tagInterracial LoveSin on Little Mill Road Pt. 02

Sin on Little Mill Road Pt. 02


After the New Year's Eve adventure, it was cold and nasty the next several weeks so we elected to stay in the city. I made sure to put extra attention into doting on Kami, being a good husband and telling her often that I loved her. I had no idea where we were going to go sexually after that weekend, but I was certain I didn't want the events to drag on us as a negative. Fortunately, Kami's period started right on time a week after our return, and although no words were spoken, I knew she felt relief.

Since we hadn't spent much time tidying up before we left, the first time back out we dedicated ourselves to giving the place a thorough cleaning, and when we were done with the house, I recalled the bins with the toys and paraphernalia still sitting in the garage.

"Honey, I'm going to go deal with your uncle's sex stuff," I said.

"I thought you already got rid of it," she replied with a small grin.

"I was thinking about what to keep," I answered, while moving towards the door with several trash bags in my hand.

"Yeah, right!" she called out as I left.

I had just moved the interesting containers to the work bench so they would be at a better height when Kami walked in.

"What's up?" I said, a bit surprised she would appear, as she had shown mostly disgust when she first encountered the items.

"I don't know. I guess I'm curious," she answered.

I had started with the expectation that it would be a five-minute job to transfer the contents to the garbage bags, but as soon as I opened the first bin I was amazed to find my wife picking up things and asking questions. In fact, after twenty minutes had elapsed, not one single thing had been discarded.

"You sure seem to be taking an interest in this stuff," I challenged her, and instantly she turned red.

"I...I still can't believe it," she replied, avoiding the intent of my statement.

"Okay, look I'm going to start throwing things in the bag. If you want to keep them you better say so," I stated, but first took a red ball gag, a set of restraints and a pen sized vibrator out and set them on the bench.

"What are those for?" she asked with a confused look.

"I'm keeping them," I answered.

"What!" she cried out.

It had been an intentionally provocative statement, so I was pleased when she didn't demand that I throw them away. I picked up a bizarre looking device that looked too complicated and tossed it into the bag then did the same with several more things while Kami looked on. However, when I grabbed an eight-inch black dildo and was about to put it into the bag she stopped me.

"Should we keep it for Chris?" she asked in mock seriousness.

Her comment was so out of character for her that I burst out laughing and she quickly joined me.

"Okay," I said placing it in the keep pile while continuing to chuckle.

"Are you for real?" she shot out.

"Yes," I answered while turning so she couldn't see the smirk on my face, and surprisingly she didn't argue.

From there, we went through the rest of the items quickly, and when we were finished, I had set aside the gag, the small vibrator, the restraints, the black dildo along with a set of handcuffs and all the outfits. Finally, we were down to the Sybian and I was forced to try to explain its purpose. In the end, I just used my phone to find a video showing it in use and watched as my wife's eyes got big.

"God, get rid of that thing," she said in disgust.

"You sure?" I teased.

"Honey, that thing will never come near me," she declared, then after a short pause she added, "Throw those things away too."

"No, not now," I countered, defending my stack.

"Why?" she fired back, suddenly showing some annoyance.

"Let's just keep them for a while," I tried, and was happy when she let it go.

"I just really can't believe my uncle was involved in all this. And what about Aunt Kay! If she was alive to know about this she would have gone insane," she suddenly let fly while looking directly at me.

I tried my best not to show any response, but I couldn't hide me thoughts completely, and Kami, who knows me so well, instantly picked up on it.

"What?" she asked, giving me a hard stare.

"Nothing," I replied, realizing that my response was weak.

"Phillip. Don't lie to me," she demanded, while taking my chin in her hand.

"Kami, you really, really need to let it go," I pleaded.

"What did you find? What are you not telling me?" she pushed.

"Kami, please," I begged.

"What is it? It's my family. I have a right," she continued, with her voice rising.

I knew if I told her she would get very upset, but she was being quite deliberate. She can be an extremely stubborn person, and I realized it would be almost impossible to completely fend her off. So, I decided to try and give her just enough info that she would understand the significance and back away.

"Kami...honey. I found some pictures," I explained.

