tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSilver Screen Express Ch. 13

Silver Screen Express Ch. 13


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


Los Angeles, California

Blinding rays of light cast from the sun high above, striking over the gold surface of a van sitting parked outside a fast food restaurant. The sound of flip flops beating up against the pavement were heard among traffic, as David made his way back to the driver's side of his Silver Screen Express taxi van. It was just twenty minutes past 11 AM and he had to make a quick stop for his lunch break. As the clock hit 11:22, he found himself behind the wheel and pulling out to head back into the streets. His break was short, as it was now time to head back out and wait for the usual calls to come in from potential passengers.

Today wasn't anything unusual for David. Tomorrow would be Friday and he could enjoy the weekend after cashing his check and spending some time back home. After all these years of driving cabs around L.A., he felt that he had seen it all sometimes. Occasionally, there was a surprise and for the past few months working for the Silver Screen Express business, his diary was accumulating a bulk of pages that documented his chance encounters with the rich and famous. Last week's events were still fresh on his mind, though so far in three days working the same hours, he had yet to pick up anyone as interesting as a special married couple had been.

Traffic was busy during the afternoon, but this was always expected when going down Hollywood Boulevard. David had been on this road countless times in the past twenty years since he had began driving cabs back in his younger days. Despite the familiarity with such a famed street, he had never explored it on foot to see what it truly had to offer. Most people would want to see the stars lined up on the infamous 'Walk of Fame' but he didn't have much interest in seeing it with his own two eyes. The radio dispatch was ringing with various call ins while he stopped a red light, looking into the back of a luxurious Bentley car. So far, he listened to three different calls requesting pick ups, but none of them were close by to his area at the moment. Once he turned the van to the a street going on the north side, the dispatch rang with a special request.

"Calling for David, are you out there?"

On the other end calling through the walkie-talkie device was the voice of an older woman. Lynn worked radio dispatch during the early shifts. David picked up the walkie-talkie while looking into traffic as he spoke back.

"I'm right here, Lynn. What's up?"

"There's a woman out in Hollywood Hills requesting a ride. She was very specific, asking for you. Can you get out there and pick her up?"

"Yes, that won't be a problem."

"Alright, hold on just a second. I'm going to give you the address so you can configure it in your GPS."

Lynn had spoke of the GPS before David had a chance to think about it. He continued driving through traffic while using his right hand to pull up the GPS, ready to punch in the destination on the keyboard.

"I'm ready Lynn, go ahead."

She proceeded to tell him the address while he frantically tapped his fingertips over the keyboard with the zip code to pull up the address in Hollywood Hills. The route would require going over the Mullholland Drive road, but this wouldn't be a problem. The estimated destination was just twenty minutes away.

"Thank you Lynn, I'll be right over."

"N problem David, see you."

After putting the walkie-talkie back down, he let out a sigh while driving the van through the roads. David couldn't help but wonder, just who could this woman be who had requested him specifically? His immediate thought was the married couple from last week, but he had remembered that neither of them lived in California and were simply enjoying their honeymoon in town. He knew that people of fame and status lived in Hollywood Hills, so he could only guess just who this was that knew of him that would call for a ride. He had time to think about it while driving, but all would be revealed by the time he arrived.

The homes in the hills could be quite breathtaking under the first impressions. There were various mansions where the roads led to, all for those with deep pockets to afford such luxury. Taking a left turn, David still found himself thinking about who this mystery passenger was to be. The front gates to the address were painted white and already open, clearly waiting the arrival of his gold van. He took a deep breath before driving forward and then shifting gears to back up past the gates in reverse. Letting out a sigh, the rays of sun were in the corner of the windshield as he backed up. The heat of the summer could wear one out, hence the reason David had been wearing a different white T-shirt every day to go with his casual wear of cargo shorts and flip flops.

