tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Axe Ch. 04

Sir Jeffrey and the Axe Ch. 04


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight Errant, rode through the forest at Narlissa's side for a short while after their encounter in the glade. She kept smiling at him and winking and if he had not needed to find the Axe of the Mists he would have suggested they spend a few days in these woods with each other for company. She was certainly alluring enough to make it worthwhile.

Instead, he carried on, and not long later they came across a clearing in the trees. Birdsong sounded loud and a small stone tower stood in the middle upon a small hill. It was perhaps three stories high - tall enough to see over the trees but not so tall that it stood out for miles around.

Narlissa dismounted at the entrance, hitching her horse to a small post that stood from the ground. Sir Jeffrey did the same. Then the half-elf knocked on the heavy wooden door and waited. About ten seconds later the sound of sliding bolts filled the air and the door opened.

Sir Jeffrey's breath caught. The woman standing in the entrance was absolutely gorgeous. She had long, wavy black hair that fell to her shoulders, with bright blue eyes. She was wearing a long blue dress that flared at the wrists and a necklace with a red bead. The necklace fell into the cleavage that was revealed by the low cut of her dress, and Jeffrey could see she had impressively large breasts.

"Hello, Narlissa," she said with a smile to the half-elf. Sir Jeffrey delighted to see two such stunning women together.

"Hello, Breanne," Narlissa replied. "I being a visitor for you."

The woman, who Sir Jeffrey now knew as Breanne, regarded with him with a smile. "I see that. May I know your name, good sir?"

"Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight Errant, m'lady," he said with a bow. She beamed at him.

"He is very polite," she said to Narlissa, before turning back to Jeffrey. "What can I do for you, Sir Knight?"

"Narlissa mentioned that you might be able to help me," Jeffrey said.

"I did," Narlissa agreed. "If you are willing, Breanne, perhaps we should come inside?"

"Of course," the woman nodded, waving them in.

Sir Jeffrey stepped into the tower. On the bottom floor was a great room filled with luxurious furniture. A tall bookcase stood against one wall, and large glass doors opened to give a view of the glade. A winding staircase led upstairs in the middle of the room. Jeffrey wondered what was up there.

"Now, first of all, what is it I can do for you, Narlissa?"

"I was wondering if I could stay for a short while, Breanne... you know how it is with these town guardsmen and the like."

Breanne chuckled. "Of course, Narlissa. Though you know what you must do to earn your keep."

"Very well," Narlissa smiled, pulling her cloak around her. Jeffrey was almost disappointed that it hid her tight-fitting armour so well. Luckily he had Breanne to gape at. He watched as she left the tower, ignored her horse and disappeared into the trees.

"Where is she going?" he said after a moment.

Breanne smiled at him. "To put her talents to good use. The local elves don't like to give up their supplies of herbs and yet I need some for my studies. She... obtains them."

"She's a thief?" Jeffrey gasped. Suddenly her desire to remain hooded in the inn made sense.

"She is indeed. Is that a problem, Sir Knight? Keep in mind you have not seen her commit a crime."

Jeffrey nodded. Breanne was right. And after all, Narlissa had brought him here. He owed her to keep silent. Suddenly, concern crept across his face as he wandered what Narlissa might have taken.

Breanne laughed sweetly. "Sir Knight, do not worry whether she has stolen anything of yours. Narlissa does not take from her friends. Indeed, I believe she treats them... very well."

Jeffrey chuckled, nodding at Breanne. "She does that, m'lady."

"Please, call me Breanne."

"Only if you call me Jeffrey."

She laughed. "Very well, Jeffrey. What is it that I can do for you?"

"Narlissa mentioned that you were knowledgeable about the locations of magical artifacts. I am looking for the Axe of the Mists."

Breanne's eyes widened. "It is a long time since I have heard that name. Yes, I believe I might know where it is."

"Can you help me?"

"Perhaps. Wait here a moment, Jeffrey."

He watched as she smiled at him and began to climb the staircase. Her blue dress hugged her tightly and his magic cock pulsed at the sight of her delicious figure. Soon she had climbed onto the next floor. He waited.

"Come upstairs, Jeffrey!" she shouted after a while and he quickly clambered up the staircase to the next floor.

