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Once upon a time, there was a king who lost his wife and was left alone with their little daughter, the princess. The king mourned his wife deeply for many years, but finally moved on with his life and marries another woman, a widow with two daughters, both a few years older than the king's own daughter. Unfortunately, the king grew very sick shortly after the wedding, and died within a week. The little princess, whose name was Sinderella, was left in the custody of her stepmother, the new queen. Little Sinderella soon learned to hate this, as her stepmother and stepsisters were very mean to her and treated her more like a slave than a family member.

Sinderella had to run all the errands and do all the chores in the castle, while her stepsisters practised putting on make-up and playing dress-up in their mother's dresses. Sinderella's stepmother divided her time between ordering Sinderella around, and withdrawing to her boudoir with the handsome men who came to visit her every day. Whenever Sinderella saw her mother put on her black leather corset with matching thigh-high boots, she knew that her stepmother was expecting a visitor, and that meant that Sinderella could run up to the attic and have a few hours peace and quiet, all by herself. She spent many, many nights up in the attic, rummaging through old coffins full of the most beautiful dresses, that had once belonged to her mother, but now they were put away up here, in the attic, where they were forgotten by everyone but Sinderella.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The years went by, and little Sinderella grew up to be a beautiful woman, with a strong, toned body, long, blond hair, and an amazing stamina that let her go on and on and on, like an Energizer bunny. But even though she was 18, she was still a virgin, because her stepmother always kept her inside the house, safely tucked away in the kitchen or up in the attic, so that none of the men her stepmother was seeing would see Sinderella and choose her over her aging stepmother. Sinderella was innocent and inexperienced when it came to men, and she would surely have died as an old maid if it hadn't been for the handsome prince that lived in the country right next to theirs.

One morning, when the dysfunctional family was having breakfast, the Stepmother opened a letter marked with a big, golden crown, and her wrinkled face lit up.

"Girls, listen to this!" she exclaimed. "The prince is looking for his future bride, and he's hosting an exclusive ball at his castle tomorrow night, to get to know all the girls around here! This is EXCELLENT news! Imagine if he'd choose to marry one of you!"

Her two daughters, who were fat from all the candy they ate all day long, looked up from their plates.

"But mother, we don't WANT to marry a prince," said the first one.

"Does he have a sister?" said the other.

"What am I hearing?" said the Stepmother.

"We don't like princes," said the first daughter.

"Only princesses," said the second.

They looked at each other and giggled.

"I don't care what kind of hanky-panky you two do when you're alone," said the Stepmother coolly. "But you WILL go to the ball, and you WILL do your very best to attract the prince and make him marry one of you. Am I making myself clear?"

"Yes, mother!" said her daughters.

"Can I go to the ball, too?" said Sinderella.

The other 3 stared at her, then they all burst out laughing.

"YOU want to go to the ball?" said the Stepmother.

"In that dress?" giggled the first stepsister.

"You don't even own any jewels!" said the other one.

Sinderella blushed. It was true, her dress was very simple and worn-out. It was OK for working in the castle, but not for going to a fancy ball. And she didn't have any other dress, nor any jewels. But wait! She remembered seeing a few ball gowns among her mother's old dresses. Perhaps there were some old necklaces or earrings there, too?

As soon as she could, Sinderella ran up to the attic and looked through all the dresses until she found a nice one. Then she spent the whole night fixing it up with needle and thread so it would look a bit more modern. She didn't find any jewels, but she did find some flowers made out of fabric, and she put them together in the shape of a small crown. The result looked very sweet and fresh.

The next day, Sinderella had to help her stepmother and stepsisters prepare for the ball, and when they were finally done, she ran up to her room, put on the dress, put her long braids up in a bun on top of her head, and fastened the crown of flowers around it. Then she ran down the stair, just as her stepmother and stepsisters were leaving.

"Wait!" she said. "I've got a dress! Please, let me come to the ball, too!"

The 3 women stared at her with surprise and envy, when they saw how pretty she was.

"Where did you get a dress like that? said the Stepmother, and grabbed it so hard that the old, fragile silk broke, and Sinderella's firm bosom welled out.

