tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Axe Ch. 10

Sir Jeffrey and the Axe Ch. 10


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight Errant, awoke with a low moan to find a beautiful woman sucking his cock. Jen smiled up from his groin, his magic cock in her mouth, her large tits barely contained by the dress and leather corset that she wore.

"What a nice way to wake up," he groaned, reaching down to run his hands through her blonde hair. He didn't care how she'd got into his room.

"I thought it might be," Jen said back, pulling her head from his member. "Princess Isabel sent me to wake you because the ceremony is starting soon."

Jeffrey sat more upright. "The ceremony? How soon?"

"In about twenty minutes," Jen grinned as she pumped her hand on his shaft. "I thought I'd wake you up the fun way though."

Sir Jeffrey grunted as she took him into her mouth once more, delivering an expert blowjob. He really wanted to get dressed as he didn't want to miss the ceremony but he also really wanted to let Jen continue sucking his cock.

She bobbed her head on his member, running her fist along his length as she did so. Her tongue swirled around his tip as she sucked down and he knew he was on his way. The cum churned in his balls.

"Jen, I'm going to come if you carry on like that..." he said, holding the top of her head.

She moaned onto his shaft, moving her head quicker and he took that as permission. With a shuddering twitch he cried out and his jizz shot into the blonde's mouth. She gulped it down happily as he lay there overcome by his orgasm.

Eventually he pushed himself from the bed and Jen giggled.

"I hope that was a nice way to wake up, Sir Knight."

He laughed, quickly pulling on his clothes. "It certainly was, Jen. Thank you."

She smiled back, before handing him his armour and helping him dress. Soon, he was ready for the ceremony, and she quickly led him to the main hall.

"They are starting, Sir Knight," she smiled. "Good luck." With that, she quickly disappeared down the corridor.

Sir Jeffrey moved swiftly into the ceremonial hall to see it filled with nobles and peasants, with the Knights Errant grouped at the front. He hurried to join them. He could see Sara, but she was at the front of the group and so he could not easily push his way to her. Instead, he waited at the back.

Suddenly, trumpets blared, and he knelt with the other knights as the Queen and her guard entered the room, Princess Isabel walking behind. The Queen was an older woman, in her late-fifties most likely, with greying hair. She was certainly carrying some weight but Sir Jeffrey supposed that if he were monarch he'd get fat too since he could do what he liked. Nevertheless, he knew she had a reputation in the land as being the best and most fair ruler for hundreds of years.

As she stood at the head of the room a man in long red livery stepped forwards with a scroll. He announced that this was the knighting ceremony and that any Knights Errant who felt they were worthy of being elevated to Knights of the Land should step forward.

He watched as Sara stepped forward, his heart racing. The man turned to her. It seemed that a hush went round the crowd. Clearly they knew why Sara was here.

"You feel you are ready to earn full status, Dame?" he said, not unpleasantly. Just plainly.

Sara nodded. "I do. My name is Dame Sara Illou, and I claim for full status under the right that I have uncovered an ancient artifact of value to the land."

"Is that the artifact?" the man said, nodding to the axe at Sara's waist.

She unhooked it and held it above her head. "Yes. The Axe of the Mists is in my possession and I donate it to the Queen."

The crowd roared and Sara beamed, before the Queen raised her hand and silence immediately descended. She turned to Sara.

"You found that axe, Dame Knight?"

Sara nodded.

"Then I proclaim you, Dame Sara Illou, a full Knight of the Land." The Queen pressed two fingers against Sara's forehead, then stepped backwards. The crowd cheered again. Sara looked like she was going to burst with pride and Jeffrey was delighted for her. That could have been him presenting the axe, but he realised now that Sara deserved it more.

After a moment, the Queen raised her hand again for silence to descend. "And Dame Sara, I accept your offer of the Axe of the Mists, and as your gift of knighthood, together with the land and title that I bestow upon you, I also return the weapon to your possession. May it serve you, and the kingdom, well."

Sara bowed low then stepped from the platform, moving to stand at the side. Another knight stepped forward and made a claim.

Sir Jeffrey watched on as the other five knights all successfully made claims to title, though none were as grand as Sara's. Yet they succeeded, to moderate cheers. The only roar that claim close to Sara's was for the knight who had won the Queen's Joust. Clearly he was popular.

At last only Jeffrey was left and he suddenly realised he was very nervous. The man turned to him, scroll in hand, and scowled.

"I do not have your name here, Sir Knight. Are you a late claimant?"

Sir Jeffrey smiled shakily. "I am, your honour. My name is Sir Jeffrey Trailson. I hope that is acceptable?"

The man pursed his lips then nodded curtly. "Very well. Under what right do you make your claim?"

"I claim for full status with the support of two people of title to vouch for me."

"I will require their names, Sir Knight, and they will need to speak on your behalf."

A faint murmur ran through the crowd. This was the least used of all the methods of achieving full status, Sir Jeffrey knew.

