tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Sceptre Ch. 02

Sir Jeffrey and the Sceptre Ch. 02


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land, rode Swift into the small town. He had been riding non-stop since the morning and it was now late evening and dark. He would not reach Lady Brenwick's estate today and there was no use riding at night.

He was tired, and so he glanced around until his eyes settled upon what was clearly the local tavern. Riding over to it, he handed Swift's reins and a silver coin to the stablegirl and stepped inside. The smell of food caught his nose and he smiled. Then he strode towards the barkeep and waited until the man turned to face him.

"I am looking for somewhere to stay the night," Jeffrey said. "I was hoping you might have a room for rent."

"Indeed I do!" the man laughed. He fished out a key from behind the counter and placed it in front of Jeffrey. "That's three gold coins please."

Jeffrey's eyebrows rose. Three gold coins! That was very expensive. But he had nowhere else to stay and so he did not complain. It was his own fault for waiting so long that he had no other choice. "Very well," he said, handing the man his payment. Then he took the key and placed it in his pocket, before being shown to his room upstairs.

There, he quickly changed out of his armour, before realising that he was hungry. His stomach was growling and he knew that if he did not eat something before he went to bed then he would get no sleep at all. As it was his magic cock was demanding attention and he would have trouble enough ignoring that when trying to get to sleep.

With that thought in mind Jeffrey made his way back downstairs and took a seat at a table. He glanced around to find someone to order food from but could see no one. Growing hungrier by the minute, Jeffrey frowned.

"Why are you wearing such a frown, mister?" said a pleasant voice to Jeffrey's right. He turned to the source of the noise.

A young woman stood there smiling at him, a tray of empty cups in one hand and an apron around her waist. She was clearly a serving girl here, yet her outfit was quite elaborate. Her brown dress fell to the floor but was accentuated with white frills, and the lace that held together the corset stretched over a fair amount of revealed cleavage. With the prices that the innkeeper charged for a room, though, he could quite easily afford nice clothes for his staff.

Jeffrey could not help but look the woman up and down. She had straight red hair, cropped quite short so that no strand seemed longer than two or three inches and blue eyes which were lit up with the warmth of her broad smile. Jeffrey placed her at about 5'3" and probably in her early-twenties. Her dress swelled with her large tits and her body seemed very slender beneath the expensive tavern clothes. She was gorgeous and his magic cock predictably flared into life at the sight of her.

Realising that he had not answered her question, Jeffrey smiled. "I am not truly frowning, my lady. I was merely trying to spy someone who might be able to bring me a meal."

The woman giggled. "I am not a lady, sir, yet I am flattered that you would call me such. My name is Anisa. But I can bring you a plate if you wish. We have rabbit stew tonight."

Jeffrey's stomach growled at the mere thought of the food and he nodded furiously. "Yes, yes. That sounds excellent."

Anisa smiled at him and hurriedly left. He watched her go with eager eyes, awaiting her return impatiently. After all, she was bringing his food.

Soon enough she had returned and Jeffrey grinned as she set the bowl in front of him with a spoon. He had never been so pleased to see food and hungrily began to devour the meal. Anisa disappeared back into the kitchens.

Jeffrey was so preoccupied with eating that he did not notice the tavern emptying until it was just himself and the barkeep left. The man was busy cleaning the counter and after a few more sweeps of the cloth he turned to Jeffrey and bowed his head.

"Goodnight, Sir Knight," he said. "I am retiring to my room upstairs. If you need anything, Anisa will see to it."

The man smiled and left, leaving Jeffrey alone in the common room. He continued eating his meal in silence until the door to the kitchens opened and Anisa walked through. She smiled broadly at him and began to wipe down the tables.

"Are you often given the late shift?" Jeffrey asked, breaking the quiet.

She nodded. "I am, Sir Knight. But I do not mind - Master Lucan pays well for the task. And besides, I can often meet some very interesting people late at night." She winked at him before turning to clean the table behind her. Jeffrey watched her ass a moment then took another mouthful of food. Sadly, it was the last mouthful before the bowl was empty.

Scraping his spoon around the base of the bowl to gather the last remnants of the stew, he realised that Anisa had come to stand by his side. "If you are still so hungry, Sir Knight, I can fetch you another bowl?"

He grinned at her. "No, thank you, Anisa. I am merely being greedy. And please, call me Jeffrey."

"Jeffrey, it is a pleasure to meet you," she said with a mock-curtsey. Then she leant forwards to grab his bowl and he realised that the movement gave him an excellent view down the cleavage of her top. He could not resist but look.

"Now, is there anything more I can do to help you?" she said, and he realised that she was staring straight at him.

He blinked up in surprise that she had noticed his gawping and hurriedly shook his head. "No thank you, Anisa. I am fine for the moment."

