tagErotic CouplingsSingle Again Ch. 13

Single Again Ch. 13


The two hour drive home gives us an opportunity to just talk without any distractions. We take advantage of the time and I get to learn a lot about Tiffany that I've missed these last few years. She also gets a chance to learn more about my marriage. By the time we pull into the driveway, we are laughing and talking like old times. I feel much more sure that our relationship is going to be great.

As I pull into my driveway, Pup wakes up and starts to get excited. "This is your house?" she asks.

"Yup. Home sweet home."

"Why are you parking out here?"

"I've got a lot of stuff in the garage. Most of it is tools to work on the house and supplies."

"That sucks."

"Like a little cold is going to hurt you."

She ignores me and says "I can't wait to see it in the daylight."

"Let's get our stuff and I'll take you on a quick tour."

Pup jumps out of the car and runs around back. "Is he going to be ok?"

"Yeah. Wait till you see why he ran around. He'll probably meet us in the back."

I unlock the door and ask Tiffany to close her eyes. I carefully lead her through and turn on the lights.

"Ok, open your eyes."

She gasps as she opens her eyes. "Oh my, John. This is gorgeous. You did this yourself?"

"Most of it. I redid the floors through the entire downstairs, all the trim and painting in the foyer. I redid the entire staircase myself."

"They look amazing." She is wandering around touching the the trim and checking out the steps.

"This is the formal living room."

She walks into the living room and looks around. "The fireplace needed a lot of cleaning and I needed to patch a lot of the walls. Actually, most of the walls in the house had to fixed."

"John, I can't even wrap my mind around the fact that you did this yourself."

"Most of it. I had to contract the electrical and a few other things."

"I want to see the rest of it."

"Come on. I'll show you the kitchen next. Now, a lot of that I did not do myself."

We walk into the kitchen and she turns in a circle. "What did you do?"

"I installed the cabinets but I contracted the rest of it out. I don't do much with tiles."

"This is beautiful. Do you use it much?"

"You have a week to figure that out."

"Five days actually."

"Close enough wise ass. This is my family room." She follows me over and looks around.

"It's not very big."

"No, but it's big enough for a family to watch TV together at least. Tomorrow morning though, you'll see why it's a great room."

"I notice the big window. What's left to see?"

"The dining room is still under construction, my office and the master suite."

"Let's see the office first."

"That is actually my favorite room that I've completed."

"This is amazing," she says as I open the door. "Did you do all the woodwork and trim?"

"Yup. It took a long time to get it right, but it looks amazing."

"How much was here to start?"

"None of it. I put in all the shelving, desk, and trim work."

"It's amazing John." She turns to look at me. Her eyes are bright green and she has a look of admiration on her face. "I can't believe you aren't doing this for a living. You're really good."

"Thanks," I say, a bit embarrassed. "Maybe that's one reason I've decided to go back. I've really enjoyed this house."

She takes my face between her hands and kisses me gently. "Show me the upstairs."

"You don't really want to see that."

"How bad can it be?"

"You'd be surprised."

"Show me, then you can show me the master suite," she says sexily and emphasized with a kiss that makes my toes curl.

"Fine, but I warned you."

I take her upstairs and she stops. "Holy shit, John. There's nothing here?"

"I warned you. I took everything down last month."

She looks around at the bare walls. There's not even sheet rock up, just bare wall studs and wires.

"What's the plan?"

"I had a few things in mind, but nothing that I really cared for. I figured I would take everything out and then figure it out."

She just looks around with a kind of stunned look. "How are you going to get this done?"

"That's why my dad and uncle are coming out. They'll get it done."

"And you'll be able to move back sooner."

"Sooner than doing it myself."

She gives that same toe curling kiss as she did in the office. "Now show me the master suite."

I take her hand and lead her to my bedroom. "Just so you know, the bedroom itself isn't fabulous. The bathroom is what makes it."

She walks in ahead of me. "I'm a bit disappointed."

"I know. I just never got a good feel for this room. Maybe you can help. But I do want you to see the bathroom. Go through that door."

She opens the bathroom door and stops just inside. "Holy shit."

"You like it?"

She doesn't say anything as she looks around. "You did this?"

"No. I did the design, but I had someone else to the work. It was the first thing I had done."

