tagIncest/TabooSis-in-law Incentives Ch. 07

Sis-in-law Incentives Ch. 07

byTx Tall Tales©

Chapter 07: Payback's a Bitch


Two threesomes, can you guess who?


I met Jenny at the door, and she fell into my arms. I kissed her deeply, picked her up and carried her to my king-size bed. Laying her down on the bed, I looked her over appreciatively. She was still wearing her work outfit, tight shorts, and a fitted T-Shirt that read Ultimate Fitness, with her name emblazoned over her left tit.

"I always wondered..." I started, hesitating teasingly.

"Wondered what?" She asked.

"If that baby is named Jen, what do you call the other one?" In case she didn't get my drift, I pointed out her name and then caressed the breast underneath it.

She slapped at my hand playfully, and giggled. "Maybe I'll let you name it."

"When do you have to be back?" I asked her.

"Appointment at 3:30." She answered.

I glanced over at the clock that read 1:10. That gave us a little more than two hours before she'd have to leave.

You couldn't say she wasn't willing. She sat up and peeled off her shirt, tossing it to the side, and her bra quickly followed. Then she was arching up, peeling off her shorts and thong as one, and kicking it over to land with her shirt. I still lost my breath seeing her naked, so toned and pretty, young and willing.

She smiled at me. "C'mon, big boy. I can't do this by myself." Then she reached down between her legs, rubbing herself a little. "Then again..."

It took me about 5 seconds to get naked and to climb into bed with her. I stretched out, letting my hands caress her for a few moments before I started working on her cute titties. Just a few moans later, I worked my way down her flat stomach, and started targeting her sweet little pussy. She'd been growing a little strip of hair down the front, and wasn't as bare as when I first saw her. The hair was just coming in, but it was sexy as hell.

Her legs opened wide, and she pulled them back, opening herself to me completely. I gave her a pretty complete taste test, then went to work on her clit, while my fingers played with her soft moist opening. Two fingers, then three, and it wasn't long until she pulled my face hard against her and came for me. I didn't relent however, keeping her on edge; not too hard, just enough to keep her worked up. She was already begging me to fuck her, but it was far too early for that.

I rolled over onto my back, propping myself up with a couple of pillows, and encouraged my wife's sister to return the favor. She crawled between my legs, and gave me her best vacuum impersonation, before working over my cock like a dog worrying a bone. I just watched her face fill with my cock, and thought back to something my uncle had told me: "every woman looks better with my cock in her mouth." It was an excuse he had for picking up barflies as last call approached. Turns out he was right, and it even works for the pretty ones. Really pretty ones at that.

I peered into the darkened bathroom, and could barely make out JT sitting there quietly, awaiting the sign. "Soon," I thought.

Feeling primed and ready for pumping, I eased Jenny off of my cock and onto her back again, climbing between her legs. She reached down and guided me into her, but I resisted any deep penetration, just lodging the head in the mouth of her pussy, and enjoying the sensation of her warm, wet flesh enveloping mine.

I looked down on my young beauty, and slowly pushed in, until I was buried in her. God, she felt wonderful on my cock!

I reached for her hands and brought them together, then crossed her wrists and placed her hands over her head. I leaned over, my cock throbbing inside her, and held her wrists in one hand, stretching her out, while the other caressed her breast.

"You know, that little trick with the blindfold and your horny little buddies was a bit over the top," I told her, easing in and out of her, just smoothing out the path. I gave her nipple a tweak for emphasis.

She looked a little nervous. "I know, it just got out of hand. I was going to invite one special friend over, and you know how these things go. Someone overheard part of a conversation, and then next thing you know, it's becoming a party. You're not mad, are you?"

"Not mad, no." I told her. "But I do have a surprise for you."

Now she looked distinctly uneasy. "Nothing bad, I hope." She said trying to add a forced chuckle, while struggling lightly against my hand.

"No. Not bad at all. Pretty good I think." I looked over to the bathroom and gave JT a nod. He walked into the room, naked as the day he was born, his hand slowly stroking his substantial member. Clearly Dawn had nothing to complain about.

"Jen, you know JT," I told her, giving a glance his way.

"Oh Shit, Alex, I can't believe you!" She gasped, yanking one hand free and using it to cover her breasts.

