tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSilver Screen Express Ch. 08

Silver Screen Express Ch. 08


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


Los Angeles, California

The sunlight in the morning was only the beginning of yet another working day for most normal people. David knew his place as a regular person, just like anyone else who worked a day shift and came home tired. he got up early in the morning to clean out his taxi van and put some air in the tires. From last week's events, he had to vacuum and clean out the seats. Occasionally, he spent a morning scrubbing the seats of stains. Even though the van itself was owned by the Silver Screen Express company, he took great care of it, as if he truly owned the vehicle himself. It was no different than the regular old taxi cabs he used to drive over the Los Angeles streets in the 90's.

Like any other day, this Tuesday morning was off to it's usual start. David always found himself taking fares of the rich clients in the morning, usually of older people that needed to get around town. Occasionally on a good day, he would encounter an interesting person who offered a great conversation, but today wasn't a lucky one. So far in the morning hours, David spent his time escorting a few older couples to and back around town. The taxi van remained quiet until his lunch break. As usual, he treated himself to a half hour break to hit a fast food joint for an easy meal. The clip flop sandals beat against the pavement as he returned back to his van with the bright sun beating down over his face. Due to the heat, he went with a white shirt and cargo shorts for today's dressing outfit.

Back in the van, it was time to hit the streets and wait for more calls to come in for people requesting a Silver Screen Express ride. Circling around through the outskirts of Bel Air, he drove the van towards the open streets and through towards a few shopping malls and luxurious shops. It was nothing he could afford, but all that mattered was the high class passengers who could spend big for a ride. Over the dispatch radio, David listened for a few fares that may be close by. So far today, he had four pickups and was doing quite well for a Tuesday afternoon. The dispatch turned in, speaking of a woman requesting a pickup outside of a jewelry store. She would be wearing a black dress and with black hair, that was all he had to go by. David called in, alerting the dispatcher that he had this fare. It was only a five minute drive away.

It seemed easy, almost given how fast he had driven out to the jewelry store. Sure enough, he spotted what appeared to be his fare standing behind the glass windows inside the store. David had stopped the van close by in a no parking zone, just hoping that she would be quick to leave the store before a security guard would approach the vehicle to scold the driver. While waiting patiently, David went on and rolled down the front passenger's side window as he waited the lady to come out. She looked quite young judging by her appearance. A few minutes later, she stepped out of the jewelry store, stomping her heels forward with a leather purse and a shopping bag in her hands. She looked over at the van and smiled, running towards it. David offered her a smile as he spoke up to greet her.

"Hello there, lovely Miss! Are you my passenger who called for a ride?"

She offered him a smile, nodding her head.

"Yes, that was me."

"Well, go on and jump in. I'll take you where ever you want to go, as long as you can pay the initial charges."

"It's five hundred dollars, right?"

"Yep! I take it that you've called before?"

"Yes, this is my second ride today."

Her dress appeared to be a two piece, with no straps the outfit went up to her neck. Due to the sunlight offering a clear sight, her dress looked to be made of leather. David was able to briefly glance at her before she moved to the back and slid open the passenger's seat. He let the taxi remain there as she climbed in, sitting in the right passenger's seat and dropping her shopping bag and purse down to the floor after she had closed the door. Once the door was shut, David safely began to steer the van back onto the road while his passenger sat in the back seat. She crossed her legs, he noticed from glancing up into the rear-view mirror. David smiled and spoke up.

"So, where do you wanna go now?"

"Ummmm, take me back to my apartment for now. I've gotta put up these shopping bags before I go out."

She took a moment to answer him, as David had assumed her mind not been quite made up. He stopped at a red light in traffic before he replied back.

"Where's your apartment?"

"It's back in Marina Beach."

Marina Beach was just south of Santa Monica, David realized this was going to take a bit of time to drive through. Moving the car again in traffic, he continued.

"Alright, that won't be no problem. The initial fee will be five hundred dollars, I'll add up the rest when we get there."

A giggle was heard from her voice in the back seat.

"Do all the drivers for this company say the same thing? I know you aren't the man who drove me earlier, but he said the exact same thing."

