KNOCK. "Lila. You in their?"



"UH...Just a second."

The pop/country singer heard her the other singer pull up her clothes and running to the door.

"How is it?" she asked, with a bit of embarrassment.


The upbeat star opened the door a crack and looked out. "Hi. Come in." she was beet red.

The Grammy-Winner strolled passed her "rival" as the optimist close the door behind her.

"WUZ UP." she laughed.

"Just thought I'd pay you a visit. You ok? I coulda sworn I heard you playing with yourself."

Shyly looking at the floor, the blonde muttered, "It relaxes me. I love performing, but I still get butterflies."

"I heard you say my name."

"ME. I'm not like that." she lied. "I mean, your beautiful, but..."

"Are you positive I wasen't just hearing you fantasizing about me?" she baggered, licking her moist lips, even though she didn't have anything on them.

"Look...I-I t-told you...I'm not a dyke."

"Oh really." LeeAnn continued, wiping her hands on her butt.

"I n-never even considered it" Lila was sweating.

"Um hum." the teenager tweeked her nipples and ran both hands down her body, resting on her crotch. "So, you never wanted this." she asked.

The woman couldn't stand it anymore. Lila grabbed LeeAnn by the waist and pulled her to her in a hot kiss.

"That's...what...I...thought..." she said between each passionate wet kiss. The tease popped her tongue inside the beauties mouth.

In response, Lila guided her tongue passed her friends lips. Her hands slowly traveled down her bottom and rubbe her legs, as she broke the kiss. "GOD. I've wanted you for so long." she admitted.

"I'm here now, baby." she panted,, as she pushe the lovely country star on the couch. Her hands massasaged her entire lucious body and grabbed her shoulder straps of her red silky dress. She smiled at her lover and wiped both straps of and her dress fell to the floor. Her chest was fairly tiny, with a slendor build. Her box was fully shaved and her thighs were slim. Twirling around, she gave the teenager a look at her firm ass. Backing up, she sat on the blonde's lap. "Touch me." she seductively whispered.

The young star garbbed both of LeeAnn's melons, which got a pleasent response.

"OHH." she moaned bucking her hips. Her own hand traveled to her pussy as she fingered herself.

"Yes. Finger-fuck yourself. Make yourself cum on your hand."

This talk aroused a feeling in the singer that she never imagined. Groping her cunt, she popped 4 fingers inside. "OHHH. YEAH. I LOOVE IT." she groaned, as her hips violently humpher Lila's lap. "OH MY GOD." she hissed.

The lovely optimist put a finger in her mouth.


"SUCK IT." she barked. "You like that cock." she asked, pretending her finger was a penis.

"UMMMM." shw whined.

Lila realized she was wimpering because she was on cumming.

"YES. Make your juices flow." the vixen growled.

"UMPH." she screamed, thrusting her hips as a massive amount of her jism poured over her hand. As she got back from her climax, she escaped Lila's cluthces. "LICK IT, BITCH. she ordered. LeeAnn shoved her hand into her friends mouth, which made her gage. However, she complie by slowly licking every drop of sticy filth of her.

"Man. I wish you had a dick."

"I think I can help up Wait here." the young woman got on her feet and walked to the bathroom.

As she was gone, the singer pulled off her blue tank top, black Jeans, and satin black panties, which were drenched. Her large nipples were fully erect and her shaved sex was soaking wet.

Finally, the curly blonde sudded out of the bathroom. She had on a 7 inch black strap-on dildo. "What do you think?"

"Never looked better." she said, truthfully. That's right, I have a dildo for such occasion. She never thought she would use it, however, but being rich she could buy these things. She mostly used it to fuck her entrance. Yes, she was a virgin, but her cherry was popped. On wild nights, she even used it on her anus. "Come here." she pleaded, getting on her hands and knees.

When LeeAnn was behind Lila, she put her hands on the optismist's hips.

"Fuck me." she insisted.

The teen guided the plastic dick to her wet opening and furiously inched half of it in.

"OOOH. I LOOVE IT." she screamed. "MAKE ME CUUM." she grumbled.

Just as she was getting into the motions, the sensation pulled out.

"What's the deal?" she questioned.

She then got her answer as the phenomenon shoved the dildo up her ass.

"OHHHHH." she howled, in suprise. She put a finger on her snatch and popped it in.

"YEAH. Finger your nasty cunt." the teenager groaned. "CUM ON YOUR HAND." Her thumping increased so hard that with each thrust, the plastic penis pulled out of her gaping hole. "NASTY GIRL." she screamed.

SPANK. "You like getting your ass spanked?" she asked into her ear, as she violently grabbed her hair.

"YESSS. Spank me." I LOVE IT."

SPANK. LeeAnn's nipples were hardening watching Lila's large rump shake with each invasion of the strap-on.

"HARRDER." she yelled, bucking her hips to meet the thumps. Thank god I already went on. the upbeat beauty thought. My vocals will be killing me. Her finger was violently shoving her wet entrance. "I'M CUUMINGG." she announced.

At last, the teenager gave the teen a final hard, deep thrust, and pulled the contraption out of her dialated bowel.

When Lila got down form her eruption, she got on her feet and wheele around.

"Now it's your turn to suck it." she put her hand inside LeeAnn's mouth and she cleaned every inch of it.

As they both were putting their clothes on, a voice came from outside. "Guys. Having fun."

"Hang on." Lila said. She scampered to the door and opened it for Jessica Andrews.

"You want a piece of the action, too?" she grinned.

To Be Continued...

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