tagGroup SexSinnndy Does Vegas Ch. 4

Sinnndy Does Vegas Ch. 4


I woke up with some sadness. I was having a great time, and today was our last full day. I was also very sore, my whole body hurt. My head, hair, jaws, pussy and ass were really abused over the past couple of days. I wasn't sure if I could take any more, but I knew I would probably have to suck up the pain, and just enjoy myself. I would need a week's vacation just to recover from this trip, but it would be a trip I would remember with happiness for the rest of my life.

Billy was awake already, in fact, he went down to play some roulette earlier in the morning. He gave me a kiss, and asked me how I felt. I told him I was pretty sore, and that I hoped he didn't have too many surprises in store for me today. He told me that he didn't have too much planned, just one little thing in the afternoon. I was glad of that, but hoped there wouldn't be too much fucking going on later today.

Billy had plans to go meet for lunch with the Australian couple from a couple of nights ago, Andrew and Sheila. I got cleaned up, and put on a t-shirt and some tight shorts, and we went down to the Bellagio Buffet. They were there already, and we walked over and greeted them. I hugged them both, and gave them kisses, it was good to see them. We hit he buffet, I was famished, and in the mood for breakfast. I had scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and hash browns. It was soooo yummy and I cleaned my plate, and went back for seconds.

We talked about seeing Danny Gans, and told them how talented he was. Andrew and Sheila saw Siegfreid and Roy, they were raving about the show. I asked them what they were going to see tonight, and they said that they were going to see "O". I asked what that was about, and Billy told me that I would find out tonight, which really excited me. We then hugged and kissed goodbye, and made plans to have a drink together after the show.

Billy and I went to the health club there to work out. We first stretched, then both rode the stationary bike for 15 minutes, stretching again afterwards. We hadn't worked out all weekend, so we decided to do a full body workout. We did 3 sets of 10 reps for each body part. It took an hour, and really invigorated my body. We then hit the steam room, and were the only ones there, so I reached under Billy's towel, and popped his cock into my mouth, sucking gently while it grew in my mouth. I sucked hard on his cock, bobbing my head up and down, as he playfully stroked my hair. A man and woman came in, and sat across from us, and I didn't skip a beat, I just kept sucking Billy's cock as the couple sat there and watched the show. I started pumping Billy's cock with my hand, I looked at the couple and smiled, they were both attractive, in their early 30's, he had dark hair, and a nice chest, she had short brown hair, and the cutest feet. They were just kicking back, like there was nothing going on.

Billy removed my towel, and I was now completely naked, as was Billy. The other couple removed their towels, and started kissing each other. He had a great body, and was hung like a horse, she had nice breasts, and a sweet ass. I went back to sucking Billy's cock, stroking him with my hand, and I licked his shaft all over. The other couple was petting heavily, and kept glancing over to us every once in a while. I started sucking his cock hard, my head going up and down, cupping his balls with my free hand. I felt Billy's hands go to my head, holding my mouth down on him, as he filled my mouth with his yummy cum. I looked over at the couple going at it, she was standing up and sucking on his cock. I made a bold move, and walked over to them. I smiled at her, and she smiled back, giving me an okay wink. We started sharing his cock, licking his shaft together, and then our tongues met, and we kissed and licked his cock at the same time. John was in heaven, two babes sucking his cock at the same time, every man's dream.

She started sucking on his cock, moving her head up and down, while I licked my way to his balls, licking them, and nibbling on his testicle hair. He moaned really loud, when I popped one of his balls in my mouth and started sucking on it. Billy was just sitting there watching his slutty girlfriend pleasing another man, and he loved it. I started to suck his other testy, rolling it around in my mouth, while fondling his other one with my hand. He started making that familiar groan that men make. I started licking my way up his shaft, as his girlfriend sucked on his head. His body started jerking, and I moved my mouth upwards. His girlfriend, Gina, opened her mouth, we started sharing his cum, as it shot out of his cock, our tongues meeting and swapping his creamy load. We kept kissing, I moved closer to her, grabbing her breasts, licking and fondling them. She threw her head back, as my fingers found her moist pussy. I slid two fingers deep inside, twirling them around, slowly sliding them out, and then back in again. I gently pushed her down, and went down to lick her pretty pussy. She was neatly trimmed, and had very large pussy lips. I sucked on them, and licked them all over. She was moaning loudly now, and I went to work on her clit, licking and sucking it, as my fingers fucked her pussy.

