tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Sceptre Ch. 05

Sir Jeffrey and the Sceptre Ch. 05


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land, reined Swift to a halt in the deep forest. He had been searching for the bandits all day with no luck and was growing annoyed at his lack of progress. The orcs were due to arrive at the castle any day and he was no closer to finding the missing sceptre.

He sat on his mare and thought for a moment. He knew he had been rather aimless in his search of the forest but he had no other choice. He truly did not know where to start looking for the camp of the bandits who had almost certainly stolen the sceptre and so had instead wandered the woodlands hoping to find some sort of clue.

As he pondered his next step from horseback he suddenly realised he could hear the faint sound of someone humming. He cocked his head in surprise to gauge the direction, then guided Swift into motion.

His mare carefully picked her way through the undergrowth and Jeffrey immediately grew suspicious as a female figure came into view. She was walking through the trees seemingly alone, a cloak concealing her body and face. It was a classic bandit trap. Jeffrey rode near to her and halted Swift.

The woman kept walking. "Can I help you?" she said without turning to look at him.

"What business do you have here?" Jeffrey asked, sitting as tall as he could in Swift's saddle. "I must demand your name and purpose."

Yet no trap had been sprung on him as he showed himself. That suggested that she wasn't a bandit after all. But what was she doing out in the woods all alone? She was definitely odd.

The figure stopped walking and went silent. Slowly she turned to him and raised her arms above her head dramatically. "I am the Witch of the Deep Forest!" she boomed. She held herself still, plainly staring at Jeffrey.

He did not really know how to act. If this woman was trying to be intimidating, she was failing. He did not disbelieve that she was a witch - it would explain why she was out here in the middle of nowhere - but she gave no air of terror. Eventually, he decided the best response would be to give her his own name.

"And I am Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land," he said with a mounted bow. "But please, call me Jeffrey. I am honoured to make your acquaintance."

"You're not intimidated?" she asked.

Jeffrey shook his head politely. "No, my lady. Should I be?"

Her arms dropped to her side as she considered him a moment longer. Then he heard laughter.

"That introduction is enough to have most people fleeing, Jeffrey. You are not easily scared. I like that. I am Marigold."

Then she pulled back her hood.

Jeffrey was surprised. He had been under the impression that most witches were elderly women, but this woman was anything but. She was certainly no older than her mid-twenties. Her curly hair was of a brilliant white colour he had not seen before, and worn loose to her shoulders. She had blue eyes and tanned, olive skin, and he could tell from the set of her cloak that she possessed a slim body and large breasts. She was probably about 5'5" and staggeringly attractive.

So attractive, in fact, that his balls twitched at the sight of her, and Jeffrey tried to suppress the horniness that flooded through his veins. He had been riding alone all day, and as the hours passed his cock had been growing more and more demanding that he find release. But it would do him no good to make a move on this woman and get himself turned into a frog, or some other such magic that he had heard witches could do.

Marigold glanced into the woods, then back at Jeffrey. She put her hand on her hip and cocked her head. "Well, since you are here, Jeffrey, you may as well help me."

Jeffrey paused, then realised that she was serious. She might have been a witch but she was earnest about her request for help and as a knight he was duty-bound to offer it. After all, witchcraft was simply a particular expression of magic and was not outlawed in the queendom.

"What is it I can do?" he asked.

She pointed into the forest. "I have been collecting a particular flower known as wellblossom all day in order to make my potions more potent, and I am embarrassed to say that I lost track of time. It will be dark soon and my cottage is still some distance away. Perhaps I could ride with you, if you are heading that way?"

Jeffrey considered a moment, then nodded. That direction was as good as any other. He moved to dismount.

"I hope you are not considering walking, Jeffrey?" she laughed sweetly. "Your mare can support us both, I am sure. If she can cope with such a strong man in heavy armour on her back, she will not struggle with me. I do not weigh much."

Jeffrey looked at Swift. Marigold was right. The mare had been a faithful steed for years and never let him down. She was a strong horse.

"Very well, though if Swift seems to struggle for even a moment then I shall dismount."

Marigold smiled. "You have a good heart."

He held out his hand to help her climb onto Swift and she did so quickly. As she settled down in front of him Jeffrey's cock twitched at their proximity, and he tried to ignore it as he offered Marigold the reins. "You must lead the way. Swift is a good horse. She will do as you command."

