tagGroup SexSinnndy Does Vegas Ch. 3

Sinnndy Does Vegas Ch. 3


True to his word, Billy let me sleep in. No wake up calls no sexual interruptions. He was even super quiet when he came back from the casino. He wanted to wake me up to tell me he had won 5 thousand, but knowing how beat I was, let me sleep. I woke up refreshed and ready. I looked over at Billy, he was also awake. "So, any big plans for me today? I inquired. He had a big smile on his face.

"Well, topping last night would be pretty hard, but I do have something interesting planned for this evening. First things first, we have to be out of the hotel by one, so we better get a move on."

"What's the attire for this afternoon? I asked. "Same as yesterday, shorts and T-shirt, dress comfortable. Wear gym shoes today" He replied. "Are we going to run a marathon?" I asked. "You will see." He said.

We showered and cleaned up, put clothes on, and we were out the door in a flash. This was the longest period without sex since we started the trip, and that was okay with me, my poor pussy and asshole needed a rest. I was a little sore, but I knew that I would be getting some more pounding later that night. Billy is relentless that way, he likes to push me to see how far I will go, and so far, I have never said no to anything. We went down to the lower parking garage in the Bellagio, where there was another van waiting for us. There was no advertisement on the van, so I didn't have a clue where we were going. We picked up some other people at some of the other casinos on the strip, and headed for the airport.

We pulled up to a building on the airport grounds, and went inside. It was then that I realized we were going to take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. I had never been in a helicopter before, and all I could think of, was Stevie Ray Vaughn at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin, where he died in a helicopter crash after a concert. I'm not a great flyer in the first place, and I was nervous, but wouldn't outwardly show it. In our group, were 20 people. We got on scales, so that they could split us up by weight to even things out. Billy and I got sat in the back seat with an extremely good looking man, he was about 25, a surfer type from California, just over 6 feet tall, thin, but a really nice looking body. Long blond hair, big blue eyes, his name was Shane.

He talked like a surfer guy too. He had two buddies who sat in the front with the pilot, they were both good looking surfer types too. They both had blond hair and blue eyes, and were not as tall as Shane, but one of them, Tyler, was a body builder, I thought steroids for sure, he was really built. The other guy, Ronny, was about 5-7, thin and wiry, and was the best looking of all. A full, gorgeous head of blond hair, and a models face. The pilot's name was Jeff Chandler, a good-looking man with white hair, and a goatee. He flew copters in Viet Nam, and had been flying for his current company for over 5 years.

There were three other copters, all filled with 5 passengers, and flown by pilots who had also flown in the war. They were all very experienced and all very good looking. I don't think I have ever seen a really bad looking pilot. Like athletes, they all have a certain confident look and demeanor, which I like in a man. A confident man is usually a better lover, unafraid to explore new techniques and positions, and always willing to take charge. The copters took off one by one. We had big headphones with microphones attached on our heads, which we had to wear, because it was really loud without them, and when they were on, the pilot could point out the scenic attractions, and was the only way everyone could talk to each other.

The Captain told us that it would take about 45 minutes to get to the canyon. We flew over the Hoover dam, I remember seeing it when I was 12 on a family trip. He also pointed out the only nude beach in Nevada; I looked over to Billy, smiled and said, "We have to check that place out some time." We also saw some of the old trails that wagon trains took in the 1800's. It was really beautiful up there. It was a nice sunny day, in the low 80's, visibility was perfect, and I was no longer nervous. Captain Chandler had a nice calming way about him, he was very reassuring.

We were now nearing the South entrance of the Canyon, it was really a beautiful sight as we neared the mountains. We don't have any mountains in Chicago, we don't even have any big hills. I had seen the Grand Canyon once, on that same trip my family took when I was 12. What a great idea Billy had, going on this tour. I snuck my hand into Billy's shorts, giving his cock a playful squeeze. His cock jumped a little bit, and then started to grow in my hand, as I started to jerk him off.

