tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSimple Tricks Ch. 02

Simple Tricks Ch. 02



The demon hit Paige across the breasts with the whip. It stung through her robe but being wet the fabric didn't rip easily. She gritted her teeth and didn't scream, even when the demon hit her again with a reverse stroke.


The robe didn't rip easy but under repeated blows small tears soon appeared, yielding up the tender flesh beneath. Back and forth the demon wielded the whip, and shredded the fabric protecting her breasts. Where the whip touched her skin bright red welts appeared. Still she did not scream.


One of the metal tips of the cat scored across her left nipple, kissing it in sharp agony. Paige had endured the beating for many minutes in silence but that brought a short gasp to her lips.

The demon paused and smiled, swinging the whip from side to side. Then sharp and quick, he snapped it forward and kissed the other nipple with the metal of the whip.


That blow brought a curse.

"Mother fucker!" Paige yelled at the demon.

"And daughter fucker, grandmother fucker, sometimes even father fucker too." The demon chuckled. "I'll fuck just about anything. And soon I'm going to be fucking you, young witch, but first..."

The demon walked up to her and bending down, seemed to admire his work. He rubbed one hand over the front of each wounded breast causing Paige to winch and try to pull back. The bonds held her fast.

"Very pretty, but I prefer my playthings to be well endowed."

Paige was confused at those words. Well, pissed off, but still confused. She had always thought she had an impressive set of tits. At least that's what many of the men she'd gone to bed with had said. They had certainly played with them enough.

Kneeling down in front of her, the demon leaned forward and licked her left nipple with an very long tongue. It was rough like a cat's and stung the beaten flesh. To Paige's distress the nipple grew hard and pointy.

The demon took her breast in his mouth and his cheeks puffed out like he was blowing. Paige watched with amazement as her breast began to grow. It swelled up like some carnival balloon. Where before she was a sexy 36, her breast grew to 38's then on to what had to be 40's. And rounded out as well. A soccer ball would have looked smaller attached to her chest.

"Much better!"

The demon fondled her over-sized breast. Paige was just too stunned to curse. As she watched the demon leaned down, took her other breast in his mouth and repeated his magic on that one as well. Soon she was ever horny adolescents wet dream.

"You're going to enjoy those," the demon smiled. "Same amount of skin, just so much more underneath."

He ran the tip of a claw gently along the outside of her right breast. It felt to Paige as if he were doing it with a knife, steel heated cherry red. She almost thought she could smell the flesh sizzle. Paige gasped and watched a thin red line appear as the over stretched skin parted. After a moment bright red blood oozed from the cut. The demon smiled at her, stepped back and gave the whip a flick.

"Well maybe YOU won't," he chuckled. "But I most certainly will!"

With the first new blow Paige screamed, she could do no less. Where the previous blows had been painful, the sting of the whip on her over stretched skin was pure agony. She screamed and cursed the demon. She fought her bonds, straining her muscles until blood dripped down her arms from where the thorns bit deep.

The demon just smiled and kept at his task. Plying the whip as only a master could, he peeled the flesh from her breasts, agonizing inch by agonizing inch.

And not just her breast. This time the demon struck up and down the front of her body. He would give her breasts a few hits then drop lower, striking her chest and across her cum swollen belly. Hot fire inside, hot fire outside. Bit by bit he beat the tattered robe off her.

Paige noticed something strange in her agony, every blow across her stomach sent pain yes, but also seemed to push the warmth she felt in her stomach outward. It worked its way down. Was her belly growing smaller with each blow? In the midst of her pain a small part of Paige started to feel something different. What she was not sure.

The demon paused. He set the whip down and approached. Paige breathing in great pain racked gasps looked up at the moment's rest and saw the demon with a hard-on. One hell of a whipping induced hard-on.

"Nothing like a good beating to get the blood flowing." He gave his cock a stroke. "In more ways than one."

Reaching down he grabbed each breast, giving them a squeeze. Paige cursed him. The demon just smiled and Paige screamed as he sunk his claws into the bloody flesh. He moved up close and let his hard cock settle between her breasts. He flexed his hips and let his cock slide around on her chest until it was streaked red with her blood.

He pushed her tits together, surrounding his cock with the bloody flesh. He began slowly to stroke back and forth, fucking the warm wet red pit between the over-sized breasts.

To Paige it felt like someone was taking a steel file to her injured tits. The demon's cock rubbed across the cuts causing them to sting worse than before. Blood oozed out of the cuts, painting the demon's cock bright red. His cock was long and he used it's entire length to fuck her tits. He'd pull back so the head would just disappear, then push forward until it nearly hit her in the face.

