tagSci-Fi & FantasySilvertree Chronicles Bk. 03

Silvertree Chronicles Bk. 03


Silvertree Chronicles Book Three, Rise of the Paladin

Synopsis: The Grandson of Eldar Silvertree, son of Branar, Lortan 'Storm Wraith' Silvertree, Travious Silvertree Knight Paladin, Champion of Corellon Larethian finishes his ninety years of Training. The task before him is daunting and he understands why elven paladins are needed and the years of training beyond any other warriors before they were required.

Inspired by multiple RPG fantasy universes but not endorsed by the former or current owners of the franchise. © EmotionalStorm 2018. This story cannot be transferred to any other site besides Literotica.com without the prior authorizations in writing from the author and EmotionalStorm must be credited for this work.


"The Paladin's Code."

1. Obedience to Corellon Larethian and his wife the messenger The Lady of Dreams Sehanine Moonbow.

2. Must be reverent and pray to Corellon Larethian and The Lady of Dreams and study both religions.

3. Obedience to Elven Law (Including the ruler), Grand Cleric of Corellon Larethian, and Grand Cleric of Sehanine Moonbow. In that order.

4. May only be males. Each Knight Paladin must train two candidates at the same time. Like the others, she must remain celibate during this training period.

5. All students have to be elven due to the years of training required.

6. May only marry elven or elf-blooded wives who are fertile, in love, and devout to the elven way of life. At least one of the wives must be devoted to raising all of the offspring in an elven community within the Elven Kingdom. All wives have to agree to raise the children in the Elven Kingdom.

7. May only live in a heterosexual relationship. Must remain faithful to your wife or wives if more than one. No sex outside of marriage for any in the marriage.

8. Must remain celibate until all students are finished with their thirty years.

9. Must be skilled in acrobatics and tumbling.

10. Must wear only elven full plate armor After becoming full Knight Paladins (initially provided by the Church if the teacher could not provide).

11. Must use elven made long-swords, longbows, and shields (initially provided by the Church if the teacher cannot afford).

12. Must specialize in elven long swords.

13. Must specialize in elven longbows.

14. May not fight dual handed. Single weapon and sword and shield styles only.

15. Must know how to ride and be trained as an expert in mounted combat.

16. Must only ride an elven Warhorses One stallion and one mare. Needed when traveling great distances in service to the Elven People.

17. Must be well versed in elven law, treaties, court etiquette, trade negotiations, and history.

18. Must know the heraldry of all elven nobles, know allies and enemies of the elven empire.

19. Must spend the first thirty years after being made a paladin training two new students.

20. Must have little to no aptitude for casting arcane magic.

21. May find at least a first bride during this thirty-year time. Must find her and marry her on of a crescent moon before the age of a hundred and six. (first year)

22. Must begin training between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five.

23. May not start counting any training until both students have been found.

24. May locate but not train the students within the last year of their Blade Training with the approval of the General of Training.

25. After completing the initial thirty years of training be appointed a paladin-candidate and taken to a designated elven training facility.

26. When they reach the age of seventy-five and with the approval of the General of the Elven training facility confirming that they have mastered these skills. They report to the Ruler to be Knighted as Paladins of Corellon Larethian a position higher than a standard Court Knight. Start of their tithing begins.

27. May never hold a title above Knight Paladin or Knight Paladin Champion of Corellon Larethian if selected by the gods to hold this title. (Knight Paladin Champion of Corellon Larethian is a step higher than Knight Paladin.)

28. May never accept a title from a non-elven ruler.

29. May never be conscripted into military service. Will volunteer for elven military service during times of war when not on assignment from Corellon Larethian or the Ruler of the Elven Empire. May never hold a military rank as they work directly for the Gods and elven ruler.

30. Must strive to be the leader of any group you start or work with. Unless another senior Elven Paladin is leading the group.

31. Must keep armor and weapons in good repair.

32. Must tithe ten percent of their earnings.

33. May never use poisons of any type.

34. Must aid the elven people in times of crisis. With money and manpower if needed.

35. Must never negotiate with or team with enemies of Corellon Larethian. This includes undead, evil dragons, orc, ogres, drow, evil giants, and slavers.

