to free himself. The kiss was broken as silver and gold struggled, then Theophilus felt himself pushed backwards as he managed to pull free and another male stood between him and his father.

"Get your filthy hands off my son, you bastard" Jameson growled menacingly. He was vibrating with barely controlled fury. He'd seen Theophilus apparently ushered outside and something had niggled about the action. Now he gave silent thanks for his impeccable instincts.

"*Your* son?" Marcellous spat incredulously. "A mere *human*? He. Is. *Mine*."

Marcellous spoke each word with such venom it had Theophilus terrified. He reached to Jameson, trying either to pull him away from the advancing Dregan or to interpose his own body between them. His golden eyes locked with the cold silver orbs of the vastly older male as Marcellous advanced towards them.

"You turned your back on him, renouncing him as your son when he chose to marry Xavier. I welcomed him freely into my home and am proud to call him my son," Jameson continued, resisting Theophilus' persistent tugging. The mature human had no intention of letting the depraved bastard before him touch his beloved blond again.

"You are part of a human family?" Marcellous sneered.

"Jameson has been more of a father to me in the years I have known him that you were in all the years that preceded. I love him and I am proud to call him Papa." Theophilus said sincerely. He was hoping to divert attention from Jameson to himself and found his strategy working too well. Chilling silver eyes sent shivers down his spine.

"Then perhaps I should remind you just who your real father is, boy," Marcellous snarled. The big Dregan's power and speed took even Theophilus by surprise as the blond had never challenged one of his own kind before. Jameson was effortlessly pushed aside with one hand as the other brutally backhanded the smaller Dregan, sending him spinning to the ground, too stunned to be able to protect himself as Marcellous continued to stalk forward. Theophilus looked up dazed only to see his father jerked backwards to be slammed against the same wall he had been pinned against.

"Touch any of my family again and I will kill you." Xavier stood, his frill a shade of red that Theophilus had never seen before, tail lashing furiously from side-to-side and his normally placid expression changed out of all recognition. The reptilian's whole demeanour was one of unadulterated rage.

Jameson had already regained his feet and glanced with concern at the blond whose body was beginning to shake from the shock of all that had happened. He wanted Theophilus away from here.

"Marcellous is not a recognised name on the delegate list, Xavier," he said, glaring at the male who now stood with the other Dregan. "I will ensure he is deported immediately from Terra II." He lowered his voice. "Your husband needs you," he added.

Xavier's attention swiftly moved to his lover who was still on the ground. With a muted sound of grief, Xavier reached to scoop Theophilus into his arms. He crooned softly as his mate buried his head into a powerful shoulder.

"Take me away from here, husband," he pleaded, his voice a bare whisper. "Please take me away."

Xavier threw a desperate look at Jameson who nodded curtly.

"Take him where he feels safe, Xavier. I'll deal with this and call to see you're both alright later."

Xavier strode to their room, ignoring looks and whispers as they passed. He regretted they had to move through the ballroom. A couple of the Dregans his beloved had spoken to looked shocked, but Xavier was uncaring of others, just the precious bundle in his arms. He was grateful to see security guards heading towards Jameson and presumed the more mature human male had used a personal security device to alert them to his need. Xavier locked their door and curled protectively around his lover in their nest until the silent tears were spent. Golden eyes, heavy with soul-deep sadness, gazed anxiously into his own orbs.

"Do you still love me?" Theophilus asked tremulously.

"Of course I do, my beloved," Xavier vowed.

"He kissed me, touched me," Theophilus whispered. "My body is now only to be so touched by the man I love. I failed to stop him..."

"Shh, my love," Xavier crooned, not wanting his husband to blame himself for the unprovoked attack by Marcellous. "He tried to take that which belongs only to me. *He* failed. For which I am forever grateful. You are my husband, my beloved mate. No matter what might have happened, I would still love you. I will always love you. Let me show you."

Theophilus was unresisting as Xavier tenderly stripped his still shivering form. He allowed his husband to lay him flat, the bigger male looming dominantly over him. A forked tongue began to lick at him along his throat as a sinuous tail stroked the satin skin of his inner thighs. Without conscious thought, he spread himself open, lying submissively, vulnerably, before the man he adored. Large, strong hands caressed his chest, tugging at his small pink nipples and fondling his lax rod and hairless sac. The combination of different touches over so much of his body soon had the younger male lost in a maelstrom of sensation. Slowly his shaft rose, his channel began to produce its lubricant, dilating slowly, ready for penetration and he moaned mindlessly as Xavier's tail slid inside to caress his hidden sweetness. He cried wordlessly as a single hemipenis replaced Xavier's tail inside his body. Instead the agile appendage spiralled around his throbbing erection to begin rhythmic contractions. He felt his lover's knot stretch his sheath and then hot juices were filling him, triggering his own release.

"I love you," he heard Xavier vow. "I will always love you."

"Never let me go," he pleaded. "I love you so much."

"Never," Xavier promised. "No one will ever take you away from me. Rest, my precious, sleep safe in my arms. Our family will arrive tomorrow and we all love you."