The vine around her neck had been pulling her back all this time. She'd had to strain backwards to get enough relief to breath. Most of the time the brutal whipping had her neck pressed forward. It cut off her air and when Paige did get a chance to breath, it was in great gasps.

Suddenly the pressure around her neck released and her head lurched forward, just as the demon's cock came out of the valley of her breasts. Her eyes shot wide as her mouth found itself filled with the head of the demon's cock.

Ahhhh, that's my girl," the demon said and patted her on top of the head. "Finally getting into things, are we?"

Paige pulled back and spit the salty blood covered cock from her mouth.

"When my sisters get home," she hissed. "You're going to pay for this..."

The demon just smiled at her threat and went back to fucking her between the bloody breasts.

Curious how in the middle of big outrages, the mind can focus on the little things. Each time the demon pushed forward, his balls would slap against Paige's chest. Blood from between her breasts collected there and splashed when his balls hit. The blood was slowly dripping down her chest.

Paige felt one hot drop making its way slowly down her body. Her mind seemed to focus in on just that one hot drop. It rolled slowly down her nearly normal sized stomach and then pooling for a moment in her belly button. Her belly button filled with blood, then the now larger drop oozed out and move further down.

The slow moving blood found a path between the tatters of her robe and Paige felt it creep slowly nearer and nearer the top of her crotch. Even with the pain of the demon's cock fucking her between the breasts, the sting of her other wounds and the agony of muscles stretched from sharp biting bonds, her mind focused on that one hot drop of blood as it made its way into her crotch.

She felt it like a lover's finger and to her amazement, pleasure at the anticipation started bubbling up. Her clit started hardening and peeked from it's sheath just in time for the hot bloody drop to slide its way between her pussy's lips and pour gently across her now hard clit.

Paige had an orgasm as it did!

For several minutes Paige was lost in the pleasure. When her mind refocused, she noticed first the demon's face. It was split by a big shit eating grin. He'd paused his titty fuck while she'd had her orgasm.

"Having fun now?" he asked, as he resumed his strokes.

Paige didn't say anything. She was too amazed. What had just happened? The whipping was the worst thing she'd ever experienced, yet here at the height of her agony, she'd cum. Paige's mind was a chaotic jumble of thoughts.

Then Paige was brought back to the here and now, with a particularly cruel squeeze of her tits by the demon. His claws sunk deeper into her abused breasts causing Paige to scream. The demon rubbed his cock with her tortured tits and increase the speed of his strokes.

Paige screamed and cursed the demon. Everything before had been bad, but the way his cock was pummeling her breast now, rapid strokes back and forth, soon combined to make her whole chest feel like it was on fire. She pulled at her bonds until she could feel the skin around her wrists torn raw.

The demon gave a bellow of lust and a great spurt of cum shot out of his cock and splattered Paige across the face. Paige tried to turn her head but a second spurt hit her too. Some of it got in her eyes and stung. More spurts landed on her chin and dripped down her neck. The demon stepped back and taking his cock in hand, aimed it down. He shot a big spurt of sperm right at her left nipple.

When it hit her nipple, Paige's eyes flew open. Instead of more pain, pleasure!

Like rubbing an ice cube across a recent burn, where the demon's sperm coated her nipple, relief flowed out through pain tortured nerves. Her nipple felt like it was being kissed by a favored lover. Another spurt landed there and this one too brought blessed relief and erotic joy.

Paige watched as if outside her body unable to stop herself, as she pushed her other breast forward begging for its turn at relief. Its turn of pleasure. She strained against her bonds not caring they bit deeply into her flesh. Her body wanted the demon to come on her again.

The demon looked down at her with a grin and held his cock, waiting, just waiting.

Page strained forward harder against her bonds. The vine was her neck cutting off her air. Her chest heaved as she fought. Time stood still and her mind focus on that tiny slit in the head of the demon's cock begging in her mind for its milky treat.

He waited, not cumming, and somehow Paige knew what he wanted.

He wanted her to ask.

He wanted her to submit.

She began to pass out from the lack of air. The pain she felt was so intense and relief beckoned so near, Paige found she didn't have the strength to say no.

She gave a small broken nod.

With that little victory, the grinning demon shot a spurt of his sperm on her other nipple. Pleasure shot through Paige's body again. He aimed between her breasts and gave another spurt. Cool waves of pleasure. And again, on another pain soaked patch of skin. Shuddering joy. Stroking, slowly stroking, he bathed her tortured breasts and body with his sperm.

And Paige had an orgasm with every spurt...

(to be continued...)

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