36. Must work to bring down evil around the world and keep it as far away from the elven people as possible.

37. When an elf or elf-blooded is encounter they should be encouraged to rejoin the elven faith. To return or travel to the elven kingdom where they will be welcomed.

38. Any enemy of Corellon Larethian captured will be interrogated by any means necessary to extract information before being executed.

39. Must respect any treaties and trade negotiations with allies.

40. Must be capable and willing to serve as a diplomat when required.

Jana 13th 7064

Travious found one student six months before he finished his training Dran Winter Wood a gold and wood elf mix boy. His family had returned to Quatarsia but there was a shortage of three-bedroom homes. After he evaluated the boy he offered to train him.

Jana 15th 7064

They took a couple of days to consider it. They took a two-bedroom home and agreed for Travious to train him. Later in the day, he broke the nose of the latest blade singer from the city to challenge him. A few cuts a wounded pride but he respected the paladin's abilities and saw how the codes differed. Travious fixed and healed his wounds. His clothing was another matter. The Blade Singer had the spells to fix and clean them. Travious took Dran Winter Wood home. He explained to him that he could not train him until he finished his own training. However, this did not prevent Dran from studying on his own at the church.

Mia 6th 7064

Travious decided to stop by the testing center to see if his second might be floating around. He saw a gold-elf father yelling at a mage. He walked over, "What seems to be the problem?" The mage looked at him, "He is upset because his son has no magical ability and he a 'Golden Bow' so that cannot happen." Travious told him, "My Grandfather was Eldar Silvertree. My father Branar 'Storm Wraith' Silvertree. I have no magical ability.

I still worshiped Corellon Larethian and the Lady of Dreams. I am a few months away from being knighted as the Knight Paladin, Champion of Corellon Larethian. A champion like my grandfather but a paladin." He questioned and looked the boy over and he had the right attributes. He told the father, "I would like to take him." He showed them the book of what was required.

The boy wanted to and the father relented when Travious told him he would be the first Gold Elf Paladin. We packed him up. I took him to my home. My longtime roommate moved into a two-bedroom home in the town with his two soon to be apprentices. Gladius,Bay Golden Bow became my second apprentice. I told him the same thing. "Until I am knighted you have to study on your own. Spend time at the church."

The Champion Emerges

Juna 24th 7084

I was Knighted Travious Silvertree, Knight Paladin, Champion of Corellon Larethian. In keeping with the gods wishes we were never to be called 'Sir' but Knight Paladin. To help distinguish us to the guard and populace the King ordered the outer edge of the shields be made a sapphire blue and then made it exclusive to the Elven Paladins. I had my two apprentices in the back. They watched and listened to all of this dressed in full plate with sword and shield. Golden Bow watched as this occurred. He came up and congratulated me. He was more hopeful for his son's future now.

Juna 25th 7084

I had my apprentices running laps together between the two villages and the town as I rode along. After the third one, I ordered them to jump into the water at Silent Falls. They finally got to their feet. I told them the story of my mother's atonement to switch gods and become the mother of Paladins. Where it ended in this holy site after seven days with no food. The three laps they did was nothing compared to what that woman did and they benefited from her actions. I ran them to the inn and we had mid-day meals. I turned them over for religious studies.

I struck up a conversation with a girl who worked at the inn. A fifty-year-old Moon Elf female named Melia Silver Wind who kept smiling at me. She loved her work and hoped to have a large family to look after. I smiled, "I could not legally pursue you for another twenty-five years and then it would still be another five years before I could do anything about it." I pulled out the book and showed her the restriction the paladins were under. She was aghast at the requirements for the wives being a part of it. I nodded, "It will limit options when the time comes."

Jana 1st 7085

With no dragons to name the new age, leaders met and wanted to find a name. Silvertree was a leading contender until as a family we put forth that we would prefer to recognize all the Knights. All of those who served behind the scenes for years to protect the people. Leaving the Dragon name off of it. Thus, it was decided. The new age would be known as the Age of the Knights. From 7100 to the end of 7199.

