tagNonHumanSin City Ch. 02

Sin City Ch. 02


First off I want to thank everyone for the great feedback and for voting on chapter 1, I really do appreciate it. As I commented, I hadn't originally planned on this story being more than a 1 chapter submission but since you, the wonderful Literotica readers, requested that I continue the story, here's chapter 2. Hope you enjoy it and again, comments & voting appreciated.

Blessed Be,



Kylie smiled as she stirred, inhaling Shawn's wonderful scent of salty ocean air and the passionate sex from last night and early this morning before she passed out in a sweaty heap in his arms. She felt his strong and very warm body pressed against her back with his arm wrapped securely and lovingly around her soft body. She snuggled back against him, her body stiff but not as sore as she expected after the marathon sessions of intense love making and primal exploration of each others bodies. She let out a contented purr as she thought back to the crazy things that happened since she first saw her mate last night at her club, Sin City.

His long fiery red hair, tall and thick muscular body, the sexy hazel eyes that looked at her with so much passion and longing and his incredibly soft and thick lips that had kissed every inch of her body. Her blood and arousal heated up immediately as she recalled how incredible his large cock felt as he buried it deep inside her and his strong hands massaging and teasing her large breasts as they made love. She felt her nipples tighten painfully hard and her pussy get slick with juices as his raging hard on pressed against her ass, making her lustful and wanton for him immediately.

"Mmmm, someone didn't get enough last night, huh sweetness" he asked, his voice an incredibly sexy sleepy whisper, his hot breath against her ear.

"I'm not the only one who woke up still wanting more, love" she seductively cooed at him as her ass wiggled against his now throbbing member, causing him to growl and press it against her harder .

"I told you last night, I'll never get enough of you love. You and your incredible body are addictive and as vital to my body as my need for blood."

Shawn gently pulled Kylie onto her back and moved himself between her legs so that he could look into her beautiful face, her icy blue-gray eyes smoky with desire as she smiled at him. He leaned in and kissed her softly, his erection pressing against her wetness and his arms bent supporting his weight above her. Kylie wrapped her arms around his neck and ran her fingers through his soft hair, stroking his shoulders and back as she lost herself in their passionate kiss. She moaned into his mouth as she felt his hand cup a breast, his fingers rubbing the hard nipple lightly then pinching it as his kiss deepened and became primal and hard.

"Baby wait, I need to talk to you before we get lost in ourselves again" she huskily gasped after managing to pull her mouth free.

He growled in frustration but moved so he was sitting next to her, his hazel eyes dark with lust and disappointment. Kylie sat up and kissed him gently on the lips, stroking his cheek to soothe him.

"I'm sorry my love, but I need to know some things about you and this life. I promise to make it up to you later" she said as her lips curled into a lustful grin.

"Oh you definitely will mate, I'll make sure of it" he told her with a wink as his face softened with his understanding of her need for information.

"How old are you Shawn?"

"I'm 400 years old."

"No shit? Damn, how did it happen?"

"I was a cocky 27 year old that had been traveling from territory to territory in England during the English Civil War in the mid 1600's. My parents had died when I was 15 and the only skill I had was as a blacksmith like my father. I had been attacked and left for dead by some Scottish soldiers for mouthing off to them in front of a group of villagers when Roland found me. He asked me if I was ready to die and I begged him to help me, that I didn't want to die. He must have seen something in me, because he sired me and taught me about my new life. He became the stable influence that I desperately needed to rein in my wild and stupid antics and that was one hell of a rough job let me assure you.

"It took a long time, but he taught me patience and wisdom, becoming a father to me. We stayed together and traveled all over Europe for the next 250 years, but he was slaughtered by another vampire named Micah out of twisted revenge. Roland had caught him raping and trying to turn an innocent 14 year old girl and forcibly stopped him, pissing him off. A few weeks later, Micah managed to sneak up on Roland while he was enjoying the company of a beautiful human and his guard was down. I became lost in grief and violence, allowing myself to lose control for the first time in many years, I went completely feral & avenged my father's murder. I realized I couldn't stay in Europe, so I came to America in 1904 and have been here ever since."

