tagMatureSis Gets a Present

Sis Gets a Present


"Why dear sister, you look like you are in a happy mood. Who died?"

"I'll have you know I'm in a very good mood, have been for three weeks now."

"If you won the lottery you have to share."

"I share everything with my older sister, but no I didn't win the lottery. It is better than that."

"Right, let me get some coffee, it is my birthday you know."

"Yes, it was hard to forget with all the e-mail and the big billboard on the freeway."

"You didn't?"

"No, not this birthday. I will wait until the one that begins with a five. Oh, that's the next one isn't it?"

That response won her a fine finger gesture then they hugged and kissed warmly. They were fourteen months apart in age, both pretty and slim, each had been married for less than five years and since their divorce twenty years before had put all their efforts into their careers. Both were very successful. Neither had a lover for the previous ten years, those lovers were also sisters.

"So where is my present?"

"You will have it in a few minutes."

They were on the back porch with their coffee just chatting for a while when the visiting sister asked, "Did you get somebody to do your yard? It looks fabulous."

"Yeah, a college kid on vacation. He comes over often to work on it."

Right then they heard a mower start up in the front of the house.

"He's here, he always does the front first."

"We will need to go in when he gets back here."

"Not necessarily. I did have to scramble inside the first time he came over, he ran the mower over a big ant mound and very pissed ants flew everywhere. He got stung badly and I sent him into the shower and turned on the water as hot as he could stand it.

As I got to my bedroom I saw I had been stung too and the pain was very intense so I ran to the shower and got in with him. Hot water killed the pain in less than a minute and it was then I noticed he was nude. He had taken his gym shorts off.

He was staring at my chest; my t-shirt had become transparent and he was looking at my tits. I looked down and saw his cock become erect. I was transfixed, I could not move. He had taken my shirt and shorts off before it registered in my brain he had.

He searched my body and scrubbed every bite mark with soap, rinsed it then kissed it. He had such a soft gentle touch that I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it. I decided to also enjoy the contact between his erection and my body. I had a bite on my inner thigh and he knelt and treated that one too. His kiss there was followed by a series of kisses that led to my pussy.

I wanted to stop him but couldn't. He gave me an orgasm with his first kiss to my pussy and another as he licked my clit. I had just recovered from those when I found myself in his arms kissing him as my tongue probed his mouth. He lifted me and slid his cock into my pussy. I clung to him for dear life."

"I'll be back in a minute, I need to masturbate."

"I will make more coffee."

They were back at the patio fifteen minutes later. The older sister was now dressed in just a t-shirt as the younger sister was.

"He had his cock in you. Continue."

"Yes but at first all he did was kiss me. I didn't mind, his was my first cock in over ten years and I was going to enjoy it as long as I could. He turned the shower off and his cock stayed in me and his kiss never stopped as he walked me to the vanity and sat me on it. Slowly he began to fuck me. I had an orgasm in less than three minutes.

He carried me to the den and lay down on his back on the leather sofa. I was on top. I was in charge. I could have ended it right there, but I didn't. I fucked the hell out of him until my best orgasm ever just overwhelmed me. I lay over him for several minutes as he kissed and caressed me.

Then I had a big surprise, he was still hard, he still had his erection. He stood with me still impaled in by his cock and took me to my bed. He was on top and kissing my lips but soon began to slide down my body. He devoured my tits then devoured my pussy.

Then he kissed his way back up and fucked me hard. I had a whole string of cums and passed out. When I recovered a couple of minutes later I was again on top and could feel his cum oozing out of my pussy."

Her sister had not bothered to go in the house and was masturbating right there. She did not notice the tall young man that was standing in front of her until she had an orgasm. The young man was nude and had an erection as he smiled at her.

"We need a shower," he said and took her hand.

"Happy Birthday Sis," her younger sister said with a smile.

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