tagSci-Fi & FantasySilvertree Chronicles Bk. 01 Ch. 17-25

Silvertree Chronicles Bk. 01 Ch. 17-25


Silvertree Chronicles Book One, The World Awaits

Synopsis: The life of Eldar Silvertree from graduation at the prestigious Elven Academy and desires to leave it behind; only to return full circle to shake Elven Society to the core.

***Inspired by multiple fantasy environments. Not endorsed by any of them. © EmotionalStorm 2018. Published October 2018. This story cannot be transferred to any other site besides Literotica.com without the prior authorizations in writing from the author and EmotionalStorm must be credited for this work.

Chapter 17 Birth of the Banshee

True to her word Annette was on my cock four hours later. She must have found my morning wood and decided to take it for a ride. She moved slow a lot slower than normal. She was enjoying squeezing me as she tried to milk the seed out of me. She was such a different lover than the first time when she was physically and emotionally a wreck.

Charlemagne helped to ground me. We helped to ground her and helped to find her place in the world. To reclaim her life. She sped up now realizing I am short on time. I have moved one hand to her clit and was rubbing the outside of her nether-hole with the other as I sat up with her in my lap. She moved fast and she whispers in my ear, "Put it in just a little."

I slid that index finger harder across the hole and she started to go faster and I didn't even have it in, it was slow pressure. She clenched down on me hard as the ring popped open and my index finger was in just past the nail bed and not even the first knuckle. She slams down on me hard fully clenched twice more and screams out an ear-splitting moan and I shot my seed up into her. She wailed out all over again with each shot of seed that splashed insider her. Charlemagne woke up now and got a towel because half of the bed was soaked.

She looked at me, "I came multiple times every time you hit deep inside my womb. It was like magic that caused me to ride the next wave. Not as painful as that first time when you made me cum eleven times. I don't know how to describe it."

I looked at her, "It was making love one-on-one slow. It made it easy to let you build up without triggering the mini-orgasms. You controlled the pace and what you wanted me to do. It works for you then it works for me."

She kissed me hard before saying, "I wish we had more time but we got to get you cleaned up and dressed." She kissed me one more time. She cried tears of happiness because she had found her way to full multiple orgasms.

I stood after she got off of my cock and she rolled off onto her side. Charlemagne came in with a towel and licked me clean and patted my ass as she toweled me off, "Tonight more time. You got it!" I nodded to her and gave a smile as she leaned over to work on Annette's seed filled cunt. Her juices still gushed from the trembling she was experiencing.

I cast a few cantrips and cleaned up myself, our gear, and got dressed. Annette moaned loudly again and there was a knock on the door. I waited for both of them to be under the covers on the other side of the bed. I got to the door the snooty man looked at me, "There have been complaints about the noise this morning coming from this room. I came to see if everything is alright. Both ladies are covered. I opened the door up wider so he can see them as they stared at him from the bed.

I glared at him, "Sorry the wakeup call for me bothered others. But when you have two wives demanding your attention things happen. I would suggest adding some silence spells to your fine establishment's walls because with the changes coming you will have a lot more people fucking each other silly in your inn."

He looked at me, "You cannot have two wives; it is illegal! I glare at the little snooty man, "I am here in this district visiting the King and Queen who are both aware of my two wives. Talk with Jarron if you are concerned. I have a meeting to get to with him and the weaponsmith Moon Blade to commission his work.

If you wish to file a complaint with the King and Queen then I suggest you give them my name, Eldar Silvertree. Make sure to tell them it is for having sex with his two wives in your inn room." I pushed past him and knocked on the door for Tiger.

He opened and I asked, "Did you get those weapons?" He shook his head. "Get another hour I will find out what is going on and we will come to see you when I find out more." The snooty man followed me as I headed downstairs. I saw Jarron and another man.

Eldar, "Karti'Ros, "He carrying a moon-blade?"

Karti'Ros, "Yes it was the first."

I looked at Jarron, "Jarron, you want to deal with this innkeeper he is upset because my wives were a little noisy in waking me for this meeting. I told him to file a complaint with the palace." Jarron shook his head, "You cannot even get out of bed without getting into some kind of trouble for me." He looked at the innkeeper, "Go speak with our escorts outside if you have an issue innkeeper."