Suddenly Kylie tensed and whimpered as her stomach cramped and her head began to throb, her body trembling and she turned her head to the side, looking away from Shawn.

"What's wrong sweetness" he asked with concern filling his eyes and voice as he pulled her into his arms staring into her eyes.

"I feel like hell all of a sudden. My head and stomach hurt and I feel weak and strange."

He grunted and mentally cursed himself, "I am so sorry baby, I got so carried away that I became neglectful. You need to feed, that's why you feel like that. Your bloodlust is going to be incredibly strong for quite a while and you'll need to feed often. It's been so long since I was a youngling that I forgot how hard it is to control and how frequent you'll need to feed."

"So does this mean that I'll have to hunt random strangers and drain them? Become a killer" she asked as her eyes filled with the fear that was now nauseatingly rolling off her body in waves.

"Yes, you'll need to hunt to feed for a while, but you won't drain them. We don't have to kill humans to feed, we simply take enough to satisfy our hunger and use our ability to make them forget what happened. I promise you baby, I'll teach you how to do it safely."

"So much for my knowledge of vampires huh? Dammit!" she growled in frustration at thinking she knew so much. "Will I always need to hunt humans to survive?"

"No love, only for the first few months, after that your need to feed so often will lessen. Once that happens, we'll be able to feed from each other enough to regularly satisfy our needs. But there may be times when you'll still need or want to feed from a human but that's normal sweetness, I promise."

He leaned and kissed her forehead gently, "I want you to feed off me a little to help you regain some strength, then we'll go and find someone for you to feed from fully."

Shawn bared his neck and pulled Kylie's face to it, her instincts took over and her fangs elongated, she sank them into his artery, moaning as his tangy blood flowed into her mouth. He allowed her to feed shortly then told her to stop, so she reluctantly pulled her fangs out and licked the wound closed before sitting back. The cramping and headache eased considerably, but didn't go away completely, but her trembling and feeling of weakness stopped which she was grateful for.

"Feel better sweetness?"

"Yes, thank you my love" she said before kissing him deeply, suddenly feeling aroused and needing him to fuck her right then.

"Not yet love, you need to feed fully or else you'll get too weak again. Bloodlust is powerful and you'll have a hard time keeping it under control at first. Now a quick shower and then we need to go find you a meal."

The shower wasn't as quick as it could have been because Kylie's arousal wouldn't lessen so Shawn had to finally use his mouth to bring her to orgasm so that she could focus. After their shower, Kylie called Sam to let him know that she was going to take a few days off and wouldn't be coming in to the club, so he was in charge. She assured him she was fine when he questioned her sudden need for time away, which was totally unlike her. She promised she would explain everything to him when she came back and that if he needed her, she was just a phone call away.

After making the call, she put her clothes from the night before on and they went back to her place so that she could change and pack a couple bags. Shawn had insisted that she stay with him and she didn't argue, she didn't want to be anywhere but in his bed and in the safety of his arms. He told her they would worry about what to do with her house later, right now helping her adapt and learn her new life was what mattered most.

He drove them downtown to a club where they used the back entrance and headed downstairs to a secluded area and Kylie quickly realized that it was a different kind of VIP section. There was a small dance floor, a few tables and large booths with a small bar and several doors along each wall. Kylie was overwhelmed by the scent of sex and blood in the air, her already dwindling self restraint was immediately pushed and she was fighting for control. Shawn wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and pulled her with him as leaned back against the wall and lowered his head to her neck, nipping her shoulder.

Easy my love, I know your having a hard time controlling yourself but you need to concentrate. Look around and find who you want, but make sure they are alone.

Kylie gasped as she heard Shawn's words in her head, forgetting about the mental link they now had from being mates and drinking from each other.

What is this place?

This club is owned by a vampire so this lower section is for us find humans to sate our desires with. Feeding is easy here because privacy is assured and not all vampires come here only to feed. As you're discovering, we are very sexual creatures with voracious appetites, so feeding is usually very erotic and usually involves sex.

So I just get to choose someone? Wait, the men in here are all vampires aren't they?