"I can't even imagine.." she stops, unable to continue. "I want to take a shower." She walks over to the shower and starts stripping. I begin to follow, but remember I need to let Pup back in. He's waiting at the door and comes right in so I go back to the bathroom.

Tiffany is already naked and has the water on. "How much sex have you had in this shower?" I just stare at her. "Relax, I'm not naive. Besides, I have a feeling you'll be getting some more, especially if you get naked with me right now."

My clothes are off in record time and I join her in the shower. I wash her down slowly, spending a lot of time on her breasts and between her legs. By the time I'm done, she's panting. "I see you've done that a few times."

Now it's my turn to be cleaned and Tiffany demonstrates that this isn't her first time either. Once she is satisfied that I'm clean enough she sits on the bench and pulls me close. While looking up at me, she gently licks the head of my cock.

"I've been thinking about this since you teased me this morning. I thought about giving you a blow job while you were driving, but decided it might not be a good idea."

"I wouldn't have minded."

She engulfs me with her lips and slowly pulls her head back while running her tongue the entire length. My eyes close and my head goes back.

"Closing your eyes like that while driving would not have been a good." She smiles at me and then gets back to my blow job.

Her mouth is so warm and moist that I am quickly reaching my boiling point. It doesn't help that I've wanted to be with her since this morning. "Fuck Tiff, I'm ready to go."

"Come on babe. Give it to me." She starts to suck harder and soon I lose control. I roar as my cock blasts the back of her throat. I thrust my hips with each thrust and Tiffany takes every shot. I have to sit down before my legs go soft.

"Oh fuck babe, that was amazing."

She washes her mouth out quickly and then kisses me. "I hope your ready to return the favor because I really need to cum."

I smile at her and seat her on the bench. Without a word I kiss her gently on the mouth and then proceed to move down her body. I suckle her breasts till I feel her nipples harden on my tongue. When I spend too much time there, she not so gently pushes my shoulders down, telling me she wants more.

I kiss my way down her belly and then between her legs. "I've been dreaming of this since since you teased my in your room. Now finish what you started this morning," she commands.

Not one to go against orders, I dive between her legs. The moment my tongue presses against her clit her hips thrust forward. I want a quick orgasm and she responds just like I hope. "Oh John. Lick me baby. Lick my pussy. Oh, I'm so close, come on babe, do it," she moans.

I slide a couple of fingers into her pussy and curl them to rub the rough patch. Her hips lift off the seat and she moans loudly. My fingers get wetter as she approaches her orgasm and her moans echo through the bathroom. I wrap my lips around her clit, suck lightly and she explodes. Her sweet nectar washes over my fingers and down my chin. Her hips thrust into my face over and over as her orgasm continues. She finally slumps onto the bench, panting.

"Ok, I think you've earned your keep, but I hope you're not done for the night."

"Not by a long shot."

"Good, now take me to bed and prove it."

The next morning I wake up alone and look around. The last thing I remember is falling asleep with Tiffany snuggled against my side. I smile to myself as I remember her screams of delight as I went about proving myself to her. We were both tired, but I managed to bring her to at least a couple of more orgasms while I managed to fill her with my juices one more time.

I stretch, then use the bathroom before pulling on some pants and going in search of Tiffany. I find her curled up on the couch, looking out the big bay window off the family room. She is wearing one of my dress shirts with only a couple of buttons done. She has a look of pure calmness as she looks over the lake. When she hears me approach she smiles at me.

"I was up early and didn't want to disturb you," she said peacefully. "This view is amazing."

"Yeah. It's one thing I'm going to miss about living here."

"I was thinking of a place we could look at that may have a similar view."

"I gave my dad a few ideas of what I'm looking for and he's going to give them to a woman he works with. He said she should be able to find the right place."

She stands and walks over to me, wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me. "So, what's the plan for today?" she asks with a twinkle in her eyes.

"I have to get online for work and take care of a few things. Then I thought we could go into town for lunch and I'll show you around. Then I think I'll show you how well I use my kitchen."

"Is that all?"

"No. First I'm going to take you back to bed and continue to prove myself to you."