The innkeeper walked out to talk with the escorts. I walked to Jarron and nodded to his guest. "Good to finally meet you. I have been looking forward to seeing you for days now. I have a letter for you. It was to me but I thought you would like to see it. The name is Eldar Silvertree." He took the letter. He looked at it for several minutes and handed it back to me.

He finally spoke, "Gatrius'Kar Moon Blade, "I know your father." I nodded, "He was severed from the blade and it was given to me by him at my wedding." Now he asked, "How did this happen?"

Eldar, "Karti'Ros left hand."

I looked at him "It is my family's sword which I am now the caretaker of. You will notice the changes in the grip and moonstone. If you would like to discuss it further we should find a place to talk. Jarron have the packs arrived yet? We still need to pull those weapons for Tiger and Keyno so he can examine them."

Jarron nodded, "I will go and wake those two to retrieve their items the packs are in the room where the meeting is taking place did not want to wake people. I am sure you two can talk without me." We walked toward the meeting room. I kept my sword out and the little innkeeper entered in a huff and went behind his desk and glared at me.

We entered the room, "What has Jarron told you thus far?" Gatrius looks at me as I set my sword on the table, and we sat on the table. I flipped the blade so he can see the symbols on the end of the hilt. I looked to him with questions, "What can sever a Moon Blade from its owner while the previous owner never dies? Yet his chosen rune is added to the sword?

At the same time fundamentally change the grip and hilt of the sword? Then I get those ten crates and am told to see you? The Crates have the same interlocking 'CL' characters. Gatrius?" He looks at me, "It would take tremendous power to make those changes." I look at him, "How many runes on your sword, do you know them all?"

He looks at me, "It gives you access over time. I know six out of seventeen." I nodded, "This one has elven and I know them all. The spirits of the sword have been removed. The original intelligence to judge is all that remains. All the powers are tied to fragments of those spirits. I was asking those questions to see if the changes applied to mine had been applied to others."

I sheathed my sword, "The changes to my sword were done by The Lady of Dreams at my wedding to two wives. Witnessed in the palace by the King and Queen. The Lady told me her husband Corellon Larethian chose me to be his champion. That tells you what the emblem on the crates means and the letter I showed you." Gatrius stared at me for a moment, "Given what you have shown me I find it hard to doubt you.

Why did he send you to me?" I nodded, "I did not know my father had this blade. I had never seen him draw it. I decided to form a cross-border mercenary company to protect the southern border. I had already decided on the name, Gray Blades. Based out of the village of Quatarsia."

Gatrius, "I have never heard of this village." I pulled out the papers and laid them across the table, "It exists now we are building it. Along with a garrison. We will provide border protection across the southern border. To cover 400 square miles of territory building up to the max allowed size of 200 men and women.

Those 200 will have elves, half-elves, dwarves, centaurs, halflings, and humans. So long as they bring skills and determination to the mission and can live up to the town's name." Keyno and Tiger walked in. I looked at Moon blade and pointed to our human arrivals, "They ran into someone who sundered weapons. They are unique to the part of the world.

We wanted to see if you could make and possibly even improve on the designs of the weapon. They are my first human officer in this company. Tiger is a master at unarmed combat specializing in the capture or kill of a target with his bare hand and feet. Keyno is a Zen archer. She can nail the center of a target at over 200 feet on horseback firing behind her hanging upside from her saddle down on the side of her horse.

Tiger, show him your sai as well. He is a master weapon maker. I had Keyno demonstrate her skills to my village wood-elf master bow maker. She destroyed their targeting course with one arrow a hundred feet away. He said she was worthy of crafting a bow for her. These are the kind of people I am looking for and I was lucky to find them. They are on the initial charter. Tell me what you think of the weapons.

They can explain the purpose, I want to check on something real quick." I left the master weapons maker with the two humans as they went over the weapons design and purpose. I walked out and talked to the grumpy innkeeper, "Has everything been straightened out?" He nodded, "You are an official guest. A mercenary commander who is working with the palace on several issues."