"Pictures...of Uncle Joe?" she started, then suddenly she stopped and I watched as her brain churned before she suddenly cried out, "Oh my God...Oh God. Is Aunt Kay in them?"

I was certain I hadn't provided a visual clue that led her to that conclusion, but once she stated it, my expression gave me away.

"Kami..." I started but was cut off.

"Is Aunt Kay in the pictures?" she shot back.

"Yes," I answered in a low voice, and she immediately turned and left.

I puttered around the garage for the next thirty minutes giving her time to process the information and calm down. Then, with a deep breath, I went inside.

"I want to see them," she called out from the couch, as soon as I entered.

I could tell she had been crying and was clearly upset, but her request still stunned me, as I had expected her to tell me to destroy everything and never tell a soul.

"Kami, that's not a good idea," I replied.

"Phillip, give me the pictures right now," she demanded.

Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I gathered my laptop and the CD and took them to her.

"The pictures are on the CD," I said softly, and went back outside.

An hour later, I returned and found her still sitting where I had left her. The laptop was beside her, and she looked exhausted. I went and sat next to her and took her hand in mine, but she was completely unresponsive. At least ten minutes went by before she finally spoke.

"This place is some dirty sexual place...Uncle Joe, Aunt Kay, the pastor, Chris and even Trish and John. It has some evil power," she said, then choked up for a moment before she continued, "I loved Aunt Kay. She was my mentor. What now?"

"Honey, you still love her and she was and is your mentor. Nothing in those pics showed anyone getting hurt. In fact, they looked very happy. Let's don't judge them, let's be glad they enjoyed themselves," I replied, trying to pick my words carefully.

"My God Phillip. Aunt Kay and Pastor Mathew. Just like Chris," she rambled.

"No, Kami...not like Chris. I talked to the pastor about your aunt. He had deep affection for her and I could tell he was being sincere," I told her.

"When did you talk to him?" she asked.

"Kami, he was the one that told me to look for the stuff. He didn't want you to find it and be hurt," I explained.

She gave me an odd look, and then announced, "I want to go to bed."

I helped her to the bedroom, and knowing she needed time alone, I stayed away and watched TV until I was certain she would be asleep. When I joined her, she was curled into a tight ball and I wondered where her dreams were taking her.

I heard her stirring early the next morning but by the time I was fully awake she was long gone. I spotted her an hour later riding her favorite horse through a pasture, but even with the nippy air, it was another three hours before she finally returned to the house.

"How are you feeling?" I asked when she stepped inside.

"I don't know...maybe better. I thought about what you said last night which is helping," she said.

"You want to talk about it some more?" I offered.

"It's just...you know, so strange to find out a person is so different than you expected," she said, which let me know she very much wanted to talk.

"Honey, Aunt Kay is not different. She's exactly the kind, supportive woman you knew. She had her private life, which clearly she enjoyed and no one was hurt. I don't know...to me it kinda makes her more interesting," I replied, cringing at the end when I realized I might have gone too far.

"I don't know, maybe..." she answered with a confused expression.

Slowly, over the next couple weeks, the shock wore off and Kami began to return to normal. I threw the garbage bags filled with sex toys into the trash and destroyed the CD but did keep the small stash I had set aside, hoping that at some point in the future I might get to use some of the things. In addition, I made a call to Pastor Mathews and explained the situation to him so he would understand next time he saw my wife. He wasn't at all pleased to find out she had seen the pictures, but was thankful for the heads up.

"I talked to Trish about Aunt Kay," Kami said, as we lay next to each other in bed at our home in the city.

"When did you see Trish?" I asked, unaware they had gotten together.

"We had lunch today," she replied.

Trish and Kami had been friends a long time and I knew they were confidants. Thus, I wasn't completely surprised to hear that they met and discussed what Kami had seen.

"Did it help?" I asked.

"Yes," she answered simply, then after a pause continued, "She said the same things you did. She said I was overreacting."

"Well, it was a shock, but I like Aunt Kay," I said with a small laugh.

"It's because you have a bad streak too. I think the whole world does," she answered, and fortunately she started giggling after a moment.

