tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSilver Screen Express Ch. 15

Silver Screen Express Ch. 15


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


Los Angeles, California

The door slammed shut to the gold van, just before the engine fired up with the key slid into the ignition. Today was Thursday, another day for David to hit the streets in his Silver Screen Express taxi van. The afternoon hours were just under way and he was getting back into the van after serving his break hour. Today had been slow, regardless of the cool weather that felt better during the morning. As the afternoon came along, the humidity was rising and it was just another blazing hot day in Los Angeles. The sun reflected down to illuminate over his white shirt, but it was a comfortable flip flops down below that made him feel much more at ease than wearing light colors during a hot day.

Turning the steering wheel of the van, he headed to a usual spot that he had driven through for so many years now. Downtown L.A. was usually David's domain for picking up fares, regardless if it was the new shiny company of the Silver Screen Express or his old days back on the roads with a regular old yellow taxi. It was a place he would always be familiar with, thanks to the years of experience he had spent here. It was better than last week when he was stuck on airport duty. There was nothing worse than picking up wealthy fares from airports and having to deal with their long trips and excessive luggage among the van. With extensive rides, David had to charge premium to the fares from airports to make a good earning for the day, since it took away from his hours on the street.

Downtown Los Angeles was always busy during the afternoon, but so far everything was going much better for David's work day. Just as he had hit the streets in the early hours, he was rolling with two fares including one that had left him a generous tip. Since his lunch break, David found himself back on the streets ready to find a new fare who needed a ride. All he had to do was sit behind the wheel and wait for the dispatch calls to come in. Sometimes a typical working day like this could be boring, but he kept his head up and figured eventually he would find an interesting passenger who would offer a decent conversation with him. Crossing over into a district area, David had his chance soon as the radio dispatch began to call out to various drivers for fares that had recently dialed the hotline.

There were many options to his liking, all thanks to the current area that David was located in. A man had called in, requesting a ride from a bar near by. Another option was a woman asking for a pickup outside a boutique fashion store and then finally, a third choice was a woman calling for a ride from a nearby hotel. Weighing his choices, David went with the third option. Some of the more expensive hotels were off the main streets and he could escape the traffic easily and not get slowed down. The gold van moved through the streets, just as he grabbed the walkie talkie attached to the radio and let the radio dispatcher know which fare was going to be his. The hotel in particular was one of complete luxury and of such expensive bills that David could never afford in his lifetime as a cab driver.

The identity of his passenger was to look for a girl with brunette hair wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. She was said to be waiting just outside the hotel, making it how David could easily stop nearby and pick her up. he was familiar with the hotel, as he had passed it up several times before on a certain street. Moving the gold plated van through a few black cars, he pulled up to the hotel where he noticed security standing outside and what appeared to be his passenger standing in the right description of clothes to go by. David noticed she didn't have a purse with her, so he could only speculate what her destination was going to be. When he pulled the van up near the curb, he rolled down the passenger side window before he was greeted to a security guard yelling at him.

"You can't park here! Move along!"

David shook his head at the security guard, offering a soft smile as he answered him back.

"Sorry, I'm not parking here. I'm just here to pick up the lady standing right there."

"Come on, you can't be that fucking stupid! I told you I was waiting for a gold van, so piss off!"

Suddenly, a loud female voice had called out to the security guard. It was in a thick British accent, cursing at the man before the right side back door can sliding open to the van. The security guard looked embarrassed and bewildered. David watched as his passenger climbed into the van and then slammed the door shut. He couldn't help but laugh as he began to drive off. The mystery girl had a mischievous little grin painted across her lips. Her shirt didn't offer him anything to see, as it was just a regular black T-shirt. Her hair and eyes matched with a dark brown color, but David couldn't help but think something about her face seemed quite familiar to him. As he pulled away from the hotel, he spoke out to her.

"I owe you a thanks for that. I was worried he was going to have to make me move."