I nodded, "I am also a Grand Master Blade Singer." He looked at me, "You are so young!" I looked back, "I am the only four-time champion of the Academy. I effectively graduated as a Grand Master." He calmed a bit and nodded as he glanced at the ring on my hand. I left him and went back to see how things were going with the master weapons builder.

Keyno and Tiger walked out smiling. I looked to Gartius, "Can you make these items?" He looked up, "I probably could, I take it you want those as gray metal as well." I nodded, "Next question what do you know about the ritual used to reactivate a dead Moon Blade? I know prayer at a holy site favored by the Lady of Dreams. Anything else?"

Gatrius with some excitement, "You have a dead one?" I shook my head, "I have two." He fell back into a seat. "Would you like to see them?" He nodded excitedly. I pulled the wrapped blades. I pulled the long sword and place it on its sheath followed. I then did the same for the bastard sword, "My sword confirmed they are real.

Any more details on the ritual would be appreciated. The long sword is destined to go to the royal family. The bastard sword is another matter. I want to give to the last known member of the Dusk Moon family and one of my lieutenants. He does not know yet. There will be a big presentation at the academy in two days. I will be the guest speaker."

He spoke, "Holy water. The swords must be placed in holy water while the wielder holds the blade and prays to Corellon Larethian. At night so the moons are out. I do not know if the phase of the moon matters or not. The place must hold significance to the Gods." I nodded, "The place I was married to my two wives by the Lady of Dreams. The night the sword was changed."

He looked at me, "You are going to try and reactivate both swords on the same night?"

I smiled, "Yes I am. I will be standing right there with them. Would you care to join them? The lady might be able to help you as well to master all the symbols on your sword. She might change it like mine. She may do nothing. As holders of Moon Blades, I think we should join them in this ritual. Ours in the water with the ones being reborn.

Then the Lady might be inclined to listen and judge their worthiness. We will leave in five days if you are interested. If you know any other Moon Blade wielders you could invite them. We might establish a new ritual." Gatrius smiled, "I will contact what families I know. Those who have blades even if inactive." I smiled again, "Then I would pass along this recommendation.

The person who wishes to try and use an inactive Moon Blade must be dedicated to protecting the elves. Not corrupted by the politics of court. Blade Singers, fighters, and those who will use the sword. The wielder must be willing to wield the weapon and highly skilled in that type of weapon. Be ready to wield it in war. War will come. It is not a status symbol it is an oath to the elven people.

ALL of the elven people. High-elves to Half-elves." He looks at me "Good advice. My father said something along those lines. He did not list classes but he had similar advice."

Eagle Eye—longsword.

Skinner—short sword, dagger, throwing dagger

Cook—short sword, dagger, throwing dagger


Charlemagne—2 rapiers


Doc—Mace (note added by Eldar make all the ridges look like crescent moons. No openings curve the moon along the head with a flat top to look like a full moon)

Keyno—wakizashi (Elven flair)

Tiger—2 Fire wheels (Elven flair)

Tranosa—Bastard sword, (Eldar—HOLD Do not start this one)

Note from Eldar: Etch in a double crescent moon, make each sword handle unique in this set. Rapiers should have half guards, double crescents moons and a blue sapphire in the middle so it will look like the necklaces I will show you.

"This is the list and this..." I pulled out the necklace, "This is what I would like them to look like I realize the stones may not cut this way without magical assistance but a double crescent holding a sapphire could look like this."

Gatrius looks at the list, "The sapphires would be easier if we went round and have a double crescent over it so it is all blue around the edges of the moons. Would look very nice. The mace would be a work of art. The full moon at the top could be polished so it stands out better."

I looked at him, "Would like the multiple weapons listed on Cook, Skinner, Charlemagne, and Tiger should match for each owner. Each longsword should be unique and all of the items have to be of masterwork quality so they can be enchanted. You know that already as you make nothing less. Get back with me on the costs.

I know we have provided some of the high-cost materials so that should offset. They need to go to an enchanter so my people and I know it will be a few months. Get with Jarron on the enchantments he is on the hook to pay." Jarron stepped around the corner, "Get with me about what?"