"I can tell, Jeffrey. She is happy in your care. Though that is hardly surprising; I would be happy too if I had a handsome knight to... ride me every day." She giggled naughtily and Jeffrey was sure she pressed herself back against him.

Then she took the reins and soon they were underway. As they moved through the woodland they discussed his quest. Jeffrey knew he shouldn't say much but he was looking for any way to distract himself from the throbbing in his magic cock and so explained that he was looking for a bandit camp, though he was careful not to mention the sceptre itself.

Yet they didn't only talk about Jeffrey and soon he had come to learn quite a lot about Marigold too. It turned out that she was part of a coven of witches based many miles from here but as part of a witch's training she had to spend a period of few months alone in a small cottage in this forest. It was a test to see if she could gather herbs, brew potions and cast spells without supervision.

As they rode Jeffrey grew more and more horny. Marigold's position pressed up against him and the motion of Swift's movements caused her to rub against his groin. His cock strained against his armour at the feeling and he desperately tried to ignore it.

Just before night fell they reached a small cottage and Jeffrey dismounted. He helped Marigold down and then hitched Swift to a post as the witch went inside.

After a few moments trying to suppress his horniness Jeffrey followed her in. For a cottage that was only occupied for brief periods it was very well laid out, although it did appear to consist of only a few rooms. He was impressed.

Then Marigold emerged from what he realised was the bedroom and Jeffrey's horniness came flooding back at the sight of her. She had removed her cloak to reveal the black robes she wore underneath and he could not help but notice the way they clung to her lovely figure. She was definitely slender and her large breasts pushed outwards enticingly.

"You are undressing me with your eyes, Jeffrey."

He hoped she did not mind but he was too horny to feel embarrassed. "I apologise, Marigold."

"Don't be. Who knows, you might find yourself undressing me with your hands too, soon enough," she grinned wickedly at him.

Then she strode to a cupboard and opened it, revealing sacks and jars of what Jeffrey guessed were alchemical ingredients. He watched on silently, lust burning through him.

She turned to him. "But before, I must reward you for your efforts in helping me," she said seriously.

"I can think of a way you can do that," he replied, stepping towards her.

She raised a finger, halting him in his tracks. "I know that look in your eyes, Jeffrey. You want to see me naked and then you want to fuck me. You want to know how my pussy feels around your cock. Isn't that right?"

He growled under his breath. Her bluntness made him even more aroused. "Yes I do."

She grinned. "I am delighted to hear it, because I want that too. Desperately, in fact. But I cannot allow it to be construed as your reward. The witch's code is very strict as to terms of payment, and I must abide by them."

"I do not require payment for my aid," he said, confused. "I am a knight. Successful completion of my duty is payment enough."

"You may not require reward, but I am obliged to supply it nonetheless," she laughed. "I am here as a test, remember, and the elders in the coven will know if I break their code. Afterwards, we will fuck, and I will have a man inside me for the first time in months. But for now you must allow me to help you in the best way I can."

Jeffrey thought to himself that the best way she could help him was to let him stuff her full of his cock, but he kept quiet for the moment. She did not seem to be denying him that opportunity. She was simply insisting on paying him for his earlier help first.

"And I think I know just what it is I can do," she said, her eyes lighting up with realisation. She turned away, reaching into a cupboard and pulling out a handful of berries with one hand and clutching a sprig of holly in the other.

Then she tossed them into a cauldron in the middle of the room and smiled at him, before moving to a different cupboard and withdrawing a scrap of parchment and a small vial filled with clear fluid. Pouring the fluid into the cauldron, it immediately began to bubble, the berries and holly seeming to dissolve within it and turning the whole mixture a murky brown. Then she dipped the piece of parchment into it and started to chant in a language he did not recognise.

Jeffrey watched on in awe. For a moment, even the thought of his intense horniness was pushed from his mind when confronted with a witch working her magic. He wondered what it was she was doing for him.

All of a sudden, she stopped. Stepping back from the cauldron, she lifted the piece of paper. Despite being immersed in the fluid, most of the murky brown liquid ran off it straight back into the bowl, leaving the parchment free of stains. Yet some of the fluid remained, swirling around the parchment.

Marigold stepped towards him, and held out the piece of paper. He took it, glancing down, and gasped as the ink settled into the form of an arrow. It pointed north.

"Turn to your right, Jeffrey," she said, and he did so, still staring wide-eyed at the parchment. The arrow moved, keeping itself oriented in the same direction. The ink was magical!

