Sinful Pleasure on a Rainy Night


As she began to dress, taking care to slip the stockings on so as not to tear the soft nylon, she wondered what the two men were thinking when they'd picked out her clothes. Had David really been the only one to peek in the Victoria's Secret bag? She highly doubted it.

When Gail was ready to present herself to her rescuers, she found her fresh panties were slightly damp from her agitated state. When was the last time she'd purposely allowed herself to think of a man while she got dressed and had she ever thought of two men while going through the motions of sliding on clothes? After one last look in the mirror, she stepped out of the bathroom and headed toward the promising aroma of fresh brewed coffee, and wood burning in a fireplace.

She stopped short when she saw both men standing casually against the kitchen counter. Each had a cup of coffee in their hand. Both had changed out of their uniforms and wore jeans, flannel shirts, and clean socks.

The change in attire is not what caused her sudden frozen state; it wasn't even the fact that all her Victoria's Secret purchases were laid out on the table. It was the items purchased at the adult fantasy store that had her face turning three shades of red. Gail stood still, her eyes, big and bright. Silence never sounded so loud.

David was the first to speak. He cleared his throat, and picked up the nearest video within his reach. "So Miss Steelport..."

"Gail," she whispered. Her gaze flickered to Phil's then to the Sergeants.


She shifted nervously; her toes curled inside the stockings. Her hands curled tight against the stilettos she'd chosen not to put on.

"You did say you'd gone shopping, because it was your birthday?" David asked. He tapped the DVD case against his lips; a smirk barely hid the mirth his eyes spoke.

"Um...," she bit the inside of her cheek, "yes; my 38th." She took a deep breath, very much aware of the atmosphere in the room, and the looks the two men were sending her. "My son made me a cake, borrowed my phone, called my ex-husband, I --."

"...went to see your friend, and then went shopping. Quite the trip too, I'd say," Phil picked up her sentence, as he picked up a small bullet vibe. "We took the liberty of opening your packages for you, and I want to commend you on remembering to buy batteries, though in the future you may want to consider rechargeable ones."

David put the DVD down, and picked up a pair of nipple clamps. His brows rose high; he angled his head. "Do you know much about this stuff?" he asked, opening and closing the clips. She shook her head no. "The ex and you..."

She shook her head no again. "He wasn't into it. Well, he was -- but he wasn't into it with me." A small frown crossed her pink hued skin. "He was having an affair with one of his patients and well, I -- I figured before I started looking for another man, I'd -- I'd try and take care of things myself." The inside of her cheek was growing sore from her gnawing. "I really -- shouldn't I be -- I don't know mad or something. I mean, you guys -- you guys just went through my stuff and..."

Phil flicked the small vibe on; it strummed against his palm for several seconds before he turned it off and replaced it with a pair of handcuffs. He laughed softly. "Hope you didn't pay too much for these," he nodded toward his officer's belt. "I've got a pair that will work so much better."

Gail blushed. He continued to examine her purchases, while David walked around the table to face her.

"Why aren't you wearing the shoes?" he asked.

Gail shook her head, tore her gaze away from Phil's hands touching the various toys she'd purchased. "I -- I -- I thought you were kidding." She noted his smirk. "I really should be pissed at both of you."

"But you're not, are you?" David asked, before he took the stilettos from Gail's fingers. "I bet a part of you is glad we stumbled across your new collection. Birthday presents for yourself, and yet I promise you Miss Steelport, they're so much better when used with a friend."

"Or two," Phil added.

"Or two," David conceded. "Sit down Gail, and I'll put these shoes on for you."

Gail swallowed the lump in her throat, claimed the offered seat and waited. She trembled when David slipped his hand on the back of her calf muscle, lifted her right leg and eased his strong fingers down the silky nylon. His calluses caught every so often, but the slight hang-ups did little to deter him from his quest. Gail watched as his palm slid along the heel of her foot; his thumb massaged the arch.

She moaned in pleasure, flexed her foot and sighed when his other fingers caressed the muscles. Soon the stiletto was in place; the rhinestones glimmered in the light. Her other foot was treated to the same tender ministrations.

"Lovely," David whispered, before sliding both one of his hands up her left leg. He paused at her knee, looked up, gained her unspoken permission and continued his exploration until he reached the snap of the garter. He smiled, winked, and then rose to stand in front of her.

