tagGroup SexSin City: Hotel Desire

Sin City: Hotel Desire


The Job:

I love Las Vegas. Big little city of sin placed strategically in the middle of the Nevada desert, just out of sight of the rest of the world. Tucked away where it can be hidden from sight like a bad stepchild, yet easily accessible enough to sneak away to and relieve life's pent up frustrations with a weekend of torrid indiscretions. It's the city of overindulgence and I love every buzzing neon sign, every empty beer bottle left on the sidewalk, every sexually suggestive flier that litters the street corner, the topless bars, cheesy wedding chapels, and of course, the casinos.

It's my first day working in a casino. I had been promised a job on the gambling floor as a cocktail waitress or at least a change girl, but instead I find myself in a maids dress. What a rip off!! I came here to flirt with the patrons for tips and tease the bartenders with a flash of black lace thigh highs with no panties as I place each order. Instead, I'm stuck cleaning up after everyone else who had gotten lucky. The cum stains on the carpet and condom wrappers strewn across the beds were disgustingly arousing at first, but by lunch I am just frustrated, horny and depressed.

I eat my lunch at the bar in the casino, which is where I wanted to be in the first place. My spirits rise as the bartender keeps eyeing me hungrily. His steely blue eyes peaking thru the wisps of blonde hair that have fallen across his face. Now, normally, I don't go for blondes, but right now I'm not picky. Besides, he really is rather cute. Boyish facial features looking through the manly scruff of a week old beard, white dress shirt showing off the strength of his broad shoulders, and black slacks that hug an apple of an ass, and do nothing to hide a ripe bulge proudly protruding form his crotch.

He asks if he can get me anything. I laugh, lean foreword, and whisper in his ear.

" A ride on your face, and a side of COCK! And make it a double."

"I get off at 10pm." he replies, " Meet me here, and you'll be getting off by 10:30!"

I roll his earlobe gently between my teeth, then turn and leave him, dragging my fingertips over the mound in his pants struggling to get free.

The Tower:

After lunch I am assigned to the tower. The fantasy suites. This peaks my interest! I had no idea what to expect. One thing was a given, whatever lie the other side of those doors was bound to be more glamorous than what I'd seen all morning. As I ride the elevator up the the 22nd floor my imagination runs wild. What is up there? A jungle room for Tarzan? A Roman bath house? An arabian palace for the emperor and his herim? What would my fantasy be? I envision a hot tub with a huge fountain in the center in the shape of a phallus oozing hot foam like a newly opened bottle of champaign. I could almost feel the jets pounding my pussy. The thought turns my thighs moist with the juices from my ripe twat.

I step out of the elevator with my cart carrying the usual compliment of linens and toiletries, plus an extensive assortment of body oils, warning gels and tantalizing lubricating ointments for the adventure seeking guests who reserve a specialty suite such as these. It looked like every other hallway I'd walked down today. I was disappointed. I expected something more. My anticipation mounts as I approach the first door. I slip my key in the lock. My heart is racing.

"Maid service".

There is no answer. I push the door open and stand amazed at the view before me. A plush velvet room of red from floor to ceiling. Long satin curtains hang heavily surrounding a circular bed which stands high off the floor in the center of the room. The lights are low, and the chandelier glitters, spreading the dim light throughout the room.

I walk the the edge of the bed, awe struck with its extravagance. I imagine how it would feel to sleep here. I crawl up onto the bed, and sit on my knees. I pull the smooth red satin of the sheet up my thighs and let it brush along my aching pussy. Oh my god! What I wouldn't give to have someone eat me out right here, right NOW!

I slip off my dress and lay naked in the pile of satin. The bed is so soft, so cool against my skin. I pull the curtains shut and I am plunged into near total darkness. I lay back, reaching my fingers between my wet thighs, pull my knees apart and tease my poor lonely little pussy. Finding my clit full and tingling with anticipation, I swirl my fingers in my slippery slit until I cum. A pathetically small release compared to the good fuck I really need. But I can only do so much by myself. I lay there a few minutes more enjoying the cool of the sheets against my flushed skin.