"Firstly, I name Dame Sara Illou, Knight of the Land and wielder of the Axe of the Mists."

The murmur grew louder, until the Queen raised her hand again.

"Dame Sara Illou," she began. "Do you vouch for this man's claim to title, and for what reason?"

Sara stepped forwards. "Your highness, I do vouch for Sir Jeffrey Trailson. It was with his help that I located the Axe of the Mists, and though the weapon is mine, his honour and bravery were apparent to me from the start." She smiled at Jeffrey and he grinned in response.

The Queen nodded. "I accept your claim."

"The Queen accepts your claim," the man repeated. "Please, Sir Knight, name your second person of title."

Isabel smirked on the platform.

"I name Princess Isabel, sir," Jeffrey said clearly.

Chaos erupted in the room, with cheers and shouts and curses filling the air. The man looked stunned, as did the knights, including Sara. Even the Queen looked taken aback. The only person who seemed unsurprised was Princess Isabel, who merely grinned at Jeffrey.

Suddenly, the Queen raised her hand, and the shouting almost immediately halted. She stared at Sir Jeffrey and he could not tell if she were angry or merely intrigued.

"You claim Princess Isabel as someone to vouch for you, Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight Errant?" she said slowly. "That is a bold claim to make."

"I do, your highness," he replied.

She turned to Isabel then. "Do you accept this man's use of your name, Isabel? Do you support his claim?"

"I do, mother," she smiled in return. A very brief murmur ran through the crowd.

"Elaborate please, Princess Isabel. Why does he deserve title?"

Isabel smirked. "He came to my aid, your highness. I was at my most desperate, and Sir Jeffrey's... vigour and talents preserved me. Never before have I encountered a man so skilled with his potent weapon."

The Queen nodded, clearly not reading the undertones of Isabel's speech, before turning back to Jeffrey.

"Then I accept your claim, Sir Knight," she said. "I therefore proclaim you, Sir Jeffrey Trailson, a full Knight of the Land."

She pressed two fingers against his forehead, and the crowd roared. Almost as loudly as they had roared for Sara, he realised with immense pride, then he stepped backwards.

The Queen raised her hand and silence fell. "I wish all of our Knights of the Land the best in defending this realm and preserving the peace. May the Gods watch over you all." With that, she strode from the room, and the ceremony was over.

Sara rushed over to Jeffrey, grasping his shoulder and hugging him. She was grinning broadly.

"We did it, Jeffrey! We are Knights of the Land!"

He beamed in response. "We are indeed, Dame Sara Illou."

She laughed, then glanced around to see if anyone was close enough to hear them. There was no one.

"Why don't we go and celebrate our new status, Sir Jeffrey? Our quarters are nearby, and ceremonies make me horny."

Jeffrey grinned. "I agree, Dame Sara. That sounds like an excellent idea."

Sara's blue eyes flashed, but just as they were about to leave a man strode up to them.

"Sir Jeffrey?" he asked and Jeffrey realised he was a royal guard. "Princess Isabel requests your presence."

Jeffrey turned, and saw Isabel smiling at him from a few feet away. Her brown hair fell down to her shoulders and Sir Jeffrey's eyes couldn't help but run over her huge tits in the expensive and very tight dress she wore. She moved towards them and the guard stepped away.

"Sir Jeffrey, well done," she said happily. "And Dame Sara Illou, congratulations, too. You have been the talk of the castle in recent days."

Sara smiled in response. "Thank you, your highness."

Isabel turned to Jeffrey then, with a glint in her green eyes. The same glint that Sara's had shown a few seconds ago, he realised.

"Perhaps you would like to... aid me again, Sir Knight? I feel that a Knight of the Land would be well-placed to provide his princess with the vigour and stamina she so requires."

He glanced over at Sara, who had clearly realised this was a proposition. She smiled at him, somewhat sadly. "You cannot disappoint your princess, Sir Jeffrey. Accept her offer. Mine will stand another time."

"You already have an offer, Sir Knight?" Isabel said, glancing between them. "Yes, I can understand that you might. I will not be a noble who simply takes what she wants, especially from Knights of the Land. Please, Dame Sara Illou, would you join us? It seems the most fair way to resolve this predicament."

Sara looked shocked a moment, before a smirk crossed her face. "I accept your kind offer, Princess Isabel."

Sir Jeffrey looked on, stunned, before Isabel turned to him with a wicked grin and tugged his arm. "Come, Knights of the Land."

She led them with her retainers to the rear corridor, where Jeffrey was shown through the now-familiar corridors to her quarters. Soon they were stood by the door to her bedroom, the larger outer door firmly shut. They had privacy.

Suddenly Isabel was kissing him, wrapping her arms around his back. Her tongue drove into his mouth and her huge tits pressed against his chest. He heard Sara sigh with lust at the sight.

Isabel opened her bedroom door and grabbed a hand from both him and Sara, pulling them in. She shut it behind her, before kissing Jeffrey again. He felt Sara move behind him.