She looked almost disappointed by that as she picked up the bowl and stepped away, taking the tray out into the kitchen again. Jeffrey wondered why and his magic cock twitched as he thought that perhaps she had actually wanted him to stare at her cleavage.

He grinned at the idea. Whatever Anisa had been hoping for he knew that he needed release soon and so he stood and resolved to head upstairs. Then the kitchen door opened again.

"Leaving me alone?" Anisa said from the doorway, a smirk on her face.

Jeffrey bowed his head. "I was heading up to my room, Anisa. It is time that I retired for the night. And you?"

"I have completed my tasks for the evening. The inn is ready for tomorrow morning. I was hoping, however, that I might put off going to bed for a little while longer."

Jeffrey saw the glint in her blue eyes and horniness flooded through his veins. "Well, you are welcome to join me upstairs, Anisa. Whilst we may still end up in bed, I guarantee we won't be there to sleep."

The serving girl laughed and stepped towards him. Soon she was standing right in front of him and before Jeffrey could speak she had moved to tiptoes and kissed him. Her tongue pushed into his mouth passionately and for a few moments they remained that way.

Eventually she broke the kiss and dropped back down onto the soles of her feet. She grinned up at him breathlessly. "I accept your invitation."

He nodded in stunned silence, withdrawing his key from his pocket and making his way to the staircase. Soon he was unlocking the door to his room.

Moments after they had stepped inside he was kissing Anisa again. She was shorter than he was by some distance, so he had to lean down, but he did not mind. He wrapped both his arms around her back as she returned the kiss and placed her hands on his biceps.

Then one of his hands crept up the front of her dress to grasp one of her big tits through her clothes and she moaned into the kiss. He brought both hands to bear on the knots to the corset, loosening it and the dress itself before stepping back to watch her slip out of the outfit.

He groaned as she pulled the garment from her body to reveal her glorious naked form. She looked amazing and Jeffrey pulled her against him to kiss her once more. His hands made sure to cup and squeeze her breasts as they pressed their bodies together.

Suddenly Anisa pushed him away and smirked. She sank to her knees and Jeffrey groaned as she pulled his member from his pants. He was rock hard.

"I see you've been waiting for this," she whispered before taking him into her mouth. He reached out, running his fingers through her short red hair as she started to suck hungrily on his length. Her mouth felt amazing around his member, her lips and tongue doing wonderful things. He could only watch on in pure lust as the beautiful naked serving girl sucked his cock.

Yet he was not satisfied. He knew that what his member truly desired was to be buried inside her cunt and with that thought in mind he guided Anisa back to her feet. As she moved to stand she grabbed his shirt, making sure to tug it upwards until Jeffrey pulled it off. Now he was as naked as she was.

"You said something about ending up in bed," she said quietly.

Jeffrey grinned. "I did, Anisa. Would you like to join me?"

He took her hand then, guiding her to his bed in the corner of the room and lowering himself upon it. She climbed on after him, pushing him flat and quickly straddling his waist. She kissed him deeply before sitting upright and raising her hips.

Jeffrey groaned as she took hold of his cock and lined it up with her entrance. He groaned louder as she lowered herself onto his rigid member. Her cunt swallowed him up, her hot walls tight around his length.

Then she started to bounce and Jeffrey watched on with lust as Anisa rode his cock. She looked amazing in the lamplight. Her blue eyes were glazed with lust and the noise of their sex was soon loud. Yet he did not care how late it was - what was important to Jeffrey was the beautiful woman bouncing so eagerly on his member.

From her moans he knew that Anisa was enjoying herself too. Her pussy squeezed his cock and her blue eyes glinted. She was moving vigorously on top of him, her tits shaking, and Jeffrey could not help but reach up to grasp them as she rode him. He enjoyed the feel of her breasts filling his hands and he thumbed her nipples.

His member twitched and he knew he was not far away. "I'm going to come," he groaned, staring at Anisa.

She gazed back with animalistic desire. "Me too, Jeffrey. I want us to come at the same time!"

He knew that his magic cock made that eventuality very likely, and he could feel her cunt narrowing on his member. Seconds later, Anisa threw her head back and screamed out an orgasm.

"I'm coming!" Jeffrey shouted moments later, his cum exploding outwards. His magic cock twitched, firing its seed deep into Anisa's willing pussy, which clutched and spasmed around his member. Her blue eyes rolled back and Jeffrey knew she was in the throes of an orgasm more powerful than any she had ever experienced.

Eventually she slumped down on top of him, exhausted by her climax, and Jeffrey kissed her neck as he slipped his now-spent member from her cunt. She moaned at the feeling and he rolled her onto her back. He did not think she would be so averse to falling asleep now.

Reaching over to blow out the candle next to his bed, he soon found himself in darkness. Moments later, he also found himself fast asleep.

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