tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Axe Ch. 08

Sir Jeffrey and the Axe Ch. 08


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight Errant, emerged from his quarters the following morning refreshed and rejuvenated. He had slept very well in the comfortable bed, his comfort aided somewhat by the beautiful blonde who had so keenly ridden his cock the night before. Now he was fresh and ready. He had to find someone of title to vouch for his claims of full Knighthood today. That was not going to be an easy task.

He set off down the corridor, keen to locate anyone who might help with that task, but first he wanted to find something to eat. His magic cock, too, already started to ache for attention, but Jeffrey was used to ignoring its dull throb until it grew too strong, and it was well under control at the moment.

He could not complain about it, though. It was through his member that he had got this far - first through his relations with Narlissa and Breanne, and more recently by helping him with Sara last night. His lack of fighting prowess had not held him back yet.

Soon he had reached the dining hall, where the servants were clearing away the remains of breakfast, the last few Knights Errant lounging against the chairs as they whiled away the day waiting for tomorrow's ceremony. Jeffrey swore under his breath - he had slept so deeply that he'd missed breakfast, which irritated him.

He stepped forwards hurriedly, attempting to catch a maid who carried away a basket of fruit, but she had disappeared out of the hall before he could reach her. He turned around to find the table totally cleared.

Sitting down at the table with a sigh, he glanced around. The men and women arranged around the table looked entirely disinterested in his presence. He suspected that as Knights Errant none would posses the title necessary to vouch for his promotion anyway.

"You look bored, Sir Knight," a voice said, and he turned to see a young lad looking at him with innocent eyes.

"I'm thinking, lad," he responded, more gruffly than he intended. "I've work to do today."

"You've missed breakfast, sir."

Sir Jeffrey laughed. "I'm aware of that. What is your name?"

"Nicholas, Sir Knight."

"Well, Nicholas, where can I go to get food once the table has been cleared?"

Nicholas considered a moment. "I shouldn't tell you this, because I might get in trouble. But I also was told I shouldn't let a guest go hungry. If you go to the chief pantry you will find food there."

"Thank you, Nicholas," Sir Jeffrey said with a bow of his head as he stood up. He needed to find someone to vouch for him, but before that he needed to fill his stomach. "You will make a find young man one day. Possibly even a knight!"

Nicholas beamed at the compliment and darted from the room. Sir Jeffrey smiled. He had been that innocent boy once. Who knows, maybe Nicholas would grow into a Knight Errant himself.

Speaking of Knights Errant, Sir Jeffrey wondered where Dame Sara was. He had not seen her this morning. He suspected she was preparing for the ceremony, or even simply guarding the Axe of the Mists. Whilst she realised that she could trust him, there were others around who might not be so honest as to leave the axe in her possession.

He remembered Nicholas' words as he left through the doors he had seen the servant take earlier as she cleared the table. He guessed that good food would not be thrown away, and so these doors must lead to wherever the pantry was.

Sir Jeffrey found himself in a long corridor, with doors dotted along at frequent intervals. Wondering which would lead to the pantry he kept walking until the smells of cooking filled his nostrils. He reached a large wooden door and slightly pushed it open. Beyond him stood the kitchen, which was full to the brim with cooks and servants. At the far end stood another door that led into a vast pantry full of food. He guessed that was where Nicholas had meant.

At the same time, he knew that Knights were not permitted in this part of the castle. That was all very well when he had not been spotted, but he could not simply stride through the kitchens and take whatever food he wanted. He would be thrown out. That was not what he wanted the day before the ceremony.

Instead, he sighed and kept walking. There must be smaller pantries about, even if they were not so well-stocked. At the end of the corridor he found another door. He pushed it open and stepped quickly through, looking around to make sure there was nobody to see him. The coast was clear. His stomach ached to be filled.

Suddenly his surroundings were even more luxurious. He did not think that had been possible, but he guessed he had found himself in the royal quarters. He darted forward, wondering if he should turn back, but he was hungry enough that he decided not to.