With the van stopped in the drive way, he pushed his palm down over the horn for a second to alert his presence to the mystery passenger. After the beep, he sat there looking out the side door rear view mirror at the massive sized mansion from behind. It wasn't unlike any other mansion in the area, but was impressive to him since he would never have the money to afford such a beautiful place. After a few seconds, the doors opened and a lone woman stepped out wearing a light blue dress and with a purse in her right hand. David watched her from the mirror attached to the door. His first thought was that she didn't seem recognizable as a woman he had as a passenger before, so why would she call and request him? She went directly to the left side of the van and slid open the door. Her brunette hair was fixed up in a large ponytail hanging above. When she sat down in the seat, David greeted her while the door slid back shut.

"Hi there, you called for me huh?"

"You're David right?"

"Yeah, that's me. What's your name, Miss?"

"I'm Jennifer, it's a pleasure to meet you."

She sat in the backseat with a grin over her face. David knew right away from her answer that they did not have a past together. He still was bewildered as to how she knew of him, but there would be time for asking questions once the van was back on the road. For now, there was a more important question he had to get out of the way.

"So, where am I taking you?"

"Ummm, this is a special kinda request..."

Her voice was almost innocent, but came out sounding a bit mischievous. David couldn't help but smile as he looked back into the rear view mirror. Her dress revealed a bit of busty cleavage and had straps over her shoulders. Down below, he could see a tall set of silver stiletto high heels. Her face was familiar to his eye while her beautiful skin was tanned. This was a woman he definitely had seen somewhere, but he knew it wasn't in the back of his van.

"So where do you wanna go?"

"I just want you to drive me around out here and we can talk. I'll pay you good for this, how about two grand?"

"Two grand? That's quite generous, you know the initial rate for this ride will be for five hundred dollars, right?"

"Yeah, and you can cut that out and keep the rest for yourself. Consider it a tip, if you want."

He raised his eyebrow after seeing her smile from looking in the back seat. She was being generous with him but he didn't understand why. Jennifer had already opened her purse and pulled out the money in a stack of hundred dollar bills, handing it over to him. It was rare for a passenger to make the payment in advance before he had arrived at their requested destination. David couldn't complain, as he looked over the hundred dollar bills, noticing how crisp and clean they were. He slid five of the bills into the console cupboard where he collected the payments from fares, the rest of the moment went into his pocket where his wallet was. With a new smile over his face, he shifted gears and began to drive out from the fancy gates.

Quietness filled the van as David had pulled out from the driveway and was back on the roads through Hollywood Hills. She didn't say anything back, all the woman did was sit alone in the back seat and cross her legs while appearing comfortable over the black leather seats. At one point, it appeared she was leaning over the seats trying to check him out and see his facial features. David soon noticed a smug grin running across her lips once she resumed in her seated position. He was now curious of her motivations, since she seemed to have some kind of agenda at play here.

"So, Jennifer..."


"I've been wondering, I don't think I've ever had you as a fare before. Have we met before?"

She shook her head in the back seat while he continued driving.

"No we don't know each other. I heard about you from a friend and wanted to meet you."

He smiled while firmly gripping the steering wheel. David couldn't help but wonder, as it was probably a famous woman who had the pleasure of driving in the previous few months.

"Oh, you did? Who would that be?"

"Well, a few friends actually. I'm sure you remember all of them cause they certainly remembered you. I just had to meet Mr. David the taxi man after hearing about you from them."

Jennifer giggled after speaking. There was something about her voice that was reminiscent in the past for him. It sounded so familiar, yet he couldn't place his finger on just where. She had even called him by the silly nickname 'David the taxi man'. There was only a few women who called him that in the past and it was always after their clothes had come off for him. She had mentioned 'friends' and now he knew something had to be up. All while he was busy driving the secluded hillside roads, he could feel her eyes checking him over yet again. She was up to something, as this had to be planned from the beginning. David continued on, asking questions while he remained driving.

"What friends of yours? I'm just going to assume they are female, am I right?"

"Mmmmmm, yep!"

"Well, do you mind telling me who it was? I do have a good memory with some of my passengers, and I'm guessing these are memorable ones since they remember my name."

She raised her eyebrows the next time he took a look from the rear view mirror above. Jennifer was trying not to smile before she answered him.