I'm not sure how long I had slept, but it could not have been more than a few minutes. I am pleasantly awakened , still surrounded by the dark of my cave, by a body pressing against my backside. A delightfully hard, strong, warm, naked body slides up behind me. An arm reaches around my throat, and a hand reaching the opposite direction catches my breast, pinching my nipple between the thumb and forefinger. I consider screaming, but then I feel his rod harden against my low back and slide it's way down my buttocks. I am so excited by the prospect of getting the dick I had been longing for all day that I instead let out a sigh. I can feel my pussy throb with desire, my lips sliding against one another as I arch my back, pushing my ass up toward him. He plunges his cock deep into my hot wet pussy. Rock hard he hammers against my twat with the vengeance of a jackhammer, his balls whipping my clit with every thrust. Electricity surges through my cunt and through my body, I am nearly paralyzed by the power and force of his stroke.

OH YES! This is what I've been looking for. How could it possibly get better than this? Just then a familiar scent, and a soft touch against my lips. Mmmm...it's another penis. I lick my lips and immediately take it in my mouth. OH HEAVEN!! My pussy devouring one cock between my legs, and my tongue wrapped around another in my mouth! I reach one hand behind me and grab a handful of perfectly plump ass and push him harder and harder into me. With my other hand I grip the base of the shaft filling my throat, and stroke in rhythm with my pussy.

The arm from around my neck loosens and a hand makes it's way to my other breast and pinches my already erect nipple. A bolt of sharp pleasure pierces my body. I want to scream "Harder!", but I dare not let go of the prick in my mouth. I instead suck harder, deeper, until the explosion of sticky sweet sap runs down my throat. With the taste of cum in my mouth, I begin to cum myself. Still suckling the now wilting shaft in my mouth I close my lips thigh around it as I moan and scream in ecstasy. The sound vibrates through his member, and again it begins to harden. My pussy spasms with a rhythm that pulls him deeper into me sending chills of pure pleasure up my spine as he explodes deep in my belly.My body convulses with the overwhelming sensation of satisfaction.

Not wanting to let my mysterious lovers go just yet, I squeeze my twat tight around the fading cock between my legs, and grip thight with my fist the one at my throat. I stop only briefly to gasp for breath, then I place the tip back in my mouth and suck it until it courses with that sweet jelly I love so much!

In exhaustion, I relax. "don't go" I whisper, but my lovers retreat. I nearly fall asleep again when I remember where I am. In a jolt I throw open the curtains to return to my work. There is no one in the room, but I hardly have time to think about that. I'm sure someone has noticed I'm missing by now. I quickly dress, put the room back together, and return to my cart.

Black and Blue:

In the hall I am alone. I walk slowly to the next door. My body still trembling from my encounter, I slide my key in the lock.

"Maid service"

No answer.

I enter into a completely darkened room. I search for a light switch, but find only leather on the wall. I bump into a chain dangling from the ceiling and turn back for the door. I am not ready for this room! I like adventure, but bondage? I have no experience with that! I am plunged into black as the door slams shut before me, and I feel myself grabbed from behind. My screams are answered only with laughter. A deep male voice adds "Oh yes, she's a feisty little slut this one."

I am blindfolded, stripped, and bound to a mattress on the floor spread-eagle. I lie there cold and confused. Was this going to be painful or pleasurable? The room falls silent. I can feel light shining on my body through the cold air. My nipples standing erect, my cunt laying open for all to see. I can hear breathing around me. How many, I do not know. From the edges of my blindfold I see the lights changing color and direction. Blue, then red, purple and green. Then music. So loud. I can't hear the room around me anymore. Am I alone? How many people are watching me? My brain begins to panic.

I feel someone kneel on the mattress next to me. Feminine hands begin to smear a cold paste on my chest. She covers my breasts with at creamy layer twisting my nipples. She works her way down my front, across my belly and down my thighs. She smacks my pussy leaving a mound of liquid fire melting there. My body jolts, pulling tight against the restraints.

My skin begins to tingle, the paste melts on my body and almost burns. My twat is on fire! My nipples feel like rockets burning with jet fuel. I feel my pussy swell and drip with juice. It feels cold compared to the temperature of my skin. Then I feel an icy breeze. She is blowing across my burning crotch, her breath like snow crystals. She flicks my clit with the tip of her tongue. I scream in ecstasy. I long for more, but suddenly she is gone. Where did she go?

I hear the crack of a whip and my body stiffens. She drags the leather across my breasts, down my stomach, and between my thighs teasing my twat. I hear the crack again and a breeze passes across my clit. CRACK! The tip of the leather brushes my cunt making it drip even more profusely with it's nectar. One last CRACK...then silince...I feel thighs slide down either side of my face, and a mystifying yet familiar scent fills my nostrils. It's pussy. She is straddling my face. She drags her labia across my lips. I've never eaten pussy before, but obviously she wants me to.