The sound of metal boots made him jump and he realised with horror that a troupe of guards were marching down the corridor around the corner. Any moment now they would round the bend and see him, and his chances of being made a Knight of the Land would be ruined.

He opened the nearest door. Beyond was a small dark room and he hurriedly stepped inside and shut the door behind him. He listened as the guards walked harmlessly past, then breathed out a sigh of relief and decided to see what was in the room.

His eyes opened wide as he realised it was another pantry, exactly as he had been looking for. Shelves were stacked with jars and vases full of food and drink. He reached up to bring down a wrapped bundle and smiled as he realised it was bread. Peeling back the cloth he took a bite from the soft loaf.

It was then that the door opened. A figure walked in, though it did not spot him at first as it walked in backwards with a package clutched in its arms. It closed the door with a foot and then turned around to find him stood frozen with a half-eaten loaf of bread in his hands.

The figure yelped and dropped the package, which landed with a dull thump and the sound of rolling on the dark floor.

He realised then that the figure was a very pretty young woman. Her sandy blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail, and brown eyes looked back at him menacingly. She was probably about 5'5". She wore a servant's clothes, with a long white dress bound at the chest with a brown corset, and a small apron at her waist. He could not help but notice the way the dress flared at her hips, then again with the swell of her lovely large tits.

"What are you doing here?" she demanded, glaring at him. "This is the princess' private pantry! I should call for the guards right now."

Sir Jeffrey raised his hands quickly, putting the bread back on the shelf. "I'm sorry!" he stammered. "I was just very hungry, and I missed breakfast, and I thought I'd find some food, and..."

"Stop!" the servant commanded. "I don't care. Look, if all you've taken is some bread then I'm not going to report you, but you can't be here."

He nodded, quickly moving to step around her and escape the pantry.

She glared at him. "You're not going anywhere yet. You need to help me pick up these apples, since it's your fault I dropped them."

Sir Jeffrey nodded, quickly dropping to his knees to scrabble about on the floor. He realised he must look ridiculous. A Knight Errant so terrified.

Clearly the servant thought so, and as he passed a handful of apples back for her to place in the basket she had grabbed from a shelf, she giggled. He looked up at her, surprised to see her actually smiling.

"I don't think there are any more apples, Sir Knight," she laughed.

He slowly stood, wiping the dust from his knees. "Good. Look, I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it," she smiled sweetly. Clearly the return of the apples had brightened her mood. She put the basket on the shelf.

Sir Jeffrey glanced around then again, realising that the luxuries in the room were more numerous than he had thought. He could see that it was a royal's pantry now.

"So if this is the princess' pantry, then you must be her personal maid?" he asked after a moment.

The woman nodded, curtsying to him. "I am indeed, Sir Knight. My name is Jen."

"Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight Errant," he said, extending his hand. She took it.

"A Knight Errant? Then you must be here for the ceremony tomorrow."

Sir Jeffrey sighed. "I am indeed, but perhaps not as you think. I do not yet have what I need to earn full status. That is what I must spend today trying to do."


"I am looking for two persons of title to support my claim to become a Knight of the Land. I have one, but I need another. You don't happen to have title, do you?"

The servant laughed. "No, Sir Jeffrey, I do not. And besides, even if I did, what makes you think I would vouch for you so easily?"

Sir Jeffrey could see her point. It was not going to be enough to discover someone of title here. He would have to convince them that he was worthy of their claim, too.

"I'm good at clearing apples," he said with a resigned smile.

Jen laughed sweetly. "And apparently at sneaking into pantries, too. You know what, Sir Jeffrey, I like you. You're much nicer than most of the arrogant Knights Errant that pass through this castle."

He smiled back. "Thank you, Jen. I do try. Most knights, in my experience, are sometimes lacking in charm."

"And looks," she sighed. "The number of propositions I get from drunk and hideous Knights Errant when they're staying at this castle is beyond count."