"Do you remember picking up Salma Hayek some time back?"

His heart nearly stopped from hearing that name. David took a deep breath before letting out a slow sigh. He was almost to the point where he could sweat from thinking about that day. Salma Hayek was a crush of his, a fantasy that came true out of coincidence with his job. All he could think about now was that he must have left quite the impression on Salma to tell her friend about him. After licking his lips, David replied.

"Oh yeah, how could I ever forget her? So, Salma told you about me and her, huh?"

"Yeah, she told me everything. You were better than her husband, she said."

"You can't be fucking serious. You're making this up."

"Oh no, I'm very serious. She enjoyed being your whore that day...or should I say, your puta?"

David could've laughed until she had mentioned the details of the filthy words Salma had taught him in Spanish. Jennifer wasn't lying, she appeared to know every aspect of what happened between himself and the busty Spanish actress. He had a brief flashback only for a moment while he focused on the lonely road in front of him, still keeping his mind on driving the van. Jennifer was clearly taking him more than just for a ride. David wanted to know who her other friends were that he had shared as fares.

"Well, I enjoyed that too. It was a dream come true to meet and do that with her. So, who are your other friends that know me? I'm starting to think you are jealous of them."

She laughed at him before replying.

"How about Vanessa Hudgens? I don't think any man could forget about her, huh?"

David gasped his breath when she mentioned Vanessa's name. His mind flooded with flashbacks of the day he spent with her.

"Oh shit, you know about that too?"

"Yep! She told me about you too. After I had two friends tell me a bit about you, I just had to seek you out myself, you know?"

As he sighed, the thought ran through his mind that Jennifer obviously had to be in the same tier of fame as those other women. She had a recognizable voice and a familiar face, but he still wasn't quite sure of her identity yet. David knew he was going to be forced to ask her such a question, as his mind couldn't deliver the answer just from the glances he took into the rear view mirror. Maybe he could've focused on her appearance to take a guess of her name, if he wasn't busy driving at the moment. He thought about another Jennifer who had taken a ride in his van some time ago. For now, David was forced to ask her instead of taking his chances with guessing. He was more impressed with the fact that she had to find him after hearing stories from her friends.

"So who are you, babe?"

A laugh was heard among the back of the van. Jennifer moved around on the leather seats while mocking him in a playful voice.

"You mean, you haven't guessed yet?"

"I guess not."

She moved her hand behind her back and slowly unzipped the blue dress. David had no idea at first what Jennifer was planning among the backseat. When he glanced back up into the rear view mirror, he noticed that she was pushing down the straps of her dress and then shoving it down to reveal her body in black under garments of a lingerie outfit. A silky black thong and matching bra were fit over what appeared to be a curvy body. Her purse and blue dress were on the floorboard of the van.

"Holy shit, what made you get naked back there all of a sudden?"

"Maybe this will help you guess my name!"

Setting her heels down over the floorboard, Jennifer quickly got up and turned around, exposed her thick huge ass to him. Jennifer placed her hands on her knees and then began to grind her hips backwards, forcing her thick ass to move and clap back and forth. It was somewhat of a challenge to position herself like this in a moving vehicle, but the roads were smooth and didn't cause a disruption with the rhythm of her booty shaking. David became somewhat distracted at watching the road and the rear view mirror simultaneously.

"Good fucking god, now that is one massive huge ass!"

"Yes it is! Now ask yourself; what Jennifer do you know of who's got the boom to shake the room like me with a big, big booty?"

While various thoughts raced through his mind, David felt he knew the answer but was surprised. No, it couldn't really be her, or was it? The one woman he thought about was Jennifer Lopez, a fantasy of his going back over twenty years ago. She wasn't but a few years older than him. Taking in a deep breath, he looked back into the rear view mirror while turning on a road slowly. There she was, still grinding and rotating that thick ass. Only the black thong was tucked between it. When he glanced at the immense size of her booty, he knew that his guess was going to be a correct. There wasn't another woman who had a perfect ass like hers, nice, thick and genuine. The sound of her voice was definitely a match too. With a smile over his face, he focused back on driving as he spoke up.

