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Sinnndy Does Vegas


Labor Day weekend was coming up fast. I was really excited, Billy was taking me on a trip to Las Vegas. I had never been there before and couldn’t wait to go. We had a room reservation at the Bellagio from Thursday to Monday. I wasn’t working at the time, so I had no problem getting away. I was also still living at home, but since I was 18, and my parents have always trusted my judgement, they allowed me to go. I know you have to be 21 to gamble in Vegas, but I have a great fake ID, it has my name and picture on it, but the birthday is three years before mine.

Finally the Thursday before Labor Day arrived, we had a morning flight on United. With all the trouble they had been having, we arrived at the airport 2 hours before our scheduled flight. We still had to wait in a long line, and were just waiting for the attendant to tell us our plane had been canceled, or overbooked, we were ready to argue and complain. When we got to the front of the line finally, we were surprised that we had no problem, here are your seat assignments, have a nice day, we were all riled up over nothing. Billy decided to upgrade our seats to first class, which I thought was cool, because it was going to be a 3-½ hour flight, and I had never flown first class and didn’t know what to expect.

We went to the food court to grab some chow. I saw that there was a Billy Goat’s Tavern, for those people who have never heard of the Billy Goat, there used to be a skit on Saturday Night Live with John Belushi, located in a restaurant, where the Chef’s kept yelling, “cheeburger, cheeburger, cheeburger, cheeps. It really wasn’t that funny of a bit, but they did a lot of skits about that restaurant. Those skits were about the Billy Goat, Belushi was from Chicago, and there is a Second City in Chicago. Second City is a place where young comedians and actors hone their skills by doing improvisation on stage. A lot of SNL people get their starts in the business at Second City, so I got a cheeburger, I know it was early in the morning, but I was starving.

We finally boarded the plane, First class was awesome, two seats in the row. Nice wide leather comfy seats, with more than enough leg room, most important of all, free alcohol. As we sat down, the flight attendant offered us champagne, which we gladly accepted. We had two glasses each before taking off, and one more just after take off. The lunch was exquisite, roasted chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus, it was yummy, and so was the fourth glass of champagne.

We had been in the air for about an hour or so, when Billy whispered to me, “its time to join the mile high club.” That brought a big smile to my face, “I was wondering when we would get around to that”, I whispered back. Billy then told me to go use the restroom, and when the coast was clear, he would come join me. We came up with a special knock sequence, so that I would know it was him and unlock the door.

I got up and went to the restroom, locked the door, lowered my pants, and started playing with my pussy, rubbing my clit, and sliding first one, then two fingers deep inside my pussy. About 2 minutes later, I heard our special knock, I unlocked the door and Billy joined me inside. I was really wet and ready for him. Billy lowered his pants and underwear, and had me face the sink, it was tight, but we had enough room to take care of business, Billy slid right into my pussy. I had my hands on the sink, and pushed my ass right back into him, Billy was pumping furiously, he didn’t want to be in there too long, or we might get caught. Then he surprised me by pulling his dick out, “What are you doing? We have to hurry”, I said. Then, I felt the head of his cock at my backdoor, that put a big smile on my face. He slid his cock in my ass slowly, then started pumping away at a vigorous pace, his balls slapping against my pussy. It didn’t take long before I heard his familiar groan, and then my ass was being filled with his man juice. I love the feeling of Billy’s cum shooting into my ass.

Billy pulled his cock out of my ass and pulled his underwear and pants up, gave me a deep french kiss, slowly opened the door, and left the restroom, going back to his seat. I took my fingers, and took some of Billy’s cum that was leaking out of my ass, and stuck my fingers in my mouth, yummy, my favorite dessert. I cleaned myself up, left the restroom, and went back to my seat with a big smile on my face. While walking back, I could see and hear people whispering to each other, but I didn’t care, that was one of the hottest quickies I have ever had. The flight attendant came back to give us more champagne, and asked us if we were enjoying the flight so far, when she asked us, she gave us a knowing glance and smile. “Welcome to the club she whispered”, and then walked away.

Nothing much happened for the rest of the flight, we both nodded off, and woke up just before landing. Sex and booze together can really knock you out. We walked into the airport, there were a lot of slot machines there. I had to try one, so Billy flipped me a quarter and I made the first of my donations to Las Vegas and we were on our way. There was a tram which takes you from the arrival gates to the baggage claim area. We had to stand up, and hold onto a pole, it was a pretty cool way to move around in an airport.

