tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSilver Screen Express Ch. 07

Silver Screen Express Ch. 07


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


Los Angeles, California

The sun remained in the sky, shielded by a few white clouds and the usual blue sky. The Monday blues were long gone now as the afternoon hours settled in for a Tuesday out in L.A. Just another day for busy traffic and all the usual stops. David found himself on the road driving his Silver Screen Express taxi van like any other day of the work week. With fresh clean clothes over his body, he had nothing to lose while earning his living out on the streets. 12 PM was fast approaching over his clock, but there wasn't a worry in the world for David right now. The gold taxi van was crossing over the roads while he cruised through the downtown streets.

So far, it was just a typical day for David. The taxi van carried a scent of strawberries after he installed some new air fresheners. Like he did every weekend, he had vacuumed out the backseat and scrubbed the seats. Due to a rather sleazy adventure he had with a naughty girl last week, he made sure to leave no stains in the floorboard. The older man loved to keep secrets, but he also refused to leave a hint of them lurking in the back of his taxi van. After he escorted a few men to the airport as fares, his mind was already wandering over what could make this day more exciting. He had earned over a thousand dollars so far from pick ups, but it came at the expensive price of the Silver Screen Express services.

While crossing streets into Chinatown, the radio dispatch called in requesting a van for a fare that was near the Los Angeles City Hall. David listened to the call, knowing that he was close by and it could be an easy pick up. After deciding on it, he grabbed the radio piece and alerted the operator he was on the move. Informed to be on the look out for a blonde haired woman wearing a black and white striped dress, David made a mental image in his head while turning the taxi around and heading back out through a part of the city he recently had left. Among his thoughts, David figured the day was beautiful enough to enjoy some time out in the city. Hopefully the woman would offer a conversation for him, as the loneliness of driving the cab van was beginning to sink in for him. His last fare had been a relatively quiet man that offered no casual talk.

A number of pedestrians walked by the City Hall building. David slowed down the van as he approached the curb, quickly scanning over the scenery with his eyes. He spotted a woman who appeared to fit the description wearing a black and white striped dress. Upon further inspection, she had black hair and wasn't the fare. Stopping the van near the sidewalk, he glanced again. The van stood there stationary for a few seconds until a blonde haired girl made her way to the front passenger's door. She fit the description wearing the striped dress with black straps, instantly alerting David. A large pair of black sunglasses shielded her eyes. David rolled down the passenger window as she approached. He offered a smile before speaking.

"Hello, Miss! Are you the lady who called for a ride?"

While slipping her sunglasses up above her head, the girl nodded to him.

"Yes, that was me. This is a Silver Screen van, right?"

David glanced to the back seat before replying back.

"Yes it is! Well, go ahead and hop in. I'll take you where ever you'd like to go, the initial fee will be for five hundred dollars."

"Alright, I'll get the money out of my purse real quick."

"Oh no, don't worry about it yet. We'll calculate the charges after the ride."

She didn't reply back to him. The sunlight beamed through the windshield of the van, highlighting David's plain gray T-shirt. A few moments later, the sound of the left door of the can came sliding open. The blonde haired girl sat down, putting her purse into the leather seat as she closed the door. David noticed that the description was obviously wrong. She didn't have a dress, only her shirt was made of black and white stripes. The lady was wearing a short pair of white pants that appeared to match her shirt. The low cut around her shirt was showing off a good bit of cleavage, her feet were pushed into a pair of green sneakers. He turned his view back to the road and moved the van off from the side of the road. A sigh was heard from the backseat. As the van moved back on the street, David was ready to speak up to her.

"Were you waiting there long?"

"No, not really. I was standing outside for about fifteen or so minutes. I was nervous to call for a ride."

For her choice of words, David was curious now if this was her first time calling. She didn't sound like a usual caller for the business.

"Is this your first time riding with us, Miss?"

A smile crossed her lips while her head nodded.

"Yes, this is my first time. I usually call Uber, but I had a driver recognize me the last time I was here in L.A."

With a reply like that, David couldn't help but wonder who this lovely lady could be. She must have been someone of great importance, perhaps a celebrity. By now, he was beginning to grow used to dealing with them as a driver. While focusing on the road, he stopped at a red light upon replying to her.