Billy walked over, and fed his cock in her hungry mouth. She was giving him a good sucking, as I gave her pussy and clit a complete work over. John must have been aroused, because I felt the head of his cock slide inside my pussy, it was a little sore, but his big cock felt really good. He was working it in and out at a steady pace, his hands firmly on my hips, my ass pushing back to meet his thrusts. Gina started moaning loudly now, and I started to suck on her clit, touching it lightly with my teeth. She was really thrashing about under me, while Billy held her head, and put as much of his cock into her mouth as she could take, he had to be careful, reminding himself that he wasn't with me. She started screaming that she was cumming, and her juices started flowing from her pussy as I lapped them up with glee. John had picked up the pace now, moving faster in my meat filled pussy. He was going faster and faster, his balls slapping my thighs as he held my hips even tighter. I heard Billy grunting, and then watched as Gina tried her best to swallow his cum. I then heard John's grunt, and felt his juice filling my pussy, it felt really soothing.

Billy pulled away from Gina, and John moved away from me. I decided to crawl up on Gina, and placed my pussy right in her face. She hungrily licked my pussy, and licked her man's cream from deep inside. I grinded my pussy in her face, and she went right for my clit, licking and sucking it like she had done this before. I late found out that she had been with a couple of women in college, but that I was the first one in about 10 years. I came quickly, driving my pussy into her face, and screaming loudly. The guys were sitting next to each other chatting, while watching their women get down

John and Gina were also going to see "O" that night, so Billy made plans to meet afterwards with them too. I could see the light bulb going on over his head, he was going to get this couple, and the Australians together with us at the same time. That's my man Billy, always thinking up some new scheme. We said our good byes, and said we were looking forward to seeing each other later that night. We then went up to our room, for our daily siesta.

We woke up, Billy told me he had set up a poker game in an old buddy's suite at the hotel. He asked it I wanted to tag along, and I told him I had something to do, and that I would meet him there later. It was 3PM, and the game would go on until about 7. We had dinner reservations at 7:30, and the show started at 9:00. Billy gave me the room number of the suite, gave me a kiss, and off he went. I dialed up Sid's room, and luckily, he was there, about to go out to gamble. Sid is the 70ish year old man that I had sex with the night before. I promised him I would try and get in touch with him, and I did. I asked him if he would like to delay gambling for a while for an encore. He was so happy that I called, and asked me to come over right away.

I had to take the elevator all the way to the first floor, and then board a different elevator to Sid's floor. I went right to Sid's room, and knocked on the door. He opened it with a big smile, I gave him a big kiss on the lips, and noticed he was naked. I dropped down to my knees, and took Sid's cock into my mouth, feeling it grow to full length, before taking it out, and licking his shaft up and down, and then licking one side of his shaft, and then the other. I started sucking on his head, and licked my way down to the base of his shaft, all the way to his testicles, which I started licking nipping at them with my teeth gently. I licked under his sack, to the sensitive passage, that leads to the asshole. I then started licking around his asshole, all the while stroking his cock firmly with my hard. I licked his asshole, savoring the taste and aroma, and then started to dart my tongue in and out of his hole. He was really hard and was breathing heavily.

I pulled away, and asked Sid what he wanted to try. He said he had seen a porn movie on spankovision at the hotel, and saw a position that he wanted to try. He had me lay on my back, with my legs over my head, and my knees at each side of my head. He then crawled over me, trapping my legs under his, with his back to my face. It wasn't the most comfortable position, but it was exciting, and I was unable to move at all. He slid his cock into my pussy, and started to fuck me slowly. He was able to penetrate me deeply this was, and he did have a nice cock. He found a nice pace, and really started thrusting into me deeply, occasionally spanking my ass now and then, thankfully not too hard. He then stuck a wet finger into my asshole, fucking me with it, as he continued fucking my pussy. He then pulled his cock out of my pussy, and placed it into my ass, sliding in nice and slow, until my asshole swallowed his cock, and his balls rested on my pussy. He then started to fuck my ass, and it felt wonderful. I reached forward and started playing with his balls, gently squeezing them, and tickling them with my nails. He started pumping really hard, in and out, spanking my ass, moaning that he was cumming, and he filled my ass with his cum.

