tagIncest/TabooSinful Degrees of Separation Pt. 12

Sinful Degrees of Separation Pt. 12


Series goes full circle with mother and son in burning lust-filled passion.

I was at my desk when my son came over and began messaging my shoulders.

"Oh, that feels so nice baby," I purred.

"You're a fucking knock-out mom," he said hotly as I felt his eyes glaring at my 44DD breasts from over my shoulders.

Knowing he was eyeing me I could feel my breasts heaving over the cups of my white lace bra in anticipation for what I knew would follow.

"Ummm, thank you baby," I moaned as my breathing quickened then said in a throaty voice," you know I like to look sexy for you."

"And you always do mom which is why I want to fuck you right now," he said as he leaned forward and whispered against my exposed neck.

"Ummm. I love the sound of that baby," I purred.

"You're so hot mom. So fucking hot," he snarled. "Fucking big dick is so horny for you," he rasped as his hands continued to rub my shoulders.

"Oh God lover. Lets go home and fuck all day," I said in a throaty voice as my body came alive.

"Yeah," he groaned as he ran his hands under the material of the mini dress I wore that day and cupped my swelling breasts.

"Oh fuck," I groaned, absolutely loving my sons touch on my heaving breasts.

"Beautiful tits mom," he rasped, " and I fucking love these huge assed nipples," he snarled as he toyed with each inch long nipple between his skilled thumbs.

"Oh fuck," I groaned from the thrill of my son playing with my nipples.

"Cum sexy," he whispered in my ear.

"Oh God," I groaned as I pushed off my cream colored high heel pumps as I felt shock-waves shooting from my nipples to my pussy.

"Yeah, let that pussy cum mom," my son implored as his fingers began pulling and twisting on my aching nipples right at the height of my explosive climax.

"God, you know just what to do," I hissed as my body was once again craving to be fucked by my son.

It was a deep, intense cum that I desperately needed and that my stud-of-a son was in total control of. Leaving my office we went into my private elevator and instantly began kissing and tearing each other's cloths off as we went right to my penthouse where we transformed into our new lives as sex-starved lovers...

Later that day at home

After fucking for six hours straight I walked into my bedroom holding a bottle of champagne and two long stemmed glasses. We were celebrating our lust and passion for each other and the new life we were about to embark on together. My eyes were instantly drawn to my gorgeous son lying on the bed. As his eyes were fixed on me with a penetrating hunger mine were drawn to his sculpted physique and the massive thirteen cock that hung over his right thigh with the huge grapefruit-sized head that was resting on the mattress.

Seeing my Adonis-like star quarterback son lying on the bed with the most immense cock I ever saw caused me to groan in a low throaty voice as I felt my pussy instantly get wet again. I was overcome with the duel-sensation of fear and excitement every time I saw my sons giant cock.

Fear, came from the shivers that went down my spine because I knew what was in store for my pussy once my sons monster cock began stretching it wide apart secondly came excitement because I knew the types of explosive orgasms that were waiting for me once he began fucking me at lightning speed with his massive pussy pleaser. The animalist and aggressive way he fucked and how wide he stretched me out with his enormous thirteen inch cock was beyond any cock I ever had.

One thing I absolutely knew for certain was that I would never tire of seeing my sons huge and perfectly shaped cock. Even after fucking non-stop all day long I still felt shivers run thorough my body at the sight of his overly-endowed manhood. I was so hot to fuck him again and judging by the way he was looking at me I knew he was too.

When I walked to the side of our bed I ran my manicured fingernail up over his giant hard-on then bent at the waist, as my tongue shot out and meet my son for a lover's kiss. As we kissed his hand roamed over my stockings which sent a shiver down my spine from just his amazing touch.

I had numerous lovers, most of which were young black rap stars that I represented, but none came close to bringing me off to the degree my stud of a son did. The excitement for me always started when I got dressed to fuck him and then when we were wrapped in a 69 position.