"If it makes you feel any better, I won't ask who you are. It's none of my business anyway, I just like to talk a bit. Where do you want me to take you today?"

A laugh was heard from among the backseat.

"Oh no, it's not that! I didn't mean to sound rude. Can you take me out to Hancock Park? I know it's some ways, but I can get you the address when we get there."

"Hancock Park? That won't be a problem, Miss. I'll calculate up the charge by the time we get there."

The destination of Hancock Park was around Hollywood. David was familiar with the area. Anyone who worked in L.A. became adjusted to knowing the celebrity lifestyle. It was a place of large mansions where the wealthy class lived, among them being some celebrities themselves. Upon further glance from the rear view mirror, she had struck him curious once more. Though she looked familiar, David was becoming certain that she was a famous name just by her fare request. The girl sat in the back seat, her wandering eyes looking over the back of the seats. While he did not speak, she decided to call out to him after reading the nameplate on the back of the front passenger's seat. It clearly stated that his name was David as the driver, under the name tag, it read out the ID number of the van.

"Your name is David?"

"Yes, that's me!"

"Well, I'm Jennifer by the way."

He chuckled, turning the steering wheel of his vehicle. For some odd reason, David had a good feeling about this girl. She seemed to be soft spoken, as he didn't even have to request her name. David was ready to create a conversation now around her destination.

"So Jennifer, what are you going to be doing out in Hancock Park? I know some rich and famous people live that way. I've only ever had one fare before through that part of Hollywood."

She glanced around the taxi van, looking over the black interior. After a moment, she smirked and looked up before replying.

"What if I told you that I was someone famous? Would that satisfy your curiosity up there?"

David laughed. When he looked back through the rear view mirror, she had crossed her legs and was sitting in the back seat comfortably.

"I think I like you, Jennifer. You seem to read me well, I almost had figured that you must be some important person to want to go out there. I was afraid to ask though, since you mentioned the Uber drivers giving you a hard time. I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable while I'm driving you around."

Shaking her head to his response, Jennifer replied from the back seat.

"Oh no, don't worry! I don't feel uncomfortable around you. You seem like a nice man so far, I don't mind talking to you. So, you wanna know why I'm going up to Hancock Park?"

"Yeah! Tell me, babe."

He didn't even catch himself already trying to flirt with her. David focused on the road, moving the van between traffic as she began to speak back.

"I'm back in town to work on a movie, but I wanted to go see my boyfriend first."

"Oh, so you're an actress? Jennifer...Hmmmm, what is your last name?"

'He can't be serious, can he?" Jennifer gasped as she nearly rolled her eyes, talking within her head. It took everything in her not to bust out laughing at his reply. She expected this man to guess her like the Uber driver had done before. Reaching her right hand up, Jennifer combed her blonde hair off to the side before replying.

"Maybe you can guess for me? I'll give you a hint."

"Sure, that seems fair."

David replied while glancing into the rear view mirror yet again. Jennifer caught his eyes and gave him a smirk as she responded to him.

"My nickname in the tabloids tends to be 'J-Law'. Do you know me now?"

"J-Law? Hmmmmm..."

Thinking for a few seconds, David focused on the road ahead of them. He gave a laugh before replying. Anyone that followed movie news could've probably guessed that she was Jennifer Lawrence. With another look into the mirror, he was certain.

"Jennifer Lawrence? Oh shit, it really is you. Looks like I am driving some true class around today!"

She giggled at him before nodding.

"Yes, you're correct!"

"So, Jennifer Lawrence is riding in the back of my van, huh? And it's your first time riding a Silver Screen van before? Amazing!"

Still laughing, she nodded again.

"Yes!! My first time, I didn't think you were going to recognize me at first!"

"I was trying not to! You said that Uber drivers give you problems, I didn't want to give you any bad experiences."

By now, she had stopped laughing. Jennifer had a small smile over her face for a few moments while the vehicle moved steady over the road. She wanted to change the subject with something else in mind.

"Can I ask you something personal, David?"

"Is that a personal question about me or you?"