As Theophilus lay sleeping fitfully, Xavier hugged him tightly. He only released the traumatised blond long enough to reassure an anxious Jameson that Theophilus was not unduly harmed physically. As yet, he was unsure of the mental damage the assault may have caused. He cradled the younger man long into the night, crooning and stroking when Theophilus seemed to be becoming more restless. If he had thought he had hated Marcellous before, it was nothing compared to the loathing that now coursed through reptilian veins.


Tristam, Rayner, Uist and Sholto listened to Jameson with a mixture of shock, horror and fury as he recounted what had befallen their much-loved brothers. Jameson had both entered a formal charge against Marcellous and pointed out he had no right to be on the planet in the first place. The Terra II liaison officer assigned to him, one to whom Jameson had taken an instant dislike, had responded and had Marcellous put under house arrest until a ship could be readied to deport him.

"Marcellous' life is forfeit should he and I cross paths," Uist growled, his claws unsheathing and re-sheathing. "I intend to request recognition of PrideHome blood feud."

"Uist, wait," Jameson said, holding up a restraining hand. "As much as I detest Marcellous, I would not want to do anything to further distress Theophilus. Be very certain of what he wants and what he needs. Marcellous is still his father and at present Theophilus is afraid, shocked and worried about how you will react to him. To him, not Marcellous," he emphasised.

"But why?" Rayner asked. "He did nothing wrong."

"Theophilus was raised knowing he was a commodity to be sold and to obey his father unquestioningly. It took many years for Xavier to make him understand theirs was a partnership of equals. As much as he adores his husband, and they were clearly made for each other, it can still be hard for him to ask for what he wants and needs. He blames himself for the assault, for not reacting quicker or more strongly, and preventing what transpired. His initial fear was losing Xavier's love, his second losing ours. Although he will be unable to ask for it, what he needs now is for us to show him just how much we love him."

"I will be guided by you this time, Papa," Uist conceded reluctantly. He pulled Sholto close to his side. The possessive gesture spoke eloquently of the cat-man's inner turmoil. "But if Marcellous ever tries again to harm any of my family, as you are my witnesses, I will evoke blood feud. He will find no safe refuge in this universe from me or mine."


It was an unnaturally quiet and subdued group that headed to the quarters assigned to Xavier and Theophilus. Normally there would be teasing banter and laughter. Five hearts clenched as they caught their first sight of their blond brother. The normally confident male was huddled close to his mate, his face expressing fear, doubt, misery and worry. For Rayner it was too much to bear. With a muted cry he ran from the rest of the group, aware that Sholto was just a step behind. Both wrapped their arms around Theophilus almost simultaneously.

"We love you, Theophilus," Rayner assured, knowing he spoke for all. He kissed a cool, too-pale cheek.

"All of us," Sholto added, kissing the other. Both were relieved when Theophilus' arms reached to encircle them and hold them tightly.

"I love you all so much," Theophilus said, his voice thick with emotion. "I feared I had forfeited your love for me."

"Never," both Rayner and Sholto spoke. "No matter what happens, Theophilus, remember we will always love you." The two humans stepped back as the rest of the group now moved to join them and Uist came forward. They watched as Theophilus' head dropped submissively, unwilling to meet the intense blue gaze of the PrideHomer.

Gently, but persistently, Uist used a single finger to tip Theophilus' chin upwards until their eyes could meet.

"I love you, beautiful," he said softly. He wrapped his arms around the lithe form as Theophilus almost collapsed against him. He kissed the smooth forehead and nuzzled him affectionately. He could still scent fear and anxiety, but it was receding. Slowly.

"I love you, my Protector," Theophilus whispered, using Uist's title.

Giving one last squeeze, Uist released Theophilus for Tristam to come forward; the leader of their team, husband of Rayner, chosen brother of all and Protector of Theophilus and Sholto.

"Theophilus," he said softly. "No matter where you are, or whatever may befall you, remember you are family. We will stand by you, for you, search endlessly if you are lost to us and love you unconditionally." He accepted the armfuls of sobbing blond as the last of Theophilus' fears gave way to cleansing tears. One by one, the rest of the group moved to join the embracing couple.

Like a silent sentinel above them, the complex security camera caught and recorded everything said and done until they finally broke apart. A residual sadness still remained, but it was clear from the brighter, less haunted look in Theophilus' eyes that his family had found exactly the right things to say to reassure him.


That day and the next passed without incident. Theophilus was becoming more his normal self, laughing and playing with his family. The only outward sign of any insecurity was the need for more contact from his mate. The reptilian was more than happy to provide kisses and caresses as necessary, pleased to see his lover less inhibited. The group were happy to find that Jameson was free to join them for an evening meal although they could see the older human was frustrated by the lack of progress.

"I begin to wonder why Drega elected Telleran to be lead delegate with power of veto. It seems his notion about how the treaty should be worded is out of step with both the rest of his own people and Terra II. It's not only frustrating everyone, but he's making enemies of all by his attitude. He's conceding things slowly, but at this rate it's going to take a week or more to conclude what should be arranged in just a couple of days."

"Telleran's family are one of the largest on Drega," Theophilus supplied. "They are quite powerful and influential."

"Perhaps he's just like many of the old-school, patriarchal Dregans who think they should simply speak and be obeyed?" Sholto offered.

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