tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Sceptre Ch. 07

Sir Jeffrey and the Sceptre Ch. 07


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land, stared down at the bandit camp with Vrika at his side. They had woken early to make a move on the camp and slowly approached it as the sun climbed in the sky. Now they found themselves barely half a mile from its walls, hidden in the undergrowth.

"What is our plan now, Vrika?" Jeffrey asked, staring at those wooden walls. They were not too tall but he would have trouble climbing them nonetheless.

She shrugged. "Now we wait."

"We wait?"

The orc looked at him and furrowed her brow. "Unless you have a better idea?"

Actually, Jeffrey did. He had the invisibility potion Marigold had given him. He quickly explained to Vrika his plan.

"Alright," she nodded when he was done. "I will wait back on the hill where we met. There's a good view of the camp from there."

Jeffrey slipped the potion from his pack and uncorked it. The liquid inside smelled odd but not unpleasant and he swigged it back. It went down easily enough. Then a shiver ran through his skin like a sudden cold wind and Vrika's eyes went wide.

"You've disappeared Jeffrey!" she said, reaching out to where he was. Her hand touched his arm and ran along it. "Although I can still feel you."

He pushed himself to his feet. "That means it's working. I'll see you back at the hill, Vrika."

"May the moon guide you."

With Vrika's words in his head, he quickly clambered down the hill. A short while later he was staring at the open gate to the bandit camp. With a deep breath he hurried through the gate, careful not to make a noise. Yet the guards did not react and soon he was in the middle of the bandit camp.

The tents stood all around, the larger ones seeming huge from here. He guessed that the sceptre would be in one of those. Hurrying forward he glanced in the entrances of two but found only a food store and an armoury. Neither of those places held the stolen loot, which left only one tent. Reaching the entrance, Jeffrey found it closed but loose. After making sure no one would notice if it suddenly flapped, he slipped inside.

He grinned as he entered. The tent was divided into two sections. The one he stood in looked like bedroom of sorts, with a large wooden table and a luxurious looking bed. The floor was covered with rugs and other items that would have looked more at home in a posh tavern were scattered about the place. But it was the rear section of the tent that caught his eye.

Loot was stacked high within it and he hurried forwards to take a better look. Casting his gaze around, he saw the sceptres. They were resting neatly against a wooden chest, clearly freshly acquired, and Jeffrey reached out to pick them up.

Moments later, the tent flap burst open and four figures ran in. Jeffrey hurriedly placed the sceptres back where he found them and slipped from the room, instead standing by the bed. The figures stalked towards the back of the tent.

One was a large, burly man with scars crossing his face who Jeffrey took to be the leader of the group, and two more were broad-shouldered but ugly young men. All clearly bandits from the way they were dressed. The fourth, however, was a woman and Jeffrey's eyes widened in surprise at the sight of her.

She was very attractive, probably in her late-twenties and about 5'8". Her blonde hair was worn in a fringed ponytail and her blue eyes were bright, if narrowed in suspicion or anger at the moment. Jeffrey could not tell which. What really caught his eye though was her armour, which was both form-fitting and revealing. The midriff was cut away to show her taut and slender stomach and it swelled wonderfully with what were clearly large breasts. She had a lovely figure.

The man at the head of the group pulled his sword from his waist as he reached the room with their stolen loot in it and then glared around. A few moments later he whirled back to the group.

"There's no one here," he growled, resheathing his weapon.

One of the men shrugged. "Probably another rat or bird setting off the alarm, chief. This has happened before."

"As long as it is. I need those sceptres safeguarded. The longer we hold them, the more we'll receive when we ransom them back. Now get out out my tent."

The lackeys hurried quickly from the room, the chief following them.

"Darling, wait a second," said the woman.

The bandit chief turned to her as the two men left the tent. "What is it, Sylvia? I don't have time for your games."

The blonde pouted at him, walking up to place her hand on his chest. "Games? I play no games. But I'm feeling... under-appreciated, darling. And we're here, alone. Perhaps you might find some time for your wife?"