"It's about me."

David gripped the steering wheel upon replying.

"Oh, yeah? Go ahead, I'm listening."

She uncrossed her legs and sat up within the seat. Jennifer took a deep breath before she began to speak, all while the van remained moving down the highway.

"My boyfriend isn't really that excited to see me today. We talked on the phone and I sent him some texts earlier. He didn't seem that excited, so I'm left wondering if he's even worth it."

Her question had made him think for a moment. Why exactly would she ask him this? It was such a personal subject, it seemed like something one would ask a friend and not a stranger.

"Before I answer that, I have to wonder something."


"Why would you ask me that? I'm just a taxi driver, you don't know me personally."

"I find that strangers tend to be more honest than people I know. That's why I'm asking you, David. I've already asked a few of my friends, they think I'm wrong to think like this."

Such a response made David think. He already was having thoughts about potentially seducing another famous woman to write in his diary of his lucky adventures. It was worth a shot, just as the last actress who rode his taxi van made quite the impression on him. David was prepared now to take his chances with Jennifer.

"Who's to say you're wrong? If you don't think the guy is really into you, then perhaps you're right. I mean, if I was dating a beautiful Hollywood actress like you, I'd be fucking ecstatic right now to see you. Normal guys like me don't get to date beautiful famous women, we aren't that lucky in life."

Jennifer looked up from the seat. She expected to see his eyes through the glare of the rear view mirror, but she didn't. His response was something along the way of what she desired to hear from a man. David continued speaking.

"I mean, seriously? Why would a man not be having the time of his life dating you? Look at you, you're beautiful and famous. It would be something of a dream to most men. Your boyfriend sounds like a fucking idiot, sorry to be rude."

"Maybe you're right.."

With the nod of her head, David glanced back into the mirror and smirked. While he had shifted his entire focus to driving, he obviously had other plans. He steered the van through the roads, taking a short cut route towards a park that was some ways out of Hollywood. Other plans developed within his mind, leading him to try and seduce her some way. David didn't slip up, still carrying heavy with his attempt. Speaking again, he didn't try to hide his intentions whatsoever.

"Why waste your time with him? You could be with someone better. I can only say, if it was me, I'd feel blessed. Your boyfriend should feel grateful just to be dating a Hollywood actress, that's something I would dream about."

Attempting to change the subject now, David laughed as he spoke once more.

"You know, I've heard some funny things about you."

"Oh yeah, like what?"

Jennifer brushed her hands through her hair while sitting in the back seat. David smirked, starring back at his reflection through the windshield as the van was stopped at another red light amidst traffic. David was ready now to speak of things he read on the internet about her over the years. The celebrity gossip websites were always full of interesting tales of Jennifer Lawrence's wild sex life.

"I've heard you're a pretty wild girl, Jennifer. You sound like my kind of girl."

"Is this your way of trying to hit on me, David?"

The tone of her voice had shifted. Jennifer raised her eyebrow, teasing him as he glanced to see her face once more through the rear view mirror. He clutched the steering wheel, moving the van through the streets again after the light turned green. David waited a few seconds before giving her a simple response.

"Maybe. You don't sound too satisfied with the man I'm driving you to see, so I figured I would try my luck with you."

She giggled at him. Jennifer couldn't help herself. Strangers could be a lot of fun in the right circumstances. David would have to consider himself lucky for her to buy in with his chance. Ready to tempt him now, Jennifer went back to the 'wild' comment he made.

"So what have you heard about me that makes you think I'm wild?"

"Oh, I've heard lots about you! You just don't know what rumors fly about you, they can be quite dirty."

"I want to hear it! Tell me, and I can verify if what you heard is true or not."

"Alright then, I've heard that you like to twirl around on a stripper pole. Is that one true?"

While the van continued to roll down the streets, Jennifer rested her hand against her left cheek and smirked before replying.

"You read that on the internet, didn't you?"

"Yeah, that counts though, right?"

Jennifer shook her head. He couldn't see her body movements as his eyes remained focused on the road.

"No, but maybe I could show you how wild I can be. You seem like a man who lives for fun, I hope my assumption is right."