He found himself in a bedroom. One wall was covered in a giant bookshelf, and on the other side of the room was a large, comfortable bed. Windows allowed nice views out over the forest. The stairs continued on to the final floor, which he guessed was where Breanne did most of her studies and cast her spells.

It was then that he saw her. She had changed out of the dress and into a golden silk dressing gown. Her hair was loose over the shoulders and he could tell from the way her nipples pointed through the thin material that she was wearing nothing underneath.

"I have found mention of your fabled axe, Sir Knight," she smiled sexily. "But I never offer something for free. As Narlissa must earn her keep, you must trade something in return for my knowledge."

His cock was stiffening rapidly and quite uncomfortably in his tight armour. He tried to ignore it as he responded to Breanne. "And what can I do?"

"You can give me the pleasure only a man can give," she said with a smirk as she undid the dressing gown, allowing it to slide from her body. He was right - underneath she was naked, and he breathed in sharply at the sight of her glorious body.

He stepped towards her and kissed her deeply. She moaned back into his mouth and immediately her hands were busy with his armour. Her fingers found the knots and she tugged it loose. Sir Jeffrey stepped back to allow her to undress him - he would have done it himself, but she seemed to be enjoying it like she was unwrapping a present.

Soon he was naked too, his magic cock standing to attention, and Breanne grinned as she sank to her knees. Before Jeffrey could say a word the beautiful wizard had taken his cock into her mouth. She hungrily sucked his length, using her hands as well as her mouth. Within a minute his member was wet with her saliva. Her blue eyes glinted with animal lust.

He watched her as she gave him one of the best blowjobs he had ever had. Her tongue was amazing and it swirled around his length as she bobbed her head. He lightly grasped her thick black hair but she did not complain, in fact she moaned onto his cock. Her large breasts hung down wonderfully and soon he could take no more.

He lifted her and she stood, kissing him again. Grabbing her ass, Sir Jeffrey picked her off the ground, and Breanne eagerly wrapped her legs around him. Her large breasts were pressed against his chest and she kissed him as he walked towards the bed.

Dropping her down on the edge, Breanne's eyes lit up. She grasped his cock and gave it a few pumps, before leaning back onto her elbows and wrapping her legs around his waist. Jeffrey grabbed his cock and slowly pushed into her soft cunt.

"Oh fuck, Jeffrey," Breanne moaned, grasping the sheets tightly. "Fuck your big cock feels so good in my cunt."

Jeffrey fucked her hard, enjoying the way the wizard shrieked and writhed with every slam of his hips. She looked amazing with her black hair messy beneath her head and her blue eyes staring hungrily into his. Her large breasts bounced wildly on her chest at their fucking.

They fucked for what seemed like forever and Jeffrey loved every second. Suddenly, Breanne arched her back and screamed, coming around his cock, but Jeffrey did not stop. Minutes later she came again, even harder.

When she was well on her way to a third orgasm Jeffrey's magic cock twitched and he knew he was going to join her. He leant forward, whispering in her ear that he wanted to fill her with his cum, and she moaned. She grabbed his head, staring intently into his eyes even as her own rolled back with pleasure.

"Breanne... I'm coming!" he shouted as his seed exploded out of his cock and into Breanne's eager cunt. She screamed at the same time, her third orgasm ripping through her body. She shook underneath him but he barely noticed as he was so overwhelmed with his own pleasure.

At last he was done, and he sighed happily as he stood up. With a smirk, Breanne got to her feet and walked over to a desk, from which she pulled a piece of paper.

"This is a map I drew for you quickly from my notes before you came upstairs. It should take you to the axe. It is not close, however..."

"Thank you, Breanne. Are you sure I cannot repay you?" he said.

She giggled at him. "You already have, Sir Jeffrey. May the Gods be with you. And remember - if you ever need help with discovering a magical artifact then I am always here to help."

"Will the terms of payment always be so sweet?"

"For you, Sir Knight, they will."

She kissed him then, before making her way upstairs with a request that he leave her to her research, though he was welcome to stay as long as he wanted.

Thanking her, Sir Jeffrey watched her leave eagerly. He was close to finding the axe now, he could feel it.

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