I was so happy to see her getting over the impact from the pictures that at first the potential of it didn't dawn on me. However, at work the next day, as I sipped my morning coffee and waded through the email, a thought suddenly flashed through my brain. Would Aunt Kay's sexual play actually turn out to be something of a validation event for Kami? And, if so, what would be the best way to encourage her?

Of course, there was the other side that continually whispered a warning in my ear. Did I really want her to be like her friend Chris? Would I really enjoy her that way and could I live with it? At that instant, my mind went to Kami's uncle, and suddenly the symmetric irony of it all hit me. Did he go through the same internal struggle? And, of course, now we were in possession of the very place where their sexual play had occurred.

"How is Kami doing?" Pastor Mathews asked as soon as my window came down.

I had spotted him by his car as I drove by on my way to pick up some things and decided to stop.

"Much better, thankfully. She talked it over with Trish and got the same message I gave her," I explained.

"Which was?" he followed.

"Aunt Kay clearly enjoyed herself and she was overreacting," I summarized.

"Good. I'm glad to hear it. Plus, Anjanae misses her," he responded.

It was six weeks later, during a visit to the country, when I finally summoned the courage to see if I could get my wife to let me use the items I had salvaged. In the intervening time, she had moved past the impact of learning about her Aunt, and no longer dwelt on it. It would be a very delicate subject to broach, but I was like a kid with a dollar burning a hole in his pocket. In the end, much like my attempt with the cheerleader outfit, I just placed the harem girl costume on the bed, rationalizing that if nothing else, it might break the ice.

I watched as Kami walked to the back several times, but each time she returned she was expressionless. By her third trip, I knew she must have seen it, so I figured she was going to deal with my effort by ignoring it. It was probably a half hour later that she joined me on the couch with a large glass of wine in her hand.

"Cute," she stated, while giving me an exasperated look.

"Excuse me?" I responded, feigning ignorance.

"Oh geez, don't even try," she shot back, but I could see her trying hard not to smile.

"Come on sweetie. You would look so amazing in it," I answered with my best pleading look.

"No way. No telling who has used those things," she declared.

"Okay Kami, I understand," I replied with a deep, disappointed sigh.

She looked at me without speaking as her eyes rolled, then she fell back into the couch and snuggled close to me. For the next hour, we watched the end of an action movie, only getting up to refill our glasses.

"Let's go to bed," she whispered when the movie was over.

"Go ahead, I'm not sleepy," I replied, purposefully showing disappointment at her rejection.

With that, she got up and left without speaking, leaving me staring at the screen. Although my efforts had failed, she hadn't shown any anger, so I decided I would try again another time. I moved through the channels for twenty minutes, and was just about to get up and join her, when I saw movement from the corner of my eye and Kami stepped into the room in the revealing costume.

"Wow, hon...that looks fantastic!" I called out, as a huge smile filled my face.

The costume was a gauzy, transparent covering over a bra and panty set, and the top pushed up her breasts sufficiently to offer some cleavage. In reality, the outfit was pretty cheap and certainly nothing special, but her wearing it was a big step and I wanted to make sure she knew it was appreciated.

"I feel silly," she said, while giving me a sheepish look.

"No...not at all," I replied, as my hand found the remote and moved the satellite receiver to the music channels.

After taking a few seconds to scan for an appropriate station, I settled on a Latin one which was playing salsa music.

"I think harem girls are supposed to dance for the men's entertainment," I boldly pushed.

"Wrong music," she shot back, but after several seconds with no words from me, I saw her hips slowly start to move.

I could feel my dick swell as I watched her and had to fight back the urge to take her to bed, knowing that a long, slow build up would pay-off much more. I continued to prod her on the dancing and by the end of the second song she seemed to really be getting into it. However, after the third I could see she was getting tired, so I patted the spot next to me.

"Now what?" she asked with a playful look.

"Honey, I think you are supposed to feed me grapes or something," I teased.

"Forget it!" she cried out, as her mouth moved to mine for a kiss.

