tagNon-EroticSindie and Ashley Ch. 04

Sindie and Ashley Ch. 04


After I finally made my way to Ashley's room I had time to think and reflect on everything that had happened in the last several hours. As I started to think I realized that I never gave myself the time I needed to really understand the things that I am feeling.

The first thing that is confusion. What was I hit with that caused the wolves to attack me. After thinking about the attack I started to feel the pains again. First in my legs where they pulled me to the ground, then the pain in my stomach. As I started to feel the pain I doubled over from it because it was unbearable. It was so bad that I was breathing hard and I found i hard to catch my breath. Thankfully no one was around to see me like this.

After several minutes I was finally able to regain my composure I started to think about the fact that I was still alive. The reason for that is because I was a vampire now, the first in a century. I suppose that I owe Ashley my life, literally. I'm not really sure how I am feeling about being a vampires this is not something that I wanted. Then again I did not want to die either. I just wish that things would have turned out differently. I still can't believe that Ashley turned me. She knew that I did not want this. The more that I thought about being a vampire the more angrier I got. I picked up the closest object in her room and threw it. The force in which I threw the item made contact with the wall and it shattered almost to dust. I heard some one approach the room and I noticed that I left the door open. So I walked over and slammed the door shut that it was a wander it was still on the hinges. I have never been so mad, or so hurt.

Then the one thing that was behind all of this is the fact that Ashley was the one responsible for the death of my parents. I love Ashley with all my heart but I am confused with these warring emotions. I don't know if I should leave, be revolted with her, or try to understand why.

I heard a very soft, very tentative knock at the door. "Sindie, can I come in?" It was Ashley.

It was weird hearing her ask for permission to come into her own room but I suppose that she figured that after hearing that she was the one that killed her parents I would be upset.

"It's fine." I said.

She slowly came into the room and I heard the door moan in protest after the way that I slammed it shut. Ashley noticed as well but chose to ignore it. She took a few steps in the room and softly shut the door behind her.

"I know that you must be hurting and I am hoping that you will give me the chance to explain everything. If after you wish to leave or never want to see me again then I will respect your wishes." I simply nodded for her to continue. "It was a long time ago, when Dracula was still alive. He was a king in his country. His name was originally Vlad. He was loved by his people. As with most countries, even now, he had enemies and to his enemies he was known as Vlad the Impaler. His kingdom flourished under his reign.

"Then one year one of his most dangerous enemies amassed such a great and terrible army that his own forces were almost completely destroyed. He was desperate to find any means in which to defeat his enemy. Then one day one of his messengers told him of a rumor that was spreading through out his kingdom. A wizard for whom had so much power that he could even make men immortal. Vlad, at first, thought the messenger was mad for bringing him such nonsense. But after several years on the battle field and watching his men start to become more fearful of losing their lives Vlad decided that he might as well see if the claims were true.

"He sent for the wizard to see if the rumors were true for himself. He waited for several days and continued to watch his soldiers die by his side. He was starting to become desperate. Then one night when Vlad thought all was lost that was when the Wizard finally showed himself. Vlad was so desperate that he begged for the Wizard to make him powerful enough to defeat his enemies. The wizard warned Vlad that the cost for such magic was going to high for the king to pay. But Vlad did not care about the cost all he cared about was protecting his people. The wizard then cast his spell.

"After a few days more of fighting Vlad began to think that the wizard was a fake. but that night Vlad began to have nightmares. In the morning he noticed that he could hear the faintest whisper of wind, see miles farther than he ever had, and even smell the sweat from his men. When they marched that morning he took the lead in his march. His men started to fall behind, even the men on horse back.

"Vlad came across an enemy camp and single handedly killed everyone in the camp. When his men finally caught up to him night had fallen and he watched his men approach the camp as clearly as if it were day. When his men finally reached the camp he told them to rest and make sure that everyone ate and drank. Once his men were asleep he found that he could move faster and more quietly than his men. So Vlad figured that he would go ahead of his men and go to the main camp. By the time his men figured out and made it to the enemy main camp they saw Vlad was draining one of the men of their blood. It was from that day that Vlad the impaler became known as Vlad Dracula Tepes.

"That was in 1414. A century later, in his castle, he began to become lonely. His wife and children had died and he had taken several other wives but he has yet to find the one woman that would make him happy. Several decades after his last wife died he found the one person that he fell in absolute love with. They married and a year after they married they had two children. My uncle Al and his sister Ambrose. They were both born as dhampires. Neither of which knew exactly what that meant. As for my grand mother when she realized what my grand father was she left him. My Uncle stayed with Vlad but my mother left with her mother."

"This is an interesting history lesson but what does this have to do with my parents or you killing them?" I interrupted angrily.

"I am getting to that. Please be just a little bit more patient. As I was saying Vlad was hurt that she and his daughter left. My mother had spread the word of what Vlad was and this frightened people. Of course with anything in nature Vlad was not natural. So nature had finally balanced the scales over the century that Vlad had been alive. It was a family that had been given the gift to fight and kill vampires. No one believed that Vlad was evil.

"The family over the generations had known what Vlad was before my grandmother told her village. They kept an eye on Dracula to be sure that he would not become evil. Well with Vlad trying to persuade my grandmother to come back and always visiting her at night the village folk were more than a little frightened of him.

"They sent word to the family that had been keeping track of him and they had to do something. The Family sent their best warrior to challenge Dracula. My Uncle Al knew that if he didn't leave then he would be in the middle of things. He went to the family and asked to be spared from their rage. The family agreed so long as he never acted without the best interest of the people, so he agreed and left. Unfortunately Dracula was never given this chance.

"The family's warrior was fierce and determined. It took several battles in Dracula's castle but eventually my grandfather was killed. The family had been named Vampire Hunters.

"What was the family's name?" I asked her.

"Valentino. The warriors name was Trever. After killing my grandfather he moved to other villages and kingdoms. He found love and married. He had kids of his own and then they had kids. The stories were passed down from generation to generation. The family had settled down in Ireland, and as far as I can tell your family is down to one last generation, you.

"Please wait I have not yet finished." She said as I was about to interrupt her again. "Now over the centuries your ancestors found out the existence of other creatures. The werewolves and shapeshifters. The two are the last of the creatures to this day. It had taken years to gain their trust and respect. The werewolf pack that you met tonight is slowly dying out as are the shapeshifters.

"Are you absolutely sure that you want to know the reason why I took your parents lives, it will not be easy to hear or believe?" She asked me and I nodded yes. "OK but I did warn you."

"Cassie came to me when one of her pack had gone missing. She only did so reluctantly. You see I made her a promise to help her if ever she could not do so alone. When she came to me I could tell that she hated to ask for outsider help but she needed some kind of help, but the biggest feeling that I felt was worry. She was worried about something."

"When she asked me what it was I was hesitant to tell her." I just about jumped out of my skin when Cassie spoke. I was so focused on the story that Ashley was telling me that I never heard LeFluer enter the room. "Sorry for the fright Sindie. I figured that you would have felt my emotion over this story." She nodded in answer but never took her eyes off of me. "I heard you getting ready to tell our part of the story and I thought that I would help you out."

"Like I said I was hesitant to tell her what had happened, but with the life of my Beta's mate in danger I had to save her by any means necessary. Even if it meant going outside the pack to do so. I have never needed to ask for help before so it was something that I was unused to. I had explained the situation and Ashley agreed to help.

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Please continue or finish the story. It's very good!

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