tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Answer Ch. 02

Sir Jeffrey and the Answer Ch. 02


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land, climbed onto his steed Swift with a broad grin. He nodded to the stablehand who passed him the reins and spurred his black horse into motion. Anyone who saw him might have wondered what the cause of his broad grin was, but if they had also seen the buxom blonde knight back in the house he had just left with an equally wide smile then it would have been obvious.

Swift covered the ground back to Sir Jeffrey's manor house with ease and soon he was leaving her in the able care of his stablehand and striding through his front door. He first went to the kitchens to grab something to eat, then retired to the sitting room. He could see Dame Sara's house from where he sat as the layout of the two properties was almost identical, and it made him smile to think that earlier that evening he had been having passionate sex in a room just like this one.

Sir Jeffrey reclined on his sofa, indulging in a good book for the first time in a while. He was usually too busy to relax in this way. He found time for fucking, of course (Sir Jeffrey always found time for fucking), but his was not a life where he could sit around doing nothing.

Not that he minded. He liked to keep busy. If nothing else, going into town and mingling with the locals was a fantastic way of meeting women to satisfy his magic cock. He chuckled to himself.

The hours passed Sir Jeffrey by as he read until at last he realised he was ready to sleep. It was dark outside and he decided that he would probably get up reasonably early the following morning and perhaps head into town to purchase supplies. He liked to buy his goods nearby because it kept his money in the local economy and helped those he was tasked with looking after.

He put the book back on the shelf and made his way upstairs. Entering his bedroom, he shut the door behind him and used a candle to light a lamp on the desk and another by the door then set the candle itself by his bed. He pulled off his shirt, throwing it to one side, and went to shut the curtains.

It was then he saw Narlissa.

Sir Jeffrey yelped in shock. He wished she wouldn't be so damn sneaky. Then again, she was a half-elf. And a thief.

Narlissa laughed at his surprise, then grinned.

"How are you, Sir Jeffrey?" she said, brushing one loose strand of red hair over her pointed ears. "It has been a long time since I saw you."

"It's been three weeks, Narlissa," he laughed.

She smirked. "Well it feels like a long time, anyway."

Sir Jeffrey understood what she meant. He had been with a lot of women in his life but Narlissa was one of the few (along with Dame Sara and a select few others) that he actually felt a proper connection with beyond simple fucking. Not that there was anything wrong at all with his days and nights of simple fucking but he did sometimes enjoy spending time with some of his friends.

"How did you get in anyway?" Sir Jeffrey said, moving once again to shut the curtains. He could see that the window was slightly ajar.

"Through that window," Narlissa shrugged. "You don't do a very good job keeping people out."

"Most people aren't as stealthy as you, Narlissa," he laughed.

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"You should."

A moment of silence passed between them, where Sir Jeffrey noticed Narlissa's eyes scan his body. His magic cock throbbed at her gaze.

He spoke again after a moment. "Can I get you something to eat, at least? My servants are in bed or at home but I know my way around the kitchen."

Narlissa laughed at that. "Servants, Sir Jeffrey? My, you've gone up in the world."

He noticed the slight undercurrent in her voice. It was as if she disapproved. But what did she expect - he was a Knight of the Land now, after all.

"Yes, servants, Narlissa. Although perhaps you would be pleased to know I employ them all from the local town and I pay them very handsomely, too."

Narlissa seemed to relax. "I should have expected as much," she smiled. "You are too kind to take advantage of people, Sir Jeffrey."

"It depends what type of taking advantage you mean," he grinned. "I take advantage of beautiful women all the time."

"Oh, but Jeffrey, we both know that's not taking advantage. They get at least as much out of it as you do."

She sauntered towards him then in her tight leather armour. The candlelight showed her wonderful figure.

"What brings you here, Narlissa?" he said as she reached him. He truly had not expected to see the half-elf again, or at least not for a long while.

"I have something important to discuss with you, Sir Jeffrey."

His eyebrow raised. "Oh?"

"Yes, but it can wait."

"And what do you suggest we do instead, Narlissa?"

She grinned and kissed him, crushing her body against his. He did the same and immediately went for the knots to her leather armour. They came away easily and Narlissa did not resist as he tugged the garments from her body. First her glorious tits were revealed, then her slender legs. Soon she was naked in front of him.

They kissed again, his hand dropping to cup her ass. She grabbed him, tugging him towards the bed, then thumped down onto it. Sir Jeffrey grinned at the lust that shone in her brown eyes then pushed her legs apart.

Her pussy looked wonderful and he started to eat it immediately. She cried out in pleasure as his tongue roved over her folds and soon he was hungrily devouring her juicy cunt. She moaned and writhed, reaching out to hold his hair, and Sir Jeffrey got the impression she was very pleased she had come to his estate.

Not long later she was almost shaking with closeness to her orgasm and Sir Jeffrey carried on with desire. He wanted to push Narlissa over the edge and by the look in her eyes she wanted to be pushed.

"Oh fuck yes!" she screamed, her eyes glazing as she came against his face. Her body shook slightly with the pleasure of it but before long it had passed and the redheaded half-elf was staring down at him hungrily.

He stood and quickly undressed. The look of sheer lust in her eyes as his naked body was revealed made him chuckle and not long after he climbed onto the bed, his magic cock throbbing as it knew it was about to get what it wanted. Sure enough, seconds later his length was buried inside Narlissa's tight, hot cunt, and he kissed her passionately as he started to move his hips.

She looked amazing beneath him and he pumped away with vigour as she moaned in pleasure. He was groaning, too, thrusting ever-quicker into her eager pussy. Her hair was messy beneath her head and her brown eyes were shining with lust.

It might have been a few weeks since he was last with Narlissa but it felt like it had been only hours. She looked so good beneath him with her brown eyes open wide in pleasure and long moans coming from her mouth. Her pointed ears highlighted her part-elven nature but Sir Jeffrey knew even if she had been totally human she would have been gorgeous. She was quivering with the force of their fucking now.

"Yes, Sir Jeffrey! You'll make me come!" she moaned and he fucked her harder. Her cunt seemed to tighten against his cock and he knew she was close. He was too, and he voiced a warning. Seconds later that warning came true.

"Ah fuck!" he cried as his jizz spilled forth, coating the half-elf's sensitive walls. Her brown eyes opened wide with pleasure as her own orgasm hit, and she screamed out her ecstasy as her pussy spasmed against his length.

At last they were done, and he rolled off Narlissa with a satisfied sigh. She, too, seemed sated by their sex, as if she had been feeling the same intensity of horniness. Sir Jeffrey chuckled to himself, knowing that was impossible.

"Did you say you had something to talk about, Narlissa?" he said at last.

When she said nothing, he turned to her. She was fast asleep.

"I guess it'll wait until morning," he smiled.

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