"I'm too busy. See to your urges yourself."

With that, the bandit chief stormed from the tent, the flap billowing behind him. Jeffrey watched as the woman's shoulders dropped in disappointment, then she sighed and walked over to the table to pour herself some water.

He took the opportunity to move back into the rear room and grasp the sceptres, being careful to remain as quiet as possible. Picking them up, he crept back towards the front.

His heart sank as he saw the tent flap firmly shut. The woman, who he now knew was called Sylvia, had finished her water and tied the inner knots, sealing him in.

Then he watched as she moved to recline on the plush bed. She reached for her chestpiece, unhooking it and pulling it from her body, then did the same with her leather pants. Soon she was left only in her underwear and Jeffrey tried to pull his eyes away from her as she slid that from her body too. It was improper to be watching a woman undress, even if she were a bandit.

And yet he could not. Her large breasts spilled free of the cloth underclothes and as she slid the other garments from her body she was soon left completely naked. She was truly stunning and his magic cock responded to the sight in its usual fashion.

Jeffrey ignored it, tightening his grip on the two sceptres and summoning up the resolve to leave the tent. The flap was closed tightly, however, and he was unsure how he was going to open it without making himself known. He approached it and stared at the knots holding it down, when a moan from his right caught his attention.

He turned to the noise and bit back a gasp. Sylvia was still lying on the bed, only now she had her left hand between her thighs and was furiously playing with her pussy. A flush had come into her cheeks and she was biting her bottom lip and moaning. Her right hand grasped and kneaded her breasts.

Jeffrey's cock flared into life, quickly growing hard, and he could not help but watch. Yet suddenly a strange feeling passed through him and he felt his skin seem to shiver.

"Who the fuck are you?" shouted Sylvia all of a sudden and Jeffrey realised with horror that she was staring straight at him. She could see him!

It was then that he remembered Marigold's warning about the potion – that the slightest bit of magic would interfere with its effects. Not being a mage, he had largely ignored it (he had no magic he could remember), but it dawned on him now that he had a demon's magic inside him that grew in power when he was horny.

The woman stared at him, obviously waiting for an answer. Then she saw the two sceptres in his hands. Her eyes opened wide.

"You're stealing the sceptres!"

Jeffrey refuted that. He certainly was not stealing them when they had been stolen in the first place. "I am not stealing them. I am returning them," he said simply.

The woman laughed. She did not seem to be taking this very seriously. "My, my. You are a noble man indeed. I guess from your armour that you a Knight of the Land?"

He nodded. Admitting he was a knight might get him into even worse trouble in the middle of a bandit camp but he was proud of his position. "I am indeed. And you are a bandit."

The woman waved her hand at him. "Oh, enough of that. I am not. My husband is, yes, but I would much rather be at a noble's court than here in the wilderness. He is preoccupied with his bands of robbers and thieves that he won't even make time for me. For this!" She waved her hand at her naked body. "Can you believe that? Would you make time for this, Sir Knight?" She bit her lower lip and fluttered her blue eyes at him.

Jeffrey knew he should not get involved, but he did not know what to do. He thought it best to flatter her. It would stall her whilst he thought of a plan. "I would, of course."

"You are too kind," she smirked. "But I'm glad to meet a man who appreciates what I've got."

He nodded, his magic cock responding to her words. "It is only what you deserve, my lady."

"Oh, and so polite, too," she said huskily. Jeffrey could only watch in awe as her hand returned to between her legs, once more finding and playing with her folds. "I have a proposition for you."

His balls twitched. "Yes?"

"I should call the guards right now. If I did, they would be here in moments. You would be strung up and your armour sent back to the queen as a warning to leave us alone. I do not want to even think about what they would do to you," she shook her head, looking sad. "But you have caught me in a delicate moment, Sir Knight. I am unbearably horny. My husband ignores me. Perhaps you might offer me something for my silence?"

"And what would that be?"

