tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Tower Ch. 04

Sir Jeffrey and the Tower Ch. 04


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land, found Kelly finishing up with putting up her tent. He felt a bit guilty that he had left her to it whilst he had been fucking Rama, but he comforted himself that he had needed to do it in order to earn their right to stay. Yes, that was definitely it.

The beautiful militiawoman saw him approach and smiled. "Ah, there you are, Jeffrey. I'm just about ready here, but unfortunately you don't have time to help. Olig needs you right away."

Jeffrey groaned. Olig was the second-in-command here in the camp, and the dwarf also was in charge of the sentry roster. Part of his deal with Rama was that he and Kelly would take their turns at the perimeter.

"I need to put my tent up..." he started.

Kelly giggled. "Not this again, Jeffrey. Did you learn nothing last night? You'll be sharing mine. No arguments." She winked at him, then gestured for him to hurry. "Now go!"

He shook his head with amusement and left, seeking out Olig. The dwarf smiled at him sarcastically as he approached.

"Not too good for sentry duty then, sir knight?" he said with obvious glee.

"Not at all, sir. Now, where am I to be posted?" Sir Jeffrey responded as politely as he could.

Jeffrey's cheerful disposition clearly took the dwarf aback. The man was obviously expecting Jeffrey to be surly and had taken great delight in the prospect of that.

"Er, over there," he said, hurriedly pointing out one corner of the camp. "Stay until you're relieved."

Jeffrey watched as the dwarf hurried off and smiled to himself. His show of happiness had confused Olig and so it was with surprising cheer that Jeffrey took his place at the edge of the camp.

He did not think he was too good for sentry duty, that much was true. He did however think that he was too good to be doing sentry duty for a band of treasure hunters that he had nothing in common with. Still, his responsibilities as a Knight of the Land sometimes meant he ended up doing strange things.

After he had been standing there for a few hours he had grown very bored indeed. Nothing was happening and the camp was fairly quiet. Jeffrey judged that there were about fifteen members of the Lockbreaker guild.

He sighed, staring out into the forest. Suddenly a voice spoke behind him.

"Enjoying yourself?"

He turned to the voice and had to stifle a gasp. A beautiful young woman in her early-twenties stood there. Her long red hair fell straight to her shoulders and she regarded him with seductive amber eyes. She stood about 5'1" tall and wore ornate blue robes, which were studded with gems and cut in a deep V to reveal an expanse of wonderful cleavage. Jeffrey guessed she was some sort of mage, but what really caught his attention were the long pointed ears that rose from her lustrous red hair. An elf!

He shook his head to clear his mind and then smiled at the woman. "Should I be?"

She laughed, then came to stare out into the forest next to him. "Probably not. At least, I know I don't have fun when it's my go." She looked at him and grinned. "Though, I admit, it's rarely my go. Rama keeps me off sentry duty since I tend to get tetchy."


"Indeed," the woman replied. "And a tetchy wizard is not something a leader wants around her camp." The beautiful elf turned to him and offered a hand. "I am Issara. And you?"

"Sir Jeffrey Trailson," he responded with a bow. "I did not expect to see an elf here."

"Most people don't. I like that. It makes me unusual." She flashed him another playful smile. "And I did not expect to see a Knight of the Land."

Suddenly someone shouted and Issara sighed. She called to them and then turned back to Jeffrey.

"Unfortunately, I am needed. The magic of this tower won't investigate itself. It was nice meeting you, Sir Jeffrey Trailson. Tell me, what are you doing when your sentry duty has finished?"

"I was planning to sleep, since it will be late," he said. "Why?"

"It's not often I meet someone here who isn't a crass treasure hunter," she smiled. "Perhaps you can join me in my tent for tea tomorrow morning?"

He nodded. "That sounds nice. I will."

"Then I look forward to it."

After she had left, the rest of the afternoon and evening passed without incident. Eventually Jeffrey was relieved around the eleventh bell after many hours and he trudged back towards Kelly's tent. Standing there all day had left him tired and now he wanted to sleep. Unfortunately he was also the bearer of bad news as he had to tell Kelly that her night shift was due to start.

When he reached the tent he lifted the flap and stepped inside. Kelly was lying beneath the covers that she had spread out over the cushions on the floor of the tent. It looked quite comfortable.

She stirred as he entered and opened her eyes with a sleepy smile. Clearly she had managed to sleep even though it was only evening.