"Damn, she's everything you said, and then some!" JT said, sitting down on the bed next to her. He was still turned away a bit, but she had a great view of his meat, which if anything was longer than mine, if not as thick around.

I was still sliding in and out of my prize. "I invited JT here for a couple of reasons. You know he works out at the Y, and has thought about getting a personal trainer for a while now. When he saw the progress I'd made, he had to know who I was working with."

Now JT didn't have the same issue with losing weight that I'd had. For as long as I'd known him, he worked out during lunch every single day. "As you can see, he doesn't need the kind of incentivizing I did, he just wants someone to push him."

"Yeah, but Dawn's a different thing," JT added. "I've been trying to get her to use a trainer for years now. She's always resisted. It's not like we can't afford it. So I'd like you to see about getting her and Holly to workout together. Give them a full hour together, twice a week, and I'll pay the difference between that and what you're getting now."

Jenny was looking lost, almost in shock, but her legs were still open for me, and I was still enjoying a leisurely ride.

"So his won't be a deal like ours," I added.

"Why's he here then?" she asked.

"As a gift to you." I told her. "For getting me this far."

JT leaned over and lifted her hand away so he could let his fingers trace small circles around her nearest breast. "I've been playing with store bought ones for so long, it's nice to see the real thing." He leaned down and took her nipple in his mouth, sucking while I continued on my own mission.

"Oh God, I can't believe I'm letting you do this," Jenny moaned, her eyes closing and her head leaning back.

With that comment, I knew we'd made it. I had been concerned she might have thrown a fit, or thrown JT out. Hell, maybe me too. Now it looked like that was the last thing on her mind.

I pulled out and crawled up the bed. Jenny's eyes opened, and she watched me with some trepidation. I kneeled next to her head, and turned her face toward me, pointing my hard, wet cock right at her lips. She hesitated only a moment, then opened for me, allowing me to drive half my cock into her mouth.

"Isn't that beautiful?" I asked JT, sliding my cock in and out of her pretty face, while he took a break from her breasts.

"I'm jealous, man," he chuckled, still massaging her breasts. "Damn sisters, and one just as sexy as the other. You must be living right."

I stroked her hair and let her do most of the work. Meanwhile, JT slid down her body, and took up a new position, face first, between her long tan legs.

"What a sexy pussy." He said softly, "You're going to have to convince Dawn to get a Brazilian too. She keeps herself pretty trim down there, but this is just incredible." That was the last he said for a while as he did his best to impress her with his hard won knowledge of the female anatomy, and how to pleasure it.

Whatever he did was working and within a couple of minutes she couldn't concentrate on my cock, as she moaned her way to another orgasm.

JT came up, looking like the cat who'd got the cream. He was smiling a sloppy smile from ear to ear, and then he was kneeling opposite me, his cock standing straight out. Jenny turned toward him, and he rubbed his cock against her cheek. She turned slightly enveloping the head between her lips, and he shuddered.

"Jesus," he moaned.

She was definitely getting into the game. She alternated between us, sucking first one, and then the other, using her hand on whoever was unfortunate enough to not be inside her warm accommodating mouth. Then she turned her torso a bit, and made a little better effort at pleasing JT.

I waited until she'd gotten used to the idea of sucking him, then I reached down and started turning her over, helping her to her hands and knees. JT never let his cock stray more than a few inches from her face, and soon enough she was sucking his cock, while I prepared to take her from behind doggy style.

This was all new to me. I'd been with my share of women before I'd married, and even been involved in a couple of awkward threesomes, tag-teaming a couple of girls back in college. I'd even been on the receiving end of a couple of sorority pledges back in the day. But never anything like this. Not that I wasn't willing!

I reached down and opened her up, spreading her legs wider, then eased my cock into her. She moaned with her mouth full, but didn't stop her work on JT. I pulled back and gave her a nice firm stroke, rocking her body forward a bit, right onto JT's stiff rod. Then I pulled her hips back as I pulled back, and pushed forward firmly again. She looked incredibly sexy, stretched out between us, getting it from both ends. I started a steady motion, in and out, then stopped and held myself still, while I pulled and pushed her back and forth on my cock, not only making her fuck me, but sliding her on and off of JT's staff. I was pleased when I let go and she kept up the rocking motion, fucking the two of us on her own, impaling herself at one end and then the other.