"Oh yeah, that guy is an idiot. This is the second day I've called for a pickup, you should've heard the argument he got into with the last driver."

David couldn't help but chuckle again. Her words revealed that he wasn't the first driver of the company to pick her up in the last two days. The tone of her words sounded so beautiful to his ears, all thanks to an accent that was obviously from over the pond.

"Well, I appreciate it. So what's your name and where can I take you?"

"My name is Emma and I need you to take me out to Long Beach. There's a bar around there called Mercy Street Inn, you know the place?"

"Yes, I know the place. I can get you there, just fine. The initial fee for this ride is going to be for five hundred dollars though, just to let you know."

"Yeah, I'll pay you when we get there. I forgot to ask, what's your name?"

"You can call me David."

"Alright, it's my pleasure to meet you today David."

Taking a second glance into his rear view mirror from above, David smirked. He gripped the steering wheel and then focused his eyes on the road. The Mercy Street Inn was a little spot he had fond memories of. Such memories of picking up a married couple some time ago that turned out to be rather kinky. David figured that she probably had spare money in her pockets, since he had first noticed she didn't bring her purse. Emma sat in the back seat, crossing her legs as she glanced out the windows while the van moved into the streets. David had to think of something to strike a conversation with her, though he was somewhat taken back by the lovely sound of her voice and beautiful face. When he stopped at a red light, he was able to take another look into his rear view mirror and admire her beautiful figure. To strike a conversation, he didn't have any other idea but to mention how familiar she looked.

"I can't help but wonder to myself. Your face...I...I've seen it some place before, but I don't know where."

She smirked before softly giggling.

"If you knew my last name, then it would probably hit you. I'm sure you've seen me before, especially if you watch movies. I've been around for a while now."

David raised his eyebrow while moving the car back through traffic after the light had faded green. So he had an actress as a passenger. He smirked to himself, thinking back to the last actress he had the pleasure of driving. Since working as a Silver Screen Express driver, he was beginning to accumulate quite the collection of beautiful famous women as passengers. Taking another look into his rear view mirror, he wasn't one that was really into guessing, as he was lazy with that game. David would've preferred if she flat out revealed her identity and last name to him instead.

"I'm not really sure if I can guess."

"Oh come on, don't be like that. You have to at least try."

There was a sense of playfulness in her voice, almost to the point that Emma could tempt him with her charm alone. An English woman with big tits was David's ultimate weakness. He had endured that fantasy before with the only other British female passenger he had before today, but now he was thinking of his chances with this girl. Turning the steering wheel of the van, he moved into another lane of traffic while replying back to her.

"Ummmmmm, all I can say is that Emma is definitely short for Emily. I am a lazy man, so I'll just guess that your last name must be White or Marsh, or something like that."

Weather it was his intention or not, he had managed to make her laugh with his words. Emma uncrossed her legs, sitting up among the black leather seats in the back of the van. From her leg movements, he noticed that she was wearing a black pair of sneakers with pink shoe string laced in.

"Seriously? Do you know of an Emma White or Emma Marsh who is a movie star? You might be lazy, but you can guess better than that!"

"Oh no, I'm bad with names, babe. Go easy on me with this. I can remember faces so much easier, but rarely can I recall names."

"Go easy on you, huh? Fine, I guess I'll do that. But you're gonna have to wait a minute."

When he glanced back up into the rear view mirror, a silly smirk had found it's place across Emma's lips. Apart from learning who she was, David found amusing that she would go back and forth with him like this. There was something about her voice that he absolutely loved. Just as he had told another English woman who sat in the back of his taxi van, he could listen to a lovely voice like that for hours on end. The van continued to move down the streets when Emma dropped her lower lip and then called out to him in a low voice.

"Does the name Emma Watson ring a bell to you? How's that for me going easy on you, huh?"

"Hmmmm, Emma Watson is your name?"

She rolled her eyes upon answering him, letting out a distinctive sigh.