He gave me a look which told me, don't make me mess my shorts up again, and I gave him a playful smile. It was very hard to hear on the copter, without speaking into the mike on the headphones, and of course, we didn't want to share what we were doing with the rest of the group. I was now fondling Billy's ball sack as he was lying back, enjoying the ride. He must have flashed a high sign to Shane, because I felt Shane's hand sliding into my shorts, and into my dripping pussy. I looked at Billy, who was nodding yes to me, and then at Shane, who flashed me his beautiful smile. I realized at that time, that when Shane smiled, he looked like Stephen, or is it William Baldwin. I always mix them up. I know it's the Baldwin that was in one of the Flintstone movies, and I think he is a fox.

So there I was with stoking my Billy's hard cock, with Shane's fingers sliding in out of my pussy, all the while looking a the beautiful scenery on both sides of the chopper, what a high it was. Shane started working on my clit, and I was doing all I could not to jump out of the copter, it felt so good. Billy had to pull my hand from his pants, or he would have erupted inside his shorts. I looked deeply into Shane's big blue eyes; he had a big grin on his face. I had to keep my moans to myself, or everyone in the copter would know what was happening behind them. I then closed my eyes, as Shane continued to work his magic on my clit, and I placed my hand over my mouth, as I felt my orgasm near, and then felt the eruption between my legs. I couldn't really contain myself too well, I heard Captain Chandler ask if we were okay in the back. Billy replied that everything was fine, and that I had a queasy stomach. The Captain announced that we would be landing soon, and that there would be lunch served to us. I was really hungry since we had yet to eat.

We started our descent. We were going to land on ground owned by an Indian tribe. The only places that you can land a helicopter in the Grand Canyon, is on land owned by this Indian tribe. The Helicopter Company paid the Indians for the landing rights. We touched down in an open area, about 100 feet above the bottom of the canyon, and got out of the copter. There were picnic tables under an outside shelter. The pilots all had big coolers, which contained sandwiches, they also had some fruit, and champagne.

We broke out the champagne, and toasted each other, and the pilots for landing safely. I was sitting between Shane and Captain Chandler, while Billy was seated across from me, with Tyler and Ronny. They were having a nice chat, and I could see the guys were laughing, and had looks of disbelief on their faces. I had an idea of what they were talking about, but I really couldn't listen, because I was talking with the Captain.

He was telling me about how he moved to Vegas a couple of year's back, and how he hooked up with his current company. He had such a nice way about him. I was hoping that if Billy was planning something, that the Captain would somehow be involved. We finished lunch and the bottle of champagne quickly. We were told that we would have a half an hour to walk around, and check out the sights. Billy grabbed my hand, and the three guys from California started walking with us, leaving the Captain behind. I was a little disappointed in that, but I was also excited about the possibility of being with the studs that were walking with us. Billy somehow had found a blanket to take with us, and we found a nice quiet place to sit down.

Billy started kissing me, lifting my shirt off of my head. I felt a pair of hands working my shorts off of my body. So there I was, completely naked in the Grand Canyon, with four studs quickly removing their clothes as well. I checked the guys' bodies out. Shane and Ronny had similar bodies, Shane was a lot taller, but they were both lean, with nice athletic bodies. Tyler on the other hand, had a spectacular body, big muscles, with hard cuts all over. He definitely used steroids at one time, he was that big. He had the smallest cock of the bunch, but one of the guys were really huge, Billy, at 8 ½" was the biggest and thickest by far. Tyler's was about 6," and the next thickest to Billy's. Shane and Ronny, who I later found out were brothers, had about 7" between their legs, but it didn't bother me, I was just hungry for some man meat.

Billy laid the blanket on the ground, and I got on my knees, and started sucking alternately sucking their yummy cocks. I would suck on one of them while stroking the other two, and then move onto the next cock, with two other cocks in my hand. They were all hard by now. Billy told Shane to lay on his back. I then got on top of him, and slowly slid my pussy onto his rod, reaching bottom, and grinding myself into him. Ronny came in front of me, and I gladly took his cock into my mouth, sucking like a madwoman. I then felt Tyler knocking at my backdoor. He had an open invitation, and stuck his head into my ass.

