tagBDSMSinnndy's Assignment Ch. 2

Sinnndy's Assignment Ch. 2


I decided to take a couple days off before resuming my mission, two down, three to go. It was a really warm day, I decided to wear a really loose top so that if I bent down like I was looking at something, you could see my boobs, and I didn't wear a bra, so my headlights were mostly on high beam. I also wore a really short black leather mini, and a black pair of sandals, I looked hot. I went to school early, and decided to study for a bit on a bench near the parking lot. I sat there purposely with my legs spread just so that passerby's could see a little skin.

I was deep into my book when I heard a car's horn, I looked up and the window of a van was open, and a good looking guy was calling for me to come over to him. I walked over nervously; the passenger was good looking, maybe 21, short blond hair, all American looks. The driver wasn't bad either, dark skin, he looked Italian. They told me that I looked lonely, and that they were enjoying my little show. I acted like I didn't know what they were talking about, but we all knew that they caught a little skin. I didn't want to come on too strong, so I told them I had to go back to my studying. They started begging and pleading for me to go for a ride with them, that's all they said they wanted. Yeah, sure, I thought, I know better, but they were good looking and I doubted I would have any trouble getting them to give me a spanking and whatever else I needed.

I agreed to go for a ride and went into the backseat. The drivers name was Vince and the passengers name was jerry. We had some small talk for a bit, and then I confessed to them that I was a slut in training, but my had fallen off in training and wondered if one of them could give me a spanking. Jerry immediately jumped into the back seat and I crawled onto his lap. He spanked me without lifting my skirt, so I told him to lift my skirt and to please punish me, that I had been very baaaaad. Jerry lifted my skirt and gave me a little swat, "harder please sir," I said. He spanked my bare bottom a little harder, and I had to ask him to spank harder, he spanked me a couple more times, none of the times hard enough. Vince pulled into a deserted area and told jerry to get out of the way. He pulled me roughly onto his lap and came down with a worthy swat, "owwww," I cried, which got him excited as he came down with a couple more nice firm smacks on my ever reddening ass. After around 20 good swats, I thanked him and told them I would like to repay them.

We got out of the van so Vince could push the seats back to give us more room. I had jerry sit down, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, it was a cute cock, about 6," pretty much average, which meant I could deep throat in one swoop, which I did. I then started bobbing my head up and down quickly while firmly stroking his now hard cock. I needed to finish this relatively fast because I did have a class coming up soon. I knew from the way that he spanked me that Vince would know what to do next and he did just as I thought he would as he buried his cock balls deep into me and started banging away at me. I didn't want jerry to blow too quickly, so I slowed down a little bit and let him enjoy things as I teased the head of his cock, circling it with the tip of my tongue, and then deep throating him again, slowly licking and nibbling my way back to the head of his cock. I teased him for a while like that as Vince continued his assault on my hungry pussy, slamming into me, his balls making a loud slapping noise, and he occasionally gave my ass a hard swat.

I knew that Vince wasn't going to last much longer so I started sucking jerry for all I was worth, my mouth sliding up and down as my hand gripped him firmly. Vince announced that he was going to cum, and his cum followed quickly filling my pussy with his cream. Jerry followed quickly, his hand on my head pushing me down on his cock as he filled my throat with his ambrosia. We got dressed and I put myself together as Vince gave me a ride back to class. I gave the boys a quick kiss and ran to my class just in time.

I decided to eat lunch at the school cafeteria and noticed a great looking black woman sitting by herself. She was about 5-10, hourglass figure with a nice round butt, she seemed to be older than most of the students, maybe late 20's and I found out later that she taught at the school. I noticed that she was checking me out, I felt her eyes burn through me when my back was away from her. I figured, what the hell, I had never been with a black woman, why not give it a shot. I sat down across from her and introduced myself, she flashed me a smile and told me that her name was Linda. We chatted for a while and I excused myself to get something to eat. The counter was right in front of her, so I got on my tiptoes to pretend I was looking for something, giving her a perfect view of my butt.

I then picked out a sandwich and sat down to eat. We chatted for a bit, and she said to me, "ya know sinnndy, that skirt is really short, I saw your butt when you reached for that sandwich." I asked her if she liked what she saw, she grinned and while nodding yes said, "why yes I did, I think you have a great body." I asked her if she had ever been with a woman before, and told her that I had. She smiled and said, "yes, a couple of times." she said that she had been with three women, and that every time had been just so so. I told her that I wasn't bragging, but that I was a hell cat in bed, and that I could show her a good time, but that she would have to do one thing for me. She asked me what that one thing was, and I told her that she would have to find out.

