her body, visibly marked by the myriad lashings, is practically rigid; My bite marks all over her breasts are mesmerizing as those soft feminine orbs quiver teasingly with each violent heave of her lungs. The black rope encases her upper torso tightly, providing a very stark contrast with her snow-pale skin while also making her breasts appear more prominent. Propped upon her elbows and forearms, My view up her body provides a heartstopping vision of pure feminine ecstasy.

her eyes are open, but clearly unable to see or even focus. her soft, black-painted lips are open to nearly the point of what must be at least slight discomfort, yet nary a sound escapes from the opening. A few strands of her fire-red hair lay upon her sweat-dampened cheeks, but otherwise her long mane sways seductively as her torso bucks violently. A growing red flush expands from her face down her neck to her chest, and creeps slowly lower toward Me.

I am surrounded by her quivering. her thighs tremble on either side of My face, not quite crushing My skull but definitely exerting a solid pressure, signaling for Me to continue My actions. Deep inside, the slickened fleshy walls quiver around My fingers.

As My tongue laves upward along her feminine folds once more, her chest heaves rigorously once again, a motion which cascades upward to her head and her hair, and downward to her taut stomach. her eyes blink several times, yet she still clearly is unable to see. The shape of her lips changes rapidly several times, yet the sound of her hard breathing is just barely audible.

her nipples stand up proud and tall upon her breasts. The small pink buds have never been so erect and seem to scream for attention. My free hand glides forward over her sweaty thigh and stomach, up her ribs to her chest, and I grab her right breast viciously, pressing down hard so that the nipple seems to attempt to pierce the skin of my palm. her body bucks hard again as she gasps loudly now in her quest for air.

"No mercy for you now, little one," I whisper up to her, not knowing if she is even able to focus upon the sound of My voice. Then again, it is not an important statement, as she will momentarily feel the results of My upcoming actions.

I plunge a pair of fingers deep into her body, the tip of My middle finger just barely brushing up against her cervix. Simultaneously, My tongue works furiously upon her clitoris, battering it without restraint while My other hand shifts position to pinch and pull harshly at the nipple.

her cry is beautiful - nearly as beautiful as she - and intense. her entire body lurches viciously, and I must work to keep My mouth affixed to her dripping sex. With another brushing of her cervix, her orgasm is swift and strong. Yet I do not relent, continuing to piston My fingers within her, purposely curling them up toward her G-spot as my tongue continues its rapid tap dance across and around her hardened little bud. My left hand switches to her left breast, roughly squeezing, scraping the nipple with My fingernails.

In a way, the experience is for Me not dissimilar to what a bronco rider must feel once the bell rings and the gate swings open, for I must truly work to stay with her as she bucks and twists and heaves in her bonds. her screams of passion thrill Me as I try to extend the string of orgasms as long as possible, for she has truly deserved this after the lengthy and intense whipping and biting administered to her earlier in the evening.

If not for the chains connecting her wrist and ankle cuffs to the bedposts, her thighs would surely crush My skull as her hands yanked at My short hair; she has some freedom of movement, but not enough to potentially harm Me. she can become dangerously rough when in the throes of passion, and when she is this excited, it can be a true challenge to keep up with the rapid and changing movements of her body.

I hear another primal sound, and My face is bathed with a new wave of love from deep within her. It is now that I give up trying to keep My lips upon hers; I now simply stroke her with one hand and probe deep within her with the other hand. I now just continue thrusting deeply into her willing body as I watch and listen to her reactions. her sweet broth drips down My face and onto My forearm as I watch her intently, listening to and being drawn in by her orgasmic song.

I may be the Master, but this siren has Me trapped within her realm, within My own awe of her. The sight and the sound of this siren seizes Me, propels My efforts ever further, perpetuating her twists and her cries, and continuing the evening's circle of strange passion.

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