"Yeah, now do you know who I am? I hope I don't have to explain to you my career."

Her tone changed, sounding somewhat annoyed at him. During her time in the back seat, Emma had noticed the rear view mirror and how it was turned in a way that he could look at the passenger from an angle. Among the back of the front seats, she could read safety signs and one sticker that detailed David's name and a picture of the driver. David had to think for a moment, all while he concentrated on driving. It took him a moment to think about it, as hearing the name Emma Watson did have a bit of familiarity to it. After a while minute of her sitting in the back seat patiently awaiting his answer, David chuckled. He remembered exactly where he had seen before over the years, gasping before he responded back.

"Wait, are you the girl who played in the Harry Potter movies a while back?"

"Yeah, that was me. A long time ago though, as you can see, I'm all grown up now."

David laughed at her words.

"Yeah, you're much older now. Time really flies by when you're busy, and here I am an old man driving a taxi van."

"You ever drive around any other movie stars before me, David?"

"Actually, yes. Quite a few to be exact."

"Really? You aren't afraid to tell me their names are you?"

Shaking his head, David was forced to laugh a bit. When he glanced back into his rear view mirror, he could see a devious look over Emma's face. It was almost as if she was having fun torturing his mind with her celebrity status of fortune and fame. Perhaps she expected him to be more star struck over her presence, but David had moved past that phase when he had driven other women before her who he had lusted for.

"No, I'm not telling you their names. That is strictly confidential, I can't share the details. When a woman puts her trust into me, I've gotta honor that."

"Maybe you can't share because you're a liar."

Once again, David was forced to laugh. She had responded in a smart tone, but he couldn't force himself to get mad at her words. For him to begin talking about his tales in the taxi, it would sound unbelievable unless there was much more evidence beyond the memories. Such memories he would hold dearly to himself forever. He thought for a second, figuring a way he could talk this over smoothly with her. If everything could go his way, then David would be adding the name Emma Watson in his diary tonight. The list was already getting longer, growing of the women who had taken their clothes off in the back of his cab and did nasty deeds with him.

"Oh no, it's true babe. I'll put it this way, what goes on in the back of this taxi, stays right there. It's all secrets, I can't tell you their names or what we do together."

Emma dropped her lower lip while listening to him. Judging by the expression painted over her face, David could only assume that she read through his words. He laid it down with absolutely no subtly whatsoever, allowing her the chance to guess just how sleazy his adventures could be with the right women.

"Well, I take it that I've stepped foot into the wrong van today. I called for a Silver Screen van, not the fucking shag mobile. Either that, or you're one hell of a liar, David."

He couldn't help but laugh at her term of a 'shag mobile'. Being an American, David was always fascinated with the language that those in England could give. Emma's tone of voice showed that she was quite annoyed and possibly offended by him, but David found any words she spoke to be full of ecstasy in temptation. Clearly showing that he had not learned from his mistakes with the last famous woman and going sloppy with his smooth talking, David went on and decided to offer something for Emma.

"Some women are pretty cheap with paying for these services you know? If you're wondering, yeah. We get it on, but it's my way of offering them something to pay up for not wanting to spend a good bit of hundreds of dollars on a ride. It involves them taking their clothes off, but we always have a fun time."

Crossing her legs in the back seat, Emma raised her eyebrow and replied to him in a low voice.

"Are you asking if you can fuck me, David?"

"Nope, I'm not asking at all. I'm implying that we can work a deal together if you don't have the money to pay for the ride."

Suddenly, Emma busted out laughing while shaking her head. David watched her as he stopped the van at another red light in traffic. There was a white Mercedes Benz in front of him, but his entire focus was on Emma sitting in the back of his van. She soon right through his poor attempts at seduction and seemed to be quite amused with him thus far.

"You say this like you have a lot of success seducing women, even though you don't put much effort into it at all."

"Oh yeah, I've had success! If I told you the names of famous babes I've nailed in the back of his van, you'd never believe me. But I guarantee you, if you talked to them, they would be able to tell you that it really happened."