David laughed at her words. She already had spoke once today about getting a ride, so he knew that he couldn't be her driver from earlier.

"Oh no, it's simply protocol. I guess some drivers like to add everything up before driving, but I find it easier to just go by the book. So, what's your name, beautiful? My name is David, by the way."

"I'm Vanessa, you don't recognize me from anywhere?"

Taking another glance into the rear view mirror, David shook his head. He turned the van through traffic while he spoke back to her.

"I don't suppose so."

She giggled, shaking her head and grinning.

"Well, I'm an actress out here. My name is Vanessa Hudgens. You may recognize me in some movies, I was in High School Musical when I was younger. I guess you could say I'm a Disney girl."

"Oh, you must be one of those younger celebrity girls. I'm an old man, I can't recognize any of you if I tried. I didn't even know Britney Spears was a Disney girl until I saw a documentary about her."

Vanessa laughed at him. Weather he was telling the truth or not, she didn't care. She found him to be amusing thus far.

"No, I used to be! I'm twenty-eight now!"

"You're twenty-eight? Jesus, you look much younger than that!"

"Mmmm, thank you."

A grin had appeared over her face along with her voice changing to become more flirtatious. So far, David wasn't sure what to think of his new passenger. She gave him the impression of being quite a naughty wild girl. Did he have a chance with this lady? Already, he was developing quite a track record of famous women taking their clothes off in the back of his van. For now, he wanted to play it safe and change the subject while he was driving through the roads.

"So what did you buy out at the jewelry shop, Vanessa? Get any nice gold or diamonds?"

"Oh, yes! I got some new rings and as a matter of fact, they are gold."

Her face lit up as she described the jewels. Vanessa unstrapped her purse from around her shoulder and placed it down on the floor next to her bag. David continued speaking.

"I'm sure they will look great on you. If I had the money, I'd buy myself some nice gold rings too."

She laughed at her words, leaning up in the seat. Vanessa quickly brushed her long dark hair, was it was split down the middle. Small diamond piercings remained in her ears, but David got a glance at their brightness when he looked back into the rear-view mirror again. He was still driving, though she didn't say anything back at first. A mischievous grin appeared over her lips by the time she spoke again.

"You know, you seem like the kind of guy who enjoys a good time."

David chuckled.

"What makes you say that?"

"Well for one, first impressions are hard to ignore. You look like the kind of guy that does dirty stuff from time to time."

He wasn't sure yet if she was simply teasing him or if this girl knew his motives all too well. David couldn't deny it, especially when his nickname from women in the past was usually went along the phrases of calling him out for sleazy and perverted behavior. At a last effort to ignore the question, David decided to turn it back over to her while he was still driving.

"Oh yeah, but what about you? You sound like a girl who enjoys trouble, that's about all I can figure from a first impression."

"I love trouble."

"Do you?"

Still grinning, she nodded her head slowly. Vanessa was well aware of his peering eyes looking back and forth up into that rear view mirror. She had realized her surroundings pretty easily, now it was simply a game to toy with this naughty man. He couldn't lie to this girl, she seemed to read him easily within minutes. David realized right then and there, this could be an easy one to get her clothes off and have some naughty fun. Before he spoke back, she continued speaking with a new question.

"You ever pick up nasty girls before?"

"What do you mean by that?"

He was still driving, moving the vehicle through traffic while Vanessa straightened herself up over the black leather seats.

"You know what I mean! Hookers, escorts, those kind of girls."

David couldn't help but laugh.

"I don't think most hookers can afford the expenses of a Silver Screen van, babe."

"Oh, I didn't think about that."

"But to tell you the truth, yes. I've picked them up before, back when I used to drive a yellow cab around L.A. I used to drive one about twenty years ago, I could tell you some dirty stories."

"I knew it! You look like a man who enjoys a wild time."

Rising up from her seat, she looked up and got a better look at his face. Vanessa nodded and spoke again.

"Yeah, I was right. You don't look bad either, for a naughty cab driver."

She sat down, but all David could do was sigh while he was still driving. For once, it appeared the tables were turned. Usually it was him doing all the smooth talking and playing the womanizer. Vanessa was now playing the game for him. He thought to himself if the time had come early today to make an offer to this pretty girl.