David bit his lower lip while still driving. He already was taking his chances by moving onto the streets to drive another route. The streets had faded from outside the back passenger's windows, showcasing trees and a bit of a park. David assumed Jennifer would be an easy one to seduce and with her choice of words so far, he had a great feeling about what could unfold between them in the near future. The time had come for David to make his offer, unlike the one he presented to women in the past who rode in the back of his taxi van.

"I'll tell you what, babe. How about you forget your boyfriend today? I'll take out to some place nice and quiet, let me in the back with you. You can show me how wild you really are, how about that?"

Jennifer knew exactly what he was trying to hint to.

"You're basically asking to fuck me, is that right?"

"Yeah, why not? I can show you a better time than this moron you're dating who obviously isn't doing his job to satisfy you. I'll even cancel the fare entirely, I won't charge you a dime for this."

She giggled from the back seat. When she didn't reply back immediately, David couldn't help himself but to continue with his offer.

"I mean, I think I could fuck you better than he could. You could even tell him that you met a taxi driver who knows how to pleasure you better. Get his blood boiling as you tell him you're leaving him."

By now, Jennifer was laughing hysterically. She nodded her head, as David could see from the rear view mirror. Finally, she answered him back nodding her head.

"I think I'll do this. You haven't seen nothing yet with how dirty I can truly be."

Biting her lower lip, she giggled this time in a sensual voice. David smirked as he gripped the steering wheel tighter. His assumption had proven correct, it was a good thing he had already taken a detour route to take her out to a park up north.

"Alright, babe. Give me a few minutes, I'm going to take us to some place nice and quiet. You mind undressing for me back there? Maybe give me a little strip show?"

"Wouldn't that distract you from driving, David?"

He chuckled. It wasn't the first time a woman had teased him about this.

"Babe, I've been driving cabs and vans for over twenty years, I think I'll be fine."

Letting out a sigh, Jennifer wasn't about to disappoint him. As the van continued to move through roads, she pulled down the left strap of her shirt. Pushing off her sneakers as they fell to the floor, Jennifer began to undress while sitting in the back seat. She kept her socks on her feet, figuring it wouldn't be a problem to him. With her shoes removed, she unbuttoned her pants and began to slide them off her silky legs. David didn't say a word as she sat there wearing a red thong and now had her striped shirt to throw off. Once her shirt was throw to the floor, she sat there in only a matching red bra and thong.

"Looking good back there, babe."

David's voice alerted Jennifer. She didn't think he was paying attention, but he had gazed into her beauty from the rear view mirror like so many times before. She reached behind her back and undid the straps to her bra, allowing her tits to bounce free as she snatched the bra off and revealed her breasts. Jennifer moaned and moved her hands up to her tits, cupping them as she squeezed her hands over them. Her nipples hardened up from under her palms. Jennifer's moans grew louder, as she attempted to divert David's attention. He remained concentrated on driving, so she pushed her thong down to her ankles, revealing her juicy clit. As he drove the car, she sat in the back naked and began to shove her fingers into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! There you go, babe! Play with yourself, make sure you're dripping wet all over those seats."

He was almost to their destination. The van drove through a dirt road out of the main streets several minutes ago. David was pulling them around a few trees, far out of sight from the road in a quiet area of the wilderness. Jennifer kicked off her thong and used her fingers from her right hand to play with her clit. She would slip in her index finger and then use her middle finger to twirl around. Jennifer realized within seconds the van had stopped and then she heard David turn the ignition off. She looked forward, watching his movements from behind the seat. As always, he never removed the key after shutting the engine off. David opened the driver's door and then climbed out, shutting it as he approached the back passenger's door.

Jennifer watched as the door came sliding open. From outside, there were a few trees and the sound of birds could be heard. David smiled at her as he stepped into the back of the car, looking over her naked body. Jennifer couldn't believe that she agreed to fuck a stranger like this, but she couldn't help but smirk. He did catch one detail correct about her, she was a wild one and enjoyed the thrill of a man like him. David sat down on the seat next to her as she moved over to the left side. Once seated, he reached over and shut the door, locking them alone together. Jennifer licked her lips as she leaned forth and looked into his eyes.

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