tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Axe Ch. 07

Sir Jeffrey and the Axe Ch. 07


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight Errant, woke in the early morning to find sunlight already streaming through the window. He was alone, and he sighed in disappointment that Narlissa had left already, but could not blame her since she was clearly a wanted woman in this city. To be honest, he should not have been associating with a thief at all, given that he wanted to be a full Knight of the Land, but she had helped him find the axe. Of course, his continued association with her had nothing to do with the fact that she was so unbelievably hot, and as sex-obsessed as him to boot. Nothing whatsoever to do with that.

Climbing from the bed he realised he was hungry. He groaned as he reached for his armour, deciding he would dress first then head downstairs to eat, when the door opened. He turned to find Narlissa slipping through before closing it behind her, a loaf of freshly-baked bread in her hands.

"Hello, Sir Knight," she smirked, eying his naked body. His magic cock throbbed at her glance.

"Good morning, Narlissa," he responded. "I did not think you would return."

"I left to find us breakfast," she said, offering him the bread. He took it.

"Did you pay for this?"

"Of course not," she giggled.

Jeffrey sighed. "Then I shall have to, I suppose."

"If you want," she shrugged. "Although I should be happy you are so willing to... settle debts."

He laughed at the glint in her eye, deciding that the bread could wait as she sauntered towards him. Before he knew it she was kissing him, and his hands hurriedly pulled her armour from her body.

As her large tits spilled free he grasped them, kissing and licking her nipples as the half-elf moaned at his efforts. His right hand then dropped between her legs, delicately playing with her folds as he continued to play with her breasts, before Narlissa pushed him away.

"I want you inside me now, Jeffrey. Make our last fuck another special one."

He grinned, picking her up and depositing her on the bed, where he climbed on after her. The soft bed was cool in contrast to her hot body. She reached down to grab his cock, stroking along his length and he moaned into their kiss. Pushing himself onto his elbows, he let her move him to her entrance, where he slowly pushed inwards. Narlissa moaned loudly as he slid inside her.

"Oh, Jeffrey, your cock fills me up so well," she moaned, her brown eyes sparkling.

He grunted in response, beginning to move his hips, her tight cunt welcoming him in so wonderfully. He made sure to truly appreciate how good the half-elf looked, knowing this was likely the last time he would get to be with her, and she seemed to be doing the same.

Soon he was thrusting much harder and Narlissa's whole body shook. Her tits wobbled on her chest at the pace of their sex, and he eagerly stared at her. Her red hair was messy beneath her head.

"Oh, Sir Knight, you'll make me come!" she shouted, closing her eyes. He could feel her pussy tightening on his length.

"Good!" he grunted, his own balls churning.

He cried out as he came, his seed exploding into the half-elf. The feeling of his magic cock spurting its cum into her cunt in twitching pulses seemed to push Narlissa over the edge, too, and she shrieked out her pleasure.

"I'm coming!" she screamed, her cunt spasming around his cock. She seemed to milk him dry before eventually slumping back onto the bed and drinking down air.

"That was amazing," she sighed as he pulled out. "Something I will always remember you by."

She dressed quickly, and then kissed Sir Jeffrey passionately.

"Keep yourself safe, Sir Knight. We will meet again one day." Then she slipped from the room.

Though Sir Jeffrey was sad to see her go, he could not linger on the thought for too long. He had an axe to recover, and he dressed and ate quickly before heading downstairs. Paying for the bread with the excuse that his companion thought he had purchased it last night, he then walked outside.

His breath caught.

The woman was stood there, the Axe of the Mists at her waist, with her three heavily-built companions mounted all around her. She was climing deftly onto her steed when she saw him staring. Her companions spotted him too, and immediately went for their swords.

"Stop!" the woman said to her companions with a scowl, climbing down from her horse and marching towards Sir Jeffrey.

She reached him, looking him up and down with that stern expression. She really was beautiful, her long, golden hair shining in the mid-morning light, her armour quite form-fitting and revealing a lovely body with large, well-rounded breasts. She was tall, too, probably about 5'10".

"Are you following me, Sir Knight? I hope you are not going to try and take the axe from my possession. By the law of the land it is now mine."

Sir Jeffrey sighed. She was right. The axe was hers. If he took it now he would be a bandit, and a criminal would never be anointed Knight of the Land.

