tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSins of a Sinner Ch. 06

Sins of a Sinner Ch. 06


This is just one chapter in a longer story. For character background and storylines, please check out earlier chapters. I hope you enjoy.


Paula Thornton had another miserable ride home from work. The never-ending conflict of emotions from within her was taking its toll. She was crabby and irritable at home with her family.

Of course, they didn't understand why she was acting that way and she could never let them know. Paula really had no idea how much longer she could take this.

She got home and immediately took a shower, trying to wash away the memory of what she had done that afternoon.

'That man came in my mouth!' she kept thinking. She brushed her teeth over and over. She gargled.

No matter what she did, Paula could not get the taste of that man out of her mind. Paula was shocked at what she had done, stunned at how easily she had surrendered to him, and ashamed by how much she liked it. No, not liked it, LOVED it!

'This has to stop. I can't keep doing this anymore,' she thought. Yet each time required less threatening from him.

She could feel herself very slowly becoming a willing participant, not a reluctant and blackmailed victim of that pervert, and it scared her.

'How can I kiss my husband after what that man did in my mouth?' she thought. She continued to pray 'Please God, save me. Help me. End this God. I'm so sorry for my sins. Please forgive me.'

Mark Sawyer had a much different ride home. In fact, he made a few stops after work.

First, he checked out a couple of motels near the airport. On the third try, he found what he was looking for.

The room had a large bed with a sturdy wooden rail headboard and a large mirror over the dresser. Not too many guests, secluded. 'Perfect!' he thought.

His last stop was at a sex shop where he purchased a few "novelty" items. Smiling and content with his newest plan, Mark drove home and spent the rest of the evening finalizing the details for tomorrow.

Tuesday morning began like any other Tuesday morning. The kids were still sleeping, recovering from the last few days of summer break.

Emily was anxious to begin her new life at college next month while Paul was getting weary of his summer job. 'If he only knew how bad work could really get,' she thought as she sat at the table and drank her coffee.

George was still asleep and would be for some time. She made a sandwich for his lunch, stopping to stare at her hands.

'How would George feel if he knew that these hands had been the same hands that were covered in that man's sperm?' she thought to herself.

Paula fought back her tears. She knew that George would eat lunch and then prepare for his usual Tuesday evening bible study group at the church. He wouldn't be home until after 10:00 PM.

Paula dressed for work as she had every day before, except today she had reluctantly placed her new black lace bra, g-string and stockings in her purse. She drove towards the office, both dreading and anticipating what would happen next.

Paula went straight for the restroom, entered a stall, and quickly changed into her lingerie. She hid her old panties and bra back in her purse, and checked herself in the mirror.

She proceeded over to her desk, all the while, her pussy moistening her tiny black g-string as she moved.

Once seated at her desk, Paula saw Mark's open office door. She put her head down and picked up working where she had left off the night before.

Mark arrived late that morning, about 10:40. He said hello to everyone as he passed them on his way to his office.

Smiling, he closed his office door and sat behind his desk, his already erect penis poking uncomfortably in his pants. For a long time, he daydreamed, envisioning how the events of his next meeting with Paula would unfold.

Just before noon, he rang Paula's desk. "Yes Mr. Sawyer?" she said as she picked up the phone.

She heard Mark reply "Today, you and I will spend some quality time alone. Meet me at 5:30 at 1315 Union Hill Drive, Room 212. Don't be late."

Paula frantically looked around the office and in a hushed voice she said "But Mr. Sawyer, that won't be possible. I've got a family. I can't just not go home and meet you. What will I tell them?"

"That's not my problem. It won't take all night and you'll be home. I don't want to hear any more arguments or excuses. Do what you have to do, tell them anything you have to, but you WILL be there. Don't make me call the police on you."

Paula heard him hang up the phone. She again looked around the office as her co-workers continued on with their daily assignments. 'Maybe they didn't hear? Do they know?' she thought to herself.

'I can't do this. George will be expecting me for dinner.' She then remembered tonight would be a bible study night at the church. He wouldn't be home until late himself.

Paul would be working until almost midnight. 'What about Emily?' She would probably be going out with her friends tonight.

