tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Axe Ch. 03

Sir Jeffrey and the Axe Ch. 03


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight Errant, awoke with a moan. Sunlight streamed in through the window and lit up the room wonderfully. He blinked back sleep from his eyes and scratched his hair.

"Morning, Sir Knight," said a voice next to him, and he rolled to his side to see that Melinda had clearly stayed the night. She was still naked and his magic cock throbbed at the sight of her.

"Morning," he said back. "I did not think you would stay."

"Why would I not stay in the company of such a big strong knight?" she giggled. "And if I had not stayed, I would not be able to do this..."

She threw off the covers, leaving Jeffrey naked, but he did not complain as it meant he could see her entire lovely body. As he stared at her, she moved to all fours and started to kiss his chest. Her huge breasts hung down wonderfully. Soon she moved lower, and before Jeffrey knew it his cock was in her mouth.

"Oh Gods..." he moaned.

Her tongue swept across his tip and she sucked him in further. She was very good at this. Jeffrey stared down at the beautiful innkeeper with lust as her green eyes sparkled back. She was probably ten years older than him but looked amazing for it.

He reached out to place one hand on her golden blonde hair. She moaned onto his cock and he pushed himself more upright so that he could grab her huge tits. She leant to one side so that he could.

After a few minutes she pulled her head from his cock and pushed him back flat. She climbed back up his body until she was above him.

"I can't wait anymore, Jeffrey. I need you inside me now."

She grabbed his member, lining it up with her pussy. She impaled herself on it and soon her hot cunt had taken in every inch of him. His cock throbbed with happiness that he was treating it so early on in the day.

She looked amazing on his member. Soon she started to bounce, and Jeffrey grinned at the sight of blonde using his cock so well. She felt wonderful. Reaching up he grabbed her huge tits and squeezed them, enjoying the way she moaned in response.

Suddenly she slumped forward, her tits hanging even better now and her face inches from his. Her pulled her close and kissed her and she responded in the same way, and he began to move his own hips as he fucked her. Soon he was thrusting hard into the innkeeper and she moaned into his mouth.

"Oh, Sir Knight, you'll make me come!"

"Good," he grunted, his balls also twitching.

"Oh yes, Jeffrey! Yes!" she shrieked, her body shaking as her cunt clamped down on his cock. A massive orgasm tore through her, glazing her green eyes. Moments later he came too and his seed spilled into Melinda.

After a while they were done and Melinda smiled happily as she pulled herself from his cock. She stood up, reaching for her clothes which were still on the floor from the night before.

"I must go now, Jeffrey. I will have someone bring you breakfast. Please, return here one day."

She smiled and left.

Not long after there was a knock on the door and Jeffrey opened it to find a young man holding a tray of breakfast. He took it and ate the food. It was delicious. Afterwards he finished dressing, and he finally made his way downstairs in the mid-morning. Once again he had been delayed by a beautiful woman, but he did not care.

There he found the barkeep from the night before and paid him for the breakfast. He asked where Melinda had gone and the man replied that she had left to get supplies from the nearest village, but she was the happiest he had seen her in days. She must have read a really good book the night before or something. Jeffrey chuckled to himself.

He turned to leave and as he walked to the front door a hooded figure stepped beside him. Jeffrey was immediately on edge and his hand went to his sword, but he stopped just before drawing it.

"Relax," the hooded figure said in a very sweet voice. "I'm not here to fight."

"Who are you then?" Jeffrey demanded. "I am a Knight Errant and you will answer me."

"You have no powers, Knight Errant. Not until you are a full Knight... and I can help you with that."

As they walked into the courtyard, he turned to the hooded figure. "How do you mean?"

"I was in the room next to yours last night. The walls are thinner than you think. I heard that you are looking for the Axe of the Mists."

Jeffrey wondered what else she had heard. He chuckled.

"And how do you think you can help? Do you know where it is?"

"I do not," she said. "But I know someone who might."


"A mage who lives in a tower in the wilderness. I have worked for her many times, and she is knowledgeable about such things."

"If she knew where it was would she not simply get it herself?"

"She is not interested in fame. She will help you if you ask."

The stable boy had recognised Sir Jeffrey and brought him his steed, which he climbed. The boy had also brought a sleek horse which the hooded figure jumped onto.

"Follow me," said the figure as she left the yard.

The mud had dried in the morning sun and the storm had completely vanished overnight. Jeffery rode next to his new companion.

"I must know your name, sir," he said at last.

The figure giggled. "I am not a sir, Knight Errant. My name is Narlissa."

"Narlissa? That is an elvish name."

The figure reached for her hood and threw it back. "Indeed it is," she said.

Narlissa was gorgeous, Sir Jeffrey realised, with delicate pointed features and a slightly freckled face. Short red heir fell to midway down her neck, and pointed ears stuck up through it. A small band of beads ran around her head.