I looked over to Billy; he had a proud poppa look on his face, and a big smile. These boys knew how to tag team a lady, this wasn't the first time they had done this. Tyler and Shane were pumping me hard in tandem, pulling their cocks out at the same time, and then slamming into me at the same time, while Ronny had his hands on each side of my head, and slammed his sausage into my waiting mouth. It so good to be completely filled by these young muscular studs. The view was also breath taking, mountains everywhere, and the fact that we were in the Grand Canyon made the experience that much better.

There is no way to describe the feeling of having a cock in every hole. When you are with one lover, you can concentrate of the wonderful feelings he causes by using the different parts of his body. When you have a cock in your mouth, pussy and ass at the same time, with hands roaming all over your body, its hard trying to concentrate with so much going on at once. That's one reason that when getting gangbanged, I like it when the guy in my mouth just fucks it. When I give head, I really concentrate on giving my lover pleasure. When I'm with a group, the guys have to create their pleasure, there's no way for any woman to be able to concentrate on pleasing three or more guys at once. I just try to feel all that is happening to me, clear my mind, and just enjoy the pounding I am getting.

Billy was close by, so I grabbed his cock with my hand, and stroked his hard cock. The guys were all pumping me hard now, I could tell they were all close to cumming. Ronny was first, he pulled out of my mouth, which disappointed me, and started shooting his goo in my face, one shot hitting me in the eye, I hate when that happens. The other two were pumping me hard, they had lost their rhythm, and we fucking just to cum, which was fine with me. Billy came in front of me, and replaced Ronny's cock with his in my mouth. I love sucking his cock; his fills my mouth so nicely. I then felt a big slap on my ass, a loud moan from Tyler, and my ass being filled up by his load. He left his cock in my ass for a minute, as Shane started filling my pussy up with his juice. I started giving Billy a nice slow blowjob.

Sucking and licking his shaft up and down. The other guys started putting their clothes back on, we had to get back to the chopper soon. Suddenly, I felt my asscheeks being spread, and I looked back, it was Captain Chandler. He slid his cock deep into my rectum, all the way up my ass. He had a pretty long and thick cock, and held it all the way in me, grinding his hips into me. I felt really filled up, and let out a soft moan. He then slid all the way out of me, waited a couple of seconds, and slammed back into my waiting asshole. Billy grabbed my hair, and started to fuck my face, his cock deep into my throat. I could hear the other guys talking about how wild this was, and that I was one cock hungry bitch.

Billy started fucking me with a fury, while the Captain grabbed my hips tightly, pistoning his cock in and out of my ass with his big cock, grunting as he filled me up with his log. Billy started filling my throat with his cock buried deep inside, which he loves to do. He kept his cock there for a while, as I breathed through my nose. Meanwhile, the good Captain had a really nice pace going. Pulling out slowly, and slamming in hard. As he was fucking me, I reached between my legs, fondling and lightly clawing his balls. This usually slows the guy down, and makes him last a little longer, Billy tells me he loves when I do that to him. The Captain was getting close, I could tell by his loud grunts, he was holding it in, trying to last longer. I pulled away from him, taking his cock into my mouth. He was ever longer than Billy, and almost as thick. He had a surprised look on his face when I took the cock that was just in my ass into my mouth, but then put his hand on the back of my head, and buried his cock down my throat, filling it with his creamy deposit. I sucked it down, licking and cleaning his cock at the same time.

Group sex is awesome, every woman should try it at least once. I think if more women were open minded, and tried some kinky sex, a lot of marriages would not end up in divorce, and men would not need to go outside their marriage for sex. I probably receive 50 emails a day, mostly from men. A good majority of them ask me where I was when they were dating, and how their wives don't want to try new things. They would love to see their wives making love to another woman, and then join in, or they would love to try some bondage. A lot of men don't even have any kind of sex anymore. It's really sad. On the other hand, some men just sit in front of the TV watching sports with their hands down their pants, while their wives try to seduce them. The men tell them to get out of their way. "You make a better door than a window." I dated a guy like that, and the first time he pulled that crap, I was out the door. Both men and women need to make an effort to take better care of their bodies. I know its tough, you come home from work tired, you have to tend to the kids, but deep down, we all know that there is 20 minutes every other day that we waste, which could be used for some kind of exercise. I will now get off of my soapbox, thanxxxx for listening, your comments are always appreciated.