She grinned. "That you fuck me, of course. Fuck me well enough and I might not give you up."

Jeffrey's cock made the decision for him. He stepped closer to Sylvia, striding up to the bed, then leant down to kiss her. He did so and after delicately laying the sceptres down on the floor he reached for his armour.

Sylvia continued to play with herself as he undressed in front of her, moaning every time he removed another piece of armour. Jeffrey knew he should not be doing this but his magic cock did not give him a choice.

Soon he was naked and the bandit chief's wife grinned at him as he bent down to kiss her again. This time he reached up to fondle her big tits as he did so and she let him do so happily. Then he pushed her flat and parted her legs. Moments later, his face was buried between her thighs.

"Oh that's it," the blonde moaned, her hands returning to squeeze her breasts as he kissed her cunt.

He brought his fingers up too, sliding two of them into her sopping pussy, enjoying the way she felt around them. He licked and teased her womanhood, bringing her closer to release, and she steadily grew louder as the moment neared.

Then she came, her blue eyes going wide and her juices leaking out around his eager mouth. He lapped at them as she orgasmed against his face and she almost sobbed out the intense pleasure of her release.

He stood when she was done, his member rock hard, and Sylvia smirked and shifted forward to the edge of the bed. She now sat upright with her legs spread and she reached down to hold her folds apart.

"Give me your cock now, Sir Knight," she moaned, staring at him eagerly.

Jeffrey was hesitant. If he were caught, then being a Knight of the Land in the middle of a bandit camp whilst trying to reclaim two priceless sceptres would be bad enough. But if he were also found whilst fucking the chief's gorgeous wife then he'd be even worse off.

But his magic cock didn't appreciate risk, only sex. Not to mention, this woman had promised him her silence if he fucked her. If he refused she would run to the guards and he'd definitely be done for. Jeffrey decided it therefore made sense to fuck her. Yes. Perfect sense.

With that thought in mind he pushed inside her, groaning at the feeling of her hot cunt swallowing up his hard cock. Sylvia's eyes rolled back at the feeling and she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding her tight to him.

"Fuck that's nice," she moaned as he started to thrust. His member moved easily into her tight pussy and he groaned loudly at the feeling.

It did not take long for his thrusts to have sped up. Sylvia crossed her legs around his waist as he fucked her and left her arms looped around his neck so that their bodies were almost pressed together. Their sex was passionate but Jeffrey was not surprised if she was as horny as she said she was.

She looked amazing and he moved one hand to rest on the side of her body whilst the other reached between them to grab one of the globes of her big tits. It felt fantastic in his palm and he squeezed it whilst his cock hammered into her cunt.

Her blue eyes flashed as she threw her head back to moan out her pleasure and her blonde ponytail was coming loose from the force of their sex but Sylvia didn't seem to care. Instead, she pulled herself even tighter to Jeffrey, staring into his eyes as her own started to glaze. He could feel her pussy spasming and knew she was about to come.

"Oh fuck!" she shrieked out and he knew she was climaxing around his cock. He could feel her cunt grip his member and that was all he needed. Moments later he came too, his cock firing rope after rope of salty jizz into the bandit chief's wife.

Slowly their orgasms faded and Jeffrey pulled out of the breathless blonde. She grinned at him, her naked body still flushed in the aftermath of such a huge orgasm.

"Well, you fulfilled your part of the bargain," she giggled, slowly sliding from the bed. "I suppose I should uphold mine, Sir Knight." Quickly, she dressed again, before turning back to Jeffrey and giving him a quick kiss on the lips. "Goodbye," she said with a wink before undoing the knots on the tent flap and slipping outside.

Jeffrey hurriedly pulled his armour back on and grabbed the sceptres. He was just wondering how he would make it out of the tent when he felt his skin shiver. He was invisible again! Jeffrey realised that giving his magic cock release must have negated the demon magic temporarily.

With his invisibility restored he hurried from the tent with the sceptres.

He had to return them.

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