Orally pleasing each other at the same moment was the most intimate thing in the world for me. Having my sons skilled mouth on my pussy kissing, licking and eating it as I stroked and licked his giant, towing cock was the absolute sexiest thing in the world. His skilled tongue alternating from the depths of my ass back into my pussy caused a flood of orgasms to shoot through my body.

This time of being wrapped in a passionate 69 with my son was when time stood still for me. Him pleasing me while I was pleasing him was the true definition of sex. Cumming all over his face as I threw my head back in the contorted look of ecstasy as my outstretched hands clung to his majestic thirteen inch woman killer was unlike any experience in the world. But, when we fucked there was nothing more animalistic for me.

As I looked at my sons incredible physique and oversized cock lust was consuming me by the second. My wide, one inch long nipples were stinging and pushing through my thin dress in the most explicit way. I knew we were going to fuck again as the excitement was coursing through me. It would be the fourth time that day and I was sure wouldn't be the last.

I was so horny that I knew I first I had to fuck my son's giant cock. I knew I had to please his huge cock in a way I never felt about anyone else, inkling all the rap stars I fucked in the past two years. As I looked at it hanging over his powerful thigh I was desperate to please it, desperate to fuck it. With his drop-dead gorgeous looks and massive cock I knew that there were lots of teenage girls and I'm quite sure hundreds of older women who he fucked, but right now I wanted to be his; only his. This is how it all started between my son and me.

About me

Let me start by describing myself. My name is Virginia Powers. I am a very young sixty two year old woman who for years worked as a lingerie and swimsuit model up until a month ago owned a very successful talent agency in New York City.

I stand 5'10" tall and weigh 115 pounds. I have head-turning measurements, which I am quite proud of, which are 44DD-23-36. Since divorcing my wealthy husband fifteen years ago my dating calendar was until recently, always full.

In recent years my lovers of choice have been much younger than myself, and from a completely contrasting social background. Most of my lovers were in their early twenties and some much younger at eighteen and nineteen, and most are all black. The reason being is that I have one of the best reputations for representing R&B and Hip Hop artists. My reputation is based on the lucrative contracts I get my young clients. Most of these young men have come through my office looking for me as the agent they want to represent them.

As I said a large majority of my clients are predominately young, black rap artists who have gone viral on internet sites and are now seeking fame and fortune and agent representation. These young men all have a common thread between them which was that they were all street-wise and very confident, and all with a take-no-prisoners attitude.

This confidence and arrogance came from street survival. Shockingly, but to no surprise, all of these young men have been incarcerated for a variety of crimes which included robbery and theft and gang violence. Almost all of these crimes resulted in violent shootings and killings. What drew me to these thuggish artists was there arrogance and brazenness especially with regards to their persistence to fuck me.

I had to admit that it was so electrifying to be at a show watching these young thug-like artists and observing the energy and mass hysteria they each created. Hearing words like nigga and bitches in every sentenced almost every other word, along with phrases about killing and shooting wealthy white people, didn't thrill be, but I understood it was all about the culture, their culture. I also took notice to the countless young females that all wanted to bed them.

For me it was so sexy and thrilling to be in the limousine after the show kissing and playing with the young rap star after hearing him say that all he could think about during the show was fucking me and that my body drove him crazy.

I always dressed for the show in a skin tight mini dress with an open back that was cut to the top of my ass and a plunging front that emphasized my 44DD breasts and inch long nipples and with thigh high stockings and pumps. I always felt sexy and knew my look would be on the mind of the young black performer during the show.

After each show, going backstage found countless teenage girls vying for the rap stars attention. But it was always me who he steered into his dressing room where we kissed hotly as we ran our hands over each other's bodies as I listened to him groan how bad he had to fuck me and hearing me say that I couldn't wait to fuck him. Being his first choice to fuck when he could have had hundreds of screaming teenage girls always drove me wild.

