tagSci-Fi & FantasySilvertree Chronicles Bk. 01 Ch. 26-35

Silvertree Chronicles Bk. 01 Ch. 26-35


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

Silvertree Chronicles Book One, The World Awaits

Synopsis: The life of Eldar Silvertree from graduation at the prestigious Elven Academy and desires to leave it behind. Only to return full circle to shake Elven Society to the core.

Inspired by multiple RPG gaming universes but not endorsed by the former or current owners of the franchises. © EmotionalStorm 2018. Published October 2018. This story cannot be transferred to any other site besides Literotica.com without the prior authorizations in writing from the author and EmotionalStorm must be credited for this work.

Chapter 26 Head of the Dragon

I woke several hours later and prepared spells. I wore my black clothes over my armor and I looked at the ladies, "I reversed the cloak, so all black will be showing. Easier to hide against the rock and keep your hoods up when we get there." We went to the rendezvous location out by the stable. My troops arrived and I saw a couple of soldiers in mithril chainmail.

I looked at them, "If you are wearing dark clothing strip and get it over your armor. I do not care that you are in this barn with everyone watching. This is a stealth stay hidden until we are ready to strike mission. Keep your hoods up while hiding." They stripped but were not happy about it. I stood to give one lady some semblance of privacy as do my wives.

The Captain and Lieutenant do the same for the man. They finished getting gear adjusted. I looked them over. "Much better. I should have made that clearer at the meeting." I looked at the rest of them, "Invert your cloaks keep them closed over weapons and armor. We will be moving quickly and as quietly as possible. The Lady will control things once we are set at the intersection." She smiled at me, "Your troops are ready as are we and all the supplies are here.

Please take what you are allotted." Everyone went up and got their potions. We had two dwarven clerics with us Jarron looked over, "All of our friends will be teleporting to a private location with your commanders, his wife Annette, and I. Everyone else will come back this way. No discussing the events until we have a mission debrief in approximately one week as the fall out of this mission is assessed.

Lead away Eldar." I nodded and I activating the runes for the teleporter. Everything worked as planned. I walked along the crevice and got close to the end. I placed my hand on my back in a fist. I cast a detect magic and looked out and saw three wards immediately. I looked at the dragon friend behind me. I signal wards with the 'w' and count out with my fingers starting at the thumb to three.

They looked and started bringing them down. We waited to see if it set anything off and nothing occurred. I slid forward a bit and listened. I pointed to the left and count out the seven we expected and continue up to nine. I stepped forward and move to the right. I checked for wards and I see three more on each tunnel. I looked at our guys. I hold up a fist. I point in a direction show the ward sign and count up to three and repeat for each of the other tunnels. They stepped out and clear the wards. I look at Annette and point at my head and the guy next to me. Annette connected us.

Eldar, "My wife connected us for communication only. We are going to need one of you to clear wards for the dwarves as the others clear wards moving forward. We have to wait for the dwarves to be set before they go too far down the main tunnel."

Eldar, "Keep me on but drop him."

Annette, "I never connected I think they can just hear us talking like this."

He nodded, I moved forward to the outside exit. I moved forward to the corner and signal them to start coming three at a time quiet and slow. Once I had the first team in place I started walking toward the exit. I stopped again and signaled. I saw twenty wards about half way down. I put my fist behind my head.

Eldar, "I count another twenty overlapping wards in that one section of the tunnel."

I signal the others twenty 'w'. I looked over and I saw the Lady has made it across.

Eldar, "Can you hear me, Lady?"

She nodded.

Eldar, "We are encountering a lot more wards than told to us. This has been beefed up."

She nodded and sent two of her men forward and they started clearing wards. I moved to where the wards are and I stopped as I felt something at my foot I signal a stop. I threw the fist up.

Eldar, "Tripwire? Just above my right toes."

She tapped one of the sappers who went over and took a look at the setup and signals me to slid back by tapping my leg. I did as he wanted He smiled, "They have given us another collapse we can use." He signaled to step over. I had everyone hold and checked and there were another ten wards where the dwarves needed to be working. I walked back.