I turn around and lead her back to the bedroom. I slowly unbutton the shirt and toss it away, then lift her onto the bed. Her nipples are already poking out and she is smiling as she watches me. I move onto the bed with her and kiss her gently, moving down her body.

Her lips and clit are already swollen and she is soon moaning as I dip my tongue into her honey pot. I take my time giving her pleasure and she slowly builds towards her orgasm. When it finally overtakes her, she squeals and thrusts her hips against my face. As she recovers, she pushes me onto my back and pulls my pants off.

We kiss as she slowly mounts me and begins to rotate her hips. Her pussy is sopping wet and there is almost no friction as I slide into her. I reach behind her and play with her ass while she slowly rides me.

"Have you ever had anyone back here?" I ask as I probe her ass.

"It's been a long time, but yes. Scott found it disgusting."

"How do you feel about it?"

"It was while I was with Vic. But he was much smaller than you. I did enjoy it though."

"Would you like to try it?"

"Not right now. I just want to take it slow right now. But maybe later."

She does respond when I push my finger against her ass. She's pretty slick and it doesn't take much to push pass the tight ring. She groans as my finger penetrates her ass and I begin to slide it in and out. I eventually get my finger in to the second knuckle and her hips begin to slam against me. I try to work a second finger in. She stops me, but doesn't make me remove the one finger.

I begin to feel my orgasm build and start to thrust into her. With one hand holding her ass, I begin to thrust into her till I explode. She continues to ride me till she cums again. I pull my finger from her ass and she relaxes on top of me. We kiss and I hold her tight.

As I soften, our juices run out of her and onto my leg. "What would you like for breakfast?"

"What can you make?"

"I'm not sure. I need to go shopping. I'll have to see what I have. Do you want some coffee?"

"No thanks. But I think I'm going back to bed for a while." She kisses me and gets under the covers.

Puppy greets me carrying his leash. "You need a good walk. Let me get some clothes on and we'll get going."

It feels good being back on the trail. It's pretty cold out so there aren't a lot of people and I let Pup run free. He takes off for the water and I hear him splashing around for a moment before he comes back dripping wet. He's all over the place as we continue our walk. By the time we get back, he's panting and happy.

Tiffany is still asleep when I get back, so I take a quick shower and then head to my office. I check my email and find that my boss is going to be out of the office all week. That sucks because I want to talk to him about resigning, but I guess that will have to wait. My client has requested an update on where things stand so I make my report, then take care of a few other emails that I received over the weekend. There's nothing urgent going on, so I spend the next few hours working on my clients project. I'm pretty sure there are going to be a lot of change requests, but if I can finish the first draft, it will be easier.

After a couple of hours Tiffany finds me. She is again wearing my shirt and looking quite sexy doing it. "Are you feeling better?"

"Yeah. I didn't realize how tired I was. I still feel like I could use a few hours more."

I look at her slightly concerned. "Are you sure you're feeling ok?"

"I'm fine. A lot has been going on the last few months and I think it's all catching up to me."

She sits on my lap and puts her head on my shoulder. I kiss her gently on her forehead and she sighs.

"Well, all you have to worry about this week is relaxing."

"I'm already more relaxed than I've been since my breakup with Scott. I don't think I realized how stressed out I was."

"Same with me. I don't have much work to do this week so we can just hang out. If you want, we don't even have to go out. We can just stay in, lock ourselves away and ignore the rest of the world."

"I think I might like that. But I don't want to be locked away. We can still go out."

"Go shower and get dressed. I don't really have much food, so I need to go shopping."

She stands up and pulls me with her. "I need someone that can give me a good washing. But no hanky panky. I'm a bit delicate right now."

After our shower I take Tiffany out to lunch in town. As we walk down the street I see someone I recognize and stop walking.

"What's wrong?"

"See that girl with the long black hair?"

She looks where I'm pointing. "Yeah, what about her?"

"That's Summer."

Tiffany looks at me a moment and then looks again. "That's the girl that blew you off all week?"


"Who's that with her?"

"No idea."

"Well, here's a good time to find out. Although she looks pretty into this guy."

Summer starts to walk past without even glancing at me. "Hey Summer."

She turns to look at me and stops short. Her face goes pure white and her eyes grow quite large.

"John, how are you?" she says trying to recover.

"Quite well. I'm glad to see you're doing ok."