Paula's mind raced as she felt the usual barrage of emotions. Shame, nervousness, humiliation, embarrassment, anger, fear, resentment, disgust and repulsion.

All the familiar emotions bombarded her again. As well as arousal. She felt her vagina moisten and tingle with anticipation.

Was she really a slut beneath that calm exterior, just like he said she was? The silky fabric of the obscene lingerie against her skin, all hidden by her bland, boring skirt and blouse, stimulated her.

So did his want and desire. He wanted her in a way no one ever had. 'What was he going to do to me? What would he make me do to him?'

They wouldn't be in the office, but somewhere else. Paula knew that no matter how bad it got in his office, at least they were still in a semi-public place. There was always the thought that anyone could walk in at almost any time.

Now, this was different. Now they would be alone somewhere. Where? Paula thought about all of the possibilities. 'How much of a pervert is he? Will he hurt me? Worse?'

She began to worry about her safety. The fear of the unknown , the danger, caused even more nervousness. He had taken more control from her and she was really scared.

Paula worried the rest of the day as she worked. She thought about Mark's threat to call the police again and her will to not give in to him continued to crumble.

She had called Emily and indeed, she would not be home tonight. No one would even know she was out.

Paula continued working, trying to immerse herself in her accounts and books. Finally, she had sent out the last of her e-mails and looked at the clock -- 3:39.

She watched as Mark left the office early, avoiding her glance as he said goodbye to Amy and Donna. She had more than an hour to let her mind race with the thoughts of her upcoming meeting with him.

Paula realized that she was unconsciously squeezing her thighs together, her vagina moistening as she thought about the potential for danger. She silently prayed 'Please God. Save me. Protect me. Make this stop. I don't want to be like this. Help me be the woman you want me to be.'

All the while, she could feel her silk covered thighs rubbing together and the wetness in her g-string. On and on, she prayed silently, thinking about what would happen.

She was startled when Donna asked her, 'Do you plan on working all night?' She looked at her watch -- 5:08. Paula quickly shut down her computer and exited the building.

She drove on towards the address Mark had given her. Paula looked in her rearview mirror as a police car roared up behind her as she drove, lights churning and siren blaring.

'Did he really call the police on me?' Panic subsided a bit as the police car passed her en route to a more public crime other than hers.

She pulled into the secluded motel and parked in front of the door numbered 212. She looked at her watch -- 5:39.

'Damn it!' she thought as she hurriedly exited her car and walked to the room. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

"Come in." Paula opened the door, entered, and looked around the sparse room. The curtains and bedspread looked old to her. Dirty. The way Paula felt inside as she closed the door behind her.

"You're late." Paula turned and looked at Mark as he sat in a worn brown chair against the wall near the window, a canvas bag near his feet.

"I know. I'm sorry. Traffic was bad."

Paula lowered her head, not making eye contact with him, as she folded her hands in front of her. The room smelled like it looked. Dirty.

Not a place to rest or sleep. It was a room used for sex. Not lovemaking, but fucking. Paula felt her vagina tingling as she stood before him.

"There's always an excuse with you. You'll soon learn to obey me completely."

Paula's heart pounded as she became afraid. "Please. Don't hurt me. I'll be better. I promise." She looked up at Mark, her eyes pleading, begging for forgiveness as she stood motionless in front of him.

"We'll see about that. Show me what you have on for me today."

Paula lowered her eyes again, placed her purse on the floor next to the window, and began to remove her blouse and skirt. She put them on top of her purse and stood there silently.

Mark said nothing. He just sat there, watching, staring at Paula, her large breasts barely contained in her sheer, skimpy black bra. Paula's nipples were hard and clearly visible, her cleavage full as it cradled her gold cross.

His eyes traveled slowly, so slowly, over her body. The thin black material that rested high on her hips, securing the sheer fabric over her pussy. The shiny black stockings that hugged her thighs, all supported on those black heels.

'A Goddess,' he thought. "Turn around" was all he could say. Mark watched as Paula slowly moved, turning more and more into his view. 'Perfect!' he thought.

The round, curved cheeks of her ass, with the thin thread of her g-string diving deep between them made his cock hard. She turned back to face him. Paula's wire rimmed glasses only pointed toward the floor, framed by a few curls of her light brown hair.

