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Single Again


Authors Note: This is my twenty-second story. This is a work of fiction although it IS based on factual people whose named have been changed for their privacy. Enjoy and please remember that all feedback is greatly appreciated!


I was single for the first time in almost two and a half years. The man I had broken up with had been the best lover I'd ever had, but there were problems in our relationship beyond sex that could not be fixed. Unfortunately, him being the best lover of my life didn't alter the fact that after over two years together the sex became less and less thrilling.

I found myself single, back in the city and thanks to the dwindling sex drive in our relationship I found myself not even wanting to find a new man to have in my life because I didn't have any desire in me for anyone.

However, within a couple months that all changed.

Now here I sit...a few months single and feeling as though my entire body is a giant throbbing, aching hormone that is just begging to be satisfied.

I have reached out to people from my past as well as new people in my life to help sate my ever increasing need for pleasure...I've contacted ex boyfriends for booty calls, I've had sex with men I've felt nothing for, I've had sex with men I even felt something close to distain for, all in the pursuit of pleasure and release. Not to mention making good use of my wonderful purple vibe, my own talented fingers and my meager porn collection to temporarily satisfy myself until my next lover comes along.

Included in the tools for my own pleasure when no one else is around to aid me is my own vivid imagination. My fantasies have always been more about whom than where or how, although lately my fantasies have been less than usual for me. There have been two reoccurring people in my fantasies lately...they are as follows:

ROB: An online friend for more than five years. We have shared everything with each other, although we've never seen each other in person as I live in Canada and he lives in the States. He means more to me than almost any other man in my life ever has or probably ever will. There's always been a heavy sexual attraction between us. He is over six feet tall, well muscled without being bulky, naturally dark Italian skin with brown hair and brown eyes and sports a heavenly 11 inch long and 2 inch thick cock which I've been aching to wrap any part of my body around for years.

AIDEN: Another online friend, although only for about a month or two. We live in the same city and even work a few blocks from each other but have yet to meet face to face. He too is over six feet tall and well built. I'd chatted with him once when his webcam was on and got to enjoy the view of his wonderful shoulders, chest and torso and had received a picture of his 7 inch long and 1 and a half inch thick cock that always made my body tight with need.

Now, by saying my recent fantasies have been "less than usual for me" I mean that they aren't full blown fantasies. Normally I take the time to create an entire scenario in my mind, something believable and realistic about why I would be seeing the person in my fantasy and what's going on around us and so on. Lately my fantasies have been less about the illusion of reality and more about the need to achieve orgasm. I've given you (my reader) an outline of who the individuals are to me and their general appearance because once I launch into the storytelling of my fantasies I won't be spending time giving in depth descriptions about our relationship or how they look...you'll be getting my fantasies in the way I have been experiencing them...fast paced...intense...and...for me and I hope for all my readers...orgasmic.

So...here goes...


We walk into a hotel room holding hands. He closes the door behind us and locks it. He turns to me and I stare at him for a moment before pulling his lips to mine. We kiss passionately, all heat and desire. Our bodies are pressed tightly to each other and I can feel his cock growing harder and harder against my body.

I pull away from him and practically rip off my dress as he pulls his shirt over his head and takes his jeans off.

The second we're both naked we're in each other's arms again. Lips pressed so hard it's almost painful. Bodies pressed against each other as if we'll crawl through one another.

We collapse on the bed and he moves on top of me. His mouth devours mine as I push my body against his. He kisses down to my breasts and takes my nipple in his mouth and sucks hard enough to make me gasp. I'm straining against his body, aching for him.

I push him off me so he can lie on the bed next to me. I bring his mouth back down to my waiting nipples and he sucks on them with vigor as I reach out to take his massive cock in my hands.

As I tease his cock with my fingers, stroking and rubbing, his lips and tongue on my nipples drive me insane. I arch my back and his hand moves to my soaking pussy. I push myself against his hand and he rubs a fingertip against my throbbing clit and I scream out from the pleasure of it.

I am so wet and so ready he doesn't hesitate and he pushes first one, then two fingers deep inside my pussy and begins slowly fucking me with them, driving me to the bring of orgasm over and over again until I pull his mouth from my tits and look into his eyes and whisper in a voice gone hoarse from my own screams of delight, "Rob...please...fuck me!"