I found out that she lived relatively close, so I followed her back to her place. It was a really nice one bedroom apartment about 10 minutes from school. She took my hand and led me into the bedroom, we helped each other out of our clothing. She had a nice figure, large, but firm breasts, and a nice round and wide butt, great legs and a curly, but neatly trimmed pubic area.. She also had great feet, nicely manicured, and she smelled really nice. I asked her if she was normally aggressive or passive in bed, and she told me that she liked her partner to be in control most of the time. I told her that would be no problem, but that I was a slut in training, and that I had fallen off in the past couple of months, and that I needed her to spank me. I crawled into her lap, and she started spanking me, "harder please," I said. She spanked me a couple more times, again I asked her to spank me a little harder. She surprised me by saying, "ok you little white bitch, you want harder, deal with this." with that she came down hard on my ass, causing me to nearly jump off of the bed. That swat was followed in succession by 6 hard swats, after which she fondled my ass for a little while, dipping her finger into my juicy pussy.

"so, little white bitch, this excites you huh?" four quick swats followed, then some more fondling, and then some more swats, each one seemed harder than the last one. She then dragged me off of her lap by my hair, and threw me on the bed, then placed her knees over my arms and shoulders, lowered her pussy on my face, and told me to eat. I had been had, she was not a submissive, I thought I was playing her, when all the time, she knew exactly what I was. I was glad, I am submissive, so this is the way it should have been all along. I was curious as to what else she had in store for me. I buried my tongue deep into her pussy as she ground herself on top of me with that beautiful butt. I ate her like she was my last meal, burying my tongue deep inside of her tasty pussy, then sucking on and flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue. She was really enjoying it, moaning out loud, calling me a good little slut and moving her ass around . After about five minutes of good hard eating, she started screaming and thrashing about, grinding her ass in my face, I could taste her nectar flowing as she came for me.

"you eat pussy like a pro my little slut," she said while getting up off of my face, "you have pleased me well, you will be rewarded." she then dove into my pussy, licking me with her large tongue, teasing my clit, then moving up to give me a deep french kiss, then moving back down to work on my damp pussy. She also ate like a pro, bringing me close to orgasm, and then easing up, flicking and sucking on my clit, she was damn good. She finally decided to let me cum, lapping at my pussy and licking my clit, and just as I started cumming, she started spanking my pussy causing me to see stars, what an intense feeling, unreal pleasure mixed with some pain, it was a great orgasm.

She told me to get on my hands and knees and face away from her. She placed a blindfold over my face, and I felt leather restraints going over my wrists, stretching my arms out wide. I then felt restraints attached to my feet, I was a bit nervous, but I had called and left billy a message about my whereabouts, so I felt some comfort in that. I felt what had to be a cat-o-nine tails lightly brushing against my ass. She whipped me lightly a couple of times, rubbing the whip between my dripping legs, causing me to moan lightly. Then out of nowhere, she gave me a hard swat on my ass, causing me to yelp out loud. "you like that little one?," she said. I decided to play along, "yes mistress, more please, please whip me some more." wrong answer I guess because she started whipping me a little harder than I anticipated, causing me to try to get away to no avail. "ohhh my little pet, did that hurt?" she asked. "yes ma'am, I was not prepared for the amount of sting." wham, she hit me a little harder on each cheek, I was getting a little pissed, I didn't want whip marks on my cute little butt, but she was a pro as I found out later.

She then walked away for a while, but came back with a paddle and started paddling my butt, occasionally striking my pussy causing me to wince. She took it relatively easy on me, paddling me a little bit, never too hard, but hard enough so I knew who was boss. She was finally done with the light beatings, and she started fingering my pussy, first sliding, one, then two, and finally three fingers deep inside of me. She fucked me that way for a while, then I felt the next finger go in, I knew what was next as her thumb worked its way inside of my stretched pussy. She reached around with her other hand and started rubbing my clit with her fingers. Her hand clinched into a fist as she worked her way deeper into my pussy. I came instantly as she went in way deep inside and started sliding her arm in and out of my pussy, wow, what a feeling. She slowly pulled her hand out of me and walked away again.

She came back into the room and slid a strap on into my pussy and started hammering away. She pumped me good and hard as I moaned out loud and begged her to fuck me hard. She slapped my ass and pulled on my hair calling me worthless, slut, cunt, whore and a bunch of dirty demeaning names like that. I was on fire, she was great, I really had never expected this. She pulled out of my pussy, placed a wet finger into my ass, and buried the strap on deep into my bowels and started fucking me just as hard as before. The slaps to my ass were coming at a greater pace, my hair was being pulled real hard, she fucked like a man. She finally slowed down a bit, slowly sliding her cock in and out, leaving it buried deep inside of me on her in thrust.

She then pulled out of me and took off the blindfold and the restraints. She flashed me a big smile and gave me a deep soulful kiss. She asked me if I was looking for a mistress. I told her about my current situation, and the fact that I just didn't have the time for an other lover or relationship. She gave me her number and told me if I ever reconsidered or changed my mind, to give her a call. I promised that I would and walked out the door into my car. My butt was a little sore, but it was one hell of an afternoon.

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