She shook her head at him before replying.

"You've got quite an imagination, I'll tell you that."

David sighed. It was time to lay on his words thick. It didn't matter if he offended her or not with such an offer. He figured that if she wasn't screaming at him by now and calling him a pervert, then he had a lively chance of settling a deal for them to have some fun.

"How about we make a deal, babe? You don't believe me, then that's fine. But I will make you an offer here. I'll make this a free ride if you let me fuck you and then you can decide for yourself if you believe I've been through other Hollywood women. How about it, babe?"

Letting out a sigh, Emma didn't seem entertained with him anymore but David couldn't read her face since his eyes were focused on the road. She moved her legs, leaning up from the back of the van to get a good look at his face. It was a move that he had seen other women do before, checking him out to observe his facial features. He noticed a smile across her lips when she resumed sitting.

"You don't look so bad for an older man, I'll give you that. By the way you talk, I expect you to look much dirtier than that. You have a good smile, David. That goes a long way when it comes to cheeky old men like yourself."

Instead of her becoming annoyed with him, David was somewhat losing his patience. He let out a sigh as he found the van moving in the midst of heavy traffic. The trip to Long Beach had forced him to change his routes, but he could easily make an exit soon enough and take them to a quiet little spot nearby that he was familiar with.

"You didn't answer my question, Emma. Do you wanna fuck me or not? I need to know, cause we're close by a place I can take us. If I pass it up right now, we're gonna be stuck driving for another thirty minutes or so before I can get us parked some place nice and quiet."

"Well, to be honest with you, I was going out to a bar to have some drinks with my boyfriend. He was going to pay for the ride for me, but I think I have a change of plans now."

Her heavy English accent had told him what her answer was going to be. Emma smiled at him, just when she knew he was looking up into the rear view mirror. With a nod, she gave him the words he was hoping to hear from her.

"Yeah, let's do it. My boyfriend has to have a few drinks before he can fuck me real hard, but I'm sure you won't need to drink. You're a nasty old man, you proved that to me already."

Finally, David could smile to himself while gripping the steering wheel among his sweaty fingers. It was a nice little bonus to hear her call him names that would insult most men, but David found pride in his perverted nature.

"Alright, you've got yourself a free ride. You won't be thinking about your boyfriend while you're with me."

Now it was time to make that detour route and slip the van through traffic. There was a multi-story car park near by, a place that David had used before in the past. A car park was among his favorite places when it came to his little 'deals' with a sexy woman. His mind was thinking of the other English beauty who had to smooth talk into a deal some time back. He had fucked that woman in a car park, though she took much more convincing than Emma had just proven. While he was driving the car, Emma slipped her hand into the left side pocket of her pants to pull out her cellphone. It appeared that she was writing a text message, pushing her fingernails down over the flat screen as David continued driving. He couldn't help but tease her after witnessing her movement.

"Are you texting your boyfriend right now?"

"Yeah, I'm telling him that I've had a change of plans."

"Tell him that you found an older man who is going to fuck the shit outta you better than he ever could."

"Oh my god, I might just end up doing that."

When she began to laugh, David couldn't help but to tease her yet again.

"Tell him that you're about to fuck a sleazy old cab driver."

"If you live up to the hype, I'll text him after we're done."

"Alright, I'll hold you up to that."

Usually around this time, David would prefer to ask a woman to take off their clothes for him but Emma playing with her cellphone had made him forget this ritualistic detail. He turned the van, heading towards a multi-story car park that he knew all too well. The building sat in the same place, almost looking abandoned as the van was the lone vehicle entering. Emma had finished texting on her phone and threw it down to the floorboard. She glanced out the left side window, watching in motion of the van's movements and a change of scenery. The sunlight outside disappeared as the van moved into the tunnel of the car park. David smiled to himself, turning the steering wheel again once they went up another floor of the multi-story building.

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