'All mine' he said to himself.

Mark sat there for a few more moments, just drinking in the sight of this woman, before saying, "Kneel on the bed, facing me."

He watched as Paula cautiously walked over and knelt on the large bed against the wall. He picked something out of his bag and walked over to her on the bed.

The darkness of the room, lit only by the dim lamp in the corner, helped to conceal what he carried in his hands from Paula.

Without saying a word, Mark deliberately placed a black leather shackle on her wrist, securing the straps that locked it in place.

Paula's heart raced with fear as she realized what he was doing. Instinctively, she pulled her arm back.

The chain attached to her wrist became taught as Mark firmly held on to the other manacle. He quickly pulled her towards the head board by the chain, wrapped it through the wooden rail and over.

Mark grabbed Paula's free arm and held it still while he secured it with the leather strap. Paula continued to struggle but with little success against the much larger and stronger man. Paula knelt on the bed, her arms firmly bound by the chain and headboard.

She pulled back with her weight but the bed and headboard did not budge. She jerked and pulled at her restraints as if she were a chained animal.

Fear raced through her as Paula realized she was unable to free herself, unable to defend herself from this man.

"Nooooooooooooo. Please, please let me go. Don't do this to me. Please. I beg you."

She continued to struggle in fear against her restraints as she knelt on the bed facing the headboard. Sitting back, pulling hard, jerking back and forth, pleading and begging, all of her efforts were futile.

Mark stood back and watched as Paula tried to escape and he loved her helplessness. Saying nothing, he reached up and began to loosen his tie. Pulling it free, he started unbuttoning his shirt.

Paula finally noticed him as he pulled his shirt from the waist of his pants. She began pulling hard, struggling to break the wooden rail as Mark removed his shirt. He kicked off his shoes and unbuckled his pants.

Paula began crying as he slowly lowered his trousers to the ground and stepped out of them. He removed his socks and then his boxers.

He stood next to the bed as Paula knelt there, chained to the headboard. His cock fully aroused as he watched her.

He watched her heavy breasts jiggling in that shear bra, bouncing as she fought against the strength of her manacles.

He watched as Paula's ass rode up and down in that thin g-string as she struggled backward and forward. The black heels from her shoes left marks on the bare flesh of her cheeks.

He watched as her silk-stockinged legs churned beneath her as she struggled. Mark thought she was the sexiest woman alive and his cock ached for her.

"I like watching you struggle, slut. But struggle as hard as you want, you'll never break free."

Mark reached his hand out and cupped her left breast, squeezing and kneading it. Paula shrieked and began to cry as he manipulated her large, fleshy breast.

"I've always loved your big tits slut."

He reached out with both hands and fondled each breast as she was unable to defend herself from his assault.

She tried to squirm away from him as he pulled her cup down with one hand and pulled out her breast with the other. He did the same to the other side.

Paula continued to struggle as her breasts bounced and jiggled even more now that they were free of the sheer material. She felt them lifted and pushed out obscenely by her matted bra from underneath.

His hands cupped and caressed the soft, warm flesh, her nipples stiffening as she fought back.

"Mmmmmm, those nice big tits." Mark reached out and pinched her nipples.

She cried out, "Oowe!" as they stiffened even more.

Mark laughed, "Oh, that's right. I forgot. You like to make a lot of noise, don't you slut?"

With that, he reached into his bag and pulled out a red ball gag with a black leather strap.

He continued to pinch, twist and pull her nipple with one hand while he held the gag with the other. Paula bit down hard on her lip, trying hard not to open her mouth to cry out.

One last tug, and she could not hold back. She cried out loudly as he shoved the ball into her mouth.

Paula shook her head violently, trying to dislodge the rubber ball from her mouth but Mark quickly grabbed the straps and secured it behind her head.

He grabbed her head by her hair and twisted her face towards the large mirror in the corner. Leaning in, he whispered in her ear, "Look at that. Look at how slutty you look. Like a cheap whore ready to be used."

Paula saw her lips wrapped around the red ball, a stream of saliva escaping the corners. She saw how her breasts moved as she struggled. She pulled hard on the chain again as her nipples bobbed up and down.