"So Vanessa, you sound quite curious. Let me ask you something, have you ever fucked any of your drivers before? I mean, I assume with you being rich and famous, you get limo drivers and such."

Biting her lower lip, Vanessa thought of a way to toy with his mind. The game had been nothing but verbal teasing so far and she had no plans of stopping yet.

"Ummmmmm, what if I said no? Would you believe me, then?"

"In fact, yes I would! The only reason I'd believe you babe, is because I want to be the first driver you ever fuck. It would make me a proud man, I can tell you that."

She laughed at him. David didn't realize how easy this was for her. The game of teasing him with lustful desires would now play another hand. Vanessa shook her head while replying back.

"I hate to disappoint you, but you aren't the first."

"What about the second?"

Still shaking her head, Vanessa licked her lips and replied back.

"Oh no, I've fucked two of my limo drivers so far. And no, you ain't going for number three either."

With a sigh, David caught her bluff.

"Yeah, you're full of shit!"

Vanessa clapped her hands, laughing hard at him. This man was so easy to tease, but she didn't expect him to catch her like this. David was ready to make her his offer, there was no sense in waiting it out. Her cute voice teasing him was enough to make him hard. This girl appeared to be easy and he was ready to try and smooth talk her.

"I'll tell you what babe, let's make a deal between the two of us."

"A deal?"

"Yeah, hear me out on this. I'll make this a free ride for you, I won't charge you at all if you let me take us some place quiet and get in the back and fuck you. The entire ride will be free of charge if you agree to my deal."

Sitting up in the seats, Vanessa moved her eyebrows while crossing her legs.

"Really, you're not joking about this?"

"No, I'm not joking at all. You're a naughty little minx back there with a filthy fucking mouth and I want to show you a good time."

Raising her hands up, Vanessa covered her mouth while uncrossing her legs. Her stiletto heels slacked over the floorboard of the van as she attempted to act all innocent to him. Without replying, she simply giggled before replying.

"Well, honestly I've never been fucked in the back of a van like this before. I guess this beats going out to the club and getting trashed with my friends tonight."

"You can still go out to the club, this is going to take an hour at most. If it was my off day, I'd go to the club with you and maybe we could get drunk together. I like party girls, they're my kind of wild women."

Once more, Vanessa found herself laughing at his words. The van continued to roll down the streets, but instead of taking the prettier scenic route along the Santa Monica beach, David was already on a detour route. Decades of experience as a cab driver had taught him all the tricks with the roads and spots to look out for. There was a specific old gas station he remembered around here, it would make the perfect quiet spot he hoped. As she didn't reply in the following minutes, David asked her again.

"So babe, what's it gonna be? Yes or no?"

"Yes! I wanna have a good time, let's go!"

Such excitement was clearly heard in her tone of voice. All David could do was grin smugly while his hands tightened over the steering wheel. Here was yet another work day that was turning out to become an amazing entry into his diary. As he continued to drive, David teased her the same way he did other women in the past before her.

"You know, since it's going to take me a bit of time to get to our spot, you mind stripping for me? Go ahead, take off your clothes."

"You want me to strip naked for you? Well, I don't see a problem with that as long as you don't wreck the van."

"Let me worry about that, babe!"

A giggle was heard among the backseat. David had become used to women teasing him over the distractions they offered when they began to strip. He always preferred the woman to give him quite a show and already be naked by the time he climbed back there. True to her words, Vanessa began to unbutton her dress from behind her. The road was smooth as the van continued to drive through traffic as David made more turns, heading off an abandoned street. Vanessa didn't pay attention whatsoever to the scenery passing by outside the window. She simply unbuttoned the front part of the dress and slid it off, revealing a pink bra underneath. David didn't say a word, but he made sure to look upward into the rear-view mirror when he heard her clothes coming undone.