"Your payment, Sir Knight, is settled. That parchment will lead you to the bandit camp that you seek. I hope that this is acceptable."

Jeffrey turned to her, his mouth agape. "It is more than acceptable, Marigold. In fact, it is more than I could possibly have hoped for. What can I do to make it up to you?"

"You can do nothing," she said sternly, though not unpleasantly. "Perhaps it is generous payment for the work done, I admit, but it is payment nonetheless. You are a brave and noble knight, Jeffrey, and I believe that your quest is of great importance. Consider this my small way of helping. I hope you will find it of use."

"I most surely will," he said, still overawed.

Marigold reached out, taking the parchment from him and gently placing it next to his pack. "Excellent. Then our deal is settled."

Then she stood, walking past him to the bedroom, where she paused in the doorway and turned back to him. A smirk grew on her face. "Now, Jeffrey, I'm sure you said something about fucking me?"

Jeffrey did not say anything in response, merely closing the gap between them in a matter of seconds and wrapping his arms around the gorgeous witch. He leant down to kiss her and she responded in kind. Their kiss was passionate and it did not take long for her hands to be reaching for the knots in his armour.

Jeffrey allowed her to undress him. At the same time he reached for her black robes, starting to tug them upwards, and Marigold let him do so. He broke the kiss to pull them over her head, enjoying the way her white hair tumbled back down over her bare shoulders. Soon they were both naked.

Suddenly, he scooped the olive-skinned beauty into his hands and she giggled at the movement, before he carried her into the bedroom and dropped her onto the bed. He leant down to kiss her and could not resist but give her breasts a squeeze. Then she pushed herself up onto the mattress until only her legs hung down off it and he slowly kissed down her body, paying even more attention to her big tits on the way. He reached the base of her stomach, where he grabbed her legs and pushed them apart, revealing her sopping cunt.

He pressed his tongue against her folds and enjoyed her moan. She immediately threw her head back at the feeling and before long he was hungrily lapping at her wet pussy. He buried his face between her legs, letting her juices smear across his cheeks and he could tell she was getting close. Soon she was rubbing her hips back against his face. Jeffrey took the opportunity to let go of her legs and reach up with both hands to grasp and squeeze her big tits as he licked at her womanhood.

"Oh fuck!" she shouted out seconds later, coming against his face. He could feel her cunt twitching and tasted her juices as they leaked from her climaxing pussy. Her blue eyes rolled back at the feeling and her legs rocked back and forth at each spasm inside her.

Jeffrey stood then, grinning as she slowly came back around. When she had, she pushed herself further up the bed, not saying a word as the corners of her lips twisted into a wicked smile. He clambered on after her and moved to hold himself above her. Marigold lifted her legs apart, and he grabbed his member, lining it up with her pussy before slowly pushing inside.

Her cunt felt amazing as it drew him in, and he was soon sliding his cock in and out of her velvet depths. She moaned loudly at the feeling, placing her hands on his shoulders as he pumped away above her and their eyes never broke contact. Suddenly she moved her hands to the back of his head, pulling him in for a kiss. Jeffrey followed her movements, kissing her passionately as he fucked her harder and harder.

She cried out into his mouth and he felt her pussy spasm and knew she was coming around his cock. Her whole body shook but he did not stop fucking her through the orgasm. Soon it had passed and he pulled away from the kiss as she gulped down air.

His hips were moving quickly now, her whole body shaking with each impact. Despite just climaxing he could tell she was already heading towards a third orgasm of the night and he groaned at the feeling of the witch's hot cunt tight around his cock. Her big tits shuddered every time he thrust into her and he could not help but groan at the sight.

"Fuck, Jeffrey, you're going to make me come again," she said desperately and he could feel her pussy narrowing on his member. There was a tightness in his balls that meant he was close too.

Seconds later she sobbed loudly in pleasure, and he felt her cunt tighten on his length. He knew she was coming and could feel the spasms in her pussy, which was all he needed. His jizz spurted from his cock as his own orgasm arrived and together they revelled in their ecstasy.

When their pleasure had faded, Jeffrey withdrew, grinning as Marigold pulled him down for a frantic kiss. Even as his horniness was sated, he could not resist but reach up to grasp and knead one of her big tits as she kissed him.

Then the kiss ended, and she placed her hands on his shoulders, guiding him to lie down next to her. As he lay there, he thought of the piece of parchment that would lead him to the bandits. He took one last glance at Marigold's stunning naked body before beginning to drift off.

He was soon asleep.

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