"You think you're gonna be the princess?" said one of the sisters, and ripped off Sidnerella's skirt.

"She's even made herself a CROWN!" yelled the other siter, and tore off the flowers in Sinderella's hair, tore them off so hard that Sinderella's braids fell down her back and began to untwine.

Sinderella cried, and ran away. The Stepmother and her daughters went to the castle. Sinderella ran out of the castle, half-naked and with her hair in a mess. She was blinded by tears, and didn't look where she was running, and all of a sudden she ran into two men dressed in leather, who were walking hand in hand in the park in the moonlight.

"Oh, my GOD!" said the first man. "What has happened to you, sweetie?"

"Have you been raped?" said the second man.

Sinderella told them everything that had happened.

"What bitches!" said the first one. "You come with us, sweetie, we'll take care of you!"

"We'll lend you a dress and some jewels," said the second. Don't you worry that pretty little head of yours, you WILL go to the ball!"

The two nice men took Sinderella home and dressed her up in a beautiful dress that they happened to have lying around. They let her braids out, and combed her hair so that it looked like glistening curls of pure gold, and they put fake jewels in her ears, on her arms, and on her fingers. They even arranged with a friend of theirs to drive her over to the castle and pick her up afterwards, but they warned her that the guy had to return the carriage by midnight, so she'd have to leave the ball by then. Sinderella promised to do so, and they waved her off.

Sinderella turned every head as she stepped into the ballroom, and the prince immediately walked up to her and asked to dance with her. They danced dance after dance; neither of them could take their eyes off each other. Sinderella didn't have any experience in men, but she felt instinctively attracted to the tall, dark, handsome prince, and when he whispered in her ear that they could go somewhere else, where they'd be more private, she agreed at once.

The prince led her out into the rose garden, and kissed her behind the tall bushes. Sinderella didn't hide her arousal, nor did she object when the prince kissed her neck and shoulders and worked his way down to her breasts. She pulled her fingers through his hair and moaned with contentment when he lifted up her skirt and played with her clit through her panties. She winced a little when he tried to push a finger inside her tight pussy.

"Are you a virgin?" said the prince surprised.

"I don't know what that means," said Sinderella. "I don't know anything. I've been with a man before."

Right then, the clock struck 12. Sinderella suddenly remembered her curfew, and she quickly ran out of the garden and down the stairs, and just barely made it before her ride home left without her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next day, the Stepmother and the two sisters were in a very grumpy mood, and told Sinderella that the prince hadn't paid any attention to any woman all night, except for a beautiful stranger with long, blond, curly hair. Sinderella didn't dare to tell them her secret, and made sure her braids were intact. She could only imagine how angry they would be if they knew what she had done.

Later that day, the prince went all over the country looking for the mysterious woman he had fingered in the rose garden the night before. He went from house to house, and put his fingers into the pussy of every unwed woman in each house, but none of them were as tight as the woman he had met. Finally, he came to Sinderella's house. The Stepmother showed in her oldest daughter. The prince didn't recall that the woman he had fingered had been so fat, but then again, he had been a little drunk last night. He lifted up the fat girl's skirt and put his finger in her pussy. She did feel snug and wet around his finger, but then he noticed a little thread hanging out of her pussy, and he realized that she was only this tight because she had a tampon inside her.

The Stepmother showed in her younger daughter, and the prince put his finger into her as well, and she was very tight, but then he noticed the dirt on his finger, and realized that he had put it inside her ass by mistake.

"Don't you have any other daughters?" asked the prince.

"No," said the Stepmother. "I only have a stupid, ugly stepdaughter, but she's a nobody!"

The prince insisted on seeing her anyway, and Sinderella was shown into the room. The prince explained his mission to her, and Sinderella lifted up her skirt and parted her legs, and the prince put a finger into her pussy. When he felt how tight her pussy was, he quickly whipped out his hard dick and took Sinderella's virginity right in front of the Stepmother and her two daughters.

After some initial pain, Sinderella got very horny, and soon she had the prince lying on top of the dinner table, where she rode him up and down for a whole hour without getting tired.

"This is the kind of woman I want to marry!" said the prince.

And so the prince married Sinderella, and then they fucked happily ever after.

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