The limousine ride to my penthouse or his mason always started with us kissing hard, exploring each other's open mouths in a wild frenzy as our tongues lashed away at each other. Next came the thrill of him pushing the front of my dress to the sides and chewing on my inch long nipples as our guttural groans filled the air with animalistic cries of lust.

Hearing the teenage rap star groan about how huge my nipples were as he chewed and bit each aching one sent me into a earth-shattering cum. Then there was the excitement of having the young black rap star between my legs kissing my pussy as he told me as he grunted about how much he loved my cunt and that he couldn't wait to fuck me.

With his hands running up and down my stocking covered legs as his pouty lips kissed my pussy had me groaning like crazy. His skilled touch running up and down my nylons as he kissed my over-charged pussy always had me begging him to suck it.

Of course the second he began sucking on each of my hanging folds then my engorged clit had me pushing down on my pumps and lifting my ass off the seat as I came in the most volcanic orgasms all over his pitch-black face. As my newest young, black lover made me cum over and over I went wild listening to him say that he couldn't wait to fuck me.

My delight always came when I had the rap stars young, black cock in my hands pumping it up and down a his pitch-black cock contrasted with my white skin. Pumping his massive shaft as we kissed had my pussy boiling over and so many times made me cum just from the excitement of being with such a young and thuggish stud.

Kneeling on the leather seats then bringing his towering black shaft against my mouth, where I would kiss and worship it as I groaned heatedly about his massive size and that I couldn't wait to fuck it added to the intense-hot scene between us.

I was never disappointed when it came to the immense sizes of the cocks of these young, black rap stars. Although most of these young rap stars were short in stature their massive ten, eleven and even twelve inch cocks more than made up for their absence in height.

Seeing these monster cocks tower up their six-pack stomachs to the pectoral muscles always made me depraved to pleasure their giant black poles always resulted with them filling my mouth and throat with an enormous blast of cum.

This explosive sexual huger always brought out the animalistic rage in the young black rap stars when they fucked me. This pray-drive that came out in them was unlike any sexual experience I ever had.

The combination of me being sixty two and these black rap stars being eighteen or nineteen, along with me big a well-educated and well-heeled, wealthy white woman and them being street thugs who spent their formatative,educational years behind bars made for the most explosive sexual experiences I have ever had. Staying in bed and fucking non-stop for days on end was absolute depravity.

Being dressed in stockings and heels and in garters with the laciest shear bras and tiny thongs always made me feel so empowered and so sexy as they fucked me groaning like crazy about how hot a fuck I was. The contrast of me being elegantly dressed in the finest, expensive lingerie and them wearing ghetto designers cloths with sagging pants and untied construction-type boots on always added to the thrill of our taboo fucking.

For almost a year I was exclusively fucking this one black rap artist who had just turned eighteen the day he first came to me for representation. Before coming to me I had my research department learn all they could about him. It was standard procedure for me before I took on a client.

From the reports my staff gave me I learned that his background which could have been made into a major motion picture. The report was one giant police blotter that included him being arrested ten times. Three arrests were at age fourteen and six at fifteen! He was incarcerated for various crimes one which included a gunfight in a night club where twelve people were killed. I also learned that he had already fathered eighteen children each from a different young female.

From pictures I saw of him on stage that he was very short in stature, only standing 5'3" tall but that he had an incredible physique with a tight muscled chest and stomach. His tight-pitch-black body was covered in tattoos which made him look very intimidating and from what my staff had told me he had a presence about him that people feared.

I remembered our first meeting and how he came into my office with five large bodyguards that looked absolutely threatening. That day I came dressed in a very alluring outfit because I was really looking to sign him. I came to our meeting dressed in a short, skin-tight mini dress that clung to my incredible body like a layer of skin.

I wore a pair of black pumps to highlight my well tapered legs and a pair of tan thigh high stockings to accent my flawless skin. In the back of my mind as I dressed I imagined the two of us fucking. It was a sinful thought that had my body on fire.

