tagBDSMSir Phillips and Mollie

Sir Phillips and Mollie


Home from her part-time work, Mollie knelt quietly near the door. She was clad only in her collar, with its attached leash, and sexy white panties. Nothing else. Her heart rate was accelerating as the time approached for her Dom, Sir Phillips, to arrive home from work. She hoped he'd approve of her newest panties. He'd given her permission to search the internet and order panties that she felt might titillate his senses, and the thin envelope containing these had dropped through their mail slot just this afternoon.

She mentally reviewed what he would see her wearing. A white lace heart design covered her sacrum. From the bottom of the heart, a thin white thong disappeared into the valley between the swellings of her lovely ass cheeks. Two pairs of thin white straps ran from the top and center of the heart in roughly parallel lines around her hips. Those straps converged on the top corners of a thin white triangle that pointed down over her sex to join with the thong strap. However, as the triangle disappeared under the curve of her sex, its center split open, allowing her labia to protrude - it was therefore shockingly crotchless!

She was glad to be able to obtain new panties on a regular basis, because one of the rules that he'd established was that, when she was here in the house, she could only wear panties - nothing else. It was either that, or be completely naked. Neither option was an ordeal, because the house was kept comfortably warm at all times. Of course, whenever she had to leave the house, either on errands, or to go to her part-time job, Sir Phillips would dictate what she wore. If it was cold out, he'd tell her to wear a turtleneck sweater or blouse, and if it was warm, a lightweight scarf, because she was never to remove her collar. Her collar was the sign of his ownership. She'd freely submitted to this D/s relationship with him months ago, and hadn't regretted her decision.

She heard his key working the door lock, and knelt a little straighter, thrusting her tits forward in presentation. Even though her eyes were downcast submissively, the moment he entered, she knew it was he. Her nose had been conditioned to recognize his scent, and that same conditioning brought a warm flush to her face and chest, as her cunt started lubricating. "Good evening, Sir," she said quietly. "I hope you had a good day at work."

"Thank you, pet," he replied. He stood before her. "The day went well, but I need your mouth to help me relax."

She knew what was expected of her, and smiled happily as she opened his trousers and carefully freed his cock. It was still limp, but she knew that it wouldn't be that way for long. She wrapped her lips around it, and ran her tongue against its warm flesh as she started sucking. As she did this, Sir Phillips reached down and also fished his ball sack free of his clothing, a signal that she was allowed to use her hands as well.

Still sucking on his now stiffening cock, her hands came up to cup and caress his balls. She loved to feel those testicles moving and shifting inside their sack as they reacted to her stimulation. The actions of her hands had the desired effect - his cock engorged to its full length and girth within a few minutes. She heard him sighing with pleasure.

"I'm going to fuck your mouth, pet," he informed her.

She immediately removed her hands and tilted her head a little to align her mouth and throat with his cock shaft. His hands gripped the sides of her head as he began his thrusts. Weeks ago, he'd begun training her in deep-throating. At first, she'd gagged and choked, unable to control that reflex, the moment the head of his dick touched the back of her mouth. He'd been patient, instructing her in how to breathe between strokes, how to align herself, and especially how to use the swallowing muscles of her throat to prevent the gag reflex. Mollie was determined to please him in this manner, and eventually succeeded in accepting the head of his cock deep into her throat. She was so elated to master this technique that she looked forward to being used this way, now.

Sir Phillips looked down at his girl, watching his cock moving in and out of her receptive mouth. As his excitement built, he was pushing the entire length of his manhood into her mouth and throat. Since Mollie had learned the proper manner of breathing, he could now pause with her lips pressed firmly against his pubes, and feel her throat muscles massaging his glans as she made swallowing contractions. He'd then pull back, hear her take a whistling breath through her nose, and then shove his cock again deep into her throat. He was pleased to note that his pet had placed her hands behind her back the moment she removed them from his ball sack, as she'd been taught.

After a good five to ten minutes of his fucking of her mouth, the saliva escaping from her lips was freely drooling and coating his ball sack. The wetness both cooled his balls in an exciting manner, and also caused wet, smacking sounds as they slapped against Mollie's chin. Sir Phillips felt the sensation that signaled his imminent release. "Deep breaths, pet," he warned her.