I heard JT cry out and then he grabbed her head, and I watched him thrust into her mouth, emptying himself between her lips. I was getting worked up now, and as he caught his breath, I fucked her long and hard, pounding away at that sweet tight pussy I was becoming addicted to. Jenny was crying out constantly, carrying out a continuous litany of moans, squeals and cries of abandonment, now that her mouth was no longer stuffed. I wanted to come in her just like this, and I eased my thumb into her ass as I fucked her like there was no tomorrow.

She came hard, her back arching as she cried out, then she dropped her head and shoulders to the bed, her upturned ass the focus of all her attention. Fucking her wildly, I picked her up by the hips, and laid her on her side, legs tucked up, and continued my pounding. Holding her legs together, I could feel every stroke right down to my balls. Ready to come I pulled out of her and pulled her head into my lap. She sucked me eagerly, for just a few seconds before I exploded between her lips. She wasn't ready for me and lost about half of the load, before she could capture the rest.

I hope she wasn't hoping for a rest. Before I was even done, JT was taking my place behind her, easing her onto her back, and putting his renewed staff to use, opening her up and plumbing her depths. He wasn't much into preliminaries; as soon as he was inside her, he was off to the races.

I caressed her hair and stroked her face while JT tried to fuck her brains out. He lifted her legs up high, ankles on his shoulders, and leaned into her, his hips driving back and forth incessantly. The whole scene was too hot to just be an observer, and I turned her face to the side again, and placed my semi-hard cock against her lips. She was half out of it, and I slapped my cock against her cheeks until she opened up and I could slide my cock into her mouth. She was almost slack jawed, but I was happy enough to fuck her face, until she reached up with her hand and took over some of the action.

JT pulled out of her, gasping. "I don't want to come yet," he said before leaning down and lapping away at her ass.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and laid flat on the bed. "Ride me."

She climbed aboard and rocked back and forth on my cock, fucking me hard, just as we'd fucked her. I just lay there, enjoying the view of her breasts bouncing while she did me. When she looked to be tiring, I put her on her side, and fucked her from behind. JT took the opportunity to lie down on the other side of her, with his cock poised at her lips while his own face was down between her legs. I could feel his breath as he nibbled on her clit while I screwed her. I was suddenly very conscious of how close he was to my cock, and felt a little uncomfortable. I guess he didn't have the same qualms as me, as he lapped away at her, occasionally grazing my cock where I entered her.

I almost shit myself when I slid out of her on one of my more aggressive strokes, and I felt his mouth brush against my cock for just a second before he guided it back into her.

When I pulled out to adjust my position, he pulled Jenny firmly on top of him, in the classic 69. She was dutifully working on his cock, while he ate her out. It was weird, looking down on his face when I entered her from behind, fucking her with long slow strokes, building myself up to the finish.

I could feel his tongue teasing where I entered her, and then it was caressing my cock on the out stroke. I had never dreamed of anything like this, certainly not from JT. The whole scene pushed me over the top, and I slammed into her, coming hard, holding onto her sweet hips while I pulled her against me, trying to unload as far inside of her as possible. Over and over I creamed, harder than I could have imagined, coming for what seemed an eternity. Gasping, I collapsed beside her, and watched as JT devoured her. It was only a few seconds later that she came, moaning, and then he was coming in her mouth.

When she'd sucked him dry, she rolled off, between us. "Un-fucking-believable," she said softly.

"To say the least," I murmured.

JT was already climbing off the bed, and getting dressed. "Shit, I've got a 3:00 meeting I'll be lucky to make," he told us, almost apologetically. Half dressed, he leaned over Jenny and kissed her softly on the lips. "You were incredible," he told her softly. Then putting on his shirt, he reminded her, "Give me a call and let me know what opening you have around the lunch hour, twice a week."

"Ok," she answered sheepishly.

"And don't forget to check out what you can for Dawn." He added, tying his tie before he headed out the door.

Jenny laid back in the bed. "Shit, I'm going to be useless the rest of the day. I've never, EVER done anything like that. Two men is just too much. I can't imagine how things would be if you guys weren't in a hurry."

"And now you've got to go and juggle your schedule even more, find room for JT. At least Dawn you can just add to Holly's time, and don't be afraid to charge him, he's loaded." She looked so damn hot, naked and worn-out. I fondled her while we laid there, taking pride in ownership. The spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak, and my trouser pal didn't seem to be up to the occasion.