Eldar, "Another ten right where the dwarves will be working. Odds are the spot is trapped as well."

Eldar, "Before we go too far might want to get them checking traps in the direction you are going."

I hold up my hand my eyes go wide.

Eldar, "Giant approaching if any of those wards are warnings of the trap then we just removed them and the giant will trip them." Her eyes go big and she signaled everyone back to the intersection.

She looked at me. "We will move forward with a sapper you follow with your attack plan and protect the other." I looked at the sapper and point to the crevice. "Ensure it is stable."

Eldar, "Annette Take your group into the crevice I will get the others down this tunnel as far as we have cleared the sappers are not going to be able to set up the explosives. If that giant hits those traps. Plan stands. We have to see what we have from the reinforcement side.

Karti'Ros, "Danger Approaching."

I Backed my line up another twenty feet. I pulled out my wand and my sword. I held off on the Moon Fire for the moment. I looked at the group and we moved down and dropped to one knee. It took another thirty to forty seconds before the Giant went through. Sure, enough he hit the tripwire and the tunnel exploded pushing the giant forward and onto the second trip wire which exploded. I shook my head. We heard movement from the half-dragon's office. A lot of feet!

Karti'Ros, "Danger Approaching, again."

I backed our line up another twenty feet and signaled for everyone to stay low. The dragons moved down the tunnel quite a distance ad we get to a good distance away. We had 6 chain lightning wands at the ready and we waited for them to come to us and investigate the collapse. The Second pulls out a communication crystal and talked on it and stuck it into a pouch. I raised my wand up and the others did as well.

Eldar, "Annette he has a communication crystal in his side pouch use your sword telekinesis to take it and hold it on the ceiling if you can."

I launched the first chain-lightning at the big half-dragon. The lightning struck randomly around all of the enemies. We had the Second in command half-dragon, six ogre captain bodyguards, an orc chieftain and a gnoll chieftain. Three more chain lightning wands hit from our vantage point. They started moving toward us as we caught them off guard. I saw the crystal fly away.

Our flankers fire two chain-lightning from behind them they were getting closer to my side. I continued to center on the half-dragon. I sent a second chain lightning charge and dropped my wand. The other casters on my side centered on different targets this time. The Gnoll began hitting the half-dragon. The rest of the second volley of chain-lightning hits the half-dragon from our rear guard.

I yelled out, "ENGAGE, NO FRIENDLY FIRE." I cast Mirror image and blade song as they closed. Our casters have gone to defense and our melee fighters are set to charge. Two more chain lightning from behind and half of the enemy turn toward the rear guard. Guarding the tunnel.

We had five badly fried ogre captains and the half-dragon was still standing. The half-dragon beat what little life was in the Gnoll. The Orc and Ogre chieftains are both smoldering. The front-line melee fighters sprung forward to attack the two ogres captains.

Eldar, "Karti'Ros Moonfire on."

I saw a cone of cold go off from the back and the three ogre captains headed for the rear guards are all down.

I had one blocking my path to the half-dragon. I circled to the right and the ogre captain did not fall for it and he tagged me good missing my three images. I nailed him with three consecutive strikes. Unusual as normally I would get two shots in. Someone must have hasted us. The guy to my right brought in a massive blow and that Captain stumbled and died.

I looked at the field and we had one half-dragon and one captain standing on our side. One ogre captain standing on the other. The half-dragon had paused trying to get to his communication crystal and did not find it. I did a running jump and flip toward the half-dragon who swung and took out one of my images and then another.

However, I now provided flanking to and against both attackers on my side of the field. The front line forces finish the captain behind me. The half-dragon started running for the tunnel I got in a parting shot on him. He slammed into the wall of force and hits the ground. I throw a wall of force around him so was trapped at the moment I hold my fist up.

I called out softly, "Annette, give the crystal to our dwarven sapper. We have him trapped. Hold your wall if you have one. Everyone stand your ground. Annette, try to get him to throw off all his magical gear."

The half-dragon started stripping out of his gear. "Have him walk over and lay on the ground with his hands behind his back." He did not do this and looked to try and get his stuff back on him.

