tagNonHumanSilver Kitsune Clan 03

Silver Kitsune Clan 03


This is a pure work of fiction and all aspects are from my own imagination though some parts will probably sound similar depending on how much fantasy reading you have done.

If you have any problems with what I am typing let me know but if you are only going to give crappy feedback as in 'it sucks' then go frost yourself and hope you need a new wanker... Now if you have some positive feedback please let me know.

This is a side story to the official Silver Moon series I am working on. Some parts of the dialogue will be the same, or in the beginning it will be. Most of it is going to be from Geoff's and Mari's point of view with the occasional third party pov. Other parts will be different as one remembers it differently than others. That is normal in life. Most of this chapter is going to be from Mari's as she deals with her fear of men. I know that in the others I showed her as mostly not having troubles but many times people what they truly feel hidden.

I want to thank Somaluna for reviewing the chapters for mistakes and offering suggestions on better wording. All sex or sexual relationships are 18+. Enjoy.

@Anonymous: I do not appreciate what you had to say about Dan and or a few of your other comments. I am going to comment one time on my views of where I am getting some of the subject matter I have included in my story.

First off I am going to briefly touch on how I view wolves and then lycan's in general. Wolves and dogs tend to be very gregarious creatures. Have you ever seen dogs pile in a dog pile while sleeping? Walk past each other and randomly lick the others muzzle? The same could be said for cats as well. This is very normal for dogs and wolves. In winter it helps keep them warm. Now with Lycan's they have a wolf half and have much the same actions as normal canines or lupines.

Second how many of you have children? I have three though they are now all adults. I remember when my children were little and if they had a nightmare we would tuck them in with us for the rest of the night. Granted the pups weren't having nightmares but is their crawling in with him and Mari any different? Same goes for bathing them. My ex and I bathed our children till they were about 5ish and we were sure they knew to clean all of their bodies including their bottoms and groin. If that idea bothers you then I feel sorry for you.

Third lycans are very tactile in my universe. This does not mean that when Dan hugs a guy he is feeling him up or when he comforts a pup he is going for something sexual. If your mind automatically goes that way again I feel sorry for you. This is another reason for random touches as they walk past each other and all it means is they are keeping the pack bonds up. There isn't anything sexual to it.

Fourth I will say when it came to the shower scenes I did consider whether to include them or not. I finally decided that they added more than they might detract. Again going from personal experience I have known several people who did shower with their children till they were somewhat older. Mind you when I say older I am still talking 5 and under.

Fifth when it comes to nudity again we are talking werewolves. They are trained from a very young age to strip before they change to keep from ruining their clothing. There is nothing sexual with this, simply common sense. To them it would be like going to a nudist beach and taking their clothes off before hopping in the water. There isn't any stigma or wrongness connected with it. Since some people did complain I did stop mentioning stripping and simply started saying they 'changed form' for the most part. If this still bothers you then I strongly suggest that you are the one with issues and not me. I do hope what I have had to say has some sort of impact on how those of you who have some issues view my stories but if not then I will politely invite you to read other stories that don't upset your little confined world.

Now having said all this above I hope you can see past what would be considered human notions and see that yes they have human bodies but they don't always react as humans. They are lycan's and some of their actions and reactions won't be the same. There isn't any underage sex or even vague hints of underage sexual relationships. Yes I did make a point of writing that Paulo and Sylvia are to be mates but I made a specific point of Dan saying they were not going to mate till they are over 18.


The drive to the clan house wasn't really that long, but it was longer than Mari had ever driven and felt so far away from home, even if it was only a call away. The first night had been spent at one of the pack houses of a pack that looked toward Geoff's clan for allegiance. That had been interesting since the Alpha was named Apollo Granger and had been a rather boisterous outgoing male who seemed to drop jokes like they were going out of style. He had been more than a bit surprised when Geoff had shown up with a wolf as his mate and a submissive to boot.

