tagErotic CouplingsSince We Aren't Together Anymore

Since We Aren't Together Anymore


You call me. I don't know what time it is.

I wake from my sleep. I stumble for the phone. My room is a mess, I think to myself.

I look at the clock. God, its that early.

I look at the caller I.D. I recognize your number.

"Yeah, Kitten. What's wrong? Do you know what time it is?" I mumble.

"Baby, I'm coming over in a few minutes, to talk, is that ok? I don't want to wake anyone." You say sweetly.

"You know its ok. Is there something wrong?" I ask one last time.

"Yeah, there is. I will tell you about when I get there." You say as you hang up.

I light up a cigarette as I wait. I see your headlights through my window. I am now finished smoking. You know it takes me awhile to smoke. I walk to the front door. You approach. I open before you knock. We walk to my room, quietly.

You smile and kiss me, like you just met your long lost lover.

We sit on my slept in bed. I didn't have a chance to make it yet. I think to myself as you kind of chuckle at my room. "It's a mess since the last time you saw it." I say as we sit on my bed facing each other.

I hold go your hand and you pull it away. Then you speak with a look of seriousness I have never seen in you before.

"Baby, we need to talk." You tell me.

"About what?" I ask.

"All those text messages, stories you sent me, and the other day on the phone." You say slyly.

"What about them, Beth?" I ask.

"Even when we did have sex the other day, I wanted you more." You say and look me in the eye with that look that burns a hole in my very soul.

"So, you came over at 4 in the morning to tell me that?" I ask.

"No, baby. To show you." You say as you kneel on the floor and make me face you. You start by spreading my legs so you can fish my cock out of my boxers. Then you being to lick my cock to life, slowly, and begin kissing my rising dick. Then when you think you got it hard enough you suck me into your wet and willing mouth. I groan loudly. Its something you haven't heard in sometime.

You look up and whisper "Did my baby like that?"

I can barely eek out a yes, before you do it again. I groan loudly.

You begin to find a rhythm and bob your head up and down, using your hand in a twist motion. I think to myself she remembered.

She's doing this so well. I remember since we "broke up" you been practicing on me a lot and something you told about keeping your man happy with blowjobs. I guess that meant I am your man. When you said that it made me so happy.

You pull back and give me a last lick to the underside of the head of my cock.

Then you catch me off guard. Totally. I watch you in the light and you strip in front of me. This catches me by total surprise. We rarely fucked or made love with the lights on, because you didn't like the way your body looked. I never thought that and you know it.

I look at you and whisper as my voice cracks. "You are the most beautiful woman I have never had the pleasure of pleasing."

You smile and ignore what I said. We both know your answer to that one.

You move your hips as if you are dancing for no one, but me. You are, twisting your hips and moving your legs to some music in your head, wishing I knew the tune.

Just when you are completely nude you kneel again in front of me. You kiss my dick and the pre-cum you made it leak you wipe in your hand. Then you go back to taking it fully in your mouth, amazing me. You try to pull off my boxers. Then you look up at me with my dick in your mouth. You seem to smile as you remove my dick from your mouth to fully take off my boxers. Then you move your hand up my shirt.

"Why do you insist on wearing a shirt to bed? You never know when I might want you." You say as you pull it off me.

I stare at you. Never seeing this side of you before. You go back to my cock and suck it all in. Moving your head in a twist motion. I take my hands in your hair and then I realize you came from work. Your hair is clipped up still.

"You just came from work?" I ask you.

You say "Everyone was asleep and my friend is there she can handle it for now. Be quiet and let me please you."

I shut up as you stop and touch my wet dick, then you begin to give me a hand job keeping me on the edge. You then stand. You turn around and being to give me a nude lap dance. Dancing to some unheard music again. You tease my cock and the rest of me with your hands and butt. I reach for your nipples, but your hands are already guiding me to them. With your ass in my lap and my hard dick between your ass cheeks you grind and move. You stop to look at me and you smile, wickedly.

Then you turn around and start to mount me. Still sitting up you keeping me there at tit level. I lick and suck your nipples. You reach down to my dick and guide me into your wet pussy.

"You don't know how long I have wait for this." you say.

I am still shocked, but I go with it.

You find a way to move that seems to please both of us.

Then you push me down flat as you stay up right. You twist your hips in a way that makes my whole dick feel like its being massaged. I look at you and you look at me.

The desire, love, and want in our eyes, so intense.

I reach up to your face you seem caught up to notice it. That is I think you are, but you take my finger in my mouth and start to suck it as if it were my cock. Surprising me again, you ride. I feel like I am almost there and you sense this. "Hold that thought, baby." You say as you lean into kiss me.

You move off me and stand me up, so you can sit where I was. You spread your legs with your hands on either side of your pussy so it's open.

You tell me and point "Your tongue here please."

I don't argue. Never will again with you when you do that. I kneel and tongue your sensitive cilt. I lick and suck your beautiful pussy tasting your juices.

Oh it's so good. I think to tell you, but your hands keep my head in place.

I stop and you just push me into your pussy and say "I know I taste good, baby. I want you to taste me. I know how much you like it." I sense you getting closer and I continue my assault on your wetness. You just then, release my head and throw your arms our grabbing handfuls of my bed sheets in your hands. You start to come you move a hand over your mouth to muffle the noise. I continue you to lick and suck your cilt till you push me away.

"Save some for when we fuck again, baby." You tell me as I start to stand up.

You then look at me as in the eyes as I stand. You haven't noticed I have been stroking my cock to keep it hard for you.

Then you move off the bed and stand beside me. You point at the bed and I obey as I lay down. You take up the position you had before on top of me. Taking my dick up your pussy again.

"How you still hard, baby?" You ask.

"I was stroking myself as I ate you out." I tell you.

You say in a groan, "That's hot. I will have to watch you more closely."

As you slam your hips down on me. You find many a rhythm more intense and begin tease me, as well as yourself.

I play with your nipples again, tugging on them, pinching them, biting and sucking.

You push me back flat and begin to ride and your ass moves up and down. I can't hold back anymore. Then you feel it.

"Give it to me, Chris. Let me have it baby." You say as I cum inside you.

About half way through my orgasm you being to cum and yell out half covering your mouth "Oh Chris, oh baby, oh god.."

You collapse on top of me in a shower of kisses.

You keep me inside of you till I go soft. Just when I am about to fall asleep, you get up kiss me and go into the bathroom. When you come back. You get dressed sit down and have a smoke with me.

I look at you and ask "Why here at my parent's house? Why now? It's almost 5:30. Beth?"

You smile at me a smile that melts my heart.

You say, "Honey, we aren't together anymore. I still love you very much. I can't give up our awesome sex. Nor you Chris."

I start to speak you put a finger over my lips.

You say "Sweetie, I never wanted to fuck you here at your parents house when we were together, because I didn't want them to think anything bad about me. Now that we apart kind of and I feel its ok. I had a little time and I got lucky cause you stopped messaging and texting me for enough time for a nap."

I look at you "You took a nap?"

You look at me as you finish your smoke "Yup."

I finish mine and say "Take them more often if they make you that horny."

You look at me with the eyes of love and passion.

"I will baby, but we aren't together anymore." You say as you stand up and you kiss me like you never have before. You take my hand to walk you out to your car.

I shut your door. You smile and give my cock a last tug, as we kiss passionately. You smile and say, "Honey, I love you, but I thought public nudity wasn't your thing."

I smile "Kitten, we aren't together anymore."

I run back into the house.

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