"Do not look so sad, Sir Knight," she said, a sudden smile on her face. "I understand what it is to want to be a Knight of the Land. I have searched for this axe for three years."

Sir Jeffrey's eyes widened in surprise. Three years! Perhaps she really did deserve it, after all. He had been looking for a few days, at most. He replied to her politely. "Then I surrender my claim to it. I shall have to find another way to earn full status."

The woman look at him then, a considering look on her face. After a moment, she spoke again. "Sir Knight, you are an honourable man. I can see that. You were also talented enough to track down this axe. I wonder, do you know the four ways that a Knight Errant can achieve their full Knighthood?"

Sir Jeffrey nodded. He had known the four ways since he had wanted to become a knight. Every Knight Errant did. "A person can be risen to a Knight of the Land through finding an ancient artifact valuable to the kingdom, winning the Queen's joust, finding two people of title to support his claim, or fighting a battle in the Queen's name."

"Indeed, Sir Knight. I assume that, like myself, fighting does not play to your strengths. But there remains one option, does there not?" She looked at him, awaiting an answer.

"To find two people of title to support my claim to full status?" Jeffrey laughed. "I would not even know where to find one."

She grinned at him. "Then let me help you with that. When I have been made Knight of the Land by presenting this axe to the Queen, I will have title. I will vouch for you, Sir Knight."

"You... you will?" he said back, shocked. "Why?"

"Because I see that you are noble at heart. Had you decided to contest my claim to the Axe of the Mists with violence, I might not have been here to earn my rank. I will vouch for you."

Sir Jeffrey grinned. Maybe he could become a Knight of the Land yet. He extended his hand. "Then I, Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight Errant, accept your offer, m'lady."

She smiled back. "I, Dame Sara Illou, Knight Errant, am pleased to hear it."

They shook hands, before she waved him towards her group. "Please, ride with us. It would be nice to have some intelligent company for once." Sir Jeffrey did not think she cared whether her companions heard her or not.

Swift was brought out to him and he quickly mounted, riding with Sara out of the inn's courtyard and towards the city walls which loomed ahead. Her three companions rode slightly behind.

They discussed many things, Dame Sara seeming impressed at the depth of Sir Jeffrey's knowledge, but also simply pleased to be able to have such a conversation. Jeffrey got the impression that she had been rather bored when accompanied by her current guards.

Eventually, they reached the city walls, the gates open as it was the middle of the day. The guards eyed them as they approached, before realising that the group contained two Knights Errant, then waved them through. Once into the city, Sara had quickly paid her three companions and dismissed them, seemingly pleased they were gone. She had turned then, continuing towards the castle, which loomed large in the centre of the city. Sir Jeffrey followed.

"We go to the castle then?" he asked after a moment.

She nodded. "Yes. This month's knighting ceremony takes place in two days time. I must be present to step forward and make my claim."

"Two days?" Sir Jeffrey gasped. "I have to find someone of title to support me in two days!"

"You do indeed, Sir Jeffrey," Sara smiled at him. "But I do not think you will struggle to do so. We go to a castle, after all. There are many people of title there."

They reached the castle not much later. Dismounting in the courtyard, they had their steeds led away, and Sara strode purposefully into the castle with Jeffrey following quickly behind. They were shown to guest quarters in the Knight's Dormitory.

His room was fairly large and spacious, with a nice bed and a large wooden table. He set down his pack before walking back out into the corridor. Sara's quarters were next door, but she had already left by the time he emerged from his room.

He spent the rest of the day wandering the castle's halls, attempting to find someone he could charm into supporting his claim, but no one was present. He did not merely want to accost random nobles - doing so would see him thrown out of the castle, which was the last thing he wanted. As evening had set in and the castle began to quieten, Jeffrey gave up. He trudged back to his room, bothered not only by his lack of progress in finding a person of title, but also by the throbbing in his magic cock that demanded he satisfy its demands. It had been morning since he had been with Narlissa, and his balls were aching that he find a way of emptying them. He sighed unhappily.

Reaching his quarters, he opened the door and stepped inside. Moments later, a knock caused him to turn. Dame Sara quickly stepped inwards with a bottle in her hand and a broad smile on her face.

"Jeffrey! There you are," she said as she shut the door. "I have good news."

"Oh?" he said with a smile. She had changed into a light green dress that was so thin he could almost see through it. He was sure it was her bedclothes, and his magic cock twitched.