"If I had to guess, Narlissa, I'd say you were a half-elf. On your mother's side, given your name."

Her eyes suggested she was impressed. "You are right, Sir Knight."

"Call me Jeffrey."

Narlissa smiled. "I had heard your name last night, but did not want to be so bold as to use it without being told to."

Sir Jeffrey couldn't hold back any longer. "What else did you hear last night, Narlissa?"

She grinned broadly. "Pretty much everything, I'd say. The innkeeper certainly seemed happy that she shared your bed... among other things."

"I am sorry you had to hear that," Jeffrey said.

"Don't be," the half-elf giggled. "It was actually very hot. I must admit, the thought crossed my mind that I would knock on your door after she had left, but she did not leave. I heard this morning why."

Sir Jeffrey felt the familiar throb of his cock. This stunning half-elf was getting him worked up again. He needed to cool off.

"How far are we from the tower?" he asked.

"We should be there by the evening," Narlissa responded. A glint entered her eye before she added, "why?"

"I think my steed needs a drink of water. Is there a stream nearby?"

Narlissa nodded, and stepped her horse from the road. Sir Jeffrey followed as they walked further into the woodland, and soon he could no longer see the path. Trees closed all around him and had it not been for Narlissa's guidance he would have been utterly lost.

"You know your way through the woods excellently," he said.

Narlissa smiled sweetly at him. "I am part-elven, after all, Jeffrey. You should not be surprised. Ah, we are here."

The trees opened up into a small glade, through which a stream ran. Sir Jeffrey climbed from Swift, walking her towards the water where she eagerly began to drink. He watched her doing so, trying to drive the horniness from his body. His magic cock, however, had other ideas.

"So your horse drinks, and we must wait for her," Narlissa said, suddenly standing beside him. He wished she would be less stealthy. "Whatever can we do to pass the time?"

He turned to her. It seemed she had other ideas, too. She had shed her cloak, and was stood instead in tight-fitting leather armour. Swords hung by her waist, but it was her figure that drew Sir Jeffrey's attention the most. Large breasts pushed out from her chest, followed by a slender waist and long legs. Her brown eyes shone with lust.

"I have some ideas, Narlissa."

"Would they involve... leading your stallion for a dip?"

"Swift is a mare, not a stallion."

The half-elf stepped close to him. "I wasn't talking about your horse."

Suddenly she was kissing him, and Sir Jeffrey kissed back hungrily. His magic cock started to harden quickly, knowing it was going to get what it wanted. Jeffrey's hands found the knots that held Narlissa's armour together and he frantically pulled them open.

She did not complain as it fell loose to the ground, leaving her topless in the glade. The air was actually quite warm considering the season and Sir Jeffrey took advantage of that to strip off his own armour. Soon he was naked in front of Narlissa and she looked upon his body with desire.

"Lie down," she said with a growl and Sir Jeffrey hurriedly did so. Swift was still drinking happily from the water and had been joined by Narlissa's horse, so he did not have to worry about that.

He watched as Narlissa peeled her leather pants from her lovely form, dropping them to her side. She was now naked too, and he stared at her eagerly, enjoying the sight. She was utterly gorgeous.

Moments later she was on her knees by his side, brushing her short red hair over her pointed ears as she grasped his cock. Throwing her leg over him, she soon straddled his waist.

"I don't know how long we will have, so I should make this quick," she winked, before sitting fully on his cock. He sank into her wonderful cunt, and she moaned loudly. Almost immediately she was lifting her hips and enjoying the way his cock seemed to stuff her full.

"Oh fuck Narlissa," Jeffrey moaned, reaching up to grab her large tits. They felt good in his hands. His cock pulsed with energy and he could see the half-elf's eyes light up with the pleasure of having him inside her.

Soon she was crying out with pleasure, bouncing hard on his cock. Her whole body shook and her screams filled the glade. He was sure that someone walking nearby in the forest would hear them but he hoped that the wilderness was empty of people. Not that he really cared as he was far too preoccupied with the stunning redheaded half-elf riding his cock.

Her brown eyes were half-closed as she bounced on his member. Her body was tensing and he knew that she was close to coming. He was not far off either, and he held her hips.

"Yes... yes... yes!" she shrieked as she came, her body pulsating around his cock. Her cunt grabbed hold of him, her juices seeping out around his length. Moments later, he joined her in climax and his cream pumped into the half-elf, filling her with his cum.

Afterwards, she climbed from him, grinning widely as she quickly donned her armour. He dressed too, and could not stop looking at the half-elf with a smirk. Every time their eyes met she giggled happily.

When they were both armoured again, she jumped onto her horse's back, waiting for him. He climbed onto Swift, and they set off back into the wilderness once more.

"How far to the wizard's tower?" Sir Jeffrey asked.

"About ten minutes," she giggled. "But had I said that, I would not have had the chance to fuck you."

Sir Jeffrey laughed. He could not complain.

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