She couldn't help but see the promising growth in his jeans. Her fingers curled into tight fists, and she rested her hands on her lap.

"Stand up sweetie." David's words came through to her via a fog of arousal. She did as he requested and watched as Phil crossed the room, pausing at the belt he'd indicated earlier before joining them.

"Do you do this often?" she asked, "pick women up and bring them here?"

Both men chuckled. "No, and yes, we don't pick women up on the side of the road and bring them here. You're the first, though if all goes well, we may have to consider making it a habit."

"And the um--," Gail shifted nervously as she heard the sound of metal clinking metal reach into her subconscious, "the yes part?"

Phil's voice was a whisper of seduction as he pressed himself into her. "We have brought women up here, all were aware of what would happen, all were consensual and all left knowing how much we appreciated their fine qualities."

"I see," she whispered, somewhat breathlessly.

The firm grip of Phil's hand on her wrist only added to the jolts of electricity that seemed to spark deep within Gail's veins. She knew what Phil was doing, the pause at his belt had been quick, but she'd known what he was going after. The cold metal and the clicking of teeth sliding shut around one wrist and then the other made her knees tremble.

"Just breathe," David told her, "any time you want us to stop, just say so."

She looked into his eyes, and then back at Phil. They would let her leave now; all she had to do was tell them to take her home. Her mind ran over the past several years. She'd been alone, and depressed, sad and disconnected from society. Her world revolved around getting her son to school and his extracurricular activities. She ate, drank, and slept the life of a single mother and tonight - tonight she could be someone else.

"Okay then," David answered, hearing the answer in her silence.

Phil took by her handcuffed wrists, turned her away from David and walked her to the living room. She rolled her shoulders, flexed her hands, noting that the cuffs were not too tight and her arms were not forced too painfully behind her back. All in all, being in cuffs wasn't such an unpleasant experience. Gail giggled nervously at her random thoughts.

Phil released her, before moving to face her. His hand moved to cup her cheek. She leaned into the touch, enjoying the feel of his callused hand. She licked the palm, blushed at his murmur of approval. The pad of his thumb drifted lazily across her lower lip. Her mouth opened willingly; again she tasted his skin, this time daring to look at his face. Hunger was reflected back at her. The tip of his finger pushed between her slightly parted lips. Gail opened her mouth; he traced the edge of her teeth, slipped his finger deeper and found her tongue eagerly wrapping around him.

"You are an untried bitch in heat -- aren't you?" Phil whispered.

Gail lowered her head slightly. Her pussy tightened in response to his words. She nodded her head, too fearful to speak, afraid that the men would hear her fear and not indulge her in the new fantasy never before imagined.

"We have our own toys too Gail, so if you want we can play with those as well," he said.

"Mine are kind of mild, aren't they?" she asked. Her gaze flickered back to the table. She watched David pick up the DVD, study the back, and then he palmed the bullet vibe, a vibrator, a smaller dildo, as well as the clamps. All of these were carried over to an end table and placed in a row.

"Mild, yes, but for a novice, a good pick," David answered, before opening the DVD and walking over to the flat screen. He paused when he heard Phil's laughter. "Yes, I know television, DVDs, phones, and other various things aren't roughing it either."

Gail grinned, and felt tension she'd not been aware of, ease from her shoulders. The two officers were more than just partners, it was obvious they were great friends, a friendship that went beyond the sharing of women, but deeper, the camaraderie of two men who weren't ashamed of their likes or dislikes.

"Besides it's her birthday and she bought it, the least we can do is give Miss Steelport a weekend to remember," David explained as he popped in the disk.

"A weekend?" Gail asked. She pulled away from Phil's finger. Her blushed was genuine; she had not realized she'd been toying with the callused digit, sliding between her lips the entire time she watched and listened.

"Do you have anywhere you need to be? You did say your son was with his dad." Phil asked, before sliding his finger, now moist from her mouth, down her neck and along the edge of her sweater.

"No, I -- I don't have anywhere to be or anything to do."

"No pets that need fed? No neighbors coming to call?" Phil asked before palming one of her breasts. Gail's lower lip trembled. She pressed herself into the strong firm hand.