So that means I'm going to be feeding from a woman. Does that mean I'm going to be having sex with a woman so I can feed from her?

No love, you can feed without having sex. But when we feed from a live donor, we usually prefer sex with them because we can sate both desires at the same time. The endorphins released during orgasm increase the restorative energy and taste of the blood as well, so it's the preferred method of feeding.

As they were having their discussion, Kylie spotted a petite blonde sitting alone beside the dance floor, looking slightly nervous and frustrated. She focused on the woman, Kylie's enhanced senses scented her arousal and noted her flushed skin as the girl watched couples on the dance floor and in the booths. She turned to look at Shawn and he simply nodded his approval then walked over to one of the doors on the wall near the girl. He opened the door and motioned Kylie inside, telling her he was going to "pick up" dinner and would be right back.

Kylie laughed as he closed the door, she walked over to the queen size bed along the far wall and sat down, kicking off her shoes and unbuttoning a couple more buttons on her blouse. She moved so that she was sitting up against the headboard and bent one of her legs so that her foot was flat on the mattress with her legs spread slightly. Her short skirt was now raised high enough that you could see she was not wearing panties and her wet slit was visible but not fully displayed, she didn't want to overwhelm the girl, just tease Shawn.

When they walked into the room, the girl tensed in Shawn's arms as soon as she saw Kylie on the bed, Shawn however growled lustfully as his immediate arousal pressed against the top the girl's ass as stared at Kylie's body. He gave the girl a slight mental push, telling her she wanted to join he and Kylie in bed and flashed images of the intense pleasure she'd get from them. The girl turned in Shawn's arms to face him and he kissed her neck as he began walking her backwards so that she was standing next to the bed where Kylie was now waiting on her knees.

Kylie ran her hands up and down her back before her hands began squeezing and kneading the girls small ass, her mouth moving to her neck as Shawn reached down for the hem of her glittery top. He bent down and began kissing her belly and moving up towards her chest as he pulled her top up and then over her head, exposing her creamy breasts spilling out of her lacy bra. He undid the clasp and removed it, exposing the ample globes, his eyes turned dark green as they filled with lust before taking a pale pink nipple into his mouth, nipping it with his teeth. The girl moaned loudly and pressed her hands against the back of Shawn's head, pressing his mouth firmly onto her breast as her head fell back and her eyes closed.

Kylie's hands reached around and begin massaging the breast that wasn't in Shawn's mouth as her other hand stroked the girl's belly, pulling on the small ring in her navel making her hiss in pleasure. Shawn knelt down in front of her, pulling her skirt and thong over her hips and down her legs, helping her step out of them before licking her inner thighs and inhaling the scent of arousal from her soaked cunt.

Are you ready my love? She's so aroused it won't take long before she cums. Just as she's about to orgasm, that's when you need to bite her, just like you bit me.

I'm ready my love, please hurry I'm starting to really struggle with my need to drink from her.

Shawn slid his tongue into the sopping folds of the girl's slit and moved up to her puffy clit before grinding his tongue against it, making the girl shudder hard and gasp loudly. She turned her head to the side and kissed Kylie hard on the mouth as Kylie's hands were massaging and teasing her small nipples, causing her to arch her back. Kylie sent a mental warning to Shawn before pulling the girl back so that she was sitting on the bed, her back pressed against Kylie's now naked body. Shawn kept his mouth glued to the girl's weeping cunt and continued his oral ministrations and slid 2 fingers inside hard, curling and flexing them. Kylie could feel the girl's body begin to tense and her breathing become shallow gasps as she teetered on the brink of orgasm, so Kylie buried her face into her neck and pinched hard on her nipples.

The girl cried out as the first tingle of her climax sparked through her body and Kylie smiled as her fangs elongated then sunk them deep where the shoulder and neck join. The girl let out a shriek as her body convulsed and shattered with an orgasm so overwhelming, she felt like she might pass out. Her head swimming from the electric sensations pulsing through her entire body as she continuously cried out and rode the tidal wave. Shawn's lips never left her pussy, he moved down to lap up her gushing juices as his hand continued stroking her clit as Kylie drank her fill of blood, moaning with desire.

