Silver Pleasures


((Since this is posted in the celebrities category, I'll just briefly mention what's in here, to avoid anyone being offended. In this story there will be steaming hot gay sex and I will be using two unsuspecting male members from the X-men Evolution tv-series for my own savage pleasure. Don't like, don't read. Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men or anything else from the Marvel universe and I'm making no money from it in any way. ))


It was sooo good. Lance could feel his pleasure slowly climbing inside him, while he quickened his stroking. This was a very good jerk off session. He could feel this was gonna be one of those sessions that left him breathless and exhausted afterwards, but it had been a very long time since he'd been able to get himself there. But he had fantastic inspiration today. Oh wow. He felt his cock lurch in his hand every time he thought back to that moment of heaven. He had been so lucky!

He had just been walking down the hallway from his own room towards the stairs, when he saw Pietro's door was ajar. He had half a mind to barge in and scare him senseless, but then he saw something that made him freeze to the spot in the dark empty hallway. A glimpse of pale skin was visible through the gap for a second and Lance stood stock still, simply processing what he'd seen.

Pietro had been naked. Gloriously, beautifully, sensually, mind-blowingly naked. And just when Lance thought the moment was over and the glimpse was all he was gonna get, the pale skin returned, and some merciful deity obviously decided to let Lance have the full treat, as Pietro had stood with his back to him, rummaging through his dresser, making his full frame appear in the gap.

His hair had been rumpled and damp from his shower and now he was obviously searching his dresser for something to wear. His back and ass flexed slightly as he rummaged and Lance stood gaping in the dark, holding his breath, while the pale god let him have a seriously good look. Finally smacking the drawer shut with a annoyed huff, he reached out of sight and grabbed his pants. Lance could have come right then and there if he hadn't been holding his breath so tightly to avoid detection.

Pietro put on the pants slowly, taking his time to adjust his private parts, before zipping up and smoothing out the creases on his thighs and ass. Lance felt his cock throb painfully, while the pale hands slid over the denim, the only thing concealing Pietro's delicious skin. As he slipped on a shirt, Lance slowly backed away and into his room as quickly and quietly as possible. Still leaning against the door, he had ripped out his cock, and only a few strokes later he had come like a fountain, gasping and panting.

That whole day had been agonizing. Every time he looked at Pietro, he was reminded that the most delicious guy on earth was in the same room as him and not wearing any underwear. He had a hard-on more or less all day, and had worn one of his longer shirts and baggy jeans to hide the fact from the rest of the Brotherhood.

So here he was. Sometime close to midnight, on his bed, jerking off in his own little haven of fantasy. He blessed the crappy state of the house, that had no doubt been the reason Pietro's door had slipped open. He pictured again and again that vision of delight and just when his pleasure peaked, he let his fantasy expand the moment and visualized Pietro turn to face him, hard and needing him. Lance felt the rush of his climax as he came violently over his hand and couldn't hold back a sharp moan when he jerked the last few drops out and collapsed gasping and heaving.

Oh boy that was satisfying. He'd hardly caught his breath though when he heard a gentle knock on the door. That was unusual in itself, as the Brotherhood was a rough bunch. Gentle wasn't usually in their vocabulary. Still Lance was glad he'd thought to lock the door when he went to bed. He quickly stuffed his spent cock into his boxers again and wiped his hands on the back of them while getting up.

"Hey Lance, are you ok man?"

Lance froze on his way to the door. It was Pietro. He had moaned that loudly? He unlocked the door and peered out at Pietro standing in the hallway. His breath got stuck in his throat. Pietro had obviously hopped into some clothes quickly, because he was only wearing his jeans, and they weren't buttoned properly, so they hung low and revealed the smallest hint of platinum hair over the zipper. Pietro crossed his arms, aware that Lance was staring at him, but not really unhappy with it. He was gorgeous, and knew it.

"Lance? Did you hear me? Are you ok?"

Lance cleared his throat, but his voice still sounded like his mouth was full of cotton.

"Wha? Yeah, I'm fine. Just fine."

Pietro lifted an eyebrow at him.

"You sure? You sounded awfully sick a moment ago. I could hear you through the wall. Thought you were dying or something."

Pietro shifted his weight from one foot to the other, making his jeans slip just a fraction more, treating Lance to more of the pale narrow hips in front of him. He just couldn't help himself. He stared and felt his cock stir again. Oh God, Pietro was sexy! Pietro noticed of course, but simply coughed, making Lance finally look at his face again. A wicked look came over Pietro's handsome face and Lance suddenly felt vaguely nervous. That look always meant trouble. Without warning Pietro stepped in so close that Lance could feel his breath on his face, as he reached up and put his cool hand on his forehead.

"You do look kinda flushed. You're sure you're not running a fever?"