He kept his cock in my ass for a while, as I continued playing with his balls. He finally removed it, and stuck a finger into my ass, pulled out some cum, reached back to me, and fed it to me. I sucked on his finger until it was clean. "Get off me you dirty old man", I said with a chuckle. Sid got off me, and I gave him a big kiss. I wrote down my phone number, and told Sid that if he ever came to town, to make sure he called me. I gave him a kiss good bye, and walked out of the room.

I made my way to the suite where Billy was playing poker. I knocked on the door, and it was opened by a topless woman who was serving drinks to the poker players. She was very pretty, a Hispanic beauty about my height, but pretty curvy. She was built like and looked a little bit like Jennifer Lopez, pretty, but not as beautiful as Jennifer, but the same figure, with large breasts, big areolas, and pointy nipples. There were 8 guys at the table. Billy, his 4 friends who helped save my ass the night before, and three guys I had never seen before. They had been playing for about an hour, and Billy announced that there was a movie he wanted the guys to see. I had a sick feeling inside about who the star of the movie was. Billy popped a tape into the VCR, and sure enough, was the movie where sinnndy met Mistress Victoria, the dominatrix from two days ago. I was embarrassed, not that the guys would see me naked, and watch me have sex with a woman, but that they would see me get my ass kicked but good.

Billy came over to me, gave me a kiss, and asked me if I was mad at him for showing the movie. I told him that I didn't want the guys to see I was a wimp, but when I looked, saw all their cocks out, I quickly forgot worrying about it. The movie ended, and the guys were just staring at me, shaking their heads at Billy. One of them asked Billy, "where did you find this one, she's wilder than Linda"? Billy just shrugged, and I said, "who is Linda, Billy, you never told me about any Linda. Are you still seeing her? Are you cheating on me, you Bastard? The room got real quiet, and then Billy and I broke out in laughter. I knew all about Billy's old girlfriends, we did not hide things from each other, I was just fucking around the guys.

They started playing cards again, and I grabbed a beer, and started talking to Maria. She told me how she grew up in LA, and how her ex-boyfriend moved here and brought her with. They broke up, and she had to find a job, so she started stripping, and did side jobs like being a topless waitress among other things. I had a real dirty thought, I wanted to fuck with Billy's mind, and I asked Maria to help me out. I told her about my plan, and she agreed to help.

She stripped complete down, which she wasn't paid to do, and went to the table to take the guy's drink orders. They all did double takes, and when she accidentally dropped a napkin, and bent over to pick it up, I slipped under the poker table, without anyone noticing me. I waited until she finished taking orders, and then crawled over to Billy. These guys were playing a serious game, there was big money on the table. I stuck my hands inside Billy's shorts, and pulled out his joystick, I wish I could have seen the look on his face, and stuck his cock into my mouth. I heard someone at the table say, "hey Bill, ya in or not? What's the deal?" I started to giggle with his cock in my mouth. I felt his hand trying to push my head away, but I slapped it away, and continued my oral assault.

I wanted to make this blowjob last for a long time. I was really teasing him, licking just his head, darting my tongue around and in his peehole, cupping and squeezing his balls. "Hey, Bill, pull your head out of your ass, its your deal. Are we here to play poker or what?" The guys were really giving him shit, and I was loving every minute of it, even knowing he would get back at me. I licked his shaft up and down, not stroking him at all, my hands avoiding his cock entirely. I licked my way down to his balls, Billy is really tender there, I can make him jump and squirm when I suck on his balls. I popped one in my mouth, and I felt his legs jerk. I had him now, and he knew it. I sucked on his testy for a couple of minutes, he was really moving around in his chair. The guys wee really giving him shit, calling him names, and just plain fucking with him. I finally released his testy from my mouth, and he let out a sigh. I started stroking his cock in my hand for about a minute, and then popped his other ball into my mouth, and released his cock. He finally had enough, and announced to his poker buddies, "ya wanna see what my problem is? Here, look".