We all got dressed, and the Captain told us that we had better get back. So we all walked back to the rest of the group, got on the copter, and took off. This time, Billy and I sat up front; Billy even let me have the window seat. Captain Chandler gave us a fun ride back, pulling up real close to the mountain, then he would go up, and when he was over the ridge, we would swoop down, dropping at a fast speed, It was exhilarating. We took the same way back, but we were lower this time. The Captain told us that when flying to the Canyon, the choppers went at a higher altitude, and lower on the way back, so as to make sure there would be no chance of crashing into each other. When we got back to Vegas, the Captain flew up and down the strip. It was pretty cool checking out the casinos from that vantage point. On top of one of the casinos, was a wild looking roller coaster ride. I wondered if we would have time to check that out.

When we landed, we took a group picture. I hugged each of the guys, also giving them each a nice kiss on the lips, thanking them for the fun time we just had. I hugged and kissed Captain Chandler, and we said our good byes. We got on the van, and rode back to Bellagio. Billy asked me what I wanted to do, so I asked if we could go shopping. He said sure, and we walked across the street to the Aladdin, which had reopened about a month ago. We walked through the casino. All the casinos by now looked alike, lots of lights and bells going off.

We eventually found the entrance to the mall. When you looked up at the ceiling, it looked like the sky, a lot of the malls were like that. They had a mini river inside and had gondola rides. The sky inside started to grow dark, and then there was a noise, and a flash of light. It started to rain, with lightning striking inside. I was a pretty realist effect. The rain went off over the little river. It was pretty cool.

We walked around, checking out some of the stores, just window-shopping. There were about 5 sections in the mall; each one was designed to be like a different part of ancient Baghdad. There were jugglers, mimes, and people on unicycles, quite entertaining. We went inside one store, which had some sexy women's clothing there. We picked out a gold lame short tight dress, the kind that a lot of women were wearing at night. It was sheer, and it did not leave a lot to the imagination, barely covering me, it was perfect. We then found a pair of gold high heels to go along with the dress. I hate wearing heels, but these really matched the dress well. We shopped a little while longer looking for some clothes for Billy, but since he rarely wears anything but jeans, we couldn't find anything. Don't get me wrong, when Billy knows he has to dress up, he is a smashing dresser, but when its casual time, he gets extremely casual, which is fine by me. I would rather wear tight jeans and a T-shirt than anything else. We then headed back across the street to the Bellagio, and took a nice long nap.

We got up at about 5. Billy told me we had 6 o'clock dinner reservations across the street. We hustled, showering and dressing. We went to a French-Italian place at Paris called "Le Provencal," and were seated outside. Billy had it set up so we could see the light and water show at the Bellagio across the street, it was a perfect view. We started out with some French onion soup, and mussels in garlic sauce. The mussels were out of this world. I ordered the peppercorn steak again, its one of my favorite dishes. Billy had lamb chops. The dinner was awesome, as was the show across the street. It went off a couple of times, and each time was a different show. We finished dinner quickly. Billy told me we were going to see a show tonight, and I wondered if I would be involved somehow, but this time, I wasn't.

We walked over to the Mirage. It was about a 10-minute walk. I loved just walking around, checking out all the people. The women dressed up showing off their hot bodies, and tonight, I was really showing mine off in my new dress. As we entered the Mirage, I thought it was the coolest of the casinos. There was plantation all around us, and I just liked the way the casino looked and the layout of it.

We walked to the auditorium to see a man named Danny Gans. He is a multi talented performer. He does impressions of singers, dances and is a comedian. He was spectacular, he did impressions of a lot of popular singers, and he sounded just like them. Smokey Robinson, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bruce Springsteen, you name the singer; he probably can do an impression of him. He danced very well, played some different instruments and was very funny. I had a great time, and if you like some of the older music from the 40's through the 80's, as I do, I would recommend you see him. With his talent, I wondered how come I had never heard of him before. Like Billy, Danny was a minor league baseball player, who was well thought of by the big leagues, but an injury ended his career.

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