Lance felt his lips move, but no sound came out. He cleared his throat again.

"Y-yeah. I'm sure."

He shivered as he suddenly noticed Pietro's eyes moving slowly down the length of his body. He knew he was gonna be busted in a second when Pietro's eyes would reach his now painfully obvious erection. Predictably the eyes stopped at his groin, and a wicked grin appeared on Pietro's face. Oh boy. He was never gonna hear the end of it. Pietro would tell them all in the morning that he'd jerked off loudly enough to wake up his neighbour.

Lance jumped from shock and pleasure, when he suddenly felt a hand take a firm hold of his bulge and squeeze gently. Pietro chuckled in the dark hallway.

"Nope, you seem juuuust fine."

He had to be dreaming. This couldn't be real. Pietro's beautiful hand was on his rock hard cock. That was all he could think at that moment. Everything else was a blur. In a daze he felt a slim hand on his chest, pushing him back into his room. Kicking the door closed behind them with a soft thud, Pietro slowly pushed Lance back to his bed, where he'd been fantasizing about this very thing not five minutes earlier.

Pietro couldn't avoid feeling the remains of the jerk-off session on his boxers, but it only seemed to make him grin even more, as he smeared it out over the fabric, still gently squeezing.

"Missed me, have you?"

Lance could only moan and roll his eyes, since that divine hand was still sending him into orbit. He collapsed back onto the bed, gasping when he felt Pietro's slender form straddle him and grind against him, before settling down with his elbows resting on his chest. He forced his voice to function.

"Pietro? What..."

Pietro was as usual quick as lightning. In thought as well as speech.

"... what am I doing, you ask? Well isn't it obvious? I'm horny and you're horny. Seems an awful waist jerking off in separate rooms, don't you think?"

Again he ground his hips against Lance, making him moan and roll his eyes again.

"That's it Alvers. Moan for me."

Lance groaned. As much as he wanted to scream out his pleasure of having his hottest dream fulfilled, people would hear.

"But... the guys..."

"Wont hear. Wanda's on the rampage for dear old dad again, Toad was stupid enough to follow her. Freddy's out cold in the living room. I may or may not have spiked his soda with enough sleeping pills to knock out a hippo."

Lance breathed out a weak laugh.

"And Tabby?"

Pietro edged closer.

"Not here. Don't know where, and don't much care."

With that he closed his lips over his friend's. Lance felt himself turning to goo from those soft lips and more or less melted in to matress. Realizing that they were not likely to be heard at all, Lance suddenly couldn't just lie there anymore. With a husky growl he seized Pietro around the waist, turned them both over and slammed him down on the bed. A glimpse of shock flitted across the pale face, before he literally purred.

"My, my. Aren't we eager..."

Lance let his hands fly all over his milky white prize and ate the soft lips beneath him furiously. Pietro returned his touches with fervor and writhed with pleasure when Lance roughly ripped those infuriating pants off his dreamboat. He dove straight down on Pietro's perfect cock the second the pants were gone and felt slender hands gripping his hair with painful tugs while he thoroughly enjoyed himself making Pietro hot and bothered.

It seemed their usual roles were reversed in bed. The more excited they got, the more vocal Lance got and the more breathless and quiet Pietro went. Moaning out his enjoyment around Pietro's cock, he made him arch his back and gasp, a beautiful blush coloring the usually colorless face and chest. When he looked up from his lover's groin, he grinned when he saw Pietro with his head thrown back, opening and closing his mouth like a fish gasping for air, but no sound coming out.

Lance was sure that image would be edged into his memory forever. His beautiful lover arched in a silent carnal scream, writhing and digging his hands into Lance's hair, physically, if not vocally, begging for more.

He got off the bed and shrugged out of his boxers, Pietro shaking his head to clear his fogged mind, and then spotting Lance's very excited manhood. His eyes went wide and he gaped. Lance didn't think he was absolutely huge, but Pietro obviously thought so and reached out for Lance with trembling hands. With Lance standing at the head of the bed, Pietro tugged carefully a few times, swallowing hard. Then he seemed to regain some of his usual cockiness and his wicked grin returned. He licked his lips.

"For me? You shouldn't have."

Lance was trying to think of some witty reply, but forgot all about it when those creamy lips closed around the head of his cock, and he saw half of it disappear as Pietro sucked him hungrily. After a few deep sucks, he licked his way to the base, all around it and back to the tip. Then he smacked his lips like he'd been given a delicious treat.

"I sure hope you saved some of that for me. Such a waste."

He was referring of course to the remaining cum from the jerk-off session. In all honesty, Lance was grateful that he'd taken the top off his lust, or else he might have blown his load when Pietro first touched his cock.