I stick my tongue out and lick up and down the length of her slit. She begins to grind harder against my mouth. She reaches behind her and pinches my burning nipples. When I scream she shoves her cunt hard on my face. I suck as hard as I can, sticking my tongue deep inside her, tasting her warm syrupy cum. She rides my mouth to the end of her orgasm, then she begins to pull away. I try to follow, but my reach is tethered by a collar. She CAN'T leave! I'm not done! I Must taste her pussy again! To my delight she lowers herself back down onto my lips and I happily kiss her. Gently sucking until every last drop of juice is gone. Satisfied with my performance, she rises, and disappears into the abyss.

My pussy is heavy and wet. I want to cum. I need to cum I know if someone, anyone would just touch me I would. But no one seems to be around. I'm writhing in near pain, ultimate frustration, and a need to fuck like I've never known. I feel high like I'm floating. I've been drugged! What ever is in this paste is making me hot, high, and HORNY! My head is spinning. Even if i could see, I'm not sure my eyes would focus. Background noises begin to bleed together. I can hear voices, but I can't make out that they are saying.

My clit is throbbing, my cunt dripping. I need to get off! I try to shout out "Please, somebody fuck me!" but I'm not even sure if I'm really saying anything out loud or just thinking it. I continue begging, but to no avail. I try in vain to reach my pussy with my fingers, but it's no use. I am strapped down too tightly. "Please! Just lick me, eat my pussy, FUCK ME!"

I feel a crowd gather round me, and my blindfold is removed. I cannot see straight through the drug driven haze. I make out 5 figures, some male, some female. It's difficult to see in the dark, but in the changing colored lights the smears of hallucinogenic body paint glows a beautiful blue. It is spread over their faces, chests, and genitalia. A male figure moves toward me stroking himself and grunting. Two females caress one another, kissing with full tongues, fingers teasing one another's nipples and plunging into the slits between their thighs.

"Please!" I say trying to make eye contact.

At first there is no response, then the group descends upon me. tongues bathing me, teeth pulling at my flesh, devouring the drug from my body. My mind is whirling. I don't know which way is up, nor do I care really. I just want someone to eat my cunt! Tears roll down my cheeks as I cry for mercy. "Please, a tongue, a cock, anything...just fuck me. FUCK ME!"

Suddenly I feel knees shoved up under my butt, my back arches and hands grab my hips lifting me onto a monumental rock hard prick. I tighten to grip him as tightly as I can as he reaches deep inside me, so far it almost hurts. Pounding my little pussy, pulling me against him harder and harder. My clit feels like it will explode any second. The world is tumbling, I can hardly breathe. Tongues lap at my nipples while he beats my pussy with his rod. Explosions of heat and energy rip through my twat as I cum. Waves like spurting fire fill my body as he climaxes. Whimpering I slowly release my pussy's death grip on his penis, and I relax, gasping for air.

I am nearly blind, and everything sounds like it's under water. I am floating in mid air, the earth swirling around me. I can make out the thrusts and cries of the orgy going on around me, but my consciousness drifts away to black. I feel like I'm in a cocoon, and I sleep.

When I awake, the straps that held me are gone. My dress lie next to me in a tangle on the floor. My only proof that anything really happened here is a leather collar still around my neck, and a smear of blue that stains my nipples. I quickly dress and run for the only source of light in the room, the door which now stands partially open. I am blinded by the light as I step into the hallway. Still dizzy I shade my eyes with my hand and fumble with the key to get into the next room before someone happens by.

The City:

I quickly open the door and slip inside. The room is bathed in white. Large pillars, flowing curtains, water fountains, and a hot tub sunken into the floor with a view of the Las Vegas strip through a wall of glass.

Still sticky from the orgy, I decide to clean myself with a quick dip. I slip off my dress, which I realize has spent more time on the floor today than it has on me. I turn on the jets, and step into the warm water one foot at a time. It feels so refreshing. Like champaign bubbles on my skin. I sink down into the bubbling water until my breasts float weightlessly on the water, my nipples tantalized by the current.