The second night was at one of the small clan houses, small was definitely relative since it was larger than the manor she lived in, and that had been interesting since it was mostly Kitsunes with a few other species. That had been a small dinner affair which was again relative since there were probably a good 25 people at the table. Thank goodness the manners were fairly familiar and what little prompting that was needed Geoff did via their bond. The talk had been interesting but she had mostly been quiet since it was sort of overwhelming. If this was a small clan house, she was a bit scared to see what the main clan house was like.

Geoff had explained that the main manor house was also the seat of government for the entire clan which didn't help much for her piece of mind. When they eventually reached the clan house right before dinner the third day they were on the road, she couldn't help but gape at it. The damn thing was huge!! There was a living area and clan area. She could tell the two sections apart, they were connected but very different. The clan side was three stories and obviously designed for business. The other section was two and a half stories but had large glass windows and looked like a residence but somehow the two were blended so they didn't look strange next to each other.

If she had the option she would have climbed out of the car and ran screaming. She was going from a rural girl who was bottom of a small pack to eventually a co-leader of a huge clan that was also a country in and of itself. She was scared to the bottom of her soul and was scared she would fail Geoff. It was a feeling she was trying not to project but had a feeling it was bleeding over since Geoff had his arm around her and was comforting her for all he was worth.

"Relax love, everything will be fine. I know you are tired but we are just having a small family dinner tonight and for the next few nights to give you a bit of time to settle in." He didn't mention that in a week they were going to have a formal clan dinner to introduce her to the local clan and another one in about a month and bring in the heads of the cadet branches of the clan as well as representatives of the other spirit animals they were aligned with to introduce her.

The dinner for the local clan members would happen after he introduced her to the clan elders as his mate. That was not going to be fun since several of the elders didn't like him and having him bring back a wolf and a country bumpkin was almost guaranteed to piss them off. There was going to be a screaming match and Mari was going to have trouble dealing with that considering her back ground as well.

Mari finally noticed there were several people standing by a large door and she assumed it was his family. The woman had long silver hair much like Geoff's hair. Her skin was a light golden color and her Asian ancestry was obvious thought there was the blending with a European race as well. The man had much shorter black hair and was pale and was a bit taller, so it appeared, than Geoff but she could see the resemblance. Both were dressed up and the man had something dangling over his left ear but she couldn't tell what it was from this distance.

Moments later the vehicles parked and Geoff climbed out and helped Mari out and wrapped one arm around her and walked with her over to his parents. When Allie and Ana weren't there, he was surprised but guessed they weren't back from their travels. "Mother, Father, I would like to introduce you to my future mate. This is Marissa Ryan of the Alucian pack. Mari this is my mother Alysson and my father Jonathon. This is our head of security and majordomo Jake."

Mari gave them a shy smile. "I am very pleased to meet all of you." She looked up at Geoff and smiled. "He has told me so much about all of you and this place. I am happy to be here." Small lie but figured it would be ignored. It was rather obvious that she was not very comfortable as close as she was standing to Geoff.

Alysson watched as the two walked up to meet them and couldn't help but smile at the young woman. She was obviously scared but doing her best to hide it and her son was also obviously looking very protective of her. The young woman was a very petite girl but very attractive and she couldn't help but step forward and sweep her into a hug. "I am so happy to meet Geoff's mate. Welcome to your new home hun. Dinner is going to be in a few minutes but if you want to freshen up, Jake will show you and Geoff to your suite and bring you down when you are ready."

Mari was startled when she got hugged but leaned into it and smiled. She felt sort of like an alpha which really helped since it gave her a sort of sense of home and familiarity. As soon as she felt that, she started to relax slightly. "I would appreciate that ma'am. It has been a long trip and a quick shower and change would be nice." One last hug and she moved back to Geoff.