As if Pietro knew how much his skin turned Lance on, he rubbed the cock-head all over his face and neck, letting his exquisitely soft hair brush the shaft every once in a while. Seeing his throbbing manhood tracing those sensual lips, those smooth cheeks, that slender neck made Lance shiver with lust and he felt his legs turn to jelly. With one final kiss on the tip, Pietro let go of Lance and fell back onto the bed. Lance's attempts at recovering some sort of control where thrown out of the window when Pietro smiled wickedly at him again and began pinching his own nipples and caressing his chest.

Although the first impulse had been to jump him and fuck him sideways, Lance found himself frozen to the spot, mesmerized by the incredibly hot things his friend was doing to himself. The slim hands fluttered across his flushed, pale chest, down across his stomach and around his beautiful, slender cock. While one hand stroked steadily, the other snaked back up to his face and a finger disappeared between the moist lips. Sucking it passionately as if it had been a cock, he slowly pushed the finger in and out and finally let it escape with a deep sigh.

Glistening with his spit, the finger returned to the cock, but dove under the tightened balls and disappeared between the pale legs. Lance heard himself let out a completely uncontrolled gasping moan at the sight and when Pietro started to slowly finger fuck himself, Lance lost it. He threw himself on top of Pietro and kissed him as if he was a drowning man and that sexy mouth was air.

The bed creaked and groaned as they writhed in each other's arms, their bodies a confused tangle of arms and legs. Lance moaned heavily when he felt Pietro's hands on his ass, pressing them closer together. Their lips parted with a loud wet sound and for a moment they simply stared at each other, both looking into eyes hooded with heavy lust.

"Take me..."

Lance hardly dared belive his ears, but there was no mistaking it. Pietro locked his legs around him and pushed himself against his cock, obviously very eager. It took all Lance's self restraint to pull away and reach for a condom in a box under his bed. Pietro looked rather miffed when he saw what had made his lover move away.

"What, you think I've got cooties?"

Now it's was Lance's turn to smile wickedly and he licked his lips seductively, while he sat up on his knees and slowly rolled on the rubber while Pietro looked on with wide eyes.

"No... but I happen to know you're a cheap slut, so we shouldn't take any chances."

Pietro looked like he was about to object, but then he felt Lance pushing at his tight entrance and then it didn't seem to matter much anymore. Lance moaned and shivered as he felt himself pass through the rim and slowly slide further in. Pietro on the other hand had stopped breathing and his face was frozen in a silent scream with his eyes tightly shut. Eventually Lance got a little nervous at Pietro's look and stopped half way inside.

"Hey... are you ok?"

The lips moved, but there was no air to create any voice.

"What? Are you ok man?"

Finally a very croaked whisper came out.

"So good... don't stop..."

The words stoked the fiery pit of lust in his stomach that had dwindled slightly from worry and he gently started pulling out and moving back in, bringing himself deeper with each stroke. When he bottomed out a few strokes later he hissed and groaned at the amazing sensations and the look of Pietro finally drawing in a ragged breath. When he pulled back out and started a steady rhythm of slow strokes, Pietro breathed heavily, his bare chest rising and falling in time with the strokes. The pale hands were curled around the pillow on either side of his head and fisted it madly each time Lance bottomed out.

Feeling himself nearing climax, Lance quickened the pace and hoped Pietro was as close as he was. Sensing him quicken the pace, Pietro tried again to speak, but in the end managed only one word:


Lance had to stop all together for a second, to stop himself from coming right then and there. This slivery angel was asking him to fuck him harder?! Oh dear God... he was doomed.

After a few moments of controlled breathing, he lifted Pietro's hips higher and slowly pulled out until only the head was inside. With one last look at the gasping beauty beneath him he plunged in with all the force he could muster, slamming his lover into the matress over and over. Pietro's cock lurched and dribbled pre-cum onto his smooth belly and his balls contracted with each thrust. Lance could only assume this meant he was close and let himself ride the wave of the climax rapidly overtaking him.

Knowing that noone was there to hear them, he let his orgasm echo through the old house, screaming out his intense pleasure. Forcing his eyes open, he saw Pietro following him over the edge, coming all over his own beautiful chest and stomach, while ripping the pillow to shreds. This made Lance shoot out a few more spurts and shiver like he was very cold. It took him a few seconds to notice it wasn't just himself shivering, but that the house shivered along with him. He quickly got himself under control again and only when he was sure all was still, did he let himself collapse on top of his silver angel.

For the longest time all was completely still. But finally Pietro broke the silence.

"Holy crap. If I had known you were such a great lay, I would have fucked you a lot sooner..."

Lance felt he should object somehow to the assumption Pietro had that Lance would have been his anytime, but then again, it was pretty much the truth. When it came to Pietro, Lance was the cheap slut.

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