That's enough baby, you need to stop or else you'll take too much and might stop her heart or leave her too weak to breathe.

Kylie withdrew her fangs, licking the wound closed and causing the girl to shiver and moan weakly as her sweaty body began to relax from the intensity of her orgasm & Kylie's feeding. She mumbled something as she passed out and fell against Kylie before Shawn stood and picked her up, carrying her over to the couch and laying her sleeping body on it. He turned and looked at Kylie who was laying on the bed naked and fingering her drenched pussy, her eyes clouded over with lust and need were locked onto Shawn. Shawn growled loudly and pulled his shirt off before laying in between Kylies legs and burying his face into her sweet mound, sucking her juices before latching onto her clit. He wanted to take his time and tease her, but he knew that she was so primed from the feeding and erotic play that she needed her release to happen quickly.

After two rapid fire orgasms, Shawn stood licking his lips and took off his jeans, then grabbed Kylie's ankle and drug her to the side of the bed before pulling her into a standing position and turning her to face away. He bent her over and used his leg to spread hers wider, rubbing the engorged head of his raging hard on against her wet slit before grabbing her hips and slamming into her as quick as he could. Both of their feral sides were in control, growling and hissing their pleasure as Shawn roughly fucked Kylie and she thrust back, fucking him just as intensely.

"Fuck Kylie, you feel so good baby! Christ, your cunt is so hot and wet."

"Oh god Shawn, your big cock feels so good inside me! That's it, fuck yeah. Fuck my pussy baby, make me cum all over you."

Shawn leaned against Kylie's back, kissing her back and neck, knowing that he wasn't going to last so he reached around and began stroking her clit hard as he wrapped the other arm around her waist. Kylie hissed and growled, her muscles clenching around Shawn as he thrust in and out of her core as hard and fast as he could before she screamed out.


Her climax raced through her body, the flames of need and pleasure engulfing her body as her vaginal muscles spasmed then clenched tight onto his cock. He cursed loudly feeling like her pussy was going to flatten his dick before relaxing just enough that he was able to thrust a couple more times and then his balls let his load go. Spurt after long spurt of his thick sticky cum shot deep inside Kylie's womb as he grunted and held onto her for dear life as his sweat dripped onto her back.

"Wow, that was wild" Kylie panted as they both stood and she turned, placing a kiss on his lips.

"You bring out my animal side baby, what can I say" he chuckled as they both climbed onto the bed and collapsed into each others arms.

"So how did she taste?" Kylie asked Shawn, her eyes still filled with lust and a smirk on her face.

"Not bad, but no where near as sweet and delicious as you baby."

"Good answer my love" she said giggling as she wiggled her ass against his still semi-erect cock.

"Why Kylie, are you jealous sweetness?" He teased as the hand that had been cupping her breast began gently pinching her nipple.

She moved on top of him and sat straddling his waist then looked down at him, a strong feeling of possessiveness and need to remind him who he belonged with running through her post orgasmic bliss filled mind. She leaned down and crushed her mouth to his, her tongue running over his lips and then sucking on his tongue, tasting the other woman's juices in his mouth still. She ground her dripping pussy against his stiffening cock causing her nipples to rub against his muscled chest and Shawn to growl into her mouth. He knew what she was doing, she was letting him know in no uncertain terms that while she understood why he did what he did, she wasn't pleased that he had another woman's scent and taste on his body. The possessiveness of her mated vampire was in control and he simply responded to her and let her have control over their love making this time, knowing that she needed this.

As they made love again, Kylie was grateful to Shawn for letting her set the pace to appease her temper and wildly possessive mated side, which was very strong and ran even deeper than she imagined it would. They dressed the girl and Shawn carried her back to the booth she had been sitting in earlier and gently placed her so that she was sitting up and gave the bartender a knowing nod before they headed outside. They had just gotten to Shawn's truck when his cell phone rang and he groaned as he pulled it out of his pocket, but smiled when he saw the caller ID display before answering it. He opened Kylie's door and whispered an apology but said he had to take the call and closed her door and walked to the back of the truck to talk to his best friend Christian.

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