Alysson laughed when she was called ma'am. "Mari, may I call you Mari? Mari, call me Alysson please. Ma'am is for formal occasions and makes me feel old." She smiled when the girl leaned into her and Alysson rather liked her scent which usually was a positive indicator. "In that case Jake will take you up there and your luggage should already be there. Come down when you are ready and we will eat."

Mari's stomach rumbled when she said eat. "Won't be very long Alysson since my inner wolf is indicating lunch was some time ago." When Alysson had told her to call her Alysson, she lightly laughed. "You almost sound like Dan. He grumpily ordered me to call him Dan instead of Alpha. He really did have to order me to. I really wasn't comfortable with that..." She realized she was rambling and closed her mouth and stepped back.

Geoff smiled. "We will see you shortly mother. Suite? Do I have a feeling I have been moved while I was away?" He knew he had been and probably as soon as he had left the house since he knew now that he had been expected to find his mate.

Jake smiled and bowed to Mari. "Lord, Lady, if you will follow me I will show you to your suite." He turned and walked into the house and had to pause when Mari froze as they walked in and Geoff mentally grinned. The house was impressive and he had to admit it. The central areas were a mostly open design and close to two stories tall. On the far wall were tall clerestory windows that ran almost floor to ceiling and looked out over the ocean, pool area, and some of the gardens.

Geoff let her stop and look for a few moments. "We can wander later if you want, let's go and get cleaned up and eat." He gently urged her into the house and they quickly followed Jake to their new suite and even he was impressed. It was very spacious with a central sitting room, a smaller solarium for her, an office for him, several bedrooms, a small kitchenette as well as a large master bath and another shared bath.

"Good god, this is where we are going to live?" She almost squeaked when she said that. Her eyes were huge when she looked around. The bloody suite was easily as big as the combined dining room and main room at the manor house. God this place made Dan's rooms look old and worn and rather plain.

Geoff couldn't help but smile slightly. "Where did you think we were going to live? Some fox house? It is going to sound bad but as clan heir our rooms are only going to be a few steps below mom and dad's. Let's go get cleaned up and ready for supper." He nodded at Jake who was standing next to the doors and would remain there till they were ready to go.

She slowly followed him to the master bedroom and this time managed not to freeze, though it was as nice as the main room. Her luggage was placed inside but she knew that most of her clothing was going to look really back country. "I wish I had something nice to wear to diner. Dan had me get some new cloths but your parents looked so nice."

Geoff grinned. "I might get yelled, at but I got your measurements from Angie and called mom and gave them to her as well as your favorite colors. I hope you don't mind but..." He walked over to the walk in closet that was hers and opened the door. "Mom said she didn't get you too much since you would probably prefer to do your own shopping."

Mari looked rather startled and frowned at him. "I suppose you snickered at my measurements as well right?" She knew that he liked her body but couldn't resist teasing him; well not after he opened the door into a large room that had almost more clothing than she had ever had in her life. Mari walked into the room and looked around and there were a number of shirts, blouses, and tops, along with skirts, dresses, pants and even a small amount of silver jewelry. "What should I wear?"

Geoff looked and pulled out a dark lavender skirt, lighter colored shirt and picked out some jewelry including a heavy silver chain with the clan emblem on it. "This should work though I will let you pick out your undergarments. Some things a man shouldn't do." He grinned.

Mari casually smacked at him as she looked in the drawers and found a number of different types and settled for a sinful looking red lacy bra and panty set that was guaranteed to make him start drooling when he saw her in it. "God this is going to be so hard to get used to. All this just for one person? Why do you have so much stuff?" She had enough clothing for just about one week of use and this was easily two weeks' worth and that wasn't even including what she had brought with.

Geoff rolled his eyes. "Get used to it. You will probably start getting fitted for formal clothing tomorrow since in a week you will be introduced to the elders as my mate. If you think this is fancy and all that..." "You should see what I have to wear, or even worse, Mother. By the end of the day, my neck and head are a mass of tension from the chains and what not that is braided into my hair and around my neck."

