Sis-in-law Incentives Ch. 02

byTx Tall Tales©

"I can't believe that for six months this incredible cock has been so close, while I was upstairs, going to sleep frustrated, rubbing myself off." She closed her eyes and leaned her face against my hard-on. Her cheek pressed against it, she rubbed up and down, like a kitten, begging to be stroked.

"Can I, just for a second, hold it in my mouth?" She asked, opening her mouth just above the head. I grunted my assent. She lowered her mouth, my cock barely brushing against the edge of her lips. The head had disappeared from view, when she pulled back abruptly.

"No. That's not for today, as bad as I want to." She looked into my eyes, smiling a teasing, evil smile. "God, there are so many places I'd love to put this thing right now." She stroked me firmly, a little faster now. She reached down and licked the head once.

"Do you want to come for me?" She asked, ingenuously.

"I want to come in you." I answered breathlessly.

"I'd like that, but you'll have to earn that one. Soon I hope." She stroked me faster, the lube letting her hands glide over me. She was squeezing tighter, alternating hands, her strokes fast and firm.

She was going too fast and had to pull one hand away. The other raced up and down my cock while she moaned. The view was amazing, her breasts on each side of my cock, her face just above it, intent on it, oblivious to all else. Her hand glistened as it glided up and down, the sound of the flesh so much like the sound I'd make if I were in her.

She slowed down, keeping the pressure on. She opened her mouth again, her tongue out, and rested the head of my cock against her tongue, while she pumped me. Her tongue waggled from side to side, slowly covering most of the head. She paused to kiss it a few times.

"Would it be bad if I let you come in my mouth? I want to taste you so badly. Would that be wrong?" She asked me, her big eyes blinking, her breath shallow.

"No, that would be nice." I was getting close, and her teasing mouth was a big part of it.

"Come for me, Alex?" she asked, placing her tongue against the purple helmet.

She closed her eyes, pursed her lips, and rubbed the head of my cock all over her mouth and cheeks, while keeping up the irresistible stroking. Her other hand slipped down between my legs, below my balls, and started teasing between my cheeks, her finger tip just penetrating my ass.

My balls tightened and I couldn't hold back any longer. She sensed it, and drove her finger into my ass, while I came on her face. She kept her lips closed, pursed, just at the top of my cock, and my cream boiled out, cascading down the head and shaft over her fingers. The first release had splashed against her mouth, and it covered her lips and chin.

She opened her eyes finally, looking into mine. Her tiny tongue crept out and captured a little of the sticky whiteness from her lips. She smiled at me.

"That was nice. I can hardly wait for the real thing."

I knew that with Jenny as my personal trainer, I was going to do whatever she asked to achieve my next goal.

"Four pounds from now, that will be in my mouth. And you will be doing the same to me. My body will be yours to play with, except for actual penetration."

"You're going to kill me at this rate." I warned her.

"I don't think you'll die from this. That would be a real shame, missing the final goal and reward."

She stroked my sticky cock. "Are we going shopping tomorrow?"

"Of course, it's not like you haven't earned it."

"Afterwards, maybe we'll play again. Not quite so intensely, just a little hand-job for fun. Assuming of course you don't put on any weight." Her gentle stroking was starting just a hint of feeling down there, and I saw the head twitch.

"I won't. I can guarantee that."



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