"I guess that's the two clients you promised. Two and a half." She said, smiling.

"As a matter of fact this one was just a bonus. I found another client, if you're willing," I told her.

"If I'm willing?"

"He needs a deal a bit like mine," I confessed.

"You are kidding me right?", she answered, sounding more than a little cross.

"Before you kill me, let me tell you this much. Forty lbs. Five Grand. On TOP of your fees."

"Five thousand dollars?" she asked incredulously.

"Five thousand. I think you can do incremental payments even. Maybe something like five hundred for the first 10 lbs. An even grand for the next ten. Fifteen hundred for the next, and two grand for final goal. Of course it's up to you." It didn't look like she was going to terminate me after all, and I went back to playing with her nearest breast.

"And what kind of incentives, do you think he'll need?"

"Up to you again, whatever you think will get him there." I told her.

"Am I going to have to fuck all my clients now?" she wondered aloud.

"At five grand a pop, you'd be sitting pretty if you did." I teased.


My life was incredible. I was busy as hell. Work had picked up, and I was still putting in 2 hours of exercise most days. Add in another hour for travel back and forth to the gym. The exercise was working out. I was getting stronger all the time, and the fat was slowly, ever so slowly melting off.

Holly was ecstatic to be working out with Dawn, and they were closer than ever. Two weeks after JT and my teamwork on Jenny, I came home late to find Dawn and Holly trashed in the living room. They had a magnum sized bottle of wine out, and it was all but empty.

"Hi, honey," I greeted Holly, and leaned over to give her a kiss hello. She clung to me, prolonging the kiss.

When I was released from her clutches, I turned to put my briefcase at the foot of the stairs, and Dawn piped up. "How about a 'hi' for me?"

"Hi, Dawn, you're corrupting my wife again." I teased her.

"Not that kind of 'hi'. The kind SHE got," she insisted.

I smiled, and went over and leaned down to give her a kiss, but she pulled my face down and stuck her tongue half-way down my throat. These girls were really trashed.

"Dawn!" I told her, with feigned shock.

"Not like we haven't done more than that. Or have you forgotten?" She teased.

"Dawn!!" It was Holly's turn to apply the brakes.

"Damn Holly. It's just a kiss. He's done shots off my naked body. What's a kiss between friends? Tell you what. When JT comes to pick me up, you can kiss him. Twice even." She leaned back smiling.

"And give him a couple of body shots?" Holly asked, "Maybe feel him up a bit? Let him take some liberties?"

"Hell no! That's only for the hot-tub, and Beth's gotta be here too!" Dawn laughed.

"You all are too wild for me," I told them, retiring to the bedroom to change out of the office clothes.

I had hung up the suit, and was picking out some shorts and a shirt, when my drunken wife entered the room.

"Mmm, you look good enough to eat." She teased, walking up and caressing my ass.

"You are being bad," I told her, but I wrapped an arm around her for a second.

"You having second thoughts about your choice?" She asked, reaching around to give the front a caress as well.

"Choice?" I asked.

"You know. Dawn or Beth. If you'd chosen Dawn you might be on top of her right now." She gave my swelling cock a squeeze for emphasis.

"I'm not going to stay out there, if all the playing is going on in here." Dawn spoke from the doorway, causing me to jump a bit.

"Dawn!" Holly yelped.

"Shit. I've seen him naked, and harder than that. It's no big deal." Dawn laughed.

"Thanks a lot." I griped. "No big deal."

Dawn almost spit out her wine. "I didn't mean it like that! It was a big deal. A nice big, thick deal." She said staring at my cock, which had definitely risen to the occasion.

"I can't believe you, sometimes," Holly answered her, but I noticed she'd kept her firm grip on my cock, and it was scooting up and down just enough to drive me crazy.

"Damn Holly. The man's in need. Why don't you just finish him up. I promise to be a good girl, keep my hands to myself, and not say a word. Go ahead." She went and sat on the far side of our bed, waiting.

Holly looked up at me, and licked her lips. Her hand moved just a little more.

"Go on. You know you want to. I want you to. And you KNOW he wants you to." Dawn told her.

Holly made a decision I swear she never would have made just a few weeks earlier. She slowly dropped to her knees in front of me, and eased my boxers down, releasing my fully charged staff to the light of day.

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