"I imagine it is not a nice experience. Especially from a Knight Errant."

Her eyes flashed. "Now, Sir Jeffrey, do not be so hard on your rank. I only have problems accepting propositions from ugly Knights Errant. I actually rather enjoy accepting propositions from handsome ones."

His magic cock throbbed at the undercurrent of her words, and he was sure a glint had entered her eyes. Perhaps he should test the waters a little more.

"These proposition that you do accept, what sort would they be, Jen?"

"Oh, the usual."

"Does passionate sex in pantries fall into that category?"

"Sometimes," she said with a smirk. "What are you suggesting, Sir Knight?"

He stepped forward then, wrapping his arms around her. Jen moaned into his mouth as he kissed her. Almost immediately she had wrapped her own arms around him and was kissing him back. His magic cock began to grow hard.

She pushed him away then with a wicked grin, reaching behind her to undo the knots to her corset. It fell to the floor, her tits almost spilling free from the tight dress.

"I have something for you, Sir Jeffrey, if you are as hungry as you say." She leaned back on the nearest shelf, hitching up her dress and parting her legs slightly to reveal her wonderful cunt. Sir Jeffrey was immediately on his knees, running his tongue over her folds.

"Oh yes," she moaned, grasping his hair. He found her clit, sliding one finger inside of her tight pussy as his tongue ran over her pleasure bud. She was rubbing her cunt back against his face.

Suddenly, she went still, a shuddering climax overcoming her. Sir Jeffrey slowed his licks to let her ride it out, before standing with a grin. She grasped his cheeks, pulling him in for a frantic kiss, before slowly twisting round.

"Mmm... just what I needed in the morning. And now, Sir Knight, I want you to fuck me." She moaned, pulling her dress up to bunch by her waist and then thrusting her ass out. Her body looked so good.

Sir Jeffrey quickly tugged down his pants and grasped his member before pushing inwards, enjoying the way she whimpered in delight as her cunt welcomed in his magic cock. Pleasure already seemed to be filling her. He started to pump quickly, enjoying the slap of his hips against her ass.

Her tits shook even in the confines of her dress and without the corset holding them in they look ready to pop free at any moment. Jeffrey decided to speed that moment up and reached round, grasping the top of the dress and tugging it down. Her breasts spilled free and he grabbed them eagerly, Jen standing more upright with a moan to let him do so. They remained that way a moment, his cock hammering into her tight cunt, her large tits filling his squeezing hands. She turned her head so that he could kiss her as they fucked, and her brown eyes were half-glazed.

His balls churned and he knew he was close, his cock twitching. Jen, too, seemed to be near. He held her hips firmly as he thrust into her gorgeous body.

"I'm going to come," he grunted.

"Oh yes, me too. Me too!"

He groaned, thrusting harder. She tensed around his length and then suddenly the moment was upon her.

"Yes! Yes!" she shrieked, the sound filling the pantry. He was sure that everyone in the castle must have heard, but that was the effect that his magic cock had on a woman. She shook and spasmed, barely holding herself upright she was coming so hard, and the sight pushed him over the edge.

His seed exploded outwards, filling her cunt, mixing with her juices. Her walls milked him dry for what seemed minutes until at last he staggered backwards, his cock springing free.

Jen stood there bent over a moment gulping down air, before standing with a huge grin and pulling her dress back over her lovely tits. She quickly did the knots and pulled on the corset, before turning to Sir Jeffrey.

"That was amazing, Sir Knight. And I think I can help you."

He raised an eyebrow. She had already helped him more than she knew - his magic cock was satisfied now, at least for a while. It had dumped its seed inside a beautiful woman's cunt.


"Yes," she grinned. "Go wait in the main hall. I will send a guard to take you to Princess Isabel."

"The princess?" he gasped.

Jen laughed. "Yes. I think, when I tell her of your talents, she will be very interested to meet you."

Then Jen darted from the pantry, and Jeffrey sighed happily to himself.

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