I called out, "One barrage of low-level spells. We want to capture him if we can." I Release the wall, I shot magic missiles at him I see another cold of cone a ray of frost and a few more magic missiles.

Annette, "Try again."

This time the guy fell on his face and puts his hands behind his back. I called out, "Hold the attack! Charlemagne put these manacles on his hands and ankles." I tossed her my manacles.

Once they are in place I address the group, "He is barely alive but he now secure," I look at the sapper, "We will truss him in ropes to give to the lady can you let her know we prevented him from signaling for reinforcements and that we have him captured." He looks at my wife, "Mighty powerful weapon in that one." Everyone walked around and Moon Bow Asks softly, "What in the hell just happened?" I looked at him, "My wife Annette is psionic. She just helped up capture a high-value prisoner. AGAIN!"

Eldar, "Find out if he knows how to shut down the teleportation block. The location of the phylactery if he knows it."

The prisoner, "Device is buried in the center column of the walkway down. About two hundred feet down look for a small bird carving. It is just above it. I do not know of the location of the other."

I looked at the group, "Commander Silvertree is in charge, I know the location of the teleportation blocking device. I will let the others know. Annette, Stay three hundred feet behind me and connected."

She nodded and we ran down the corridor until I got to the sapper who was waiting on the battle. I tapped him on the shoulder, "Two hundred feet down the spiral corridor. Look for a small bird carving the item is buried above that blocks teleportation. Something tells me you can get to it when the lady wants it down. We will head back and hold the intersection."

I signaled a wait as I look around the corner at the battle. I saw the dragons battling it out in a dog pile melee combat. "Send one of the clerics to you just in case he is needed." The dwarf laughs, "They are both women." I nodded, "I stand corrected."

Eldar, "The Sappers have the location of the teleportation device and we captured his son."

I saw the Draco-lich lunge away from the pack and toward me. I signaled everyone back as he breathed fire on me and the other dragons brought him to ground.

I look at the dragons, "Sword, I am immune to fire. I will let you know when the sapper has it dug out of the wall so you can collect the device when ready. Let me know if you need anything else besides the present we have for you. We requested a healer be sent forward to you."

They took off down the corridor and there were six of them. The other eighteen must have worked down the spire. One stopped and nodded at me before continuing forward at a slower pace.

I headed back and looked at the sapper, "The first body is down. Go to the teleporter site and hold until they give you direction. The location might be warded. Ensure they have a cleric heal up the trailing dragon. I am heading back up to see if anything else shows."

I hurried back to the group with Annette. I looked at the group, "Need a cleric to head down that way and meet up with the sapper and dragons. Annette's powers are a Knights secret. Very few in the order know so it is not to be discussed. They got us into the assassins' heads, the cache locations, names of other spies, she has a very strict code of conduct and she has my love and support.

My sword makes me immune to mind control so I would know. She only uses it when we make very specific requests for her services. Like having him strip off all his protection."

This got a few chuckles. Moon Blade looked at me, "Personally I like that kind of surprise saved a lot of damage and got us a prisoner." I nodded, "The Dragons first body is down. We have our prisoner. I am going to head back to the sapper who is waiting on the teleportation device removal. The prisoner will get questioned further, but not by us. He is half dragon and falls under there rules."

I went down the corridor to the sapper. I saw the lady walking up the corridor rapidly, "Two more will be here in a second you found the device?"

I nodded, "With Annette's abilities we know it is buried in the wall right here. We were awaiting your arrival in case it is warded. The half-dragon stripped himself naked and laid on the ground for us thanks to her. I wish she would have left his underclothes on but he is naked. Now I feel a bit inferior."

She laughed at me as we walked back to our group and her 'wrapped present'. She smiled, "Great work. Hold here we will clear the office. They have him contained as they destroy the other bodies. This will give us time to locate the phylactery."

I looked at our prisoner, "We already asked he does not know. You might want one of your sappers with you as we have not checked that tunnel for any traps or wards."

