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Single Mom, Hot & Sexy


Broken AC... 95 DEGREES AGAIN!

It seemed that since her husband left 3 months ago, everything in the house was breaking, and now, with summer here, it was the Air conditioner.

Karen had called 4 different repair shops, and only one could send a man out on such short notice. Thank heaven... The kids would be miserable if they got home from school and had to endure this heat. As for Karen, she just wore skimpy little tube tops, and very short shorts without panties to keep cool. This had been going on now for 4 days.

Finally, on Tuesday morning, she waited for the repairman to arrive. She had 2 fans blowing on her to keep cool until he got there. Once in awhile, she would just pull her tube top down and let the fan blow on her sweaty titties, and the cool air would cause her nipples to get hard.

Her tits were big; so big, in fact, that she could suck her own nipples when she wanted to. And when they got hard like this, it was hard to turn away from them. They were thick and dark, and she loved to pinch them between her index fingers and thumbs. Ummmmm...

The only problem was that it caused her tight little pussy to get so wet. Oh, she loved the wetness, but David was not around to fuck her anymore, and that meant she had to rub her own clit. In the last few months she had become pretty good at giving herself a good, quick orgasm; even with the children at home, but she was very, very horny. She needed a man's touch.

At about 10:00 AM, the repairman got there, and Karen was a bit overwhelmed at his tall, bulky size. Also he was a black man, and she felt a bit leary about letting him in with nobody else around. But, it was hot; very very hot.

Stevens diagnosed the problem, and told her it would be about $200. 00 to fix it. He told her that if it were him he would just go buy a new unit. Karen was torn, because that kind of money would be difficult to get her hands on. Stevens said, " Well, I jus likes to be honest wif you Mrs. Martel. "

Karen offered him a soda, and he said that would be great. She walked suggestively toward the kitchen, and once she was out of his view she tweaked her thick nipples a couple of times. She was hoping she could get him to fix the thing in exchange for a good lay. He was well built, and quite attractive, and she had always fantasized about having a Negro man fuck her. This might just be her big opportunity. And after all, David had left her.

She went back to the living room with 2 sodas and a lovely pair of hard nipples, which he could see quite plainly. He wasn't shy, and took a good look, even scanning down towards her crotch, and admiring her thighs. Karen gave him her sexiest smile.

Stevens said, " Of course, this job could be done for less, and I wouldn't have to report it. "

My lunch hour is coming up anyway. "

"What do you think Mrs. Martel?" Karen just smiled and told him to sit down and rest.

Stevens was a very happy man. He was about to enjoy some afternoon white pussy! Not that this had never happened before, but it usually happened with the black ladies. Karen was stunning to him, with large breasts, and a nice tight ass. Ummmmmm; his dick was gonna enjoy this!

As he sat on her sofa, the huge bulge of his hardened cock was evident, and Karen went, " Mmmmmm; nice package you have there. "(She was already getting wet. )He was sooooo black!

Stevens reached over, and slipped her little tube top down, exposing her gorgeous tits so he could suck them. If there was one thing he knew, it was that women with big tits just love to have em' sucked. Also, it would help make her pussy nice and wet for his growing cock, and she would be needing all the wetness she could get once he started to slide that pole into her.

He sucked on her very excited nipples, and would suck one, and finger the other and then switch. She was squirming around, and he slid a finger up the leg of her shorts and felt her wetness. He sniffed his wet finger and decided he should eat her hot cunt too. She was a very hot lady, and needed a few good cums.

He started to unzip her shorts, and she helped by getting right out of them herself. Stevens went, " Ummmmmmmmmm, very ,very nice. "

"Would you like my pretty pink tongue on that little clit of yours ma'am?" She just laid back and said, " oh please. " Stevens had been told how good he was with his tongue, and he wanted to make this last for her, so he lapped away at her drenched vulva first, and then very slowly used his pointed tongue to explore the fleshy folds of her hot wet box. Little by little, he worked his way towards her clit. She was going wild; holding his head and pushing his face right into her wet cunt. As he started to poke at her clit,she began moaning and gyrating. She had one orgasm, and then came again right away. She hollered out; " yeah; eat my white pussy!" And he did.

By now, Stevens cock was huge, and oozing lots of precum in his jockeys. Karen noticed his discomfort, and helped him out of his pants. When she saw the shiny tip of his dick she said, "

"here; let me lick it a bit. "She couldn't believe the size of him. Other than in stories, she'd never heard of a cock being so big. She told him she couldn't get it all in her mouth, but would lick the shaft up and down, and jerk it for him too. He was happy with that.

When she'd been licking for about 15 minutes, he reached down and tweaked her hard nipples and gave her a big grin and told her to lie down.

He was ready to fuck this hot white bitch, and didn't want to waste his cum all over her chin. She got on her back, and spread her pretty thighs farther apart than Stevens would have expected. He slid his thick cock very slowly into her wet hole. He took it slowly, and gave her barely an inch at a time. She was nice and tight. He said, " I's your first, right missy?" She said, " what do you mean?" He said, " You ain't never had a black dick before, huh? She said, " how could you tell?" He said it had to do with the way her jaw dropped open when he took his hard cock out.

She couldn't believe how exciting it was to have his huge black meat inside her horny, wet pussy, and she went off from the excitement. He made her shift positions, and he got on his back with her sitting on top. This allowed for him to play with her bouncing tits, and to squeeze the nipples for her, which she seemed to love. She was going crazy riding his dick, and reached down and started banging away at her wet clit. She brought herself off, and it made Stevens go off just to look at her masturbating like that. My God, she certainly was hot!

When Stevens got up, she brought him a washcloth, and helped wipe him off. She was also wiping his cum from the insides of her thighs. He had cum so much that it was running down to her ankle on one leg.

He apologized for shooting his load so quickly, but explained that watching her rub her clitty like that just took him over the edge! She said, " oh yeah, I just love to do that. "

He told her there was not enough time to work on her AC today, but he'd be back tomorrow with a newer unit for her. NO CHARGE! Karen couldn't believe her luck, and gave him a big hug and kiss.

She told Stevens that if he had another free lunch hour tomorrow, maybe they could get together again. He said, " That would sure be fine, ma'am. " And so they set a time.

Karen sat that evening thinking about the great afternoon she'd had, and looking forward to tomorrow. Oooooh, that great big shiny black dick would be hers again. She had really enjoyed the way he fucked her. And his tongue was just fantastic too. She started to play with her nipples. What the heck! The kids were in bed. She pulled one of her big titties out, and sucked the nipple, then pulled out the other one. Her cunny was starting to get wet, and she pretended it was

Stevens sucking her tit. Oooh... those gorgeous lips, and his nice pink tongue.

She started to finger herself, and had a good cum in about 2 minutes. Now she would sleep real good, and dream of Stevens, and what he would do to her tomorrow. Yes; tomorrow...

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