She continued, unaware of the lust that suddenly burned through his veins. "Yes! I spoke to the master of ceremonies, who is certain that my presenting the axe will see me risen to full status. Which, I need not point out, means that I can also vouch for you!

"I brought some wine in to celebrate the news. I hope you have cups to drink from. And please, forgive my state of dress. You were so long in returning that I got myself ready for bed, thinking you were staying elsewhere tonight. When I heard your door I came immediately to catch you before you went to sleep."

"Do not worry yourself, Dame Sara," Jeffrey responded. "Your garments are perfect."

He meant that, too. Perfect for him, right now, anyway. He moved to the table to pick up two goblets that had been left there, but found his mind wandering, distracted by the gorgeous blonde wearing only a thin dress in his bedroom. He shook his head, returning to her and smiling as Sara poured the wine into the cups. Her breasts pushed outwards so nicely from the dress, calling to his hands...

He told himself to stop it. He would do absolutely nothing without her permission, of course; he was not a monster. But her mere presence was cruel, he felt. She had caught him at the wrong time, and his magic cock was raring to be buried inside a nice, warm cunt, a beautiful woman moaning in ecstasy at its presence. He would find her time here almost painful, her body unknowingly taunting him. If she stayed too long, he was sure he would try to proposition her. He always did when he grew too frenzied, and this time he did not think the woman of his attentions would respond particularly well.

"Sir Jeffrey, I get the feeling you're not paying much attention to my words," Sara said, and he suddenly realised she had been speaking.

"I'm sorry, Sara," he quickly stammered. "I was... thinking about other things."

She smirked. "I can see where your eyes were drawn, Jeffrey. Perhaps it was my own fault, for wearing such a thin garment. It could do nothing but taunt you."

"I apologise, Dame Knight. I hope you are not offended."

"I am not," she replied, her voice suddenly low. "In fact, I am anything but. If it would help, perhaps you would like me to take the dress off completely?"

He could only nod, and she giggled, before reaching down and grasping the side of the dress. She tugged it over her head, shaking her golden hair loose, and Jeffrey could only stare at her naked body.

"But I will not be naked alone, Jeffrey." She took the goblet from his hand and gently set it on the table. Then she kissed him.

He returned the kiss, feeling her hands tugging upwards on his jerkin, pulling it from his body. His pants came off next at the work of her nimble fingers. Soon he was naked, too, and his magic cock stood proud to attention.

"A lovely cock," she moaned, sinking to her knees. "Do you know how long I was stuck with those three oafish companions, Jeffrey? Confined to celibacy? I imagine you can understand how hard that was..."

Before he could respond she had taken him into her mouth, and Jeffrey groaned loudly at the swirl of her tongue around his tip. She gave a fantastic blowjob, he realised with delight, and he reached down to rest his hand on her silky blonde hair.

A few minutes later he could take no more, and he pulled Sara from his member. He had been so worked up that he was not sure he would last, so good at giving head was she, and he had other ideas. She grinned, kissing him briefly before dragging him to the bed, where she pulled him down onto the sheets and rolled on top of him.

He grabbed her tits as she positioned herself above him and sank down onto his cock, and he groaned loudly at the feeling of her velvet cunt. She stayed there a moment, her blues eyes flashing with pleasure, before starting to bounce her hips.

Her whole body looked amazing, and Sir Jeffrey could only stare back with lust as the beautiful Knight Errant rode him. Her breasts shook in his hands, and she moved to place her own palms on his, holding his grip to her chest.

She did not take long to be moving quickly, and she slumped forwards then, kissing him. His hands moved to wrap around her back.

"Fuck me, Jeffrey! Fuck me!"

He did as he was told, immediately thrusting into the stunning blonde. Her body responded, tightening around him, and he knew they were both going to come.

"Oh, Sir Knight! Yes!" she cried as she came, her climax rippling through her pussy. She twitched in his grasp, her blue eyes rolling back.

Jeffrey came moments later, his seed spurting into her spasming cunt, pleasure filling him as his cum filled Sara. They remained locked into each other's bliss for a short while.

Eventually it faded, and Sara climbed from the bed with a smirk. She pulled the nightdress back over her head and grinned at him.

"I will see you soon, Sir Knight," she said with a wink before slipping from the room.

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