We found our baggage and grabbed a shuttle that takes you to most of the big hotels, the Bellagio happened to be the first stop for this shuttle. I was amazed at how big the casinos looked from the outside, the newly reopened Aladdin took up what looked like two city blocks in length. It was across the street from the Bellagio and right next to Paris.

We pulled up to the Bellagio, wow, what a cool place I thought to myself. As we walked up to the entrance, I noticed a tall, about 6-3 blond haired man that I recognized. I said “Hey, Steve Kerr”. He used to play for the Chicago Bulls when they won their last three-peat run of championships, he was now with the San Antonio Spurs. He noticed the T-shirt that I was wearing, a boys physical education Deerfield high school shirt, he asked me if I was from Deerfield. Deerfield is a northern suburb of Chicago, where the Bulls training facility is. I answered yes, and told him what a big fan of his and the Bulls that I was, and asked for his autograph. He was as nice and friendly in person as he seemed to be whenever I heard him interviewed on TV or the radio. I said, “thanks for your time, and good luck with the Spurs”. He smiled, shook my hand, and walked into the hotel, we never saw him again that weekend..

What a beautiful place the Bellagio was, I had never seen anything like it. The ceiling had a glass sculpture called "Fiori di Como." It was created by artist Dale Chihuly and was made with over 2,000 individually blown glass pieces. It covered approximately 2,000 square feet of ceiling, creating a colored veil of glass flowers. It was an awesome sight. There was also a Botanical Garden, with different trees and plants.

We then walked into the casino, there were bells going off all over the place, lights flashing, and people everywhere, it was neater than I imagined it would be. We then went up to our room to unpack, it was a nice room. A king sized bed, a small area for entertaining, with a table and some chairs. I looked out the window, wow, what a view, there was a perfect view of the lake outside the hotel. At night, I heard there was a water show there with lasers and lights, and that there were a couple of different shows every half-hour or so. Across the street, in front of Paris, was a mini Eiffel Tower. The bathroom was very cool, there was a large shower stall and a separate bathtub, big enough for two or even more if we needed it.

We decided to go downstairs and check out the action, I decided to start out slow and play the slot machines and the poker machines, Billy decided to tag along. He likes to play Roulette and blackjack, but wanted to spend time with me, he is a real sweetheart. We both lost twenty bucks at the slots in less than five minutes and then moved onto the poker machines where we had better luck. We played for about an hour, I broke even and Billy won about 10 bucks. We decided to head upstairs to take a nap, Billy told me that naps were a must in Vegas, because the nighttime was the real fun time there, so upstairs we went. We were both pretty tired, and we fell asleep fast.

I woke up first, and decided it was time to play, I snuck under the covers and took Billy’s limp cock in my mouth. When Billy is limp, he is about four inches, I love the feel of a cock hardening in my mouth; it’s as if its coming to life. It didn’t take too long for him to get hard, he seemed to still be sleeping. I started to deep throat him, taking his 9” thick cock all the way into my throat, and then slowly lifting my mouth completely off. I then lowered my mouth all the way back down and started using my tongue to lick his balls, a new trick I learned how to do from watching a porn flick. While licking his balls, I felt Billy’s hand on the back of my head holding it down, while he pulled the covers back with his other hand. I waved to him, and he smiled back at me. He gasped my hair, and pulled back on it, forcing me up and down on his cock at the pace that he wanted. I started sucking hard, my head being forced up and down on his manhood while stroking his cock with one hand and playing with his balls with the other hand. I could feel him getting close; he was really pulling my hair back and forth at a fast speed. Then he grabbed the back of my head with both hands forcing me completely down to his pubic hair, and held me there, filling my throat with his love cream. When he was finally finished, I cleaned his cock, and moved up to give him a kiss. I had saved some cum in my mouth, and gave him a creamy kiss, he hates when I do that, but I love doing that to him. A girl has to keep her man in line every now and then.