Mark laughed as he saw her reaction. He moved behind her, kneeling on the bed, his cock brushing the cheek of her ass. Grabbing it in his hand, Mark slid the head of his cock across both of Paula's bare cheeks.

He slapped her ass, his eyes following the jiggle of the soft flesh. Paula continued to squirm and struggle as Mark slapped her ass again. And again. And again. His cock getting harder and harder.


Paula could feel the sting from each slap and, just as it had earlier, the pain slowly began to subside and turn into something more. She could feel the moisture building in her vagina.


A soft moan from behind the gag escaped. "Mmmggpphhh."

Mark laughed again. He pulled her hair back, pointing her face again to the mirror. "Watch yourself become my whore, slut."

Paula stared at herself as Mark laid down on the bed behind her. Her eyes never left her reflection as she felt his breath on her bottom.

Mark placed his hands on her ass, spreading her wide as he pulled the thin thread of her g-string aside. She moaned loudly to her reflection as his tongue slowly licked along her pussy lips.

She watched as Mark slowly began to lick her from behind. His face was buried in her ass cheeks, his hands spreading them wider, as he licked up and down along her pussy.

Paula could feel her wetness increasing as Mark licked her as before. Slowly, slowly, she could feel the tingle inside her vagina. Mark slipped his finger inside her and slowly began sliding it in and out.

"Watch me fuck you like this slut."

She stared at her reflection as his hand moved back and forth. In and out, she could feel his finger brushing against the walls of her vagina.

He brushed his thumb against her clit as he slipped another and another finger inside her. In and out, deeper, his fingers moved back and forth as he worked her clit with his thumb.

Her juices flowed out of her vagina as her orgasm built. Harder and harder, she could feel it building inside her. Drool from both sides of her mouth ran down on her breasts as she watched Mark masturbate her.

"Cum for me slut."

Paula's eyes rolled back in her head as the first wave hit her. She moaned and squirted with each pulse of her orgasm. Her ass and hips rode his hand.

Moaning, Paula pulled back against her restraints and gyrated on his wet hand. Paula squeezed his fingers with her pussy, trying to pull him in deeper and pushing as much of her lust out as possible.

Slowly, Paula regained her senses and pulled herself up off of Mark's hand. His fingers were wet from her orgasm.

Mark got to his knees and moved to face her. He showed her his wet hand and slowly wiped it across her face, brushing her juices onto each cheek.

She tried to pull away but had nowhere to go. He turned her face toward the mirror again, the wetness on her face evident. Laughing, he laid on his back beside her as she looked at her reflection.

He moved so that his hips were at her knees, facing her. He grabbed her lower leg and swung it over his hips. Paula realized what he was trying to do, trying to get her to straddle him. She followed his lead.

She pulled back against her restraints as he placed his hands on her hips and guided her over his throbbing cock. He pulled her flimsy g-string aside and squatted her down lower until she could feel his cock brush her swollen lips.

Slapping her ass hard, Mark said "Watch me fuck you slut." Paula's eyes again found her reflection as Mark pulled her hips lower.

Paula could feel his cock spreading her, pushing her lips apart. The moisture from her pussy allowed his head to slip inside. Deeper, deeper, Mark's cock pushed farther inside her pussy.

Finally, Paula sat back with Mark's entire cock buried deep in her pussy. She arched her back and his cock brushed against her sensitive g-spot. She moaned loudly against the gag as he held there.

Mark slapped her ass hard again, "Ride my cock slut."

Paula began to instinctively move up and down, sliding her pussy along the length of his cock. She had never been on top like this before and the feeling was overwhelming.

She could move faster or slower as she rode his cock, changing position slightly to make his cock rub up inside any portion of her pussy.

Paula's juices flowed faster as she rode Mark's cock. Up and down, she could feel his balls up against her ass as she sat back. Her knees pinched against his sides as she continued to slide him in and out.

Mark reached up, pinching and massaging her defenseless nipples. Sitting up slightly, he sucked and licked her nipples as Paula rode up and down.

In and out, Mark's cock filled her pussy as his mouth licked and sucked on her large breasts.

Her tits came alive as she could feel another orgasm building. Her hips moved faster, pounding herself on Mark's cock. He sucked and licked each of her massive tits as she ground her clit against him.

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