Juna 25th 7113, Age of the Knights

I was a year out and the search for a potential wife officially began. I revisited several ladies I had kept an eye on over the years. Some had become total sluts, some had moved on, and some had married. I got back to the inn and Melia Silver Wind was still working there. She was a bit bigger breasted than most elves but I attribute that to her over-endowed elf-blooded mother of hers. The mother absolutely hated me. Melia had emerald green eyes and blonde hair. Also, traits she got from her mother. She had still not married.

I struck up another conversation. I had done so at least once a month for the last twenty-nine years. I asked her, "What about your large family plans? I thought you would have been married by now?" She smiled, "I am waiting for the right man to be available." She winked at me. I smiled at her, "What about my code requirements?" She sighed, "I know the rules have changed to increase the population.

I had never really thought about being in a three-way or four-way relationship with other women." I smiled, "When will your shift end?" She looked at me and winked, "When you are done eating. I was off an hour ago and I waited." I smiled. I finished eating and walked her over to the Keep. I could hear the familiar sounds of my Aunt the Duchess with her husband and harem going at it.

I walked straight to her door, "You want to know what it can be like it is just beyond this door." She nodded. I opened the door and we stepped in. Her husband was on the bottom licking the ass of one woman. While my very pregnant Aunt rode her husband and ate that lady's cunt. Her fourth playmate was pounding into her nether-hole. She stared wide-eyed at the scene before her. We watched for a few more minutes when they started climaxing.

We left the room without them noticing or they did not care. I looked at her, "My grandfather had to have six wives because they put a high-level amulet of health on him. It merged with his holy symbol and embedded into his chest. Just like the one in my chest. The amulet my mother gave me makes me makes me immune to poison with a mild health boost instead.

From a stamina standpoint, I could probably handle three wives. Maybe more. I am not required to have more than one. I am not allowed sex outside of marriage. I can tell whether a woman is capable of having children. One of our divination abilities. A minor one. Just like the one to tell if two people are in love." I walked her back to the inn. I pulled her into my arms and gave her a slow and soft kiss.

"That is about as close to the line as I can go for another year." She looked glassy-eyed at me, "What else can you do?" I reached up stroked a nipple through her shirt. "Nothing involving genitalia is allowed as I am the first to get this far in the process I would say those things are safe. I would have to ask the Lady of Dreams for further guidance." I gave her breast a slight squeeze.

When her mouth opened I kissed her deeply." I released her, "You have a lot to think over." She backed away a little and nodded, "Thank you for clarifying things for me." She smiled and ran inside. I turned to see the cleric of Corellon Larethian and I walked over to him. He held up a hand, "You did not break any rules.

From what I heard of the conversation you are correct those items are not covered in the forty. I believe it leaves it up to each Paladin and his mates or potential mates to decide how to handle that." I nodded, "I told her there would be a lot to discuss. I just made sure she knows what she is in for and where the line was drawn." We parted knowing we understood each other.

Out of Training and into the Fight

Juna 24th 7114, Age of the Knights

A few hours before midnight and I had my apprentices packed up to move to the barracks. I shook their hands. "You both have done well, keep up on your studies and praying while learning what they can teach you." They gave me manly nods and headed for the door. I rode out with them to the edge of town. I stopped at the inn. I walked in and saw Melia Silver Wind pacing.

I walked up behind her, "What are you thinking about?" She turned around and looked at me, "Marrying you. This multiple wives thing." I sighed, "You are overthinking things. We will see how things go after we are married. If I am wearing you down that is one thing. That happened to my grandfather. He was destined to only marry pairs of sisters.

If you feel that you could not go day, months or years without a lover's touch. That is another issue." I asked her, "You ready to go?" She looked at me, "We still have a few hours to go. I think if we add more wives I would like one to stay with me when you travel." I smiled, "Somewhere other than here. We will see on the multiple wives. I know it turned you on that night that I showed it to you."

She smiled, "I will grab that bag you gave me. Did you ever look in it?" I shook my head, "It belonged to my mother." She smiled, "She had a book and sex toys in them with a very short journal. They were not married long before he died. Based on the dates. This described her take on their activities. She said your grandfather was a wise man about what he put in his book.