We went to take a shower together, it was a nice shower stall. Large enough for 6 people, encased in glass with gold trim on the outside. The water felt great, it came out in a perfect spray, not too hard, but hard enough that you can wash all the shampoo out of your hair. We both started to soap each other up, I dropped my bar of soap, on purpose of course, I reached over to pick it up and took his cock into my mouth, sucking and licking his shaft all over. He got hard pretty fast, and lifted me up and turned me away from him. I placed my hands against the wall just as Billy entered my pussy. He fucked me with deliberate strokes, slamming his whole cock into my pussy, slowly pulling it almost all the way out, waiting for a second, and then slamming it back home. I love the way Billy fucks; he always changes the pace. After a couple of good hard slams, he started fucking like a jackrabbit, fucking me fast and hard, occasionally slapping my butt cheeks. I was doing all I could to not have my body slam into the shower stall wall.

Billy was nearing the end, I always tell when he is close, he groans differently than when he is fucking me and he slows down a little giving me short, deep thrusts. I moaned out, “I want it in my mouth baby, please Billy, feed my mouth, I want your juice honey, let me have it.” With that, Billy pulled out; I turned around, and dropped to my knees. I opened my mouth and Billy fed me his cock. He grabbed the back of my head and face fucked me hard for about five strokes, screaming “yessssss, yessssss, here it is baby, drink it up, swallow it all you cum hungry whore. Mmmmmmm, Ohhhhh baby, that’s it, yessssss, suck me dry you little slut, mmmmmmm” He shot his load into my mouth and I gobbled his cum down, savoring every last drop. I love the taste of cum and I love it when Billy talks dirty to me. I am his little cum whore and I take his dirty talk as a compliment.

Billy told me not to pack any nightwear, he was going to take care of my entire going out clothing. He handed me tonight’s outfit, it was black with a low cut top, and a very short black leather skirt, I rarely wear bras and I never wear panties. I had to go braless because I was wearing a spaghetti string top. I am an exhibitionist, and Billy and I get a kick out of driving our waiters and other restaurant patrons crazy. I am an expert at flashing people nonchalantly, bending over after dropping my napkin, and spreading my legs just wide enough so the waiter can see my bare pussy.

Billy had made reservations for the whole weekend a couple of months in advance. We didn’t even know each other at the time he made them, but he figured with his looks and confidant way that he would be taking someone, I was really happy that it was me. We went to Wolfgang Puck’s Spago. We took a long walkway to the restaurant, the Bellagio is connected to a couple of other hotels through a common mall. It was a very elegant restaurant, we sat down in a cozy booth, Billy sitting down next to me. Most couples sit across from each other, but Billy likes to sit next to me. The waiter came to ask us if we would like some wine. He was on my side of the table, so I spread my legs just wide enough that he could get a nice peak at my pussy. He was trying really hard to keep eye contact with Billy, but he kept looking downward at me every now and then, stopping what he was saying and then gathering his composure and moving on.

Billy ordered a bottle of Chardonnay, he prefers red wine, but knows I like white. As always, he made a great choice, I was never much of a wine drinker until I met him, but I was quickly acquiring a taste. The waiter came back to tell us about the specials, again losing track when I spread my legs even wider, and pulling himself together when I closed them. I ordered one of the specials; Sea Bass encrusted in garlic. Two of my favorite things, Sea Bass and garlic, with another favorite, mashed potatoes, Billy ordered the Filet Mignon. We both ordered the soup that came with the meal; it was onion soup, with burgundy in it. It was awesome, as was the meal. I love dining out like that, especially at a fine place like Spago.

The waiter came back to take our dessert order. We were both pretty stuffed, but decided to order one crème brulet for the two of us to share, we also both ordered an Espresso. I waited for the waiter to start approaching our table, when I dropped my napkin on the floor, and bent over to pick it up, giving him full shot at my exposed pussy and buttocks. He almost dropped our dessert, I love being a nasty little tart.

While we were eating our dessert, I felt Billy’s hand going under my skirt. He started fingering my pussy, rubbing my clit with his thumb. When the waiter came back with the bill, I had to bite my lip to keep myself from screaming out loud. I know had a glassy look, because the waiter asked me if I was feeling ok, I answered, “better than you could ever imagine”, and gave him a wink. He got the hint, chuckled, and walked away. I pulled Billy’s hand away and slapped it. “Bad boy”, I said to him, he just smiled and placed a finger in my mouth, I sucked on it, tasting myself. Billy paid the bill, and we headed back to our hotel.