"Hello, Jeffrey," she said quietly. "I guess this means it's my turn on duty, huh?"

He nodded. Olig must have told her the roster earlier. It would explain why she had made sure to sleep so early.

"I'm afraid so, Kelly."

"Don't worry, if that's what it takes to get Rama to let us stay, then that's what I'll do."

"That's very noble of you. Should I step outside whilst you get dressed?"

Kelly raised an eyebrow. "Now why would you do that? You've already seen me naked, Jeffrey. Shut the flap and get in here."

His magic cock twitched at the prospect of seeing the gorgeous deputy with no clothes on and he eagerly closed the flap. After all, standing around doing nothing all day on sentry duty had left him very horny. He grinned as Kelly threw the blankets from her body and pushed herself into a sitting position, her large breasts slightly shaking with the movement. He watched on in awe.

"What's going through your mind right now, Jeffrey?" she asked with a naughty grin.

"I'm just thinking how hot you look, Kelly. Forgive my impertinence."

"Well rather than just stand there ogling, how about you get here and fuck me? It's the least you can do after waking me up."

Then she pushed herself more upright and grabbed his armour, tugging him down onto his knees. He was surprised at first but when she leant forwards to kiss him he was soon was kissing her back with passion. Her hands went to his armour and he let her undress him whilst his own hands wandered her delightful naked body. Soon he was as nude as she was.

Suddenly he grabbed her shoulders, pushing her back flat. Kelly yelped then grinned at him, knowing what was coming. Sure enough, a few seconds later Jeffrey had his head buried between her thighs and was devouring her sweet pussy with abandon.

She moaned and writhed at his efforts and he felt her fingers thread themselves through his hair. He gazed up at her as he hungrily ate her cunt and enjoyed the way her brown eyes started to cloud with pleasure at his work. He knew he was good at eating pussy - his partners never failed to come.

And so it proved again. With a cry of pleasure Kelly came hard, her juices flowing out around his tongue. He lapped at them and enjoyed her taste until eventually her orgasm had faded.

When it had passed the blonde slumped back against the furs and sheets of the tent floor and grinned at him. She pulled him up by his hair and he kissed her, crushing himself against her and enjoying the feel of her big tits squashed against his chest. He grabbed his cock and started to tease her entrance with it, ready to push inwards.

Suddenly she pushed him away with a grin. He moved to sit upright, slightly confused by what was happening and disappointed that he was not now inside her.

"Nuh uh," she grinned, wagging her finger. "I need something a bit more vigorous if I'm going on duty. To wake me up, you know?"

And then she twisted around until she was on all fours. She turned her head to Jeffrey and wiggled her ass. "Something like this."

Jeffrey was behind her in an instant, once more teasing her folds with his tip. This time she did not pull away and so he pushed himself inside the gorgeous blonde. She moaned as he entered her and sank deeper and pushed her hips back against him.

Soon he was fully nestled inside the militiawoman and so he started to pump his hips. She looked so good on all fours before him that he could not resist but explore every inch of her body, making especially sure to reach around and grasp the swinging globes of her big tits as he fucked her.

As his pace sped up Kelly's noise levels increased and Jeffrey wondered if the rest of the camp could hear them. Then again he remembered that Rama had been no quieter and she ran the place so could hardly complain. It also dawned on him that he didn't really care.

"Yes, Jeffrey! Fuck me with your big cock!" she screamed out and he thrust harder, grabbing her hips for leverage. Her whole body shook with each impact of his hips and he groaned at the feel and sight of her. She was so damn hot and he could feel his magic balls tightening. He voiced a warning to the busty blonde.

"Do it! Fill me up, Jeffrey!" she said, turning her head back to him. Suddenly her eyes rolled back. "Yes! I'm coming!"

His own cum burst from his dick at the same moment, shooting deep inside Kelly's cunt. He was overwhelmed with pleasure as he always was and they both luxuriated in two extremely powerful orgasms. But his magic cock always made sure of that.

After it had finally ended, Jeffrey pulled out of Kelly and collapsed back onto the blankets. She slumped forwards for a few moments whilst she recovered her breath before at last standing up in the cramped tent and started to dress.

He watched her pull on her armour before she leant down to give him a kiss, this one more tender than those of a few minutes before when he'd been fucking her.

"That's definitely woken me up," she giggled. "Now, it's your turn to sleep."

With that, she slipped from the tent and Jeffrey found himself in the peace and quiet, comfortable and warm.

He was asleep moments later.

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