Do you know what that means?" I nodded as I got on my horse and pulled her up. "Yes, it is a chapter at the end of an ongoing journal about the right way to deflower a virgin and advice on trying everything once to know if you like it or not." She nodded, "Your mother sure did! From what I heard she never showed any interest in another man or woman." I nodded, "No moaning or groaning.

The occasional crying but not the sounds from my Aunt's room." She nodded, "There were no entries in here after he died." We pulled up to the tack shop. I reached down and the guy handed me my package. She looked at me, "What are you doing?" I smiled, "I had this saddle cleaned up. It belonged to one of my Aunt's or uncles who died with that lich. My mother left with it.

It was returned when they brought her home. It is enchanted to protect against normal missiles. My grandfather's idea. To save the horse from a wayward arrow. Protects you when you are on it. I have my father's saddle." She nodded, "We are out here for a horse." I smiled, "An Elven warhorse, four to be exact. This one is going out to stud. This is his last task for us.

To pick my replacement and your first two." She nodded, "If you say so." I stopped. "Treka I need a new stud that is ready for combat, my training days are over. Powerful, will have my back and not afraid to engage the enemy. Fast, impressive jumper as close to T'sarus as you can find but suited to me and my style of combat. Then a mare with a similar temperament.

My lady needs two mares that are protectors, can help as she adjusts to riding such fine creatures. Mild temper to her, killer instinct to any who would harm her. Willing to act as her protectors." We rode toward the yard and I saw it and looked, "A Shadow Stallion with a double crescent in the center of its chest." She looked at me, "Your horse is picking these out?" I nodded. I got down and undid my saddle, blanket, and reigns.

"Treka thank you. To the pasture to live out your days!" The horse ran off and she looked, "How will it get in?" I smiled, "He will jump the fence. They all can. It just lets them know where we want them." She looked at me, "I have lived here for years and never heard of this." I smiled, "It is mainly known by the Blades, Knights, and the Military. They do not survive well away from elves.

It has been tried by a couple of humans. That is one of the reasons we always give them two. They feed energy off of each other." I gave her a piece of parchment, "Those are the commands it knows. They understand common but do not respond to it often. Notice the instructions below that. That is how you make your bargain. Your agreement with them. It is a partnership."

She read through it. I stepped inside, "Shi'Drakon. (Shadow Knight)" I walked through the ritual with all of the promises that go with it. I got mounted up "Shi'Drakon biana" I rode out to the middle of the field and turned. "Shi'Drakon Biatus Evanill Aisiaon. (Run like the wind)" We closed the distance much faster than I expected. "Shi'Drakon YESA! (Jump)" We sailed over the fence and halfway into the road.

"Shi'Drakon VITA! (Stop)" We did half a turn and came to a dead stop. Melia looked on in shock, "I do not think they could build a fence to keep him in." I got down and walked over "Shi'Drakon Unta" (Come) and he walked over to the fence and we watched her finish up and I got the gate for her. She smiled, "They are beautiful." I smiled "Straka" (Comet) I make the same promises but only put reins on my mare.

She was gray with a streak that was wide under the neck. It got thinner going down both sides toward the back legs." I slid back to the other side of the fence "Straka UNTA YESA" The mare circled back and got up a head of steam and jumped the fence. Then she walked over to me. I look at Melia who finished with her second horse.

I got the gate for her again, "OK, I am suitably impressed." I smiled as I closed the gate. I mounted up. "Shi'Drakon Biana (forward). Straka Unta." We rode along as she followed along, "Shi'Drakon Straka Quali vinas (trust my lover.)" She smiled, "Why that one?" I looked back, "So they do not 'accidentally' kick, bite, or stomp on you.

Also allows you to bring them home if I am unconscious or I have to teleport away and you need to take them to the house. They also know it is safe to eat food from you." She followed suit. "T'sarus has a painting up on the wall in the inn." I nodded, "Drawn after he was put to pasture with over a hundred mares."

I smiled, "Just so you know this big guy is going fuck those mares like crazy." She laughed, "Hope he, not the only stud that is up for that." I laughed, "Be careful what you asked for." We stopped by the house "Straka vita graze" She left her extra one there.

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