With that, he pulled his chair out gently, and I followed him on my knees, with his sack in my mouth. The guys were speachless, and I let go of his testicle, licked my way up to his head, and deep throated him, staying down there for a while. I snuck my tongue out, and started licking his balls with his cock all the way in my throat. "How the fuck does she do that?" One of the guys asked. They had stopped the game, and were standing around us, even Maria stopped what she was doing to check it out. I then moved my mouth upwards on his shaft, and began to move my mouth up and down on his cock, stroking it with my hand, gripping him firmly. I was really moving up and down on his cock, like a porn queen, making loud slurping noises, sucking and licking my man. He placed his hands on my head, and started pumping into me. After about ten pumps, Billy grunted, and started filling my mouth with his cream. I usually swallow him, but this time, I kept as much in my mouth as I cold. When Billy pulled his cock out of my mouth, I opened my mouth, and stuck out my tongue with Billy's juice dripping down. I then started to swallow it making a loud gulping sound, and then said, "ahhhhhh."

Everyone their was in disbelief, its not every poker game that you see a girl giving her boyfriend a blowjob like that. Billy decided it was time to take a little break, and announced part two of the show was about to begin. I wondered what he was talking about. Did he have another movie to show, and when did he find time to tape me. I didn't remember him filming me any other time, but Billy is pretty resourceful.

He walked over to Maria, and started talking to her. I was beginning to get a pretty good idea now, and it going to be a film, but a live performance. I could see that she was nodding her head yes, and I started getting excited. She was a very hot young woman, and I had never been with a Latin woman before. I didn't even need Billy to fill me in on what the plan was. I removed my shirt, and kicked off my shorts, walked right up to her, placed my hand behind her neck, pulled her face to mine, and started kissing her passionately. She returned the kiss with the same vigor, we were both attracted to each other. Her hands were on my back, pulling me even closer to her, as I started fondling her big beautiful breasts. Her boobs were real too, and felt wonderful, as I lowered my head to one, licking it, sucking on her nipple, while fondling her other one. She started pulling me down on the floor, and placed me on my back, my mouth still sucking her breast, lightly biting her pointy nipple. I felt her fingers gently start to caress my pussy, and I let out a soft moan. She lowered her head to my pussy, and started licking and sucking on my pussy lips. She was in control now, and that was fine with me. I found out later from Billy, that this was supposed to be a lesbian show for his poker buddies, but since I pulled that stunt under the poker table, that he concocted a new plan to get back at me.

While Maria slowly lapped at my pussy, Roger, one of the guys who helped rescue me last night, had taken his pants off, and placed his knees on both sides of my head, and fed me his 6" cock. I felt my hands being pulled forward, and Billy started tying them to the legs of the couch. I kept my mouth open, and Roger started fucking my face. My mouth was about to be used as a cum deposit, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. I was enjoying it anyway, Maria was wonderful with a magic tongue, she was teasing me, as I was sure Billy told her to make me last for a long time. Roger kept pumping his cock in and out of my mouth, as I closed my lips a little to make it tighter for him. Maria had completely avoided my clit, she was just lapping at my pussy with her tongue, occasionally sucking my pussy lips into her mouth. Roger started to groan, and know what was next, I opened my throat to be ready for his cum, which he started shooting into my mouth. I sucked him dry, and licked his cock clean.

Roger got up, and was replaced by Jeffrey, another hero from the previous evening. He assumed the position, and slid his 8" cock into my mouth, using it like a pussy, in and out, he slowly snaked his cock down my throat, until his pubes were in my face. I slipped my tongue out, and gave him the same treatment I gave Billy earlier, licking his balls with my slippery tongue. He stayed there for quite a while, making small thrusts, keeping most of his cock in my mouth. I let out a gurgled moan, as Maria found my clit, taking me by surprise, "ohhhhhhhhh", I moaned with a mouthful of cock. She was really a good tease, lightly flicking my clit with the tip of her tongue, blowing on it, and then flicking it again. Jeffrey started to fuck my mouth again, working up a good sweat, really pounding away at my mouth. He made absolutely no noise, grabbing the back of my head, slamming his cock deep into my throat, filling it with his yummy goo, as I swallowed every drop, slurping and gobbling his big cock.

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