Mollie knew what this meant. Each time he pulled back, she made certain to suck as much air into her lungs as possible. She didn't know which thrust would trigger his upcoming ejaculation, but she knew that she had to be ready to hold her breath. After about five more thrusts, it happened. With a loud groaning grunt, Sir Phillips jammed his cock as far down her throat as he could, and held it there as it began spewing his semen. The swallowing motions that Mollie used to prevent gagging now served to drag each spurt of his cum quickly down into her stomach. She held her breath and swallowed rapidly, draining away his tension, along with his ejaculate.

After perhaps five or six spurts, and a final dribble, Sir Phillips sighed and pulled his hips backward, freeing Mollie's throat of his slowly deflating cock. She gratefully expelled the air she'd been holding, and took another breath. Keeping her hands submissively positioned behind her back, she used her dainty tongue to lick his balls and cock as clean as possible, removing her gobs of saliva, and the last remnants of his seed. She was happy to do this, because when he spurted directly into her throat, as exciting as that was, she couldn't taste his cum that way. When she cleaned off his last drops with her tongue, she was rewarded with its full flavor.

Sir Phillips tucked away his male equipment when Mollie had finished cleansing it, and raised her chin to make eye contact with her. "Stand up, my pet, and show me what you're wearing."

Mollie lifted herself gracefully onto her feet, and at the same time interlaced her fingers behind her head, proudly displaying her body to him, in the hopes of pleasing him more. He studied her panties from the front, and then touched her hip to turn her to face away from him.

"Very pretty little white heart on your rear, pet. And now I see that it's like a thong, leaving both your ass cheeks uncovered. I approve."

Mollie quivered happily, thrilled to hear his approval. She felt his hand on her hip again, and, at his touch, turned to face him.

"You've given me a double pleasure tonight, girl. I think you've earned a treat, following your evening spanking." A smile appeared on Mollie's lips. He commanded, "Wait as you are until I'm seated on the sofa. Then crawl over and get across my knees." He walked away.

When he was properly positioned, Mollie got down on all fours and began crawling, letting the leash on her collar trail along the floor between her legs. As she'd been trained, she looked directly into his face as she crawled toward him, letting him see the expression of joy on her face as she approached for her spanking. Sir Phillips had decided that Mollie should receive at least two spankings each day - one in the morning, and the other in the evening. Of course, if she did something that merited punishment, she'd get extra spankings, or worse.

As she draped herself across his knees, she wondered if he'd peel down her panties. If the cloth covered any significant amount of her ass cheeks, his habit was to remove them completely. She felt his left hand press reassuringly between her shoulder blades. This was her signal to reach down and hold his left ankle. Apparently, her panties would stay in place, this time. Moments later, his open palm cracked smartly onto her right ass cheek. Then her left. Even though her ass stung, she made no sound, yet.

Sir Phillips continued swatting her ass. As it turned pink, Mollie began to gasp and squirm, her muscles tensing. Each successive swat now caused her to emit a sound of pain as she writhed - nothing coherent, not words at all. She knew he'd never bruise her ass flesh, since he treasured its firm smoothness. But that didn't make this portion of the spanking any less painful. She just clutched his ankle firmly and submitted.

When his blows ceased, and his palm began slowly stroking her heated skin, she knew he was done. She sobbed a tiny bit, as the pleasure of his stroking competed with the stinging pain. Gradually, her tensed body relaxed and seemed to melt under his stroking. When his hands started caressing her inner thighs, she'd learned he wanted her to move her thighs apart, giving him access to her intimate region.

As she did so, his fingers dipped inward and made direct contact with her puffy labia. She felt his body shift as he leaned forward and tilted his torso more toward her feet, obviously looking where his fingers were.

"Oho! What's this, pet?" he chuckled. "I expected to have to press the thong string aside." His fingers probed a little more, entering her wetness. "These panties are crotchless?"

"Yes, Sir. I hope they still please you."

"I can't tell you what an obscene, lewd display is before my eyes right now," he stated. "You must've arranged your labia to protrude through the crotch opening when you put these on, right?" he asked.

"Yes Sir," she murmured against his leg. "I wanted you to be able to feast your eyes on my sex, even though I had the panties on."