When he came into my office he scanned me up and down for almost two minutes without saying a word. As he did I felt a shiver go right down my spine but at the same time felt my inch long nipples poke right through the material of my mini-dress. As he continued to glare at me he raised his finger which sent a message to his bodyguards to leave to room. At that moment I knew I we'd be fucking.

We went to the bar in my office and as we talked the sexual tension was building between us by the second. In my pumps I was two heads taller than him but his commanding presence made him seem ten feet tall.

After pouring him a glass of Courvoisier Cognac I sat next to him on the high bar stool. The second I sat his eyes were on my long, stocking crossed legs and telling me how sexy I was had my one inch nipples shooting right through my dress. Seeing all the gold on his teeth made it look like the grill on a car. It added to his commanding presence. I in turn thanked him for the compliment with a sly grin. I felt so sexy because I knew he wanted me.

As we talked his eyes purposely continued to break eye contact and scan me from my pumps to my long tapered legs to my heaving 44DD breasts. In this time I learned about him going to prison at the age of twelve for killing three bankers while robbing it. He told me that he began rapping and writing lyrics while being locked up.

I knew that his lyrics (like many young black rap stars) were all based on killing whites and how whites owned the system and had all the money, and fucking the white bitches of the white men. After being released from prison he began performing and recording and became an overnight sensation in the Hip-Hop community.

After reading about him from the research my team put together I knew that if the opportunity presented itself to fuck him I would absolutely love to. To date, I loved the way all the young black rap stars I fucked turned me on in the most thrilling way, not to mention how they each made me cum.

Being a well-healed sixty two year old white woman in bed with an eighteen year old black youth from the streets and prison cells was such a deep taboo and brought out every animalistic urge in our bodies when we were fucking. Knowing his background and his lecherous past only turned me on even more.

I remember him looking me in the eyes with a piercing hunger as his finger ran across the front of my lace bra as he told me he wanted to fuck me. His boldness and me being so horny for him had us leaving my office and going to his estate-like mansion in New Jersey and spending almost an entire week in bed fucking each other like two sex-starved wild animals.

The fucking between us was so untamed. I remember being on his arm at a prominent music awards shows and how we celebrated his awards in his lavish stretch Hummer limousine sipping champagne and kissing like sex-starved lovers until we ended back at his mansion where we fucked for days straight.

The eighteen year old rap-star fucked me like an animal and had one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. His monster black cock was twelve inches long and as fat around as a beer can. It had a massive hook in the middle that made it look freakish and menacing. It was a cock that fathered so many illegitimate children and the one which sent my pussy into volcanic orgasms with every thrust.

For the entire year we fucked every day, multiple times, sometimes staying in bed all day and night as the huger to fuck was all consuming. Sadly, it all came to an abrupt end when he was gunned down in a gang related shootout in a night club which involved a rival rap artist.

How my son and I became lovers

I have never been close to my son Josh, partially because I live in New York City while he lived in Beverley Hills with his father from the time of our divorce. But the real reason was because I had no interest in ever being a mother. I especially had no interest in being the stereotype mother who was attentive and nurturing. The idea of that type of mother repulsed me. I was just too narcissistic for that tedious routine in life.

The primary reason I married my sons father was because he was extremely wealthy and traveled in very high standards and I knew if we divorced I would be extremely well maintained, which I was to the sound of fifteen million dollars a month. Well, not the only reason, because I would be remiss if I didn't mention that he was incredibly endowed.

After having my son I immediately handed over the child rearing duties to our house staff and the hand-full of nannies who my husband hired. Of course those nannies were also teenagers that I knew he had fucked. While the staff was raising my son I was at various country clubs and spas or fucking a number of my very-personal trainers and had minimal contact with him. The minimal contact I had with my son would be considered disgraceful by most women's standards and morals, but that is how I chose to spend my time.

It just wasn't in my DNA to be that principled type of mother. I believe that this had its benefits, because when my son turned eighteen my being this non-present mother turned out remarkably well for us. When his father and I divorced I gave him total custody of Josh and moved to New York to launch my talent agency.

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