Once she had her cloths he grabbed something equivalent for him out of his closet, which was far more occupied, and set everything on the bed and led her into the bathroom. "Shower or bath?" He asked her as he set his shower kit on the two sink marble counter top.

"Shower or we will never get out of here. I think a bath later would be nice to soak away the tension in my back." The bathroom didn't bother her nearly as much as the rest of it since it wasn't that much larger than Dan's though it was nice and modern. The tub looked lovely and made for two and she couldn't wait to climb into it. She had grabbed her kit as well and started to clean up.

It wasn't that much longer before they were done, dressed, and headed downstairs. The dining area they were shown to was smaller than at the house but she figures this was just for the immediate family. They were met by a tall Kitsune woman. "Good evening Lord and Lady. I am going to show you to the dining room and we have planned on just a small quiet dinner for just the two of you and your parents Lord Geoffrey." She bowed slightly to them and turned to lead them to the side dining room.

Gertrude was really pleased that she had been given the honor of showing Lord Geoffrey and his new mate to the dining room. She knew that she wasn't the most intelligent in the house but she always tried her hardest to do her best and that was usually pretty good. She had tried really hard to make sure the private dining room was set up perfectly for a small quiet dinner and had made sure that all the dishes were just right and the silverware was shined and sparkling. The table had a white table cloth and red napkins.

When they walked in, Mari glanced at the table and started to shake slightly. There was two of everything it seemed, two forks, two spoons, plates, knives and glasses and she had no idea what to do with any of it. Tears started spilling down and she turned and clutched at Geoff. It was simply too much and she was simply overwhelmed by everything. "Oh god, Geoff I don't know if I can handle this. It is too much." That was a wail and she started sobbing into his shirt.

The moment she did that, Gettie started to shake as well since she had tried so hard to make everything perfect and she had obviously failed and tears started flowing out of her eyes as well. "I am sorry, I am sorry that it isn't good enough for you ma'am." She obviously didn't understand what Mari was saying and assumed that it was because she hadn't done a good enough job.

Alysson started and then her expression softened. She should have expected this but it just hadn't occurred to her since it was something they were simply used it. When Gettie started crying she moved over to the girl and gave her a hug. *Not your fault Gettie. You did a wonderful job and everything looks beautiful. Thank you for all your work.* She was easily upset and that was something she should have considered as well. *Mari is just tired and from a much smaller place. She is feeling overwhelmed with all the changes. Go to the kitchen and let Samantha know that dinner is going to be a few moments late.*

Geoff pulled his mate close and tucked her head under her chin but was at a loss for what to do. He hadn't expected this type of response since he really had no experience like that. Everyone at the clan house was used to this sort of stuff, or if they were sent there they were prepared for this level of service and living. While he was trying to comfort his mate he cast a glance at his mother begging her for help. "Hush lovie, everything is going to be fine. I hadn't even considered this and I am sorry, please forgive me."

Once Gettie was gone Alysson moved over to where Geoff and Mari were and she wrapped her arm around both of them and hugged them. "It's okay Mari. I didn't really think of it either but you have left your pack, your family, and everything that is familiar to you. I don't blame you for being upset and lost." She was stroking her hair and gently projecting comfort and welcome to her.

Mari slowly stopped crying though she still clung to Geoff. "I feel so lost. I don't know what to do or how to act. I am just a little submissive who took care of the cubs and house. What do I know about being some fine lady and leading and whatever else you do? I don't belong here. I don't belong in a house as wonderful as this." The tears started again.

Alysson kept stroking hair. "Mari, do you think I learned how to lead and everything overnight? Mom and Dad didn't step down till I was in my 80's, and I had already had Geoff though he was still pretty young. You aren't expected to instantly be a lady any more than we expect Geoff to instantly know how to be the next leader." She laid a kiss on her hair. "As far as belonging here, you do or you wouldn't be my son's mate. There is something you will bring to this clan and house that only you can. The spirits are rarely wrong."

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