"Well, you are Jennifer Lopez, am I correct?"

"Mmmmmm, yeah! You finally got me!"

"I should know, there isn't anyone who can shake it like you. God, that ass is fucking amazing."

She laughed again. David couldn't believe it but he had finally figured out the catch of her game. It appeared that Jennifer was seeking him out purposely, just to see if the stories were true from her friends' claims. She placed her hands on the back of the leather seats and pushed her knees down, allowing herself to bend over and continue to shake her ass. Jennifer proceeded to do the 'twerk' rotation of making her thick ass cheeks clap together. David continued to drive the roads of Hollywood Hills. With the steering wheel gripped tightly in his hands, he was still smirking as he spoke.

"So let me get this straight, you had to find me after hearing both Salma and Vanessa talk about me, right?"

"Yes, that's right. I wanted to see if you really are this sleazy taxi man that they were telling me about."

"Well babe, you're about to find out as soon as I get us parked somewhere quiet."

Jennifer moved from the seats, getting up to step behind the driver's seat just to see where he was on the highway. He had one of the most beautiful women to ever walk the planet in the back of his van. A woman he had dreamed and fantasized about now for such a long time. David didn't know how to tell her such a thing, as this whole fare had been quite an odd event to begin with. It almost felt like a reverse booty call to his imagination. She knew the roads around Hollywood Hills well. As he continued to move down the main highway, she pointed to a dirt road path just on the right side.

"Turn there, go down there."

"You know this place?"

"Yeah, go on and take that route. I'll show you where to go for a nice place."

David couldn't refuse her guiding hand of help. Following her directions, he turned the gold van and headed down the dirt path. It was a bit bumpy as the van was brushing through a bit of trees. Jennifer had returned to her seated position in the back. While he slowly drove the van through the dirt path, he thought to himself what a seductive woman she must have been off the stage and behind closed doors. Here she was in the back of his van, playing the seductress herself. Usually, he had to seduce the women on his own but this was a rare moment where the tables were turned and David would be her fresh treat. After the van had crossed over a small hill, Jennifer spoke up.

"Keep going! When you get to the fork in the path, just turn left and keep going up the hill."

"Alright, where exactly are we going on this path?"

"Just drive, you'll see in a few minutes. I don't wanna ruin the surprise, you're going to be amazed how beautiful this place is."

He didn't glance back into the rear view mirror, missing the wink she was giving just for him. While David was driving, Jennifer sat back there in her lingerie outfit of the black thong and bra. Her tits bounced a bit as he went up the bumpy hill and continued through the woods. Sunlight came back out, piercing through the windshield nearly blinding him once he had moved past the trees. As David drove up the hillside, he could see from the distance some lake and a large dam. Jennifer looked up between the back of the two front seats and then smiled.

"Here we are, isn't this a lovely sight?"

David smiled as he stopped the van. He looked around before answering her, as the trails in the woods looked as if they were decent spots for hitchhikers. It didn't quite dawn over David that he was at the famous Hollywood Reservoir spot, looking onward towards the Mullholland Dam. He didn't have much experience driving in through the Hollywood Hills area, so it didn't cross his thoughts.

"Yes, it is...I didn't know there was anything out here. Are you sure this is a good spot for you?"

"Yeah, I've been out here before with an old boyfriend. Ben took me out, no one is going to bother us."

Ben referred to Ben Affleck. David couldn't help but laugh as he turned the key in the ignition and shut down the engine. He remembered the high profile relationship between the two Hollywood names, but he wasn't thinking too much on that as he opened the driver's door of the van and stepped out. The dirt brushed up against his flip flops as he stepped around towards the left side back door and slid it open. Jennifer was only alone momentarily, no different than any of the women before her who had to briefly wait for him to join them. As they had come face to face for the first time, David smiled while sliding the door shut and sitting down on the left side seat next to her. Jennifer had moved over to the right, crossing her leg upward to look at him.

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