Sinful High Class Mom Ch. 02


I said to myself, 'Even more fun than I had with the young black rap star.'

As my sons huge cock began splitting me apart I told my husband that I was planning to come a lot to see my son play and to make sure he didn't get into trouble with all of these sexy young girls around the campus. My husband thought that that was a great idea.

When I disconnected my son and I went back to our hot mother and son fuck. We fucked and played with each other all day and night. During short breaks we would order food and while waiting would shower together. In the shower we would kiss passionately while washing and stroking one another. I remember thinking how much of an impression a man could have on me when I saw there cock soft. Most men, including my husband were average in size 5 to 7 inches, and when you saw them soft (two or three inches) it made them look almost embarrassingly funny and made there strong personality shrink in size too.

I remember thinking how the young black rap star looked when his big black cock was flaccid and how turned on I got at the startling sight that gave him a look of power. My son looked huge as his cock banged off his muscular thigh hanging down over 12 inches soft! When anyone, male or female looked at my son's staggering cock hanging down and banging from side to side along his muscular thighs you sensed his power and supremacy.

After the shower I dressed in my stockings and high heels for that extra sexy fucking. Before I left the following morning I blew my son for two hours until he sprayed my entire body in hot cum. On the ride home I was so sore and drained sexually, but could only think about coming to his apartment the next week to continue our burning hot mother son fuck.

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by Anonymous03/26/18

I Fucked My Mom at 16

I had a 12 inch cock and mom said she hadn't had one that big ever, and dad was 6 inch's, she said she was in heaven with a big cock. we fuck every Friday night when dad goes to play card's

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