She nodded, "Not information a red would share with an offspring. We have ways to locate it. The horde is massive. Has to be half of what was stolen. We will find out how much is in the hands of the enemy troops."

I nodded, "I am betting that was a Giant Chieftain that got buried setting off those traps."

She nodded, "Your perception paid off. Good work on capturing this one and getting the teleport location."

I look at Annette, "The team blasted him and she brought him to ground. The manacles are mine. They help with spies and sometimes in the bedroom."

That got a few loud laughs. The ladies just sighed at me and nodded, "Sometimes they like to use them on me." That got a few more laughs. Two more of there casters and one of the sappers headed up the hill.

I looked at the lady, "Did they give you the crystal? The only thing that has been touched. He stripped himself while trapped between two walls of force. All of his gear is on the ground there for when you wish to collect."

We heard an explosion from below the lady looked, "They just got access to the teleporter device. Things are transferring very rapidly now. Send your strike team back. Our men can teleport out."

I look at the group and Jarron just smiled at me. I looked at them, "One caster per group, groups of 9 no discussion of this mission until the debrief in about a week. Great work everyone. Any mission where we all walk away is a good mission."

The lady nodded, "Your interruption of the battle below actually helped. You drew the aggravation of the Draco-lich. The other five could finish him off thanks to that. The one who nodded to you. You saved his life as he was the focus before that."

I nodded, "Not intentional but I am glad it helped. I knew I was immune to any stray fire and with as many, as you brought, I was not too concerned with him getting a bony claw on me."

That got a chuckle as the others started to file out for the teleporter. The other sapper arrived and one tosses the lady the suppression device that has been deactivated.

She looked at it, "An artifact from a long dead race. One of their greatest creations was their downfall as they could not escape or get to the device to turn it off." She looks at me "Legend Lore spell when we found it several millennia ago."

I nodded, "Seems to have worked twice in that role."

She smiled and Jarron puts his arm on my back, "I told her you were ready for this. Your father was worried but agreed."

She looks at us, "Grab hands."

As she grabs the prisoner. I stopped and ask her, "Where are we going, for what reason, and how long?" She looked at me, "I cannot tell you the first two but the last is at least several days."

I shook my head. "This is going to cause a retaliation strike. I cannot spend several days locked away while my men are being attacked. Take Jarron and your prisoner. I am going back to the city, pulling New Moon and his men back to our town in a forced ride, then out to the front to head off the incoming strike. Unless you plan on setting a couple of dragons in the valley shaking their heads to turn back."

She chuckled, "Very well, we will want to see you in a week, at the debrief."

Chapter 27 Damage Control

I looked at her, "Be ready to answer hard questions. Especially you Jarron. I want to know what to do to replace the men you are taking now that you have me cut off from recruiting in the other two locations. You need to find a creative solution fast because this fight will cause heavy loss of lives. We may not have lost troop here, but out there is another matter.

I will have a chip on my shoulder for every death I have to deal with if I am not getting support."

I cast a teleportation circle and the men are surprised to see us. I look at Charlemagne and Annette's, "You have the troops here to deal with the collections. I have family and the attack to deal with. You can ride back with me. I can get Captain Silver Moon to teleport you back if you want to be there for the family stuff."

They nodded, "Family, then we divide we each take on a different set of goals."

I nodded to my men and we ran off to the stables. I looked over at them, "Quick time back to House Silvertree relieve New Moon and the men. Silver Moon, Moon Blade, and Moon Bow. We are heading for a fight. If you want to come better get moving."

Moon Blade shook his head. Moon Bow smiled at me, "Your life is too entertaining. Here take these wands. They might come in handy."

I nodded, I look at the men, "Hand up all but two of your healing potions our guys out on the front are going to need them if they retaliate."

I got my horse ready and Silver Moon mounted up. I looked at the ladies, "Grab our packs I will talk with the Queen. Captain Silver Moon, get New Moon and his men to the gate. I will loan you the book to copy that spell and I have one scroll of it. Tell him to get all of his men on horseback and to the gate. Forced ride once we leave the city. No wagons, just fresh horses. Steal from my father's stables if they have too."

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