tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSirocco Society Ch. 01

Sirocco Society Ch. 01


Larcombe House is a stately Colonial remnant, dripping with the exclamations of a rich and exotic history, etched openly in the Italian terrazzo and burgundy mahogany. Its climax is a massive chandelier ballroom, a myriad nooks and crannies shrouded in chiffon lead onto a maze of miniature conifers, just tall enough to conceal, but not too lofty to disguise the presence of an ever-watching audience.

Julieanna's invitation had been blunt, as were all of the instructions she felt duty bound to obey when they arrived bearing the elaborately waxed seal of the Sirocco Society, a group anchoring its philosophy in the murky depths of sexual experimentation and freedom as a means to achieving life's greatest experience.

Society members adhered to a doctrine of submissiveness to not just their partners, for they were free to have them, but ultimately to their fellow society cadre.

When Julieanna received the gilt-edged scroll bearing the distinctive seal of Sirocco, an involuntary pulsation throbbed within her; such missives invariably meant a new and exciting experience, with a touch of fear of the unknown.

"Your services are required! Masquerade ball – dress code, sensual elegance."

Julieanna chose a midnight blue diamante gown in soft silk, which swathed her body in the glow that only fine fabric can evoke from human flesh. Her partner was dressed like every other man at the ball – black suit and bow ties.

They danced, she behind her golden mask, offset by peacock feathers. The masks offered everyone that touch of anonymity that added excitement craves.

Her sensual movement attracted the attention of plenty. But one in particular, his French accent unmistakable, joined the two of them on the dance floor.

Together the three of them moved to the rhythms of the music, eventually edging their way to one of the secluded alcoves off the main ballroom.

She embraced both of them and thanked them for dancing with her.

They stepped into the garden and wandered along a winding path to a small pond and bench seat, completely hidden from the hundred or so people on the other side of the wall, yet close enough to hear the hum of the ballroom.

The two men stood either side of her, enjoying the peace, when she leaned back into them. Her partner tilted her head, careful to leave her mask in place, and gently kissed her on the lips, as if to give his blessing to what was to follow.

She found the hand of their newfound friend and felt her partner's practiced fingers on her waist.

The two caressed her as she stood. Their movements, the path their hands took, were suddenly unconstrained. As she turned to kiss their new friend, her partner cupped her breast, sliding his hand beneath her gown, and watching as a second set of male hands edged down to her waist, towards a slit in the side of the garment which offered a glimpse of her suntanned thighs.

Julieanna's partner set the next scenario into motion, lifting the silk layers to reveal stockinged legs. The excitement the two men felt at caressing her body increased tenfold as she brushed her finger-tips along the buttons of each of their shirts and motioned them to sit on a garden bench.

By now she was center of attention for not two but four sets of hands as they ravaged all over, laying back to enjoy the combined attentions.

Julieanna is no stranger to such situations and slid her fingers down both men's pants, ensuring neither felt left out.

She reminded herself that as she was participating tonight in an event she had been summoned to, there was every likelihood, or more precisely, almost a certainty, that other members of the Society would be watching this garden show.

Deftly, she slipped each man's cock from their suit pants and informed them they would have to touch each other if they wanted to share her.

She smiled in satisfaction behind her golden mask, suddenly empowered by a course of events which had now seen her in charge of both of them, as they at first tentatively, began to touch each other. Her hands went down to join theirs and this seemed to give them the confidence to pleasure each other; fingers which previously had just brushed against their cocks now pulled and squeezed openly.

She had led them to excite each other to the point where they were both aroused.

They were then at her command ... and instantly obeyed.

Her fingers guided her lover's cock to her mouth, while their companion slid behind her, hoisting up her gown.

Julieanna abided by all the Society rules, which precluded the hindrance of underwear. Beneath the silk of her flowing gown was nothing but her moist cleft, by now damp and hot, and the Frenchman slid his manhood into her in one thrust, burying himself.

The mansion itself soared three storeys into the Catalan sky. A massive picture window on the first floor offered an unhindered view of the garden maze and its many corners. The room was unlit but occupied by at least a dozen members of the Sirocco inner-circle; those who made the rules for the newer members. They stood pressed against the glass panes watching as Anna serviced her two admirers. Three couples openly fondled one another as they gazed at her on her hands and knees, the two men enjoying her athletic body from each end.

As Julieanna's tight velvet glove worked its magic on the Frenchman, his pace quickened, while her talented lips slithered over her lover's stiffness.

The Society audience was in silent raptures. She held off their orgasms deftly, pressuring their manhoods, disabling their relief.

This made them want more and their bodies writhed. This was what she craved more than mere orgasm, something which she could gift herself at any time with her fingers. This was the total power to be able to take two others (and a dozen other spectators) to the brink of ecstasy.

Each man groaned and looked pleadingly up at her, their expressions of disbelief that she had stopped.

She smiled at them, reminding them they could still please each other, and glanced up at the darkened window, knowing she had given pleasure to many this night.

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