We never made it off the couch and it wasn't long until only her top was still on as I moved between her widely spread legs and pushed easily inside. I knew I was too excited and would struggle to hold back, and when her sounds became urgent and needy it proved too much. With a final grunt, I pulled my dick from her just as it began blasting semen which coated her from her neck to her belly button. Seconds later, as I looked down at her from my raised arms, her hands went to my head and with amazing strength pushed it between her legs. I willingly lapped at her opening, enjoying the feeling of her writhing body and whimpers until her body jerked in a series of spasms that signaled her climax.

"God, you are incredible," I whispered, as I moved up to kiss her with my face covered in her juices.

From there, we moved to the bedroom and started all over. In fact, our love making didn't end for hours, and when I finally fell asleep in felt like every muscle in my body was completely spent.

The next morning, I awoke feeling quite pleased with myself, as I knew we had progressed well in our erotic play. Plus, it had culminated in great sex where I had performed well. I was on my third cup of coffee when Kami finally appeared in her robe looking very sensual with her well-fucked look and tiny grin.

"You're gorgeous," I whispered into her ear, as I handed her a mug.

Rather than respond verbally, she looped her hand behind my head and we kissed deeply.

In retrospect, it was that evening that created the trajectory for all that was to come. Of course, I didn't know it at the time, but it opened her mind to be more open to play, while at the same time encouraging me to be bolder. It would still take time for events to unfold, but it was definitely the beginning.

It had been quite a while since we had watched Anjanae. With all that had occurred, Kami seemed reluctant to get close to the pastor, and for his part he appeared to understand it was best to stay away. Several times, Kami had been able to talk to the child briefly after church, and it was easy to see that there was still affection between them. So, hoping that enough time had passed, I finally brought up the subject.

"We haven't babysat Anjanae in a while," I said one afternoon, throwing the subject into the open.

"No," my wife responded, and I could see the wheels spinning in her head for several seconds before she added, "We need to."

"Should I reach out and offer?" I asked.

"I guess if you run into him. There's no big rush," she replied, suddenly acting a little coy.

I called the pastor that afternoon when Kami was down with the horses and let him know about our interest. He thanked me for the offer and we ended the call, but only a few minutes later he called back and asked if that very night would work. Knowing we had nothing planned, I agreed, hoping my wife wouldn't feel it was too soon.

"Honey, I talked to the pastor and he wanted to know if we could watch Anjanae tonight," I said when she got back, skipping over the details.

"Uh...yeah, I guess," she replied, and I could see she wasn't completely comfortable.

Still, she accepted the idea, so a few hours later when we heard the knock on the door we knew the black child had arrived. The pastor said his hellos without coming in, and explained he would be back before ten, although we knew from experience not to count on it. Like previous times, I busied myself with other things and had a few drinks while Anjanae and Kami connected. I was outside, enjoying the early stages of spring and the clear, starlit sky, when my wife opened the door and joined me.

"What's up?" I asked, feeling it was too early for our guest to be in bed, "Is she asleep?"

"She's watching television," Kami announced, and by the look on her face I knew she wanted to say something, so I stayed quiet until she spoke, "I want to talk to him when he comes to get her."

"Okay, honey. I understand," I responded, sensing she had questions about her aunt and uncle, and with a soft smile she turned and left.

It was just a few minutes past ten, when I stepped inside to make another drink, that I saw Kami and the pastor sitting on the couch. Somehow, he had arrived unbeknownst to me. Anjanae was nowhere to be seen, and I could only surmise that she was in bed giving her father and my wife time to try and reach closure. I quickly poured another drink, then left them alone.

Surprisingly, it was the pastor that joined me thirty minutes later carrying a tumbler of my liquor.

"Man, that was tough," he said.

"What did she ask?" I probed.

"Everything about her uncle and aunt," he replied, confirming my thoughts.

"I thought she was past it, hopefully this gets her there," I said.

"Hopefully," he concurred.

We finished our drinks at the same time and went into the house finding my wife asleep on the couch with the television still blaring. The pastor collected his daughter from the bedroom, and as soon as he left, I woke Kami and helped her to bed.

"I think he really cared for Aunt Kay," she said while we were driving back to the city the next day.

It was the first acknowledgement of their conversation from the previous night. Although quite interested, I had remained silent on the subject, so I was happy to see she appeared to be achieving some positive realm.

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