"Quite right. You should be proud to display yourself for me, as we've covered during your training. However, the arousal arising from your evening spanking caused your pussy lips to engorge, and the tightness of the crotch hole seems to have trapped the blood as it entered. Consequently, blood flowed in and couldn't flow back out. I've never seen your cunt lips so distended!"

Mollie shuddered slightly. "Does their distortion displease you, Sir?"

"On the contrary. Reach back and help keep your ass cheeks spread apart, while I get out my cell phone."

As Mollie held herself open, and kept her thighs apart, Sir Phillips took several pictures of the current state of her labia. Then he grasped each pussy lip, stretched it out a little more, and moved it to the side, splaying them apart. Mollie's gooey fuck hole appeared between them, oozing with her nectar. She was quite turned on by her sensitized ass flesh, and by his thorough examination and recording of the state of her sex. She could feel his cock, trapped inside his trousers, straining up against her belly.

"I was going to finger you to an orgasm, since you gave me that earlier double pleasuring. But I've changed my mind, pet."

Mollie felt acute disappointment. If she compared her current state of arousal and need to being starving, this was like having a meal snatched away. But his word was law, so even though her heart sank, she said nothing. Therefore, she was shocked when he next said, "Bend over the arm of the sofa, pet. You've earned a thorough fucking, this time."

Mollie's sinking heart reversed course, heading for her throat as it accelerated with joy! She quickly positioned herself as he'd instructed. "Sir, am I allowed to cum as you fuck me?" she whispered.

"I want you to hold back as much as possible, pet. But yes, since you're being rewarded, let it build as much as you can, and then cream all over my cock. That's an order," he said with mock severity.

Mollie grabbed the sofa cushions as Sir Phillips skewered his wonderful dick through her amazingly swollen, splayed labia. His cock easily slid inward, gliding into the fluids welling up from her depths. His well endowed manhood displaced so much of those fluids that Mollie felt them spilling out onto her clit. They might've soaked into the arm of the sofa, but once he'd inserted his cock, Sir Phillips pushed her thighs together, moving his own out alongside hers, which tightened her cunt and gave him more friction. Consequently, her leaking pussy juices started running down the artificial gutter created by the joining of her thighs. As he pressed inward, his ball sack dipped into that 'thigh river' creating a delightful sensation for him.

Grabbing Mollie's hips, he started fucking her slowly, keeping his torso almost upright, so he could watch the movement of his dick threading its way between those deliciously obscene labia. The sight was such a turn-on that he feared he might unload too quickly, so he slowed his pace and took a couple more pictures with his cell phone, planning to share them with his friends. He knew how envious they'd be, seeing what a wonderful slut he had submitting to him.

Meanwhile, Mollie was in ecstasy! She was being fucked, and fucked masterfully. She loved the feel of his hands, gripping her as his cock plunged into her depths. She loved the trickle of her cunt juices running along her thighs. She loved the rhythmic slapping of his ball sack at the junction of her cunt and thighs. Her excitement rose with each thrust, driving her higher and higher. She applied her willpower, holding back her orgasm - but his cock felt so good inside her, it was really difficult to do.

His slow rate of fucking segued into faster and harder strokes as his lust was unleashed. His hands gripped her hips harder, sinking into her flesh. He pinned her against the sofa arm, images of her standing for inspection, of her new panties, of her ass reddening under his palm, and of his discovery of her protruding labia flooding his mind now. Even though he'd cum earlier this evening, he could feel another load churning up from his balls. More hot blood rushed into his cock, its expanding girth rubbing harder on the walls of her honey pot.

Mollie gasped and shuddered, unable to hold back her climax any more. Sir Phillips cock was nudging the sensitive tissues of her G-spot and cervix. With a loud keening sound, she clutched the sofa cushions, pressing down and arching her back. She came so hard that her tits crashed together as her upper torso thrashed around! With her orgasm, the deepest part of her cunt actually expanded, forming a pocket to catch his semen, while the walls set up a series of ripples that moved from her vaginal ring, inward.

Sir Phillips felt her cunt waves pulling at his cock, and, with a roar, he launched his seed into the newly formed pocket! The hot semen splatted and stuck to the walls there. Mollie felt his spurts, and convulsed in either a brand new orgasm, or a long continuation of the prior one. She didn't care which it was. She just rode the bliss.