He hesitates for a moment and I contract my pussy muscles around his fingers and moan in pleasure, "God Rob I want your cock in me not your fingers! Fuck me Rob! I need you to fuck me!"

He almost growls with lust as he slips his fingers from my aching pussy and licks all my juices from them before he leans over to kiss me and share the flavor of my pussy with me. While I taste myself on his mouth he positions his cock and slowly begins pushing it into my waiting pussy. His cock is the biggest I've ever had but I am so far gone with lust and need that my body willingly opens to accept all of him.

He lays there on top of me with his cock buried to the hilt inside my hot pussy and looks down at me, "You okay baby?"

I squeeze my pussy around his cock and throw my head back in pleasure, "God you fill me up so good! Mmmmm...but I don't want to be full...I want to be fucked!"

With that he slowly pulls his cock out a little and then slams it back into me, making my entire body shudder with the jolt. Soon he's shoving his massive cock in and out of my pussy so hard and so fast I think I might die from the pleasure of it. I slip my fingers between our bodies and rub my clit frantically as he slams his giant cock deep inside my pussy over and over again.

The first orgasm hits me after only a minute of this and once the first one hits it's like they never stop. I just keep cumming over and over again, moaning out from the pleasure, begging Rob to never stop fucking me, to fuck my pussy until I'm raw and begging him to suck on my nipples hard while he shoves his cock into me.

Then he pulls his mouth from my nipples, shoves his cock even deeper into my pussy and lets out an animalistic growl as he cums deep inside my cunt with me cumming right along with him.


He knocks on the door...I open it and invite him in...I give him the "grand tour" of the new apartment and end the tour in my bedroom. He sits down on the bed and I walk up to stand against him, putting him at eye level with my tits. I tilt his head up and lean over to kiss him. His hands move around my waist and pull me closer to him. I unbutton my shirt as he slips his hands down the front of my legs to the hem of my skirt and then works his way up the backs of my legs. He finds my thong and slips it down my legs as I move my hands to his chest to begin unbuttoning his shirt.

Both topless now, I remove my skirt while he undoes his belt and jeans. I pull back from the kiss and kneel down to remove his pants. I kiss the inside of his thigh before gripping his cock in my hand and running the tip of my tongue along the underside of it, flicking it across the very tip of his cock. I look up at him for a second and then move my mouth over his cock and take as much of him inside my mouth as I can. I'm frantically sucking his cock while my own fingers are teasing my clit and when I feel his body begin to tense I pull my mouth off his cock and my own fingers from my dripping pussy.

I lick my pussy juice off my fingers as I move onto the bed and lay down. I spread my legs wide and reach out to him. He moves above me and without hesitation he pushes his cock inside my aching pussy.

We fuck hard and fast, bodies moving to a beat neither of us can hear but we both feel. My nails scratch down his arms and back while I cum over and over again. His cock feels so amazing inside me...I don't want it to end...I'm screaming for more, for him to fuck me hard and fast and make me cum until I pass out. He moans that he's about to cum and I tell him I want it all over my tits. He pulls his cock from my wet pussy just as he starts to cum. I watch his cum spurt all over my tits and move my hands up to rub his hot cum around my still aching nipples.

He lies down on the bed next to me, spent, but I'm not finished yet. I reach for my vibrator and it easily slips inside my dripping and recently fucked pussy and I begin fucking myself like a wild woman. I'm screaming in pleasure as he moves his mouth over mine to swallow my screams. His hand moves down to my throbbing clit so he can rub it while I fuck myself with the vibe.

I slip my hand between us and grip his cock...between my screams of pleasure and my hand on his cock he is soon hard and ready again and I pull the vibrator out of my pussy so his cock can go back inside me.

The pace is a little slower the second time but even more intense. My orgasms seem to get bigger and bigger every time I cum and his cock seems to be able to push deeper and deeper inside my pussy. My nails are scraping down his arms when the final earth shattering orgasm washes over and through my body. I feel him push his cock unbelievably deep inside my cunt and cum inside me and I scream out his name as my body explodes in pleasure.

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