“So, what’s planned for this evening?” I asked. “I have this whole weekend planned out, I have lot of surprises planned, just kick back and enjoy.” I know how Billy thinks, I was excited and nervous at the same time. We walked out hand in hand to the entrance of the Bellagio. Billy led to me a long white stretch limo, we got inside, and off we went. We drove around town for about an hour, I was amazed at all the lights and how cool the outside of each casino was. We arrived at an area off of the strip, it was called Fremont Street. There were a couple of casinos and a ceiling made of some kind of screen, but it was outside.

The streetlights turned off and some music started playing, it was Motown music from the 70’s. I love that kind of music, Diana Ross, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson’s Tears of a Clown. Then, on the ceiling, a laser show started, wow, it was really cool. Faces singing with the songs, shapes, figures and different colors, if you are ever in Vegas, you have to check it out, it lasts about ten minutes. Billy and I started dancing, it was great being in Vegas with someone who was a regular there. We hopped back into the limo and drove off to Treasure Island. I had heard about the pirate show there and couldn’t wait to see it. We had to wait a half-hour for the next show, we found a good place to view the show and Billy went inside to grab us some beer. He came back with two for each of us, so we stood there chatting with the people around us.

Standing next to us was an Australian couple, he was very tall and athletic looking. He told us he was an Australian Rules football player, he was really built, short blond hair, nice chest and biceps. She was very pretty, about 5-7, 115 pounds, nice, firm looking breasts a fine figure, great legs and a tasty looking ass. It was their first time in Vegas, they were staying at the same place we were. His name was Andrew, he was 25, and she was Sheila, 23 years old. Billy started talking with Andrew and I talked with Sheila. They had been dating for over three years, she met Andrew at a party after one of his games. She told me that those football players were crazy and really partied hard. She was hoping that Andrew would propose to her that weekend, and how much in love with him she was. Eventually, the subject turned to sex, it always ends up there when I am around, we talked about how great our guys were in bed. I was on my second beer at that time, combined with the rest of what we had to drink that night; I wasn’t feeling any pain.

I then started telling Sheila how I met my girlfriend Mia, that Billy took me to a bachelor party and I ended up in a lesbian gangbang with the three strippers. Mia was one of them, and I told her we were still together. I asked her if she had been with another woman, she told me that she had never had the chance, and while not opposed to it, wasn’t sure if she could go through with it. I then asked her if she had ever had more than one guy at the same time, she said that she would like to try it one day, but wasn’t sure she wanted to have a cock in her ass. A guy had tried it once and it hurt so badly, she made him take it out and stop. I told her of my love for anal sex and how I learned the secret to enjoying it, to relax your sphincter and open your ass as wide as you can. I also said, hey, everyone is different, we all have things that we like and don’t like. I didn’t want to make her feel bad, I was just trying to help her discover the joy of anal sex.

The pirate show began, it was really cool, there were two ships at different ends on the outside of the casino. One was a pirate ship, the other, a ship from England. The English ship wanted to board the pirate ship, but the pirates wanted none of that. The English ship then fired on the pirate ship, the blast caused a loud explosion; you could feel the heat of the blast. I won’t tell you how everything ends, you should go see the show for yourself, and it’s worth the wait. We said our good-byes to Andrew and Sheila, and went on our way.

We headed back to the Bellagio, on the way, Billy stopped of at a liquor store, and came out with a big package. I asked what was inside, and he told me that I would find out later. We arrived at our hotel just as one of the water shows was about to begin. People stopped walking wherever they were, it was quite awesome, something that you have to see, lights going off and the water shooting up in the air. When it was finished, we went inside, and Billy ran up to our room, to put whatever he got from the liquor store into our refrigerator.

He came back down and we sat down at a blackjack table. Billy put some money on the table for the both of us, and we started to play. Billy knows what he is doing and I know blackjack well, but its different when you are sitting in the kitchen playing for fun with your family, and sitting in a high class casino at a $20 minimum table playing with your boyfriends money. Billy started out really hot, winning his first 6 hands, I was even at the time. When I wasn’t completely sure what to do, I would glance at Billy, he would either nod yes or no.

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