When he was positive that his cock couldn't spew any more, Sir Phillips back out of Mollie's cunt. Her eyes were out of focus, but as she felt his withdrawal, she levered herself up off the sofa arm, and turned, opening her mouth for him. Seconds later, she felt his cock enter her mouth, and tasted their mixed cums. She didn't need to focus her eyes yet - she just started sucking and cleaning him as her body quivered in orgasmic aftershocks. She could have performed this task now even blindfolded, and loved every minute that his wonderful dick was presented for her oral ministrations.

After they calmed down, Sir Phillips led her by her leash into the kitchen. Mollie served him dinner, kneeling beside him to eat hers. Then they actually cuddled on the sofa, watching TV together, until bedtime. At bedtime, Mollie crawled onto the soft cushion that lined her cage. She curled up, and slept, smiling.

The next morning, after a light breakfast, Sir Phillips administered Mollie's daily morning spanking, getting her cheeks nice and red, and quite sensitive. Mollie didn't protest these spankings - quite the contrary. They made her feel alert and alive, and they weren't being done maliciously. They were more a form of maintenance. She only got extra spankings as punishments for being bad, and those spankings could hurt a lot more, not necessarily because of the pain, but more because Mollie was upset that she'd failed her Master in some manner.

On this particular morning, as Mollie was in the kitchen, naked, doing the breakfast dishes, Sir Phillips laid out the clothing her wanted her to wear to her part time job. He'd chosen a warm, purple turtleneck long sleeved blouse made from broadcloth and a black faux-leatherette miniskirt. A smart pair of black pumps completed the ensemble - he'd chosen no bra or panties for her to wear.

When Mollie arrived in her bedroom, she smiled at the clothing he'd picked out. She wasn't surprised by the lack of undergarments. But she was surprised when Sir Phillips held up a significantly sized butt plug. "I'm only going to give this a light lubrication, slut," he warned her. "You'll find it easier to hold into your ass when you walk if it's not too slippery. Bend over and spread your ass cheeks."

As Mollie obeyed, Sir Phillips felt his cock stir in his pants as she presented the sight of her pink, puckered ass hole. He wished that they had time for him to fuck her there, but that would have to wait until some other opportunity. Not only didn't they have time, he didn't want her rectum filled with semen just before she left for work today. She'd probably have enough trouble holding that heavy butt plug in her ass as it was. He did derive pleasure, however, as he screwed the plug into her tight ass, listening to her grunts and groans as he pressed it inward, stretching her anal ring prodigiously, until the bulk of it finally entered her and seated itself into place.

He handed her the skirt, and watched her dress her lower body with it. Once the skirt was on, he had her bend over several times, facing in different directions. As he expected, if she kept her legs straight as she bent, the miniskirt rode up high enough to reveal her pussy and the end of the butt plug. "Remember, keep your cell phone with you at all times, and watch for my texts. If I tell you to bend over... this is the way you'll do it... keeping your legs straight."

"Yes, Sir," she acknowledged meekly.

He held up a pair of tiny, slender nipple clamps. Without a word, he reached out and stimulated one of her nipples, plumping it up. Her body reacted promptly to his touch, and the nipple swelled and stiffened, its areolae drawing in upon itself to create a fascinating pattern of wrinkles. Sir Phillips clamped the nipple near its base, drawing a wince and a slight hiss from his submissive as the jaws seized the sensitive tissues. In moments, Mollie's other nipple received the same treatment. Thankfully, the first nipple went numb after a minute or so, followed by the second one quieting as well.

"Leave those clamps on until you're told to remove them," he instructed her. He watched her carefully put on the turtleneck blouse. "Excellent," he stated. "That blouse hides the nipple clamps, as well as your collar, pet. I see it's time for you to leave for work, since you're stopping on the way to fill your gas tank. Before you start pumping gas, call me."

"Thank you, Sir," she said, humbly. She walked a little stiltedly to her car, since she had to clench her buttocks on the butt plug, and didn't want her tits to jiggle, since each such movement awakened their pain. Settling into the car seat had its good and bad points. Good, because the butt plug was now being held in by the seat. And bad, because the pressure of the seat top was shoving the plug deeper, causing more discomfort in her ass.

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