After a moment, Isabel pulled away and grinned at Sara, who took that as an invitation to replace her. Seconds later the blonde was crushing herself against him instead. He did not have to bend down as much to kiss Sara as she was a little taller than Princess Isabel.

The knight's fingers found his armour and together the two women soon had him naked. He in turn began to strip Sara, and to his surprise Isabel joined in, looking at the knight with hunger. Sara seemed worked up, too.

He moaned as her large tits spilled free from her clothes as he pulled the garments off, and he grabbed the lovely globes immediately. Her pants came down next and soon she was naked too. Then he turned to Isabel, who stood watching with flushed cheeks. Stepping close, he kissed her again and undid the knots to her dress. It fell to the floor.

All three were now naked and Isabel guided him to the bed, where she pushed him roughly onto the sheets. He moved up happily as the two beautiful women crawled onto the bed on either side, their tits hanging down wonderfully. Suddenly, Isabel reached out and grabbed his magic cock, leaning forward to suck it into her mouth. Sara kissed him on the lips as his princess sucked his cock. He moaned loudly.

Then Isabel pulled away, motioning for Sara to take over, and the blonde knight happily did. He found the situations reversed as Sara sucked his cock and Isabel eagerly kissed him. His magic cock enjoyed the attentions of two beautiful women. It drove him to such heights of lust that he realised he needed to fuck them now.

He pulled Sara's head from his cock, staring at the two women with hunger. He did not know who to fuck first. It seemed that Isabel, however, did.

"You shall fuck me first, Sir Jeffrey," she growled. "I need your cock desperately, but Dame Sara deserves your seed."

"I thought you always needed to warm up first?" he teased.

Princess Isabel laughed. "Sucking your cock has warmed me up enough, Sir Knight."

He grinned and she winked before kissing him passionately. She threw a leg over him, straddling his waist, and Sir Jeffrey groaned as for the second time in two days the gorgeous princess settled on his magic cock. Her cunt felt amazing around his length and she immediately began to bounce. He reached out to fondle her giant tits and she moaned in response. Sara watched on with incredible lust, and Jeffrey was shocked to see her so worked up that she moved forward and began to kiss Isabel.

His princess did not resist. In fact, she kissed back, running her fingers through Sara's blonde hair. Isabel was moaning loudly now, her pussy tightening on his length, and he knew she wasn't far away.

He continued to squeeze her huge tits even as she bounced wildly on his cock. Her brown hair was messy over her naked body and her green eyes were shut tightly. The princess held Sara close to her and Sir Jeffrey could feel from the tension in her body that she was just about to come.

"Oh, Jeffrey, yes! Yes!" Isabel screamed as she came hard a few seconds later, her cunt gripping his magic cock tightly. She climaxed on his member for what seemed an eternity, her eyes rolling back and her chest heaving.

Eventually she slumped down, pulling herself from his cock with a satisfied sigh, before sitting upright and grasping Sara's hands. She pulled the blonde towards her for a kiss whilst at the same time pushing her to all fours. Clearly she wanted Sir Jeffrey to take the knight from behind.

Sara did not complain at that, instead waggling her hips, and soon Jeffrey was behind her. Eagerly, he grabbed his cock and pushed inwards, enjoying the blonde's loud moan. Even Isabel moaned at the sight.

He started slowly but soon built up pace. It did not take long for his magic cock to be hammering into Sara's willing pussy, her entire body shaking with their sex. Her large breasts may have been smaller than Isabel's but they suited her perfectly and were still delightfully big, and he eagerly grabbed the swinging mounds.

He fucked her that way, loving every second. The gorgeous knight moaned and screamed, her blue eyes wide. Isabel was staring at them with delight, playing with her clit as she rubbed herself to the sight of them. He could feel Sara's cunt beginning to spasm around his length.

"Oh yes, Jeffrey, you're going to make me come!" Sara screamed.

"Make her come, Sir Jeffrey. Do it!" Isabel commanded, playing with herself as she watched. Suddenly her eyes rolled back and Jeffrey knew she had got herself off at the sight of them.

He squeezed Sara's big tits then just as his balls twitched, and he knew the moment was upon him. He cried out as he came into the beautiful blonde, rope after rope of his sticky hot cum spurting into her.

"Fuck me!" Sara shrieked at the same time, her release exploding in her depths. Her cunt clamped down on his cock and her juices mixed with his seed as it spurted into her pussy, her eyes rolling back as she came. She spasmed as she climaxed, all three lovers lost to the bliss of a shared orgasm.

Soon she was done and so was Sir Jeffrey. Isabel's self-obtained orgasm had faded too and she giggled at the two knights. He withdrew with a sigh, smiling at the two beautiful naked women who wore broad satisfied grins. A knight and a princess, and he had just fucked them both.

He let the glory of his achievement wash over him.

He had done it.

Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land.


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