I looked at him, "Handling the enchantments on the weapon for our people. The only one I am on the hook for in that list is Charlemagne and she has her own money; speaking of which when do I get paid?" He sighed, "I will have it sent to your account here. I know you have earned it...most of it anyway."

I smiled, "I have an account? When does my team's new pay rates increase?" He sighed, "As of yesterday, the human side of the agreement should be done today the dwarven side before we get back. The team is waiting to go shopping for clothes. This team is costing me a fortune! Here is your account number." I chuckled, "But we are worth it."

I sheathed and wrapped up the swords and put them back in the bag of holding. I slid them inside my armor under my clothes. I did not want to leave them anywhere. I look at Jarron and whisper, "You wanting to bring Tiger and Keyno into your group?" He sighed, "They will be trainers in their skills?"

I nodded, "Cannot watch them for a lifetime but with as many things we have to discuss at times it gets tough to talk around them. I want to keep them. Being Human, their lives are so short. I would like to see their skills shared with as many people as we can get trained. Let me grab Charlemagne. We can get her input." I called Charlemagne over to us.

Gatrius walked up, "Will you be staying here long?" I looked at Jarron, "Are we? The inn guy seems pissy. We staying here?" Jarron sighed, "I have no plans to move you this week." I nodded, "I am not abstaining from sex with my wives either. He can either fix his thin walls or deal with it."

Jarron chuckled, "OK, I will have a word with the innkeeper, make sure your guys are in rooms in one hall. We put the married people away from the other rooms; best I can do." I smiled at him, "Best to take care of that after our conversation with Charlemagne. We can get packs to the right rooms when we know which ones are assigned."

Jarron looked at Moon Blade, "You can find them here." I looked at Jarron, "We are leaving in five days." Jarron looks at me, "five days?" I glared at him, "How long do we leave nobody out there?" He sighed, "We need more people quick!"

I grimaced, "We need a lot of things we cannot do in this district. Two days from now I will be hitting the merchant in the morning. Then the Academy in the afternoon. Tomorrow we have to get back to the main market and get our supplies ordered. To ensure they can get on a load schedule. Then hit the stables to pick up more horses and harnesses.

We have to have horses to work the moving of lumber. Then there are floor plans to get and people to hire to do the construction."

I looked at Charlemagne, "What do you think of Keyno and Tiger for Knights?" Charlemagne sighed, "I had not even thought about that but it is something we should look at they have worked out great." I added, "They have agreed to train others. I just don't want them pulled away."

Jarron reluctantly agreed, "We have kept them in the dark long enough. Bring them up to my room now and we will feel them out." I went and grabbed Keyno and Tiger just as they were coming out of their rooms. "We might be moving rooms around. Jarron wants a meeting with you two, Charlemagne and myself in his room so let's head that way."

I knocked on our door and looked in on Annette, "We will be leaving soon but can you grab our packs and bring them here until we know what they are going to do with as far as swapping rooms?" Annette rubbed her eyes, "Swapping rooms for what?" I smile, "You cumming so loud you probably woke the people in the next district." She turned red, "That visit this morning?"

I smirked, "Yeah. We shut him up but he is not happy. It might be better if he can consolidate us into a wing of the inn. Putting us near our own people who are used to it and expect it. Then we might have less resistance. I got a meeting with Jarron and Charlemagne to go over Keyno and Tigers status."

I walked down the hall without another word. Everyone waited at Jarron's door. Once inside I looked at Jarron, "Jarron can I handle this?" He nodded. I looked at them, "What do you think of our team?" Keyno spoke up, "They are very talented and skilled. You do not see many groups like that."

I looked at her, "So our team is odd? Different from the norm?" She nodded. "Our team is designed to operate anywhere in the world where conflict could occur and we can help minimize the damage when it does. We work for Jarron. We are going to entrust you with some very sensitive information if you are up for that."

They looked at each other before Tiger spoke, "Does this have something to do with last night?" I shrugged, "Yes and no. We have been considering bringing you aboard since we learned of your unusual skills. Your willingness to help us train people was a step in the right direction. Last night was complex. It is enough to say we took down a serious spy last night."

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