Night is falling, the lights of the city are coming on. It's beautiful. I face the far edge of the hot tub and rest my arms on the side gazing out at the view. As I sit I find my pussy resting over a jet. The bubbles caress my inner thighs and rush over my twat sending chills throughout my body. I slowly begin to ride the waves of the jet, allowing it to push me gently from side to side.

I find it scrumptiously perfect how the Las Vegas strip, the heart of Sin City, with it's reputation for loose women, looks, from the sky, like a 2 mile long cunt. Defined on either side by glittering hotels full of raw flesh and booze. The dark shining pyramid of the Luxor protruding like a ripe throbbing button at one end, and the stratosphere standing tall and proud, reaching into the sky high above like a throbbing cock ready to dive in at any moment.

I reach my hands down into the water and begin to pull on my nipples when suddenly I feel fingers caress my clit. Startled, I turn around to find a woman in the hot tub with me. She too is nude. She smiles a coy smile, and reaches again between my thighs and inserts a single finger. Slowly dragging it in and out, she kisses me. I back against the wall of the hot tub, she presses hard against me, her breasts pressing against mine. I pull myself up onto the edge of the hot tub and sit on the floor, my back to the Las Vegas strip. She stands before me and spreads my thighs. She licks up and down the folds of my twat, then buries her face in my crotch gently biting. I fall back against the window and melt with every twitch of her velvet tongue.

She stands, grabs my hips, and flips me over onto my knees to face the strip below. She turns and sits in the hot tub, throws her head back face up between my legs, and pulls me down onto her. My arms bracing me against the window I lower myself onto her mouth, and she begins to suck. Her lips envelope the entirety of my pussy, from my clit to my ass. Then she rolls my hips foreword and runs her tongue around the opening of my anus. Reaching a finger inside my cunt as if to check and see if I'm ripe. She removes it dripping with lubricant. Again her mouth finds my pussy, and I begin to pant with pleasure. She teases my ass with her wet finger, all the while sucking hard on my cunt. She penetrates me. Fucking me, and sucking me off at the same time. I look out over the city and wonder if anyone were looking up at me. Watching me hump her face, grinding into her teeth, as she fucks my ass with her finger.

Suddenly she bites down and begins to scream into my pussy. She had found my jet. The convulsions of her body as she cums brings me to my own climax. I throw myself against the glass embracing the city below me, fucking the city I love, and cumming on it's rooftops. As she sucks my pulsing twat I watch the city bustling below me. Traffic flowing, neon blinking, completely unaware of my orgasmic tribute to it. My love for it trickling down my leg as she leaves me.

I hear water splashing behind me. I turn and see the woman walking out of the room. I sink back into the water bathing myself once more in the bubbling pool, and look out lovingly over my city. I stand, rising from the warmth my nipples harden in the cool air of the room. Steam rises off my skin as I step from the hot tub, and let the air bathe my body in goose bumps. I pull my stockings up , and slip my dress over my moist body and take my leave, looking one last time at the view of the strip before shutting the door.

The Porn Star:

I am really getting to like this place. Lost in the magic of the day, I forget to announce myself before entering the next room. Music floods my ears. Rhythmic, almost like 70's disco, but with a harder edge. This is truly music to fuck by!

A couple writhes together on a white satin bed in the center of the room. They have not heard me enter, and I don't want to disturb their lovemaking. I stand there just inside the bathroom door, and peek around the wall.

The woman lay on her back, thighs spread wide with the mans face buried deep in her crotch. She in turn was swallowing his cock which dangles into her mouth from above. She caresses his muscular chiseled rear as he plunges in and out sending his sex further and further down her throat.

I watch his ass bob up and down. His olive skin begins to perspire. I can smell his sex from across the room. I want to feel him inside me. I want him to fill me with his honey. I want to taste it. I feel my pussy swell, and my clit begin to throb. I pull my skirt up and run a finger up and down my slick little slit. God how I'd like to join them.

She pushes his pelvis off her face, flips herself over, and slides over the edge of the bed. Her bum round and plump sways in the air, her knees planted wide, her breasts buoyant on the top of the mattress. He stands, stroking himself as he walks around the bed behind her and positions himself. He leans foreword and bites her shoulder as he thrusts into her. They vocalize their pleasure with grunts and pants of desire. She snaps her head back as if posing for a photo. She licks her lips as her eyes move over the room. I freeze as her gaze passes over me. I fear they will stop their passion in my presence, but instead she smiles and motions me to her.

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