She stutters a few times trying to speak. "Who is this, Summer?" the guy asks.

"This is a friend of mine. Mitch, this is John. John, this is Mitch."

"Nice to meet you Mitch. This is my girlfriend Tiffany. Tiffany, this is Summer and Mitch."

"Nice to meet you," she says with a smile. "John's told me quite a bit about you."

Summer looks at me and I see tears forming in her eyes. She can't decide if she's angry, scared or something else. "Girlfriend? I didn't know you were dating anyone," she says tightly.

"Well, it was kind of sudden. Tiffany was my high school sweet heart and she had been living in California till about three months ago. I was shocked when I went home to visit my family and found out she had moved home. We got together for a couple of dates and decided we wanted to try getting back together."

"That's really nice," Summer says.

"Good for you, dude," Mitch adds. "Summer and I did pretty much the same thing about two months ago. I had moved away and came back and, bam, sparks flew, and we're together."

"Good for you, dude," I reply with the same emphasis on 'dude'. "You've got yourself a great girl. Good luck to both of you." I hold my hand out to Tiffany. "That place I suggested is just up the street."

We walk down the street without looking back, but I can feel eyes on my back. At the corner I hear someone running toward us and I spin around just in time to see Mitch. "Look man, I'm not sure what game you're playing, but stay away from my girl." I look over his shoulder and Summer is still standing in the same place. "You hear me?" Mitch has his finger in my face. I'm at least six inches taller than him and about forty pounds heavier.

"First, I'm in love with Tiffany. Second," I say extremely quietly, "if you ever put your finger in my face again, I'll turn you into a human pretzel. You hear me?" I realize I'm not even a little bit angry.

Mitch's face drains of blood and his eyes bulge from his head. He looks at Tiffany for a moment before going back to Summer. He takes her arm and starts to walk away from us. Summer looks over her shoulder one time before getting into a car down the street.

"Well, that was interesting. Two months with him and she spent a whole weekend with you? That guy doesn't know what hit him."

"You enjoyed that, didn't you?" I ask Tiffany.

"Yup. You were a girl's fling."

I reach out, pull her to me and kiss her passionately. When I release her, she stumbles back a step, a look of lust on her face. "You need to feed me before doing that again. So, do you think we'll run into any of your other conquests?"

"I hope not."

After lunch, we do some shopping, then head home. "Let's take a walk. I'm sure Pup wants to get out."

"That's fine. Is it safe to run around here?"

"Yeah. There's a nice big path around the lake."

"Do you run?"

"Not really."

"You need to get up with me tomorrow and run."

"We'll see." I hook up Pup and show Tiffany around the lake.

"This is really nice. I can see why you moved here. I didn't notice any boats or anything."

"No. I used to have some kayaks and a canoe, but Krista decided she wanted them. I'm pretty sure it was out of spite, but I didn't fight her. They weren't very good anyway."

"Are you still looking for a house on the lake back home?"

"That's the plan. My dad mentioned he might know someplace, but we may have to build."

"Is it always this quiet?"

"No, just during the winter. Once it starts to warm up, this place is hopping."

"Must be annoying then."

"Not really. By the time the sun starts to set, it quiets down again. Then it's nice to sit on my back porch with a drink and just relax."

"How many girls did you meet walking around here?"

"Just Judy."

"Really? I doubt she's the only one."

"I'm telling the truth. I'd only had Pup a day or two and we were walking when she ran by. On her way back she stopped to talk to me and play with Pup. I saw her a few more times and then she suddenly showed up at my back deck."

"How long were you together?"

"Maybe six or seven months."

"You still have feelings for her?"

"Yeah. But I also never lost my feelings for you."

She stops walking and stares at me. She has a strange little smile and tilts her head.

"Do I have to ask what you're thinking about?"

"Yes, but I'm not going to tell you just yet."

"Well, then I just won't ask," I say as I start walking again.

She runs to catch up and takes my arm, leaning her head on my shoulder. "There's not really anyplace like this back home."

"Not yet. I've heard there are a lot of plans for some really cool stuff. The town is planning on turning the area into some sort of adventure resort destination."

"I heard about that from my parents. What have you heard?"

"Nothing specific, just a few ideas."

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