Once it was time for the bottom part of her leather outfit to be removed, Vanessa had the idea to do a little strip show. She turned around placing her knees up into the seats as she bent over. The bottom piece of her dress had a zipper on both sides. She wasted no time pushing the zippers down before she began to sway her hips back and forth, allowing the skirt piece to slowly fall down. The next time David peered up into his rear-view mirror, he could see a thong tucked between an impressive ass over her tight fit body. Vanessa began to shake her ass, doing the 'twerk' dance from her position with her knees bent and pushing her ass up. David couldn't have been more thrilled at this little show off.

"Wow, you've got quite a tight ass. I can't wait to see it up close."

Vanessa teased him with a smirk as she looked over her shoulder. Since he still had yet to arrive, she didn't feel the need to wait on him. She moved over the seats and while sitting down, she undid the strings holding her pink bra over her breasts. As she slung it to the floor, David spoke up.

"Nice tits, I'll have my hands all over them soon."

"Oh yeah? Are you gonna squeeze them, David?"

"Yep, you'll see!"

Still figuring to tease the older man, Vanessa moved her right hand to grip one of her breasts while untying her thong strings. The thong was pink, matching her bra. After removing it, she sat her bare naked ass down over the comfortable leather seats. Her pussy was shaved nicely, clean and dripping wet. While sitting among the seats, she couldn't help but spread her legs and use her left hand to reach down and begin to finger her sweet opening. Soon, David could hear Vanessa's voice moaning from the back seat. 'Mmmm, yeah'. She sounded so sweet, yet so innocent at the same time despite playing the role of a slutty dirty girl. After another minute, David found his spot with the abandoned gas station. A smile graced across his lips.

"Alright, here we are! Just another minute, babe. I can't wait to get back there, you look so fucking hot."

Vanessa had closed her eyes momentarily while moaning. Still sliding her index and middle finger back and forth into her pussy, she didn't care at all if she got the seats wet from her moist entrance. David pulled the taxi van around the back of the gas station in a spot where one would have to take a second glance to notice the gold van behind the building. Graffiti had been spray painted long ago, covering the walls in an array of faded colors with gang signs and street art. Once the van completely stopped, David turned the key in the ignition to shut the engine off. Vanessa was heard moaning yet again, as she was busy pleasuring herself with her fingers. She heard the driver's door open before slamming shut. Moments later, David was sliding open the left passenger's door to invite himself in. Vanessa opened her eyes to see him grinning as he stepped in.

"Well, you look like you're busy in here babe. Mind if I come in and lend you some help?"

"Mmmmm, get in here, David."

It was a corny line he played on her, but Vanessa didn't care at the minute. She had her index and middle fingers shoved into her tight pussy, softly plunging them back and forth. David kicked his flip flops off and slid the door shut, locking them back inside. He didn't waste any time climbing down to his knees. Given how frantically she was working her fingers into her pussy, he didn't have a lot of time to waste before pleasuring her.

"Hey, let me help you with that!"

Alerted by his voice, Vanessa opened her eyes to see his head moved between her legs. She quickly moved her legs to arch them over his shoulders, squeezing his head between her thighs. David responded by moving closer, pushing his mouth to embed over her clit. Within seconds, she was grinding her hips forward and moving her back up against the seats as his tongue slithered into her pussy. Vanessa loved it when a man opened the day by orally pleasuring her. It gave her a motive to return the sensual pleasure back to him given how skilled he could be. Already, David had her crying out to him.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yeah...Mmmmmm, go on and lick me. You want it, lick it baby!"

When she would grind her hips down into the seat, her body moved a bit. It was almost as if she were trying to grind her pussy down into his face, but Vanessa couldn't quite make it happen. David ran his hands behind her, gripping both of her ass cheeks while he slithered his tongue back and forth into her clit. He moved like a snake, slowly thrusting every inch of his tongue into her before moving back out. Vanessa gasped as he began to twirl his tongue back and forth into her pussy. Squeezing her legs tighter around his head, her heels dangled from his shoulders while she called out.


This was only the beginning of her high pitch screaming. Vanessa pushed both palms down into the seats as she tightly squeezed her legs around his head again. All she did was push David to lick her clit even faster. He wanted to make her scream louder while his face was buried between her thighs. Soon, he heard her whimpering as he continued to hungrily thrust his tongue back and forth into her clit.

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