"No," she answered.

Both men grinned. David bypassed as much as the advertising that he could on the DVD, and pressed play on the remote when he reached the main menu screen. Soft music echoed around them. David's surround sound speakers joined in the fun of Gail's seduction.

Images of a redhead and a brunette flickered to life. The woman was sitting at her desk, her friend stood behind her. The friend slowly ran her hands across the girl's shoulders and then around her neck. Long manicured fingers slipped further down, teasing the redhead at the desk. The woman was typing, what she was writing was soon forgotten as her friend began to unbutton the author's blouse.

Gail watched the scene unfold, as well as David moving toward her and Phil. He stood behind her, allowing Phil the opportunity to stand in front of their bound partner, but not so much that she could not see the television.

The touch of another person made Gail whimper.

She felt David's hands on her hips. He massaged the indentations with firm fingers, while Phil teased her nipples through the fabric of her sweater and bra. David's breath caressed the back of her neck, as his nose pushed away the curls of her hair. He nuzzled her, while Phil pinched and teased.

The sound of soft moans and squeaks of girls giggling brought Gail's gaze over to the television. The redhead had been pulled from her desk; the brunette winked and strolled away, her naked flesh a beckoning call to the authoress.

Gail shifted on her heels. She felt David's tongue on her ear. Sparks shot across her lids. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back, allowing him more of her throat. The rustle of feet, gave her pause. She listened with her senses, not once opening her eyes to see what Phil was doing. Gail wanted to feel.

A pair of hands moved down to her hips. She guessed Phil had settled on his knees. Those same hands slid lower, smoothing the fabric of her skirt. The nipping of teeth against her shoulder brought her back to David. She groaned softly as he pushed part of her sweater away, and suckled on her skin. Gail heard him compliment her flesh, heard his pleasing tone in regards to her scent. She almost reminded him that it was his shampoo, but she chose not to, instead she focused on the musky cologne he wore. He smelled divine.

A rush of cool air forced small goose-bumps to appear on Gail's skin. She looked down, and saw Phil looking up at her. His hands were now up her skirt. Fingers slipped along the edge of her stockings. He snapped one garter; the sting brought a slight wince from Gail. He snapped the other, this time slightly harder. "I think she's going to enjoy some of our toys very much," he muttered to his co-conspirator.

Moisture slipped from her pussy, and onto her thong. "I think I will too," she whispered. David's hand cupped her chin; she turned her head. Her mouth was captured by his. His tongue pushed in, as he moved both hands to hold her waist. He pulled her back to him. The cuffs dug into his belly and into her back, but the slight discomfort was over-ridden by the heated exchange between the battles their tongues played out.

Gail gasped into David's mouth; she felt Phil's fingers slide against the moist thong. His thumb rubbed her labia several times, each one more firm than the last. Her knees buckled. Phil supported her, locking her in place, while his other hand continued to explore her covered region.

As her mouth was raped by David's tongue and her pussy assaulted, Gail fought to capture every emotion. She noted desire, need, hunger, lust, passion. She was free of fear and indecision. There was no turning back. She was going to let both of these men possess her. For the night, for the weekend, she was theirs to do with as they saw fit, and she welcomed that knowledge.

"Fuck me," she whispered; the words fell suddenly from her lips, surprising not only her partners but herself.

The two police officers paused, and grinned. "We will..." they both answered simultaneously.

Gail stood in the center of the room, her hands cuffed, porn playing on the television, the sound of women teasing, touching, and tasting each other filled the cabin. Two men worked their way around her body. Her mind tried to take in everything and yet it could take in nothing.

Gail felt the skirt being tugged down, and knew that Phil had managed to release the zipper on the side. Her sweater was unbuttoned, the white tank top, peeked out and the bra was the last barrier before skin and skin met.

She felt alive and on fire. Phil rested on his knees. His gaze spoke volumes. He pushed his face into her cloth-covered pussy and breathed deep the fragrance of her arousal. A murmur of appreciation was muffled against her sex.

David eased her sweater down her arms, it remained caught on her handcuffed wrists. He lifted her tank top, just enough so he could release her bra. The strapless number had been bought on a whim, Gail had always wanted to splurge and buy a strapless bra for her tank tops, but never had she imagined wearing it for so little a time.

She blushed as it landed on the floor. Her tank top was pushed further up, the material gathered under her neck, and armpits. Her breasts were round, heavy and bounced with just the slightest jostling. David's hands cupped them both. He kept her against him, as he began to knead the globes, occasionally teasing the nipples.

"Step up baby."

She barely heard Phil. First one foot, then the other, and before long the skirt was no longer pooled at her feet, but was lying with the bra -- forgotten. The bosom brunette breathed heavily, hands pawed at her tits, and a man paid homage to her pussy.

His tongue pushed the thin material into her sex, and his teeth tugged it out. Repeatedly he engaged in allowing his mouth to hump her privates, while his partner pinched, twisted and teased the hardened pearls of her boobs.

"Oh fuck, please -- please god, will you both just..." Gail stomped her foot in exasperation. Both men chuckled, but neither gave her what she craved.

Phil's mouth left her soaked thong. He trailed kisses, licks, and sucks, down her thigh, pausing at the garter strap. He fingered the closures, released the left leg, then the right. He left her only long enough to ease her stilettos off and placed them as far from their play as possible.

Gail felt his fingers on her feet. He held one foot; she leaned more into David. Phil massaged her toes, and treated each foot to the same relaxing, yet tantalizing caress. In time his hands were sliding the nylon stockings down; his fingers burned her flesh. Her skin screamed with desire as his nails dragged thin pink paths down her legs.

Involuntarily her hips bucked forward, as if her body knew what it needed more than her mind did. Phil chuckled, grabbed the back of her thighs and pushed his face into her pussy again. Once more Gail cursed his teasing, and begged for him to remove the thong. It was soaked with her juices and she knew her lover was drinking from her, as well as sucking at the satin material.

David whispered promises of pleasure. He swore they would fuck her till she couldn't walk straight; he told her that tonight was just the beginning there was so much more waiting for them in the bedroom.

"Please. Oh fucking please. Get these cuffs off me. Let me -- oh fuck, just -- oh fuck --," she begged, stifling the urge to scream.

Phil took a firm hold on the thong's thin waist strap. He pulled hard, ripping the barely there lingerie from Gail's sex. He latched onto her clit, wasting no more time, but sucking vigorously on the swollen nub.

"Hold her for me," David said. His tone was full of desire.

Gail found her body weaker than she realized. She pushed into Phil's mouth. Her hips gyrated on their own accord as he held her tight against him. Her lids were heavy, but she managed to open them long enough to watch David grab the small dildo, and a tube of lubricant. He pressed the bottom of the toy. Soft hums ricochet around the room.

Gail hissed, as teeth tugged gently on her pussy lips. David returned, the dildo now heavily lubed. He gathered a large drop of it onto his finger and pressed it between the cheeks of her ass. Gail's body instinctively tightened. David whispered for her to trust him.

The dildo was pressed into her tight canal and as Phil feasted on her cunt, David flicked the device on. A rapid pulsating beat rolled through her ass, vibrating up to her sex and over her delicate flesh. She cried out in pleasure, bucked against Phil and rode his nose, mouth, and tongue with unbridled passion.

Gail couldn't comprehend all the various things she was feeling. David was no longer with her. Phil was doing all the pleasuring. She couldn't open her eyes; her mind could barely focus on the sounds.

"Here," David's voice came from a fog; she felt something shoved into her pussy.

"Oh my -- oh my god," Gail cried out.

Her fingers were gripped in fists. The bullet vibe was now playing with the walls of her pussy, while Phil lapped at her clit. The dildo continued to hammer its way into her. David held her firmly by the wrists.

The handcuffs had been removed, when she didn't know -- didn't care. She couldn't breathe. Stars danced behind her clenched eyes. Her lungs burned. Her head wanted to explode. The beating of her heart pounded in her veins and yet her body still waited for something.

"Please -- of please -- I -- oh god." Tears formed behind her lids. They fell from her eyes, down her cheeks, splashing against her chest.

"That's it baby girl," the two men called out to her. Their words helped her gain whatever ground she sought. David's hand came around. He twisted one nipple, and bit down on her neck.

"Oh—oh—oh my—fuck -- yes! Oh fuck, yes!"

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